Lee Joon Leaves MBLAQ to Focus Solely on His Acting Career

At this point I’m girding myself for one bombshell news a week from K-ent from here on out until 2014 finally ends. I suppose SM Entertainment can breathe a sigh of relief that this news nugget doesn’t involve the agency. Idol-actor Lee Joon is stripping the idol from his career effective immediately as he’s officially left the K-pop group MBLAQ. He made it a two-fer by also not re-signing his recently expired contract with current agency J-Tune Camp. I don’t even know any of the other members of MBLAQ other than Lee Joon, and obviously he popped on my radar for his well-received budding acting career.

His two biggest acting roles to date are in the ensemble drama IRIS 2 followed by playing a creepy serial killer in this year’s cable drama Gap Dong. This week he made acting news by joining the upcoming reversing aging drama Mr. Baek as the son of the main lead played by Shin Ha Kyun. One doesn’t need to officially leave a solo singing career to focus on acting, some famous idol-actors juggling both include Lee Joon Ki and Rain. But it is hard to be a dedicated actor and still be a part of an idol group when scheduling plays a huge balancing role. I say let the man act to his heart’s content if that’s what he wants!

The future of MBLAQ remains unknown after this big announcement from Lee Joon, whether the group continues on as four members, finds a replacement member, or disbands. Lee Joon will finish up his existing MBLAQ commitments including performing in concerts already scheduled for the end of November. After that he’ll be free to join the overworked Korean actors guild where 22 hour a day drama work weeks await him with the additional prospect of landing movie gigs here and there. Apparently it’s well known that Lee Joon’s biggest life dream is to be actor and he only went into the idol singing-dancing biz when he was told he wasn’t talented in acting and discovered he was quite talented in singing and dancing. Considering the accolades he’s received as an actor so far, whoever told young Joon he couldn’t act might need to take out a newspaper apology letter for causing the boy to misdirect his efforts until now.


Lee Joon Leaves MBLAQ to Focus Solely on His Acting Career — 31 Comments

    • I probably won’t support him, only because he’s basically looking out completely for himself without regard for the other MBLAQ members who helped him get where he’s at. Honestly, if he weren’t in MBLAAQ, he probably wouldn’t be where he is not. He definitely used his idol status and connections as a stepping stone to acting. I not for leaving other members behind when he could be a bit generous and stay in the group and still act. Yes, he’d probably have to give up a few roles for the sacrifice but that’s what makes yonghwa, taecyeon, suzy, yoona so admirable for not abandoning their groups and balancing their groups with acting.

      • Maybe this is a cultural think to be so harsh on him. I guess, it depends on the society you live in. If its individualism or collectivism driven your judgment would probably be diffrent.

        I would argue that he had no choice if he was told he can’t act and to be an idol first. Then, maybe, to try to get some small rolles and maybe someday he could switch to be an actor. Those young kids are told a lot of stuff and are not old enough to really get what they went into when they join a company and start training. They have no say in anything in their lives (starting from where and when to sleep, to eat or to wear, to do…) Any acting role would be chosen by his company in accordance to the group’s schedule. Don’t have the wrong impression every single venture would also be chosen to benefit the whole group. Your examples of famous idol-actors just show how much more known their groups become through their other (acting) projects and how the companies benefit from it. It seems that more and more of those very young trainees have to be more than just singers or dancers. Young aspiring actors have much less opportunities to get roles. It’s understandable to choose a different way to reach your dream if your told to do it in another way.

        And he IS supporting his group members until his contract expires.

      • @eJc you do make some good points, but in the case of MBLAQ, MBLAQ made him famous, not the other way around. In this case, he got the opportunities because of MBLAQ. Also apparently he does 2 dramas and 2 movies a year. That’s more than say, Lee Minho or Kim Soohyun who are A-listers. And MBLAQ has made a lot of accomodations for him. I think it’s fine to pursue your own thing. But I just feel bad for the members that were basically used as his stepping stone. And the 2 members still in the group expressed disappointment.

      • He finished his contract and is doing a last concert as courtesy to the fans. And he has never made it a secret that he wanted to be an actor.

        Why should he then stay with a company that constantly mis manages his group and which he has no obligation to, any more.?

        And citing Suzy, Taecyeon, Yonghwa, Yoona etc is pointless because everyone knows those 4 do not get roles on merit but mainly for their idol popularity and their pushy agencies. Lee Joon is the reverse – he’s widely acknowledged as a talented young actor, but he was in need of better agency support. Hopefully he gets it.

  1. *L* good for him. Although it would’ve been cute to have all the boys do their mandatory service together. Perhaps this is just what they needed for the quiet but more talented GO to step up as “the face”.

    This just tickles thats it’s reverse of what’s happened with the scenario given for the fictitious idol group on Rain’s drama; “The face” is leaving instead.

  2. Lee Joon might be a good actor, but he is not the first one joining the idol-ship for a boost before becoming a full-time actor (ex: Im Shiwan, Suzy, etc). The atual drama is that according to msn news, “G.O took to his Twitter after the news was announced, musing, ‘In the end, selfishness is what wins triumphs over consideration.’ Half an hour later, he added, ‘Those who know, know everything. Right now, just trust whatever you want because you’ll find out as time goes by.’
    But at least Joon and Thunder decided to leave after the contract has ended unlike in other cases where idols requested to terminate the contract, so I wonder what the deal is. Hmmm…

    • Lee Joon did the right thing forhis own career by leaving after his contract was up. He did well at acting despite coming from a small agency that never supported his group enough and unlike the Big 3, lacks the power to get him lead roles as an idol-actor…now it’s time to move on to an agency that can actually further his acting career.

      It’s hard to say re: Shiwan and Suzy…. the ones who are serious about acting to the point of being known or praised for it, always seem to start small with supporting roles.

      Siwan did that plus he does not benefit from the idol connection that much since his group are still nugus. He gets praise for his acting too, not just his face since people are very sceptical of idol actors but they see to think he is good. Suzy on the other hand is still known more as a top idol who is pretty/does cfs, but her acting is still criticised – she won’t succeed so easily if she tries to make it as an actress.

      • ZE:A has been under radar but I really hope Siwan will never leave ZE:A because without ZE:A and Kwang Hee especially he will never reach what he reaches today.

        ZE:A: Children of empire but it can also be said as Children of Kwang Hee lol because he has promoted his group much better than his agency.

    • Suzy wanted to be an idol from the start, not an actress. She was forced to do Dream High by JYP, she even cried and begged him because she didn’t want to do it (ref. her Healing Camp episode).

      • Why does JYP keep inflicting her “acting” on the public then……they could profit more off her popularity if they just kept her doing cfs and gave her solo idol work, she can sing well enough. I don’t think she even likes acting now, just does it because JYP says so.

  3. I know their disbandment was impending but it still cuts like a knife. I will never get to see them on stage, one of my most treasured dreams, ever since the group had graced my laptop with their SGB cameos. Vocally speaking the 87 line was my favorite. Imma gonna replay their Broken CD most of the day, prolly, aptly describing my mindset. TT

  4. Choi sooyoung from girl generation or sndn should do the same. She has the acting ability and should follow it fully. She doesn’t have that many more years as an idol anyway.

    • Completely agree: I was surprised when they announced she had resigned with GG. And since we are on this topic, can we get Shin Won Ho (Mrs K’s darling) back to Dramaland? I don’t mind good idols on my screen…

      • Oh well, for EunJi from A-Pink, she’s good in everything, hehe.. she could be a singer, and also an actress..

        and totally agree about choi sooyoung from GG, for me personally, she’s the best actress in SMEnt. ups, no offense 🙂

  5. I’m a little surprised.. mostly because I haven’t been following MBLAQ for some time now. I love Lee Joon for his variety chops and he seems genuinely funny.

    I don’t know if he had to leave his idol status behind completely, but if that’s what he wants to do, then it’s his choice. I’m glad he gets to follow his dream.

  6. There are many idol groups out there that really depends on a few members. Are they going to leave the group if their contract expires? (I guess they don’t have to share their profit anymore then with the rest of the group members).

  7. Joon actually acted as younger Rain in that ninja movie prior to debut (same agency) and majored in Contemporary dance in college before debut. He gave a really heartfelt statement on acting a couple of years ago and some directors decided to give him a chance.

    GO acting out on Twitter is never a good thing man

    Seems the concert was called Curtain Call for the exact reason we thought. At least they are doing a final album

    • That’s what I thought too, he was in the Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin” with Rain. Agree with Ockoala, whoever told this kid he couldn’t act should have their head examined. O_O

    • He also played the lead in that one movie called Rough Play. The movie itself didn’t wasn’t that well received but I remember Joon being praised really well for his performance in that role.

  8. so this update prompted me to search lee joon for news. apparently, the upcoming MBLAQ concert is titled “Curtain Call”. now, if that wasn’t some sort of foreshadowing. I wonder if they already knew when they came up with the title. 😉

  9. There’s alot of people in the idol world right now whose true passions are acting but unfortunately are not given the chance (given their bad rep, i understand) also because the sense of duty companies ingrained in their members about being dedicated to your idol group. God forbid the members have dreams outside of being an idol and pursue it, they end up getting flak from the group, the company, and the public. Hi jessica.
    This is evident by G.O’s twitter message someone posted earlier above about selfishness over consideration. Why anyone should feel compelled to waste their years working as something they don’t have as much of a passion for when their dreams are right in front of them. It is true that members leaving a group will unfortunately affect all other members, but since we all know about the harsh and grueling conditions of idol life (not saying actors are exempt just that they have a bit more control), i rather they pick something they love if they’re working their asses off. If that means selfishness, Joon, you can be selfish for this moment.

    • Yeah, just use the members and throw them away when you have a better opportunity. Selfish people is what makes this world suck. I’m not saying you have to be a doormat, but is it really ok if your desire to devote 100% of your time to your interests, ruins what you’ve built with others and the ones who helped you got there? If I were him, I’d stay with MBLAQ and come to some compromise that will make all parties happy. Honestly, the A-listers usually do 1 drama and possibly 1 movie per year. Isn’t doing like 3-4 dramas and 3-4 movies per year overkill anyways?

      • Yes, It is okay to devote 100% of YOUR time to pursue YOUR interests. How long is a person suppose to neglect self for the purpose of others? As people mature there will come a time where you will outgrow certain things and certain people. Sure it will hurt and disappoint some people but when it time to move on, you move on.

        Moving on doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate where you started and who you started it with, it just means that you feel it is time to start a new journey in life and that is perfectly alright and no one should be condemn for that.

        That’s like saying you are the first to get engaged amongst your single friends but now that you want to start a new journey in life, you choose not to get married out of loyalty to your friends because ya’ll have been riding and dying together for years. You would miss out on a possible great life because you feel that would be too selfish of you to choose your own happiness over everyone else’s.

        Things change and people change. That’s a part a life and choosing your personal goals shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of others.

      • And have you looked at the early careers of current A listers? When they were up and coming young actors, they all worked multiple projects a year whenever they could.

        Forget the past, just take one look at how many projects Lee Joon’s contemporaries in the “hot young rising star” category like Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woobin have done in 2013-14.

        Idol groups are not some activity the members do for fun with their bffs, especially older idols like Lee Joon. They may like each other but it’s a job for a reason, and his contract was finished.

  10. woah! this came out of nowhere! well i wish them all well. i hope ZE:A will not break up too because i hope that they already fix all the disagreement with their company. i wish everyone can just promote or do individual activities without breaking up. Like Shinhwa or like Big Bang.

  11. Good for him. I support him even though I am sad that he will not be apart of my favorite boy band and even a bit sadder that the possibility of MBLAQ being disbanded because of the additional departure of “Thunder” but that doesn’t stop from wishing him well in this new direction. Selfishness goes both ways depending on who you support more. Lee Joon can be considered selfish because he is leaving the group for his own selfish reason and the rest of the group can be considered selfish because they resent him for leaving and not supporting someone they considered a brother and friend.

    As we mature, we starting making some hard decisions about the direction of our life and our own personal happiness. Most of those decisions are going to be at the cost of disappointing and hurting those closes to us. We outgrow things and we outgrow people. That’s life. We move on!

    I give him props for honoring his commitments and staying until his contract has ended. As disappointed I am about MBLAQ, I realized there are many more boy bands to fan girl over and that makes me more in love with CNBLUE.

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