Chris Wang and Lego Lee Show Off their Leading Ladies for SETTV Drama Aim High

Filming has started for the upcoming Friday night SETTV drama Aim High (22K梦想高飞 22K Dreams Fly High) which will take over the time slot on October 24th from Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) which ends in two episodes. Starring Lego Lee, Chris Wang, Summer Meng, and Guo Shu Yao, the drama is about the struggles and successes of young professionals post-college in trying to make it in the real world where starting salaries for entrance level jobs start at 22K (Taiwan dollars) a month.

Chris will be playing a fast-rising hot shot in the corporate ranks while Summer is his romantic interest and has been crushing on him since he gave a talk at their alma mater which inspired her to give her dream a shot. Lego gets to act with a petite romantic interest for a change, pairing up with Yao Yao as a pair of former high school couple that reconnect in the work force. I’m happy all around, with PS ending likely as sweetly as it started and Aim High with a fresh cast and larger storytelling scope.

I find it amusing that this Lego drama is taking over for Puff Guo‘s Pleasantly Surprised, when Puff’s PS took over for Lego’s In a Good Way, and IAGW took over that time slot from Puff’s Just You. At this point I’m betting Puff and Lego for a future SETTV drama just to end the one-after-another drama hand offs.


Chris Wang and Lego Lee Show Off their Leading Ladies for SETTV Drama Aim High — 6 Comments

  1. Not feeling the chemistry. Maybe I’m still hung over IAGW between Kristen and Lego and bitter over the movie that isn’t happening.

  2. Ugh…the fashion faux pas and I’m generally so lenient but this…the hair, the clothes, the awkwardness haha. Can’t believe Pleasantly Surprised is over this week!

  3. Sorry to say that these pic’s are rather lackluster. The stylist and the photographer must have been “parachutes”. Let’s hope that the drama is better. After these my expectations are very low.

  4. So cool of you to notice the Puff-Lego take-overs… 🙂 I like Puff, she’s lovely in Just You and Pleasantly Surprised… 🙂 I like Lego Lee in IAGW too, so if ever they will be paired up in the future, I have no objection… 🙂

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