Kim Soo Hyun Considering Multiple Personality K-drama Doctor Frankenstein

What did I say about 2015 being the year of the mental illness K-dramas? At this point I’m losing count of how many upcoming K-dramas have one main lead suffering from some sort of mental affliction. Let’s add another to the list, shall we? Kim Soo Hyun‘s agency has confirmed that he’s considering the upcoming K-drama Doctor Frankenstein. After Doctor Stranger I’m already scared of any K-drama with the word “doctor” in the title, then this K-drama ups my worry level by describing it as the story of a genius doctor with multiple personalities.

WHAT. THE. HELL? It sounds like the amalgamation of all my worst narrative trope nightmares from genius to medical professional to mental illness stricken. I don’t have a thing against a genius multiple personality doctor, if any such individual existed in the real world, I simply find this whole drama set up reeking of hot mess topped off with the psychological disorder overkill that’s currently plaguing K-drama land. Like zombies clawing at the gate, when 2015 arrives the flood gates will open and we shall be swarmed with all sorts of mentally ill male leads trying to convince us that love will heal them, or some crock of shit like that.

Kim Soo Hyun apparently received the first two scripts for Doctor Frankenstein in the summer and had some suggested changes which he sent back to the production company. He’s recently received the revised script and will be making his decision on whether DF will be his drama comeback after last year’s uber successful You From Another Star. His legions of Chinese fans are waiting with bated breath as I type. Kim Soo Hyun already flirted with playing a doctor before, it was one of his careers when he was living for hundreds of years in YFAS as an alien who doesn’t age.

I think him even openly considering Doctor Frankenstein likely means he’s not interested in Kill Me, Heal Me or Blood, the former being a man with 7 different multiple personalities who falls for his psychiatrist while the latter is the tale of a vampire doctor. The screenwriter for Doctor Frankenstein is the writer for Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Monstar while producing the drama will be production company Raemong Raein which is currently bringing the craptastic Records of a Night Watchman to the small screens. I also don’t like that Doctor Frankenstein is continuing the terrible trend of lifting famous Western work titles wholesale, from Pinocchio to Pride and Prejudice to this. I’m really starting to get worried.


Kim Soo Hyun Considering Multiple Personality K-drama Doctor Frankenstein — 12 Comments

    • Lol. I like the way you think but I still believe he will take Descendants of the Sun next year (maybe he could do both if it’s timely possible, I wouldn’t mind…)

  1. 2015 sounds like a dark year Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde for Hyun Bin and maybe Doctor Frankenstein for Soo Hyun. Hopefully there will be more of lighter comedies like ‘Modern Farmer’ which will be premiering this saturday 10/18. 🙂

  2. Wow… another mental disorder…

    Anywayzzz, why are the male characters the only ones getting these mental/multiple disorders…….???? Can we have a female for a change? Or will they just have the typical mother or second lead who seem like they have a mental disorder?

  3. my observation about the recent crop of kdramas

    high profile actors = crappy story
    low profile actors = good story

    so i am wary of these productions that seek out high profile actors.

  4. It feels like come one, come all in terms of kdrama themes. I like KSH even though I do find him overrated in terms of acting. I will at least check it out… But sounds like a pass for me.

  5. How does someone pick a drama with only the script for 2 eps? 4 eps at least for me, including the Finale or I wouldn’t even look at you. Also, the fact that the actor asked for a rewrite: Ouch! The balance of power is clear & has me worried.
    I agree with Mrs K on that one: This premise screams rehash/ compilation of the most trendy tropes out there. I like SBS: I click with their show most of the time but here, I say danger!

  6. These thematic trends make it seem like kdrama writers attended the same writing camp where they were given a topic to work on then they each simultaneously submit their workshop output as pitch to networks or production companies for a new drama. 0_o It’s fine if at least one turns out to be exceptional material. And with the head cases taking the spotlight, I’m just glad IOIL started this wave and I got to enjoy the ride. here’s hoping for a good ones to come! thanks for the update, ms.k!

  7. sungkyukwan scandal and monstar? oh gawd… please… no… sungkyukwan scandal is decent, but monstar??? even with the massive love i have for junhyung aint enough for me to avoid cringes while watching monstar. i ended up falling for kang haneul instead.

    kill me heal me seems better (we all know how talented kim soo hyun is, if kill me heal me have great script, playing someone with 7 different multiple personalities will helps solidifies his A-list acting more)
    vampire doctor (blood) is a no-no. because i hate twilight! lol
    if he really does choose doctor frankeinstein, please don’t suck like doctor stranger. i swear i barely survived watching it till the last episode for lee jong suk only! i can’t promise i’ll live if kim soo hyun choose doctor frankeinstein and it ended up like doctor stranger

  8. Now the trend is to have Literature Classics as name for dramas?? But they actually don’t have the escense or the story in it. First Pride & Prejudice, then The case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and now Frankenstain.

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