My Spring Days Episode 3 Recap

Bom-yi dropped into Poo-reun’s life like a gift from the heavens. The woman is everything the younger girl wants to be: fun, funny, knowledgeable, courageous, not to mention very pretty when she smiles. Just looking at her, she seems like she would smell very nice, too. What Bom-yi provides Poo-reun is an ally she can lean on and commiserate with, a feminine one. Who else but a girl understands how soothing a warm wrap and pain relievers are at that time of the month? Highlighting Poo-reun’s feelings for Bom-yi makes this love story different from the usual. Mostly because Poo-reun is definitely not the typical motherless child in a drama.

From Poo-reun’s perspective, a mother isn’t the one doing only the cooking and cleaning, but an individual she can share her struggles with. A friend whose warm hugs are equally as important as good advice. Within five minutes of meeting Poo-reun, Bom-yi made the confusing and messy days of adolescence slightly more bearable for the pre-teen. Why wouldn’t Poo-reun wish she could spend more time with her?Dong-ha’s yearning for Bom-yi mirrors his daughter’s. What’s missing in his life isn’t a live-in housekeeper, but an intimate partner, a female one. An intellectual match with a good sense of humor who has no problem calling him on his faults, but who can also calm with a touch.

Episode 3 recap:

Bom-yi cries “Crook!” and heads angrily towards the totally unsuspecting Dong-ha, kicking so hard she must have left a dent.

“Do you live in Seoul, mister?”

“My hometown is Udo Island…but yes, I live in Seoul.”

People have gathered from the hospital as well as from Team Hanu Haon. She’s particularly furious he didn’t reveal that he recognized her but…but he actually did, several times over the day they spent together “Don’t you remember?” We see from her cringing, that she suddenly does.

“Also, I clearly apologized to you.”

“Still, if I didn’t recognize you, you should have explained yourself properly before apologizing.” She’s picking up steam the more she thinks about it. “Instead, you just tried to brush it all off like a coward.”  He is quite taken aback.

“Did you just call me a coward, Miss?”

“I tried to explain myself to you but you were drunk.” Everyone is listening now. “And suddenly brought up a novel out of the blue. Then you leaned on me and fell asleep.    Bom-yi becomes aware of the many ears paying attention, and grabs his arm. “Can’t you be quiet?”

 “Your voice is louder, Miss Lee Bom-yi.” She brings her voice down and agrees to pull the posting. Not for him, for his children’s sake, “but I’ll still never forgive you, Abonim.” Dong-ha just sighs.

Ji-won prompts Dong-wook to go help his brother, but for some reason, he keeps out of it.  “How much do you want?” Dong-ha wants to know. At what price do I have to supply Hanu Haon brand meat to make you forgive me? Do you want it at no margin pricing?”

Bom-yi doesn’t think much of this butcher, and with great disdain asks, who the heck does he think he is, Abonim to make that offer?

“Why do you keep calling me Father?” He pulls out his business card, ”My name is Kang Dong Ha,” but she doesn’t care and won’t even look at it. He forces her, using his power of age. “When your elder gives you something…just say yes and take it,” throwing on the polite ending –yo.

“Yes, Abonim,” repeating this insult to annoy him to the fullest.

She reads: “CEO Kang Dong Ha of Hanu Haon. Happy?” Only after the words echo a second in her brain, do her eyes widen in disbelief. Taking a closer look at the card, as well as the large number of employees he brought, she asks if he is really the CEO? Wordlessly, he closes his eyes and nods.

That’s when Dong-wook decides to speak up. “Hyung!” He calls and approaches.

 “Oh, Dong-wookah,” If a person could look even more shocked, Bom-yi does. “Hyung?!” “You… mean…you’re… brothers?” Bom-yi stammers.

Dong-ha is happy to see his little brother and asks if he knows Miss Bom-yi. “I told you that my brother was at this hospital. Dr. Kang Dong Wook is my younger brother.”

“Ah…y-y-es,” she speaks slowly, remembering her aggressive behavior with him, at the meat store, by the water, and lastly in the drunken Daudet night. She stares straight ahead while Dong-wook begins, “I was going to introduce you anyway. Hyung, this is—-“Bom-yi pinches him to keep quiet and launches into a closing speech thanks to get him out of there fast, smiling a big smile, telling him he can take the meat back, too. It’s OK, they can leave. She spots someone “over there,” and literally escapes from between them. Dong-wook is about to explain to Dong-ha why he wanted to introduce them when he gets a shut up text from the out of sight Bom-yi. Sec Park wants to know what to do with the meat and Dong-ha gives the pack it up sign.

Bom-yi and Dong-ha had acted oddly enough for Dong-wook to know something was up, and he asks questions. What exactly happened between them on Udo? Is Hyung interested in her?Otherwise, why would the CEO of the company bother to come apologize instead of sending his staff?  Dong-ha maintains because he made the mistake, he should say he way sorry. And why did the CEO do the deboning work anyway? Dong-ha accuses his brother of being prejudiced. They say goodbye. Dong-wook, with a mystified look on his face, watches his brother go.

Outside the hospital, Bom-yi is unsuccessfully trying to disappear under her smock.

Se-na finds her and smacks her behind. Summing up the predicament rather well, says “The man you had a one night getaway with is your future brother-in-law?”

Even though it was nothing, why did she run away? Bom-yi wonders about that herself. Did Dong-wook hear them talking? Se-na guesses that not only Dong-wook did, but everyone else at the hospital, too.

Bom-yi panics, “What should I do first? Pull the posting?”

Se-na picks apologizing for “BAM” kicking him really hard. This sets Bom-yi into another panic. Was she nuts? Why did she kick him?

She wanders into the hospital, and finds her father totally having a ball with this bit of gossip. She asks about Dong-wook, but he reports “I heard that you slept with Dong Wook’s brother.”

Huh? Of course not! She tells him. His “No?” seems disappointed, he offers to stop the employees from talking about it.

Back at Hanu Haon, Sec Park concludes very optimistically that he thought it went well. Dong-ha vehemently disagrees. “What? Did he not see her run away? Am I the only one who was there?”

 Park launches into a business plan about using the Hae Gil Hospital for a new restaurant site. What with his brother being there and a personal connection with Bom-yi…. Dong-ha opposes Park’s idea that business and private matters mix well. When he won’t stop talking, the CEO sends him for ointment. Park asks if he wants a hug, CEO replies by asking if he wants a beating. Finally alone, Dong-ha thinks back to Bom-yi’s fury and kick. He had never been called a crook his whole life, he admits wryly.

Ji-won joins Dong-ha, again univited for a drink, going right for his weak spot: “Your brother and Miss Lee Bom-yi seem to have met at Udo Island.

I “I know why you’re rattled now. You lost your first love to your brother so are you scared that your brother will take Bom-yi from you too?” Yeah that pretty much sums up his raison d’etre… He orders her a drink to shut her up.

Bom-yi, in her bedroom, unable to get Dong-wook on the phone whines about how complicated things are. She considers calling Dong-ha to let him know she took down the posting, even pulls up “Shepherd Father’s” number, but decides against it. Moments later, her head lands on the phone that she tossed under her pillow and voila, the call gets made anyway.

Dong-ha, Gramma and the kids eat dinner when his phone rings. His voice calling off in the distance “Hello!” freaks out Bom-yi, who grabs the phone and hangs up.

This rankles the man. He takes Ba-da’s advice to call her back, heading out to the balcony for privacy.

On Bom-yi’s end, while the phone rings, she outlines an unwritten phone call rule, “If I hang up on you like that, you should just think I dialed you by accident. Why are you calling me back?” She covers her face, exasperated.

“Stop it, stop it!”

Dong-ha isn’t giving up and lets it ring and ring, “Why did she call me and hang up without saying anything? Answer it.”

She does, what follows is one of those absurd back-and-forth exchanges between two parties who have no intention whatsoever of admitting a mistake, no matter how stupid they sound. Bom-yi denies calling him, but of course she did call him, she isn’t a liar. Dong-ha wants to know if she called to apologize for kicking him. She informs him by the way, the posting is down, but she thinks he deserved the kicking.

He suggests they stop and ask anyone on the street if he did, and she says nobody on the street did anything to her. He replies, “Is that what I meant? What is your IQ?” She accuses him of changing the subject, throwing in an “Abonim,” for good measure and adds while she may have called him accidentally, she has nothing else to say, so he hangs up on her.

The kids, who were hiding near-by, run fast to the table when he goes back in. They want to know whom he was fighting with.

He calls in a con-ver-sa-tion – not a fight. MIL is also curious. “It’s a woman, right?”

“Girl, it’s a girl,” Gramma’s no fool, stating female’s a female, though he won’t reveal anything else.

Soothing cool towel on her forehead, Bom-yi moans in pain huddled in her corner.

Things stayed intense at the bar with our ex couple. Ji-won mentions, “Even though it’s only a meaningless coincidence it keep happening so you feel like it’s a chain reaction.” “That’s right,” Dong-wook agrees, “Hyung took my first love and my second woman betrayed me with an affair.”  Meeting another woman after that, Ji-won understands his concern, but avoiding her calls is just pathetic. They trade barbs over who is more pathetic. She suggests he hurry up and marry her. Before he leaves he stops and asks, “You really don’t have any feelings left for me, right?” She describes them as leftover ashes from a fire; thus he suggests, “Please disappear from me like dust.”

When he’s gone, she lets out a profound sigh.

Later, Dong-wook wakes up Bom-yi with a phone call, but she denies she was asleep. He invites her outside, where they chat and sip juice.

He asks her to visit his family that weekend. She’s afraid Hyung doesn’t like her because she injured him and because she called him later acting strange. “Don’t worry about it too much. You strangeness will be my burden to carry the rest of my life,” he teases.

But at least, she figures Ba-da and Poo-reun are on her side. She recounts how seeing them the first time she cried. “I know that I felt a great sadness in my heart.” It makes sense now, since she’s going to be their aunt. Listening to this seems to worry more than amaze him. Poking fun at her, he claims she cries when she sees a stray animal, or watches dramas. She can’t disagree.

What he knows about the heart makes him apprehensive, however, he says nothing.

It must be a losing battle to try to get Ba-da to sleep in his own bed. Dad strokes his son’s hair. Then flopping on his stomach, he checks out what Bom-yi has written online. “I’m writing this now to resolve this matter…”

Though she is embarrassed about changing her mind she has the courage to do it because of CEO Kang Dong-ha. His apology was very sincere but not pro forma. “I was really touched by his attitude. Today, I saw a bright future for the Korean meat packing industry from Mr. CEO’s humble attitude.”

This brings out Dong-ha’s dimples. Poo-reun catches him laughing. She sits on his bed – and guesses that the person he fought with earlier was Bom-yi who Dong-ha calls a “fighting rooster.”

Poo-reun points out she’s nice to everyone else. He accuses Poo-reun’s loyalty of being bought with a necklace. But Unni was warm and, though she’s a stranger, she felt comfortable when she hugged her. Though he doesn’t say it, Dong-ha seems to feel the same way. They lay down to sleep on opposite sides of Ba-da, Poo-reun advising her father not to snore or she’ll kick him.

“Who snores?” He faces away sighs a huge sigh, then makes a farting noise on the back of his hand,

making me bust a gut, and Poo-reun kick him. The giggle that comes out of Abonim is the cutest thing ever on TV EVER. “Hey, you only said I couldn’t snore. You don’t fart?” Poo-reun keeps hitting him with a pillow.

It’s his room after all. The ruckus wakes up Ba-da, and they calm him back to sleep, while still fighting. Adorable.

 That night, Bom-yi dreams of seeing sad Dong-ha at the hospital and stroking is hair.

The next morning the dream stayed with her. She tries to explain it to Se-na who complains Bom-yi already has one man, so demands to have the dream man.

 Their supervisor is fuming that Bom-yi turned down the Hanu Haon’s offer to supply meat. Only Bom-yi can make it right and has until the next day to do so.

They are cutting off their current supplier and blaming Bom-yi for it. “You better what out at night,” the boss threatens.

The Kangs leave for the day, Park runs off at the mouth about dark circles under CEO’s eyes.

He opens the car door offerng to share with him “101 Ways to Hit on Bom-tepanette.” “What’s he saying?” We hear Dong-ha’s favorite expression.

Se-na and Bom-yi argue, chopping copious amounts of onions, which Bom-yi lectures are good for your health.

Se-na believes they have no choice but to call Dong-wook for help with his brother to get a contract with Hanu Haon, Bom-yi thinks they should try Miss Bae first.

The doctor calls his brother and invites him over that weekend to meet his girl.

This makes Dong-ha happy.

Miss Bae’s advice to the repentant Bom-yi is to contact him herself. Se-na agrees and Bom-yi acknowledges, “It’s my own poop, so I should clean it up.

 A cheerful Park practically skips across the Hanu Haon campus to drag the CEO from a meeting.

He informs him that Bom-tapanette is here in the lobby coffee shop.

At first, Dong-ha protests, then follows him out of the meeting with no explanation to the attendees. On the way, Park sacrifices his French couture jacket for his boss.

Grabbing various employees, they create the important CEO grouping to impress Bom-yi.

Unfortunately, she can’t see this display of importance, and can’t hear because she is wearing ear buds.

Dong-ha sends his posse away and approaches Bom-yi smiling.

“How did you know I was here? What do you want to blame me for now?” he teases.

“That’s not why I’m here,” Bom-yi is offended.

“Are you going to kick me and run away again?” (Love the emphasis on the running away.) She defends herself, “That’s not what I’m really like…” He gives her a look that says, ohyesyouare. “No, I shouldn’t do this. I’m sorry. I was really out of my mind yesterday. I’m sorry”  “You don’t have to be sorry,” he reassures her.

“Is your leg okay?”She asks actually sounding contrite.  “Of course not.” He is having way too much at her expense and she knows it. “God, you’re really…” “It’s fine.” Serious again. “Have a seat.”  The drink-is-ready-buzzer goes off and they fight over who should retrieve it. Dong-ha wins, stopping on the way back to put tons of sweet syrup in his.

Bom-yi’s nutritionist sensibilities are affronted, and she launches into a lesson on the evils of sugar. “You’re nagging again,” he complains.  She mutes herself.

Then, despite her pride, she asks that he reject her rejection of Hanu Haon supplying the hospital with meat products. He grins hearing the request.

“I reject your rejection, Miss Lee Bom-yi.”  “That means…” she wants to be sure he agreed.

“You don’t look so smart, though.” He cannot help but pick on her. “Why are you bringing up my smartness now?” She cannot help but react.  “I said I’d supply the meat. Are you satisfied now?” He was planning on doing it anyway. With that settled, he offers to take her on a tour of the facility.

White apronned employees work the stations off a conveyor belt of the meat packing plant. The Plant Manager is told she has a guest, Bom-yi’s Oma. From the looks of it, the Plant Manager is not happy to see her.

Dong-ha, meanwhile, is showing Bom-yi the part of the plant where the cows get slaughtered,

demonstrating how they shoot them in the head with a gun. Bom-yi is horrified. LOL.

The fun continues, she sees the organ extraction section, the giant buzz saw that splits the whole cow. None of this pleases her. He pulls her close for the last bit of amusement. As he whispers in her ear, you’d expect sweet nothings. Instead, he says, “At the market last time, I told you that I’d give you a demonstration of how to separate bone from flesh.”

“Yes,” she grimaces, “but you said you’d use me.” He indicates an instructor working on a half of cow. Hm? She can hardly even peek. “Aww, poor thing.”

Bom-yi’s Oma has juice and tea with the Plant Manager, who we learn is the Kang brother’s mother.

Oma is trying to move along marriage talks with Dr. Kang and her daughter. Meat Mom explains how a famous psychic warned her to live separately from her children or else they would suffer. Her plan is to do just that until the day she dies. She downplays her involvement in their personal lives. Bom-yi’s Oma continues to push her agenda for being there that day. If Bom-yi marries Dr. Kang, Oma doesn’t want her daughter to be responsible for Doctor Kang’s widowed brother’s family. She explains that her daughter had been ill as a youngster and is still weak. Suddenly, Meat Mom pulls a reversal, she cannot accept a sick daughter-in-law. Although, she makes sure Oma knows the grandchildren already have their maternal grandmother living with them. Bom-yi Oma won’t relent, and wants to find someone for CEO Kang. (Oh the irony!) There is no need for a formal meeting of the families; Meat Mom isn’t interested. Her distaste for Bom-yi Oma is clear “It won’t make any difference meeting [Bom-yi] I can assume what kind of a woman she is from her mother.” (ooh, burn)and practically runs out. Bom-yi Oma appears indifferent to what Meat Mom thinks. She will not be stopped.

CEO is selecting cuts of beef from a case, while Bom-yi takes a little tour in what must be a butcher shop for trainees.

She runs into a larger than life poster-board of Dong-ha that makes her laugh. All sorts of awards and citations are on display.

Sitting down in front of a portable grill, the CEO instructs her on the different cuts as he cooks them. He promises, “If you try this beef, you probably won’t be able to eat anywhere else.” After one mouthful, she agrees. Ahem.

Challenging him, she makes him do a blind taste test. He closes his eyes, but not until after checking to see what his employees think.

He correctly guesses the first one – chuck flap – immediately, and wants to stop, but she talks him into another round. With his eyes closed, she tries to trick him, avoiding the pieces on the grill that he knows are left, and takes one up off the plate instead. He’s impatient, telling her, “Just give it to me!” She drops it in his mouth.

Once he tastes it, a suspicious look flits across his face. He guesses chuck flap again, knowing she cheated. “It really isn’t. You shouldn’t be called a master,” chiding him. His traitor employees pretend he was wrong, too, at Bom-yi’s urging, though in the end,

Dong-ha catches her signaling behind him. He seems completely charmed by her. They come down a flight of stairs together on her way out. Dong-ha apologizing for not being able to give her a ride. She declines the use of his car, preferring to take the subway using her strong legs.  She thanks him for the tour and the beef. He watches her leave, enchanted with this lively girl waving good-bye.

Once out of earshot, Park lights into his boss, “We have a ranch and a place for field study. There are great places for dates. Why did you show her the butcher work?”

“What are you saying?” Dong-ha grumps.

“It would have been wonderful if you’d gone for a walk on the ranch.”

A fantasy sequence begins with the pair laughing maniacally as they run through the corn field. The cheesy music changes to something sexy, Cohen’s I’m Your Man. Bom-yi sits on Dong-ha’s lap to learn how to correctly milk a cow, then do a love shot,

Bom-yi licking her lips at the sight of Dong-ha’s dribble down his neck. Unchained Melody plays, and once again sitting on Dong-ha’s lap, Bom-yi stirs cheese with the help of Patrick Swayzee’s the CEO’s hands. They keep turning to look at each other with insane smiles.

She feeds the cheese to Dong-ha, say ahhh style, and he bites her hand, breaking Park’s reverie. “Isn’t it nice to imagine?” Park says, all happy with himself.

CEO leads him on a bit, then grabs Park by the ear, “You brat. Haven’t had much work lately, have you?” Park yelps till Dong-ha lets go, telling him, “Do something useful with your imagination, okay?”

Park moans a little then remembers that the Plant Manager asked to see the CEO.

Wearing the sterile white gown and shower cap, Dong-ha meets with his mother. She relays the news that Dong-wook is getting married. The bride is the daughter of the chairman and director of the hospital. “That’s good,” Dong-ha notes.

But it isn’t good because of him, Dong-ha

“Because of me?” A single man with children worries them enough that they set up a blind date. Mom explains, “She visited me without an appointment and told me about it. What could I do? I didn’t want to hear it, but she was right.” “Ahhhh, Omani,” he regresses to belligerent son for a moment.

“You never know your fate. Who knows? You could find another woman. I’m not asking you to get married. Let’s just make this small gesture for them.” He shakes his head, but agrees to meet her.

Mom’s parting remark is a repeat of her earlier insult, “I don’t know what her daughter looks like but after meeting her mother, I don’t expect much.” Dong-ha makes a face like a kid who has been instructed to kiss an old aunt.

Bom-yi goes into her mother’s office calling “Oma!” and gets scolded for not knocking.

Oma has decided, “Let’s not tell Dr. Kang’s family about your surgery. (well, duh) Bom-yi wants to let them know someday, though she and Dong-wook already agreed on that. “Hide your pills too. No family would welcome a sick daughter-in-law,” Oma says. “Just do as I say, or your puppy will die.” (Yes, I made that last part up.)

Dong-wook and Bom-yi meet to share a soft drink. “My mom wants to hide the surgery,” which is fine with him. He tells her not to worry about it. “By the way,” she mentions, “I met your brother today,” Dong-wook’s wringing hands show how uneasy this makes him. “My deputy manager said I had to get them to supply our meat so I had to go see him.”

“Did you tell him about our relationship?” he wonders. “No,” she was worried he wouldn’t be able to refuse even if he wanted to since she is his brother’s girlfriend.” “Oh,” he says, looking down.

Did that make him angry, “No, why would I be? I was just worried because you were embarrassed.”

“I was embarrassed, but …he was nice to me.” She smiles very sweetly remembering.

“Was he?” Dong-wook’s brave smile evaporates as soon as she looks away.

In front of Hyung’s house, Dong-ha waits with gifts for the family. He won’t go in because it is too late.

Dong-ha complains again that the Uncle never sees his niece and nephew. Hyung is impressed with how mature Dong-wook has gotten since he’s getting married soon. Poor Dong-wook scrutinizes his brother’s face, sighing heavily. Dong-ha asks if there is something he wants to say. Dong-wook asks, “Aren’t you going to get married?” Don’t you have a woman you like?” Dong-ha calls him silly and teases, “Will you introduce me to someone?” Another forlorn look and Dong-wook departs. But not before Dong-ha tries one more time to get Dong-wook to come in to eat, but in vain. Dong-ha looks inquisitively after he drives off.

Bom-yi dreams the stairwell dream again, where she strokes Dong-ha’s hair.

Poo-reun, Ba-da and their Gramma are thrilled with the gifts, modeling their outfits for their Dad. He tells them, “Say thank you for the clothes when you see uncle.”

He isn’t Ba-da’s favorite, who scrunches up his face hearing the name, “Dong Wook.” “Oh, the uncle at the hospital?”

Poo-reun wants to know what Dad will wear. Hmmm…what will he wear?

Bom-yi strolls through the department store talking to Dong-wook who’s at the hospital. She is there to buy gifts for his brother’s family. When he asks if she’s going to buy a gift for him, too, she jokingly hangs up on him.

Guess who else is at the same store shopping? Poo-reun and Dad, of course. Poo-reun wants to go to the younger people’s section, since Dad keeps picking out fuddy-duddy clothes.

Going up the escalator the pair suddenly spots Bom-yi going down. He’s thrilled but shy. “Call her. Call her quickly.”

Poo-reun declines. “You call her, Dad.”

Luckily Bom-yi sees them. “Hey, Poo Reum! How are you?” she asks.

They stay in motion the entire length of this short conversation – keeping at each other’s eye level despite the moving space under their feet.

They solicit her aid getting him clothes, and she agrees.

“Then do you want me to go down?”

“No, no. I’ll go up.” Dad kinda loses his mind seeing the Pretty Girl who makes him Laugh. Poo-reun only slightly less excited, “Aww Dad’s” him so he realizes how dumb that plan is.

They go down and around and meet. So cute.

Dong-ha follows the two women obediently as they choose and refuse a suite of shirts, ties and jackets. Poo-reun, in heaven to be with Unni, links arms and they canoodle,

ganging up on Dad calling him old. He models for them, and they give low to neutral scores, also playing hand-clapping games between outfits.

Finally, Dad comes out in a handsome suit they all like.

While they check out, Bom-yi wants to steal their gift thermos for helping with the suit. Dong-ha, his usual stingy self, loses to his daughter who hands it over. He complains, but he is delighted to be outnumbered by them. Poo-reun is equally happy as they walk away leaving Dad to carry all the bags.

Outside the Men’s department is a Ladies’ Hat display. He asks for Bom-yi’s opinion on a gift.

“Dong-wookie… Ah,you know him, right?” Her face freezes. “Yes.”

They are meeting his girlfriend…what does the young woman think? She tries on a floppy hat the reminds Poo-reun of her mother.

The mention of whom silences them. “You’re right.” Dad agrees, then asks to have it wrapped.

Doctor Dong Wook arrives, in search of his bride.

Meanwhile, the three sit down for a meal, with Bom-yi sawing Poo-reun’s cutlet in half. When Bom-yi inquires why Poo-reun hasn’t called her, Dad teases, “She couldn’t call you because she likes you.” Bad Dad! Poo-reun wants to crawl under a rock, so Bom-yi tickles her a little, bringing back a smile.

Dong-wook observes them all smiling and cozy, his face falls.

He recalls how Bom-yi told him she cried seeing the kids the first time and the conversation with Bom-yi’s Apa when found out the heart donor’s identity and warned Dong-wook to keep Bom-yi away from Hyung.

Just as he is about to join them, Poo-reun asks the pair hopefully, “So are Dad and you seeing each other?”

“We only met coincidentally today,” Dad says, apologizing. Bom-yi puts down her utensils, and starts to reveal to them who she is,

“I should have told you last time, but I had a reason not too.” Nervous, she strokes Poo-reun’s hair, “Well. You know, Poo Reum, you can like me. Our relationship won’t just end. We’ll see each other often.”

This surprises Dong-ha but he spots his brother before he can ask anything. “Dong-wook,” They trade questions. What is he doing there at that time? Why are they with Bom-yi? Hyung tells him to sit.

He knows Lee Bom-yi-shi, right? Dong-wook looks at Bom-yi “You haven’t told him yet?” She was about to. Dong-ha looks uncertainly between the two. “What are you talking about?”He asks.

In an echo of Soo-jung’s heartbreaking introduction years before, (and I wouldn’t blame him at all if he were slightly satisfied and the reversal,) Dong-ha announces, “I was planning on introducing her tomorrow, but this is how it is. Say hello to her, Hyung.”

Caught off guard and in open-mouthed disbelief of what he’s about to hear, Dong-ha looks at Bom-yi. Bom-yi glances quickly between the brothers.

“Miss Lee Bom-yi is my girlfriend.” Payback time for little brother.

Bom-yi cringe/smiles, Poo-reun doesn’t want to hear what she just heard,

and Dong-ha, poor poor pitiful Dong-ha, someone just snatched the sun from his sky taking all the joy with it.☹


This is the episode that brought me in completely. Those reactions still haunt me. The little girl and the grown man crushed to the core with one sentence.

It’s understandable that Poo-reun pinned her hopes on Dad and Bom-yi getting together. She hasn’t experienced how romantic love works. Since she fell head over heels, it makes sense that Dad would, too. Dong-ha, after living and reliving his wife’s tragedy and keeping his heart still for five years, suddenly found he liked the way it felt to move again. And boy, did he! He went from 0 to 60 towards Bom-yi with no looking back.  There were no yellow flags to slow him down, either. He now finds out he was actually heading towards a cliff, not the finish line, and the Bom-yi he thought was there to cheer him is gone, snatched away.

Bom-yi can make the confusing and messy days of adulthood slightly more bearable for him. Why wouldn’t Dong-ha wish he could spend more time with her? Dad’s motivation for teaming up with Bom-yi may be at odds with what Poo-run and Ba-da want, though. With Bom-yi by his side, nothing will be able to stop him from kicking the kids out of his bed. This episode was so full of amazing moments and images, I took way more screencaps than usual. I can’t believe the wide swing of emotions both Poo-reun and Dong-ha went through. That face, those faces, tell me this won’t be an easy recovery. I feel a world of hurt heading this way, and it hurts me, too. Thank  god, the Dad and daughter have each other for comfort.


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  1. I marathon the whole My Spring Days until episode 11 last night, thanks to your recaps. Interestingly, the chemistry between Dongha-Bomyi and Pureun+Bada-Dongha+Bomyi are well delivered in the entire drama. Episode 3 is one of my favorite episodes as it has the hilarious scenes ever. Hyungwoo became my favorite character thanks to his “wild” imagination. lol.
    Thank you again for posting a recap less than a couple of hours before the broadcast of episode 12. It gets me more excited waiting for the drama to start and see how things will turn up today. XD

    • The humor is definitely my favorite aspect of the show.

      The part with milk going down DH’s neck was funny, but it really was sexy, too.

      Thank you for keeping your comment spoiler free.

      I forgot to make that request in the Recap. Even though most of us are well beyond this ep right now, let’s not spoil the story for the folks in the future who haven’t watched the rest yet.

  2. I started watching this series only after reading your recaps, jomo. Thank goodness for your heartfelt writing or I else I would have skipped this beautiful show.

    I devoured ep.3 in a mini-marathon, but I got to slowly savour it now by reading your excellent recap with such fitting screencaps. I love the relationship among Dong-ha, Bom-yi, and Poo-reun the best.


  3. That escalator scene is one of my favorite ever moments.
    Their natural attraction was apparent there in their urge not to break eye contact for even one minute.

    That ending scene where Pooreum and Dong Ha realised the truth was so crushing, i felt their pain right along with them.

    This couple just makes my heart smile.

    Thanks Jomo!

    • The elevator scene – I think it was the first time for Dong Ha to initiate the contact with Bom Yi by telling his daughter to call out to her. All their previous interactions were initiated by Bom Yi or in response to Bom Yi’s actions, which puts into perspective Dong Ha’s utter devastation when Bom Yi’s relationship with his dongsaeng was revealed – it’s as if he had just been punched in the solar plexus, crushed, the wind taken from his sails.

      One of my favourite scene is Dong Ha sharing his bed with his children (the fake-fart scene). You get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing a single father easily horsing around with his children, that despite the absence of wife and mom, this is a happy home, under the circumstances.

  4. I freakin’ loved that episode. I keep replaying the phonecall and automatic stair scenes because they are gold.
    This is the episode which makes me become #TeamBomHa 😛

    Gosh’, Pureum’s expression at the end broke my heart. The actress is so so good and I do agree that along with the OTP, her relationship with Bom Yi is amazing.

  5. I have a query.

    Bom Yi’s mom met with Dong Ha’s mom, basically to set up Dong Ha with a woman, which I personally find obnoxiously intrusive and deserves the negative reaction of Meat mom. Nonetheless, Meat mom did subsequently ask Dong Ha to meet that woman.

    So, from the Korean cultural perspective, is it objectionable to marry into a family where there’s a single parent with children? What if it’s a divorcee or widow(er) with no children? Would it still be objectionable, if at all?

    Can anyone tell? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Yes. Any deviation from the norm is looked upon as a difficult situation, best to be avoided. Parents in general get way more involved in their adult children’s lives.

  6. Thank you, Jomo.

    I do know about the parents being more involved in their adult children’s life bit, it’s the other issues that I’ve been wondering about. Guess I’m trying to learn more about the Korean culture/outlook/perspective, using kdramas as a starting reference or backdrop, relatable to those who have viewed it. Just trying to get more out of my drama viewing experience. 🙂

    Thanks for responding; for your recap; and for humoring me. 🙂

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