Jang Nara Visits Healing Camp and Meets Face-twin Sung Yuri

This is news to me but apparently K-ent has long seen same age K-actresses Sung Yuri and Jang Nara are face-twins. Really? They’re both ridiculously pretty and don’t seem to age one whit from their late teen debut days, but for some reason I’m not seeing the resemblance much. With that said, Sung Yuri has been hosting the candid discussion show Healing Camp this year and recently Jang Nara made a guest appearance now that she’s much more active in K-ent again. Jang Nara wrapped up Fated to Love You this summer and is diving into yet another K-drama filming with Mr. Baek costarring Shin Ha Kyun.

Right now everyone is still loving Jang Nara’s chemistry with Jang Hyuk so it’ll be interesting to see how her pairing with Shin Ha Kyun is received. Sung Yuri has also worked with Jang Hyuk before in the K-movie Rabbit and Lizard so I can imagine the two lovely ladies sharing stories about working with Hyuk oppa. On a more serious note, Jang Nara opened up in Healing Camp about the stresses of being an entertainer which led to her suffering from bulimia and panic disorders leading to agoraphobia. She is much better now after treatment and that’s a relief to hear.


Jang Nara Visits Healing Camp and Meets Face-twin Sung Yuri — 10 Comments

  1. I have never thought of them as face-twins! Based on the pictures above, there is a resemblance. I like both actresses. Would be interesting to have them star in a drama as sisters but not as one good and one evil, just have both as good characters. LOL.

  2. I see a bit of resemblance, but not to the extent that they’re twins. They’re both pretty!

    Then again, there are quite a few actresses who look alike, for example Han Ga-in and Son Ye-jin, Jeon Ji-hyun and Park Han-byul.

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