Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo Go From Weekend Drama to Hotel Room Romp for Singles Magazine

Did anyone watch the just ended weekend drama Come! Jang Bo Ri (also known as Jang Bo Ri is Here)? I’ve only seen ten minutes of a random episode when I was recently at the jjimjalbang and watching whatever was on TV while lounging on the warm floor waiting for my massage. It happened to be Jang Bo Ri and I honestly would have no way to identify said drama other than Kim Ji Hoon showing up and I immediately made the connection to his being part of a currently airing weekend fare.

Kim Ji Hoon and his Jang Bo Ri leading lady Oh Yeon Seo graced the pages of July’s edition of Singles Magazine and it’s a photo spread that immediately reminded me of Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ah‘s risque spread for Vogue Korea while they were promoting Secret Love Affair. It’s sexy enough to share as a retrospective – Kim Ji Hoon smolders wonderfully while Oh Yeon Seo’s hairstyle is occasionally distracting. The lounging in a hotel room post-romp vibe is sexy but I wish there was more oomph between them.

There was some sort of birth secret in Jang Bo Ri when I caught that episode and later when I checked the synopsis it became clear that this drama is all about a set of girls switched at birth who must now deal with being switched back. One is super rich and the other super poor, of course. Kim Ji Hoon is the male lead and his leading lady of Oh Yeon Seo, who I think looks a lot like Kim Hee Sun but with a less whiny voice. I’ve never watched a drama with Oh Yeon Seo from beginning to end but have seen enough of her here and there to find her serviceable but not really leading lady charisma material. With that said, the weekend drama with fifty-episodes is a different beast and it looks like Kim Ji Hoon has comfortably parked his career there after last year’s Goddess of Marriage. If Nam Sang Mi can just back out and do a prime time drama with Lee Jun Ki, I’m hoping Kim Ji Hoon can as well because Jang Bo Ri smells like every overdone weekend drama story mashed together.


Kim Ji Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo Go From Weekend Drama to Hotel Room Romp for Singles Magazine — 16 Comments

  1. I saw bits and pieces of it; very much the makjang crazy fest of a weekend K-drama. I was actually sort of interested in the prince/pauper-esque switch, which doesn’t actually happen. They don’t even all know about the switch until like more than halfway through the show. And then there’s just crazy revenge-y stuff and whatever -.-

  2. If you ask me I don’t think it should be called “Jang Bori is here” the story literally revolves around Min Jung from her greed & ambitions, & being the most hated person! Every episode involved her cooking up some lie & everyone falling for it. In the end her punishment wasn’t even that severe.. Bori was majorly annoying with her stupidity! Yet the drama was addictive.. That’s what I hate about makjang dramas it makes no sense but you keep watching anyways!

  3. Hello koala! I read the recaps at Problematic Of The Unproblematic blog.

    It wasn’t really a makjang switch. Just the real daughter getting lost while she was too young. Being adopted by a poor mother-daughter pair. The poor daughter was a social climber and tried to get into good graces of a rich family in Seoul who lost their daughter. She gets their pity by pretending she’s an orphan.

    Later, the poor mother-daughter pair discover that the young girl they “adopted” (but really treated like a helper) is the actual daughter of said rich family.

    Of course, Evil Social Climbing Daughter keeps this secret from the original family. But the rich family never stopped looking for their daughter and were very much aware that the poor girl they adopted is NOT Jang Bori.

    Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  4. Oh, Jang Bori was a makjang fest of the best order. I agree with the comment above saying that the story ends up being more about the evil daughter, but she was soooo good at being evil and lying and manipulative that there were times when I literally applauded. I mean even if I hated her and wanted her ruined (and the ending did not disappoint–no stupid redemptive arc here), her skill with evil has to be acknowledged. Machiavelli comes to mind. She had also had the absolute best clothes.

      • hey mary where’s your tidbit throwing song jae rim in?????I missed you a lot.

        Your one and only tokki 🙂

      • (waving at her idol, Mary). Hi, Mary. Yup, Sung Si Kyung is my profile pic here, too. I cannot talk about him like a fangirl–he is on a completely different plane of existence. His voice can bring me to tears.

        But I sure wish we had seen this version (the pics above) of Jang Bori. This Bori Bori would have given MinJung a run for her money.

  5. I don’t get you guys because am inlove with the movie because my lovely actor from wishes from the sky who starred as lawyer jang is the lead actor here and coming to the lead actess…good looking but i resent that evil wench,min jung

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