Yoon Eun Hye Wows with Her Killer Curves at the Cartier 100th Anniversary Event

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen Yoon Eun Hye look this va-va-va-voom at a media event. 2014 was a quiet year for Yoon Eun Hye, since wrapping Marry Him if You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) she hasn’t done a lead acting project aside from a cameo role in the upcoming Ha Ji WonHa Jung Woo movie Chronicles of a Blood Merchant. She has intermittently released photo spreads or CF pictorials, but for a fan like me who really want her to act more this year felt like it just slipped by. She attended the Cartier 100th anniversary event this past week dressed to kill in a skin tight Herve Leger navy off-the-shoulder dress paired with print Christian Louboutin pumps and ruby red lips. She was clearly going for the femme fatale look and I’m of the opinion that if she’s got it then go ahead and flaunt it. Yoon Eun Hye has been a spokesmodel for Cartier in Korea for a number of years so her attendance at this event was to be expected. With the year end straight ahead and all the upcoming winter dramas having its main cast booked already, fans of Yoon Eun Hye will have to look to 2015 for the next opportunity to see her back on television, if she even does a drama next year.

I’m genuinely disappointed that Hyun Bin‘s leading lady in Hyde, Jekyll, and I wasn’t Yoon Eun Hye, since their Basic House ads I’ve been waiting for their drama pairing and that’s looking more and more like a pipe dream now. Sigh, at least I can enjoy eye candy from Yoon Eun Hye in lieu of a drama to look forward to.


Yoon Eun Hye Wows with Her Killer Curves at the Cartier 100th Anniversary Event — 62 Comments

  1. It seems a lot of people in korea where expecting her to be the female lead in Mister Baek and where surprised when it ended up being Jang Nara instead which has made some speculate that Yoon Eun Hye ended up rejecting Mister Baek because she had chosen another project instead.

    Is she being mentioned in the rumors for any of the upcoming 2015 dramas??

  2. Wow!!! Killer curves indeed!! And yet have you noticed that not once did she show her belly/front, carefully hidden behind her handbag?

  3. hopefully she will end up as one of the leads of those big budget dramas planning to air next year. Any chance descendants of the sun? 😡 she is well known in Korea and overseas and acts well so why not

  4. She looks so awesome. I really love her man. Ducks she won’t be on ma screen other than picture but I’ll take what I get. I so want her and hyun bin too koala. Especially in a kick as tv show, maybe one on tvn

  5. I am not a HB’s fan, but I do wish YEH teams up with a good actor. HB n YEH in BH pics and videos had so much chemistry already! Loving her sexxy curve in this bandage dress, perfect looks!

  6. But, but, but, that Jekyll and Hyde drama is so obviously male-centric. Didn’t we establish earlier that with her big star status she needs a drama that is wholly her own?

    • Big star status? Not really. MHIYD & LTM were flops and IMY had average ratings. She will have to stop surfing the Coffee Prince wave one day… Truth is, she badly NEEDS a rating hit in her filmo, very soon. That’s all I wish for her.

      • If she doesn’t have her status why famous brands still hire her as their spokesperson/model. Samantha Thavasa, YSL, Cartier & Amway Artistry aren’t some small brands, they’re well known internationally. She’s still hired because of her image & they know that she’s still has many fans around the world. Famous brand YSL hired her after she finished the flopped MHIYD, so I don’t think her drama rating affecting her status/image lol
        Funny thing is it seems she doesn’t care about her status or losing her popularity at all by living a low key life these days and she seems happy 😉

  7. Wowwww girl sexy bomb, I love when you have that kind of look really glamorous and beautiful. I also want to see it soon will not matter if it’s a drama or movie, really I need this girl.

  8. She seems to have put on some weight(not a bad thing) – her face/jawline is looking more Jeon Ji Hyun now, it used to be way sharp

    • I don’t think she gained weight… Her body doesn’t say that she did…. I think that her face swelled up again…. she has Edema and Pernicious Anemia which makes her swell up from time to time…. She said in a MY interview that her face swells up easily, esp when tired or travelling, and that she can look different from the morning and at night because of it.

      • I noticed her swelling face too. I am glad no one is completely prefect. She looks so lovely as always. And I do think when she puts on any weight, it go to her face first and everyone starts making nasty comments about her. She has a huge fan base and also huge jealous anti fans too. Poor girls, she does not deserve it. She has a very good soul.

      • I think her body looks fabulous, but her face looks a little tired and unhappy. I hope things are going well for her.

  9. I love YEH but HJM>>>>>> YEH, acting and fame wise right now.
    She does need a good project soon. Her dramas have been flopping. It doesn’t have to be female centric anymore but a good role in a good project that can have high rating, preferable a A-list star, not an idol.

    • May I disagree about fame?^^ internationally, YEH is more famous despite the fact that she’s so low key. In korea, i don’t know hahaha. If YEH is the lead of a drama, expect more international people to watch the drama. ^^

      • I’m mainly talking about Korea, especially in the recent years. Even internationally, YEH isn’t where she used to be while HJM had Rooftop Prince to back her up. She is also loved internationally even she isn’t known as YEH.
        They have HB to sell internationally already, but for ratings between HJM and YEH, it’d definitely HJM.

    • If you like HJM, because the need to attack YEH, because you do that, what for? what you say does not make sense is ridiculous, she is bigger than YEH? that YEH is an idol and not an A-list of stars, perhaps you know YEH’s position in the industry and internationally? seriously, next time be careful what you write.

      • stop being so sensitive? I’m even a bigger fan of YEH than HJM’s. But the truth is the truth. Goong and CP are YEH’s biggest dramas and how long have it been? Stop leaving in the past!
        I love her and hope she can get a better project to get back to where she was… but she was never considered an A-lister like JJH, HJW, etc.Now after all the flopped drama, she is definitely not as big as HJM, who won in rating and award in her previous drama (2012). I’m just talking facts here.

      • *living in the past.

        And if you follow Knews regularly you’d know who is the popular, raising stars or Alisters.
        When I said preferable an an Alister not idol, I meant YEH next co-stars, I hope it’d be an good actor with great reputaion and fame to help her. She has been working with idols in her latest projects. For me it’s a downgrade from her older works… I might be harsh but I only hope the best to her.

      • @right, watch your words dear. Those A-list you mentioned havent even got close to the endorsement deals YEH gets. I think YEH’s nearly a legend. Getting awards side-by-side Bae Yong Joon. I think she gets drama not for ratings or competition anymore, but to make her fans worldwide happy who misses her so much. Those drama you mentioned, even if it flops in Korea, my country always gets & broadcast anything w/ YEH drama. YEH is like a goddess, deity. New ones will come, but they had to catch-up on what YEH achieved.

    • I don’t know who HJM is.the female lead in rooftop prince? If she is,acting wise she’s no match for YEH.
      But yeah.YEH has been too quiet this year. I hope it’s only because she’s hooked into a VERY GOOD project.she’s my favourite actress but even I was disappointed in MHIYD.it’s time for her to make a comeback.I’m not saying it’s her fault.it’s just she needs to land in a huge project soon.a drama or a movie with a good plot.not from a script writer who changes the story half way according to the viewers’ideas.
      And I just don’t understand why she took TCOABM when HJW is the female lead.she’s mentioned in all articles as a supporting character.only once did I saw it as Cameo appearance.
      Gosh I miss her so much….

  10. Wow! Killer bod! I’m genuinely loving her curves. I am thankful she doesn’t go for the stick thin look popular with most kdrama actresses. She looks healthy and beautiful. I saw an article questioning if she’d gone fat because she looks like this. WTF. Some people have some unrealistic standard of beauty.

    • I agree!! She looks like a woman you can hug without worrying about snapping her in half. I think she’s beautiful!! It’s a pity actresses feel they have to look like starving, fragile waifs because if they actually look like a healthy woman who actually EATS, the public decries them as FAT!!

    • Tell me about it. You should get YEH’s version of the pumps, it’s exquisite! Too bad I don’t have any reason to doll up anymore otherwise it’s a real versatile investment piece.

  11. She is one gorgeous lady with beautiful, womanly curves.

    I love her in `Princess Hour’ and `The Coffee Prince’. She acted well in `Lie To Me’ and I do not blame her at all for `Marry Him if you Dare’. I would like to see her in a drama soon. Actually, I would love to have her act opposite Joo Ji Hoon. 🙂

  12. She’s the most beautiful and the most sexy Korean actress I have known! Naturally beautiful (not botched-up), best gorgeous legs among Korean actresses, great body and superstar sex appeal.

  13. I love YEH love her much.. because she is a truly multitalent actress..she can sing..act..drawing..design..i ever heard that Park Han Byul ever stay overnight in YEH house and amazed with YEH house because the house is artistic..YEH drawing the wall..
    aside from her multitalent..YEH is an actress with very good soul..I ever heard he ever bought 200 pairs of PUMA shoes for the LTM crew, and with JYJ become sponsor of IMY crew traveling to Thailand..its.. makes me like YEH much.. and i really hope she always success in career and in love..i hope sooner she will find a truly good husband for forever.

  14. Knowing Eric started his drama life again, kinda hope there will be a chance between him and Eun Hye work together. Man…I still can’t get over this two since their xman days even though it was long…long…time ago… I know Yoon Eun Hye as A-list actress, but even though Eric isn’t A-list actor, he is great actor too. So, I’m hoping till that day comes.

  15. Aw, I love Yoon Eun Hye…The first drama I ever watched was Coffee Prince, so I always remember her as being the reason I got into dramas! But I wasn’t so much a fan of Lie to Me and haven’t had a chance to watch projects since then…hopefully she gets a fantastic lead role with an awesome pairing soon!

  16. YEH is a very WOW woman.. i read in another blog that she become fat..but now i can see in this blog..that YEH still gorgeous..and really Know how to fashion in such a glamour event like that..I hope she always make a hit film or drama..forget about the past with unsuccess drama..keep moving and always keep on fire YEH..GO..GO..YEH GO..

  17. Nothing is wrong with her. She is just perfect. As far as her acting is concerned, she is excellent. Maybe just the wrong project or timing?. Compared to other actresses in Korea Yoon Eun Hye is the most famous internationally. She has maintained her stature through the years. Others are just starting to be known. Hope she will be paired up with Hyun Bin. The face still looks innocent and angelic despite being sexy….More tv series or movie for YEH to come… GO GIRl!

  18. YEH Cafe..Jacob’s Ladder.. Good taste.. healthy cafee..hope you always success in whatever you do YEH..just don’t feel lonely.. cheer up always girl..GBU always YEH..

  19. Why YEH not deserve any prize in Style Icon Awards? it’s really surprised me..look at her in Cartier Anniversary Event..she looks fabulous..and I hope She gain a big success in her next project..even it has a controversi, but as a big fans of you YEH, i always pray for the succed of YEH.I hope you more power girl..

  20. admit it or not, yoon eun hye is the reason why korean dramas are so famous now around the world, before princess hours, people does not take notice of kdrama, but after that princess hours drama,many people became aware of korean drama, so let’s just be thankful to her and let her be.

  21. Ditto. I got hooked in Korean Drama because of her. I love all of her dramas, i just concentrate on how she portrays her role rather than the story itself. She always moves me with her acting. My dream leading man for YEH? Hyun Bin, Song Seung Heon, So Ji Sub and Gong Yoo (again). I love you and I so excited to be able to watch you act again.

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