Cha Seung Won and Lee Jung Shin Strut the Catwalk for Menswear Brand Songzio

It’s reassuring to see Cha Seung Won looking healthy and happy as he made his first public appearance after last month’s paternity plus lawsuit shocker. For those unaware of what transpired, the short summary is that a man filed a defamation lawsuit against Cha Seung Won and his wife for misleading the public that Cha Seung Won was the birth father of eldest son Cha No Ah. That led Cha Seung Won to reveal that he was indeed not the birth father of Cha No Ah but legally adopted and raised him for over 20 years never once revealing to the son or the world of that truth.

The birth father ended up dropping the lame lawsuit within a week but the public damage was done most notably in Cha No Ah learning the truth of his own paternity this way. I’m hoping the Cha family has weathered the worst of the storm and can move on and work through any accompanying familiar issues. Cha Seung Won was a male model before he became an actor and this past weekend got back to his modeling roots by walking the runway for high end Korean menswear brand Songzio. In attendance was another K-entertainer Lee Jung Shin of CN Blue so check out the catwalking below.


Cha Seung Won and Lee Jung Shin Strut the Catwalk for Menswear Brand Songzio — 20 Comments

  1. Those are some of the most ugkiest looking clothes ever….which male species would ever wear those clothes in reality? Although it is great to see sueng won again.

  2. I could see CSW strolling through a Roman square in the clingy white transparent striped sweater. On the way to meet me for an espresso and biscotti snack before our return to his rooms where the wine and sun streaming through the curtains is all the sustenance we need for days.

  3. Cha Seung Woo reminds me of that meme in regards to Robert Downy Jr, where Robert has a 20-year old son but all the ladies want him instead. Even though Cha Seung Woo has a 20-something year old son, I want Cha Seung Woo instead. Sexy man. 🙂

    • The last outfit looks like a male buba; a shirt in most west African traditional clothing (women’s bubas are shorter). It can be everyday wear to party wear depending on the quality and type of material used in its creation. Not that I don’t think this look ridiculous on him, but it is a legitimate outfit in parts of the world.

  4. I really like the second and the third, but the last outfit is not so bad either. 🙂

    My husband would only wear the second. 😛

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