Pinocchio Unveils Snappy and Stylish Official Lead Character Stills

SBS keeps pulling back the curtains little by little on upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Pinocchio. Compared to the teaser that dropped last weekend I’m much more pleased and relieved with the first batch of official character stills from the drama. Starring Lee Jong Seok, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Yoo Bi, Pinocchio follows a team of city beat network reporters and comes from the successful production team behind I Hear Your Voice. The underwhelming video teaser featured Lee Jong Seok sporting a countryside hobo hair at a game show trying to answer a question about the Pinocchio hiccuping syndrome.

Thank god that looks like a temporary high school era look since his character still shows him with a decidedly fashionable and sane male hair style. Park Shin Hye looks really slimmed down in her still, her face is uncharacteristically angular and the chic navy pinstripe suit emphasizesΒ her new sleeker physique. Both leads are convincing as twenty-something newbies in the reporting world. Kim Young Kwang appears to have borrowed Rain’s agency president wardrobe from My Lovely Girl while short-hair Lee Yoo Bi is adorable but makes her look like a high school student playing dress up.


Pinocchio Unveils Snappy and Stylish Official Lead Character Stills — 27 Comments

  1. I’m usually neutral about shin hye despite the controversy she stirs — but woah, park shin hye is lookin’ GOOD.
    It’s about time she played these types of characters — I think this will be the role to convert the antis or quiet the naysayers.
    I always think she needs to break out with a more mature, professional role. One that people could take seriously. She certainly rocks the suit.

    • This is the writer who almost perfectly covered for Suzy’s total lack of acting skill in Dream High.

      At least Park Shin Hye gives her a lot more to work with than that! I don’t like her acting of her recent role choices other than Flower Boy but I will respect it if she shows us something different.

  2. Park Shin Hye looks really good! She rocks the independant working woman look and it’s about time she takes a mature role. I read the characters description. Seems like LJS and PSH will have a hate and love relationship but I’m ok with it! At least, now I’m sure they are not blood related! Can’t wait to see their chemistry!
    PS: Is LYB wearing a wig? Argh! What’s up with the hair in this drama?!

    • Woah, PSH looks so good and smart in that working suit, a different image from Heirs. I hope she brings out a different side of her in this drama. Yes, would prefer her in more mature roles. This would be an interesting drama to watch. Luv LJS too.

  3. Shinhye looks so good. Such an upgrade from Heirs’
    But why didnt you post the character’s descriptions? They are all translated on Soompi and tumblr in just a few hours. All characters sound interesting…
    I’m looking forward to this!

  4. PSH looks hawtttt sheesh, she should wear business suits more ha….I’m withholding any judgement until the show actually airs. I just hope it’s good, I want another good drama to watch (I’m really enjoying quite a few right now thankfully).

    PSH really, really needs to bring it though or she will get outshined by the second female lead. That girl can act. I believe in you PSH but how many chances will you get? The same goes for LJS, he’s just forgettable to me.

  5. actually PSH is a better actress than LYB.the way shin hye acted in TOH and Goong S at such a young age,i dont think LYB could have done any,LYB will not outshines PSH,instead,PSH will definately outshine LYB.LYB is good but i think Kim ji won is better.

  6. Both leads look amazing, but the second leads got screwed over by the coordis (poor Yubi with that hair…and Kim Young Kwang with that awful suit)

  7. PSH looks good in this pic, far more mature than her previous roles which is what she needs right now. I was waiting for her to have a more ‘adult’ type of role.
    Lee Yoo Bi & Kim Young Kwang look like their drama takes place in the 80’s.

    • and? Did we watch RT yet? no right? Plus we are talking about 20-ep drama to 2-hr movie in which both PSH and LYB aren’t the main leads.
      They worked together but not that much compared to PSH and KJW in Heirs. Plus it hasn’t even came out. And it’s a saeguk.

      Totally different where it’s not that much different and would get boring to have KJW as 2nd lead here again. Just like how I don’t like PSH and KWB reunite too early even I want them to work together…. It’d get boring

  8. Both LJS and PSH look really good here. The writer did a great job with PBY’s female lead role in IHYV, so I’m having high hopes for PSH’s role in this drama. So happy that she’s doing a “professional” character and that she will have an opportunity to shine.

  9. @ Deb: she has always brought it, just more roles she chooses don’t do her justice. But she has never bad or can’t act. You can’t hate her roles but you can’t say she doesn’t bring it or can’t act.
    The difference this time is we are hoping for a mature role which PSH finally dares to take on.

    I just hate people confusing between roles and acting and bash the girls for it. All CES did was crying and being dragged around and what can she do if the script is written like that. It’s annoying when people are claiming that Krystal was a better actress and outshine her because her role is likable. PSH actually thinks she could be good at evil roles and want action roles but will people give it to her?

    Anyway, she will bring it because she always brings it. I just need a good role that she shut some people up.

    • Hey! It’s my opinion that she her performances have been dull. If you think she has constantly gives great performances, that’s fine! It’s called opinions and everyone has one.

      I agree some of her roles have not been great but some of them have been fairly well written and it’s my opinion her acting was still nothing to write home about. Sorry not sorry.

      This has nothing to do with her being a woman and it’s weird how you jumped to that conclusion just so she could look like a victim. It actually electrocutes my being when a female actress of whatever background lights up the screen with a performance and like I said I will not lower my standards for PSH. If she “shuts me up” with a great performance, I will be HAPPY because i want to see it happen!

      I’m hoping she does find a role where she can really shine because she’s shown in the past that she can be more than mediocre at acting. I’m confident that she can go to higher heights in her acting and I hope it happens here. I think she’s a gorgeous woman with a sweet personality and I really like her but my opinion of her acting stays separate from that.

      • well, I’m sorry that you can state your opinion and I can’t.
        I just think she always brings it but some roles don’t do her justice. The thing about her that she is doing it at easy and adjust to her co-stars which help her costars shine better.
        But if you think her performances in FBND and TGOR7 dull than again it’s your opinion. I respect it and so does she. You can’t please everyone πŸ™‚

        But who knows? Maybe she can change your opinion on her acting with this drama.

    • I’m of the same opinion with you. Well, people can say whatever crap they wanna say. Looking forward for this drama. Shin hye looks good!

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