Yoon Eun Hye’s Official Fanclub Amazing Openly Objects to Her Doing Movie with Park Shi Hoo

It’s a testament to the fame of Yoon Eun Hye and the notoriety of Park Shi Hoo that even the mere mention of them possibly doing a cross-border C-movie together gets the internet all abuzz. The movie Love After Love (爱后之爱) is slated to start filming in November with an eye towards a summer 2015 release meaning the casting confirmations should be coming down any day now. It’s fine for anyone to have an opinion on this potential casting but some opinions are going to have a stronger impact than others.

Yoon Eun Hye’s own agency The House Company changed its name to Jarmy Entertainment last month and her official fanclub in Korea is now called Amazing (as in Amazing + Grace which is her English name). The official staff of Amazing have come out and issued a fanclub wide release that the admins do not support Yoon Eun Hye doing this movie with Park Shi Hoo and will be collecting all the fan reactions and submitting it to Jarmy in hopes of persuading Yoon Eun Hye not to accept the role. The response has been overwhelming – YEH’s Korean fans are almost uniformly against her doing this movie.

I don’t think Amazing is revolting but rather acting like a concerned parent trying to give Yoon Eun Hye good career advice. I know Yoon Eun Hye is clearly interested in moving into the Chinese entertainment market whether through movies or dramas, last week she was in Beijing at the first annual Chinese Korean Share Your Dream Short Film Festival where she was the honorary festival ambassador along with Chinese actor Qin Hao (above). She can still do a Chinese work, but maybe just not with this particular movie project.

I personally don’t think Park Shi Hoo should, like, never act again or slink off to a ditch somewhere away from the public eye. Legally he was not convicted of any wrongdoing and as a lawyer I can’t subscribe to public castigation by allegation only. With that said, I personally will have a hard hard time watching Park Shi Hoo as a romantic lead, he would do better at this point in his career in being anything other than some swoony onscreen male character. When a good chunk of the viewing audience associates him with sleeping with a drunken passed out woman without her consent, I’d say it’s going to be a hard sell styling himself as a dream man. Other than for his devoted fans, of course.

If I were Park Shi Hoo’s agent (which is either himself or his brother I think since he has his own agency), the recommendation is that he should play serial killers and vengeful assassins and mentally challenged underdogs, characters that have nothing to do with wooing a lady and selling his charm. I’m sure Park Shi Hoo’s diehard fans think nothing of seeing him onscreen as a lady killer but the general public is probably not ready for that yet. Love After Love is a straight up romantic melo movie about lovers separated and finding love again, there is like no other thematic thread going on other than for the lublublub part.


Amazing staff 입니다.

그동안 제대로 인사도 못 드린것 같은데..
죄송스럽게도 이렇게 이런일로.. 글을 쓰게 돼네요…
늦어진 생파 후기를 즐겁게 준비하며.. 사진 정리 중이였는데.. ㅠ.ㅠ

이번..윤은혜님 한중 영화 출연건에 대해서…
오랜 은혜님의 팬의 한사람으로서 정말 깊은 실망과 허탈함까지 느끼고 있습니다.
저희가 비록 Amazing staff 이지만..
지금까지.. 작품 선정이나 은혜님의 비지니스에 관련해서는 팬은 팬일뿐..
그분의 의견과 결정을 존중해서.. (어차피 저희 보다는 훨씬 더 잘 알고 계시리라 믿기에..)
설사 개인적으로 선호하지 않은 작품에 출연하다고 한들.. 그 결정을 믿고 따라 왔습니다만…
이번 작품에 관해서는 처음으로..
회사와 은혜님의 결정이 어떠하든..
지지해 줄 수 없는 행보라 생각되기에..
저희 staff 들 역시 “출연반대”라는 의견을 알려드립니다.
이에 팬여러분들의 의견을 모아 보고자 합니다.
냉정하고, 객관적으로 팬분들의 의견을 모아서 회사에 전달하고 싶습니다.
어떤 방식으로 우리 팬분들의 반대 의견을 효율적으로 전달하면 좋을지…
많은 의견 부탁드립니다.

그리고, 여기는 공식카페 입니다.
어떤 내용을 언급하고 의견을 내 주시는건 무조건 환영이지만..
자극적인 어휘나 반말 사용은 하지 말아 주시기 바랍니다.
모두에게 예의를 지켜주세요.


Yoon Eun Hye’s Official Fanclub Amazing Openly Objects to Her Doing Movie with Park Shi Hoo — 98 Comments

  1. I would prefer if she did a drama. The movie does not sound that convincing to me. YEH is one of my favorite actresses. I think her fans just want the best for her.
    PSH is also one of my favorite actors and I would prefer if he did a drama but sometime next year.

    • I like Park Shi Hoo, been watching his dramas for awhile now. He has qualified acting abilities in all facets of moving making, wide range of talent. Would like to see him utilize his acting talents to the fullest and be appreciated for all that is valued. Despite his legal wrangle entanglements in the past, I’m glad to see he is making every effort to move past it and continue with his acting. He deserves a second chance and hope he continues not to disappoint his devoted fans around the globe. I look forward to his next endeavor, wish much success to him, and not to worry his family, his mom that he does well, and held with the utmost respect and dignity.

  2. This is a little surprising. YEH’s fans sure are very vocal about this. I do wish that she will consider their opinions though. I mean, almost everyone thinks this is a bad idea. Then again, given that everybody thinks that she should reject this offer, I cannot think of any reason why she will accept it.

  3. Great movement by her official FC…all the best for you YEH, hope you consider it 10000++++++ times before you decide to take this project.

  4. Think she should reconsider, especially if her fans are so vocal against it and for good reason. Surely there are other projects available that would give her a chance to further advance her career in China, if that’s what she’s eyeing.

    Also, who’s picking her projects for her? Maybe she needs a better adviser after this.

    • & I agree PSH is a good actor but I just can’t see him playing good guy roles again, if he really wants to stay in the entertainment industry he should just stick with playin baddies!

      • Let’s not be harsh about it, given a second chance, he should continue with his acting rather it’s in a good role or bad like gangster or crook, he should be able to be a success and handle whatever role he is given as an actor, it is an actor’s job, craft; let’s not judge the man, he’s already been punished in more ways than one, there is two sides to every story, good or bad, remember that.

  5. YEH should do a drama with Lee minho. They had great chemistry in PT. It is going to be hot all over asia including the most desired market, china.

    • It’s a common practice to have english names(or sometimes english nickname) for people from China and Korea so as to make it easy for people who don’t speak Mandarin or Korean to call their names.

    • Yes, she is Korean. I assume that she got her English name when she got baptize into her christian faith.

      YEH is a devote christian.

      • Eun Hye translated into English is “Grace”….

        And many Korean/Chinese/Taiwanese people tend to have English names to make it easier. For Jeon Ji Hyun, it’s Gianna…. I had classmates who also had English names to make it easier for others.

    • It might be her stage name. Sometimes Asian Artist have English name to make it easier for the international market. I know many Hong Kong artist has English names but it is not their official names meaning, it is not part of their ID or anything. I also have friends that has English Names as a nickname for school to make it easier for the teachers and other non-Chinese kid, but it is not on their birth certificate or any official documents. Imagine my surprise when I find out 20 years later that some of my friends or actually most of my friends go by a different English name than the English name they use in school. It’s a Chinese/East Asian thing I suppose.

    • It’s not like she’s marrying the guy, she’s just acting in the same movie as him, so give it up, for chrissake, move on.

  6. I agree Park Shi Hoo should do some OCN drama or something, change his brand if he wants to go back to acting. He will need to start over and not pick up where he left off.

  7. It just grosses me out to think of seeing him in a romance. Just no.

    There’s no good reason for her to take this role. She needs to make smart career choices and a movie with PSH is just about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile. I’m glad her fanclub has come out against it.

  8. As much as I wanna see her in drama or movie soon, I kind of disappointed with her decision. I know PSH is a good actor, but his scandal could be burden for YEH’s comeback. There are still many golden man in korean entertainment industry such as Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Lee Min Ho, Eric which recognized as their good image and loved by korean society that I hope to be paired up with her someday. Anyway, good luck for her.

    • It’s not like she’s marrying the guy, she’s just acting in the same movie as him, so give it up, for chrissake, move on. Is it possible that if Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung or So Ji Sub, Lee Min Ho or even Eric Moon, was available, don’t you think these big name actors would jump at the chance. But it’s possible they weren’t considered for whatever reasons but sure one of them at least would have been glad to be in the same movie as her, just thinking making they were committed to other film projects or for personal reasons, you just never know in this business and it is a BUSINESS.

  9. Listen to your fans, lady: They are not always right but in that particular case, there is no discussion. Working with that guy will only bring problems for you.

  10. Although, I also think it is a bad idea for her to act in a movie with Park Shi Hoo, I don’t think it is right for YEH to base her acting choices on fans that have no idea of how the inner workings of the Entertainment Industry work though. If she and her agency thinks this is a step into the larger China Market then she should go for it. Either way, YEH company will now need to spin another story so as not to anger PSW or his agency.

    • Her korean fans aren not merely fans. They are like her family. They’ve spent personal events together and were her shoulder to cry on when she was down.

      They know the workings of entertainment industry and they know a lot about YEH outside. They even know about YEH’s family and etc…

    • Even if she does want to go into the Chinese market, there’s no reason to do this with PSH. His most recent movie flopped at the box office. Plus YEH is much more famous than he is there anyway. His Hallyu status is overhyped.

  11. Maybe YEH is doing this to help PSH to recover.. I think i’ve read it before somewhere in the past that YEH seems to sacrifice her career choices to as a favor to PD or writer etc.. am not sure if that’s true tho i know YEH is very very kind and very willing to help those who are in need…

    • I dont doubt it one bit. She is known for her extreme kindness. she is a devout born again Christian even owns a Christian themed Cafe. She does many charity works and was even called Queen of Loyalty for sacrificing good projects just to help out some directors.

      CEO Yoon Young Ha of Verdi Media, the distribution company for SBS’s “Lie to Me”, recently crowned actress Yoon Eun Hye as the ‘queen of loyalty.’ “I’d like to express my gratitude towards Yoon Eun Hye for her kindness,” he said. According to the CEO, Yoon Eun Hye was cast alongside the late Park Yong Ha for his drama, “Love Song.” Originally scheduled to begin filming in June of last year, the project was cancelled due to Park Yong Ha’s unfortunate suicide. At the time, Yoon Eun Hye even consoled the CEO by promising, “I’ll be waiting for your next project.” Yoon stated, “She must have received dozens of different role offers during that time, but she quietly kept her promise to me, which I’m eternally grateful for.” Yoon Eun Hye’s act of loyalty doesn’t end there, though, as she was also revealed to have waited three years for her role in “My Black Mini Dress” as an act of friendship towards director Heo In Moo. For her role in “My Fair Lady”, she waited nearly a year for it despite the many delays the drama was met with. When her “Coffee Prince” co-star Lee Eon was killed in an unfortunate traffic accident, she was reported to be one of the few that stayed by his wake for as long as she could and even accompanied his family all the way to the charnel house in Busan. -allkpop

  12. I like both PSH and YEH. I praise YEH for her going ahead with co-star with PSH. She is a real professional actor. My admiration and respect for her.
    PSH – pls let go of his personal life! Stop torturing him! Too many circumstantial events that he could be framed! He slept with a woman – so what? Both are not married and so they are free to live whichever way they want to.
    Hey I want to enjoy his acting. Leave him alone. Let’s move on!
    PSH and YEH , fighting!

    • Please refrain for talking about PSH case or our discussions about this topic will change into bloody hell battle just like another topic before…because his scandal will never reach same POV between his fans and not his fans…

      No need to defend PSH nor bash him either from his sexual scandal here…just back to the topic of the news…

    • Same here Jane Wong. I think YEH’s official fans club in Korea were voicing the wrong opinion. First, they judge a man not convicted and riding on the hate campaign on probably one of the Best Actor in Korea of this generation. Second, they are forfeiting YEH the chance to grow by working with one of the most charismatic Korean Actor I have seen recently. And lastly, this is not just some drama like she could be tied for months, it’s just a movie for crying out loud.
      I’m an avid supported of YEH but International. Even some of her work flops in Korea, I still see it because it’s her work. I think this will be good, PSH & YEH tandem is something to look out. Fighting PSH & YEH!

      • pls stop being delusional. Yeh will not be forfeiting anything if she doesn’t work with Park Si Hoo. PSH is not that great of an actor. Her acting awards surpasses his. He is decent but not great enough where YEH can learn from him.

        There are other male actors way better than him if YEH needs more acting lessons…actors who dont have monstrous scandals to drag her down along with him on a scandal.

        PSH is not even close to other great actors out there.

        His fans makes him seem so overqualified!

      • @demeris…definitely agree with you…PSH acting just so-so and nothing special…even my best friend who also PSH fans told me that she felt annoyed by his over-acting in CDDA.

        If its not MGY was also acted in this drama, i can’t garantee that it will get good rating in Korea and well recieved in Japan and China…

        But as usual his delulu fans took off all credit only for PSH and simply look down on MGY ( they said she’s ugly, acting not match with him etc )…no wonder fans war can’t be avoided…

        Unfortunately for his fans…actress So yi hyun ( who acted as PSH ex-wife in CDDA ) only praised MGY and she said that she got valuable acting experience from her while shooting this drama…she didn’t give same credit for PSH…

        Even though i’m not her fans, i pity MGY a lot back then…thats why i’m worried that it will happen to YEH too if she ever acted with him…

      • @demeris, well well, look who’s talking now, YEH is not that great actress either, most of her recent works flops for the lack of better chemistry or maybe good acting as well. You probably havent seen most of PSH drama for you to look down on the acting capability of this man. If you’re basing on accolades or acting awards, we all know some of them are not really reliable and are like popularity awards these days in Korea. I do believe this is a good opportunity for YEH professionally, in the same way it corresponds to her Christian values, never to judge a man. It’s going to be just fine. I’m a fan of both YEH & PSH. Fighting!

      • @xtin i noticed that you keep saying YEH and the word flop in one sentence, it is obvious that by doing that you are trying to discredit her as an actress to make her seem like a good match with your scandalous idol. Sorry to say this but YEH can have a dozen flops but she’d still be better off not working with your idol. We would even be more happy if she were to work with a no name guy as long that the guy doesn’t have rapist tag attached to him.

        Right now there are three guys that are being socially shunned by netizens in Korea and mainly women, lee byung hun, park shi hoo and kim Hyun Joong.. And they rank the worst of the worst being Park Shi Hoo.. nobody wants to see him on the screen. So dont act as if Park Shi Hoo is doing Yoon Eun Hye any favors.

        Dont look down on YEH’S acting awards because she won Best Actress at Baeksang and Grimme Awards. Unlike Park Shi Hoo, she had everything working against her and lots to prove being an idol turned actress and she did just that by winning best actress at baeksang and Grimme. She did that without being paired with a famous costar.

        I have seen 3 of Park Shi Hoo’s series Queen of Reversals, Prosecutor Princess, Princess Man and 3 epi. of CDDA all of them i watched not because of him but the female leads. Most of his roles tend to just rely on his good looks and his smile except for Princess Man, so his acting does not impress me. His looks did, but after the scandal he grosses me out.

        Just because YEh had bad luck with some projects, doesn’t mean that she is well-matched for PSH who is shunned.

        Even Hyunbin whose popularity is high right now, had a few flops as well but revived his career w Secret Garden.

        She does not need PSH thank you very much.

    • YEH is truly a great big-hearted actress that is truly needed here, lucky for Park Shi Hoo, it was a match for them to star together, she brought stars sprinkled to both of them by being in this movie, it’s what he needed the most too. Now that I know more about her, she has truly earned her wings in her charitable activities that so many of those who received her graciously is truly thankful and respectable for all her efforts in placing and presenting them with all these heartfelt gifts. Fighting

  13. What I’m more surprised about is everyone (almost) saying, “Yoon Eun Hye, don’t do it!” rather than “Park Shi Hoo, don’t do it (comeback(yet ->some people ))!”
    To me, it seems like they’re ok with him coming back as long as it’s not with someone, in this case YEH.
    And if she does join, it also seems like she’s the one at fault rather than PSH. It wasn’t her scandal, but it’s a bigger deal for her to join the movie than it is with him.

    • we aren’t his fans but we are doing this for her benefit instead of boycotting him… She has other chance so just give this to him. See the difference?

  14. I am lost for words from the reactions of her fans. YEH, I honestly admire and respect you for accepting this role because you know the consequences yet you took it. As a Christhan, one should always forgive. YEH, your decision tells me so much about you. YEH, I miss you and love you even more. Looking to this movie.

  15. I have so glad I am not the only one who rejects this co-staring. There are other website forums who are supporting his comeback with YEH. As a fan of her, I think it will be such a bad project for her. But who knows, I may be wrong. I hope she does not it.
    do it

    • If you search YEH Chinese fansite, you will find that almost her fans there strongly rejected this possible couple and the movie itself…

      They prefer her to do a drama and hope that her partner definitely is not PSH…

      Same with YEH fansite in my country…so quite and not excited at all…we even prefer to talk about her activities in China recently or just chat about her dramas before…

  16. i wanted YEH for Hyun Bi’s drama.anyways,i dont want YEH to act in this movie.i want her in a good project when she is the main focus and good production.i really hopes she rejects this…

  17. As her fans, one of the thing that makes me uncomfortable is to imagine that she’ll have romantic scenes with PSH (which his scandal hasn’t over yet in public eyes). Especially nowadays korean movies show too much skinship even extreme sex scenes. If she still convince to play this role, I hope there is no extreme scenes involved.

    • @Joy…prepare your heart from now on if YEH & PSH finally accept this movie…cause his recently Chinese movie had hot bed scene…

      Same with you…i’m too afraid to imagine it…

      • Oh God….no…!!! I know they should being professional, but my dear Eun Hye, please don’t do those explicit scenes, especially with him…TT…TT…Eun Hye ya…please reconsider again…I’m begging you…TT…TT…

      • Bed scene had but 4 seconds.It’s not an exaggerated stage.Only they kissed.But ıt’s not a problem though.Because he’s a professonal.

      • @Bicare…have you seen the movie or just its trailer ???

        Yup maybe it just 4 seconds but how about during its making process of that scene ??? We’ll never know…maybe its needed hours ???

      • My point is not an exaggerated! They are artist.You sound really bad about you PSH.Don’t forget his fans.I respect you.You respect me.Please add more psh speak no evil.
        Thanks 🙂

      • Its so strange with PSH fans here…i just ask normal questions and you associated it that i do something bad to him…

        Then you want me only to say something good and prise PSH ??? Can’t criticize him at all ???

        Even if my fav. actor/actress didn’t act good or doing unpleasent things, i criticize them not…always say something good…

        Thus, why should i ??? I’m not even PSH fans and i personally never thought that he’s nice guy nor good actor either…

        You should respect others opinions too…we’re not have same thoughts about the actor PSH doesn’t mean i’m his hater…

  18. Dear Park Shi Hoo` opponents!

    I live in Russia. During the last years, people in my country have known more about Korea and its culture through dramas with PSH. I see many Russians who every day watch Korean dramas in public transport on the way to the office, and I am proud that I have Korean origins.

    I observed negative comments of PSH for a year and was hoping that it would finish soon. Abuse of a public figure in Western culture is forbidden. However, offence still lasts despite the fact that he was never convicted of any crime. The world experience shows that such prosecution, as a rule, is done by work-mates with a purpose to destroy a more successful and talented competitor, or by a powerful figure whose financial interests can be concerned. I see that the director of malicious activity has power and money to rule appearance of negative comments. Unfortunately, the director and those who follow his guidance do not understand that they do not damage Park Shi Hoo but ruin the image of Korea abroad.

    Pls stop abusing PSH as by acting this way you neglect both yourself and Korea.

    thank you.

    • no one stop him acting though… we or her fans just don’t want her to risk her career with this project… It’s not hard to understand.
      If he was act with someone I don’t care, I’d not mind but this isn’t the case

      • @right, but I’m also a fan of YEH, I think this is a great opportunity for her to work with probably one of the most charismatic actor in Korean entertainment. Personal lives shouldnt meddle w/ professional lives. Dont persecute PSH w/ baseless accusations, PSH is not convicted, keep it in your forehead. The likes of you reminds me of people who ridicules, who are bias, who are prejudice, who discrimates unfairly; and this is not acts of Christianity. Poor YEH having un-Christian fans in Korea. Your thinking are so backwards.

      • @xtin…PSH also a Christian…why he can be involved in the sexual scandal ??? This religion didn’t teach their followers to ever have a sex with someone who is not their wives or husbands ???

      • @thomas&lisa I dont know if you’re some idiot or stupid. PSH is single man, doesnt have a wife and the same way for that girl. Are you in a monastery-convent or something??? Havent you encountered the word casual sex. In western culture, it’s not a big deal for Bachelors, unless as you said if you’re married or committed, w/c PSH is not.

      • WOOOOOWWWW @xtin WOOOOWWWW…just because your blinded love for PSH, you can modify God’s rules, special only for him…LOL

        If you’re Christian, you’re better ask forgiveness from Jesus Christ then you should read bible dilligently and listen what the priest said in the chruch…

        FYI…in my country free sex is illegal and police will jail both of them ( single or married )…thats the different between our moral value !!!!

        Fortunately PSH lived in SK…definitely he’s already in the jail now if he lived in my country…

        Before ask some YEH fans to be devoted Christians, then ask your favorite actor 1st…

    • @Valkao…may i ask you, were there only PSH dramas that aired in Rusia during these past years ???

      Is there KBS-World in your country ??? This TV channel definitely will give you so many informations about SK traditional cultures than just what you get from PSH dramas…

  19. I just want to say PSH is a good actor, just stop to abuse him. Korea is a modern country, you guys have to respect the law, everybody has the human right.

    • out of the ashes, “to err is human, to forgive is ??????????????????? divine, c’mon guys can we move on, I’m sure PSH is trying his best to leave that ugly past behind, why can’t we not only wish YEH well, but join in with wishing him well too. I agree with you, in Russia, there is so much happening that the citizens have to bear up with in their daily lives. What do we have to bear up with? seriously, so enough said about PSH, wish him well, his family, his country, we all wish for the best. I agree, just let him go and decide what is in his best interest, goals also in his future.

  20. I like YEH. I like PSH,too. Both of them are good actors.I respect their choices.They know if the roles adjust them or not. Do not put your thought on them.

  21. some people think that they are righteous. but what does it really mean to be righteous?! please stop being unkind! PSH has taken all the blows and has managed to put himself up now without bothering anyone. please give him a chance!
    as for YEH, i think that she knows what is best for her. whether she gives a favorable response to her team-up with PSH or not is her own decision. she’s a real actress and i hope that she won’t let issues be a deterrent to her doing a project again. as for PSH, i wish that he should be able to come back soon. it’s about time.

  22. I am so glad YEH has deciding to go ahead with the movie. I am not a fan of PSH. Have heard a lot about him and is not right of me to condemn him. YEH is my favorite actress, I am more concern for YEH. I think this is a good movie and I look forward to it. Luv YEH.

  23. I don´t wish PSH anything bad.
    But it´s fact for me, he did something bad. It´s nothing to die for and its fine for me, when he managed this things with the victim out of court.

    I personally don´t want to see him in romantic dramas.

    I like YEH very much and i understand the concerns from her fans. But in the end it´s her choice and her career.

  24. I never particularly liked YEH before but when I read that she was considering a role playing opposite Park Si Hoo I experienced such a rush of affection for her. I thought: here is a girl who is fair-minded and kind-hearted enough to give her fellow colleague a second chance he deserves. Very impressed. You get served what you dish out – so you’ll be blessed, YEH! Good luck with everything!

    Park Si Hoo ssi, please keep your head up. I believe your innocence and will support you!! Looking forward to your come-back in Korea!!

  25. I do not see PSH has accepted this project yet. why do you guys think it is good to PSH and bad to YEH? It is just one of his choices. It is rediculous to try to make decision for other people. you are just her fans not her parents enven not her friends.

    • Then you don’t know about Amazing Staff…they’re not just like her friends, they’re her families…

      Many of them are older women who stand by her physically when she needs a shoulder to cries on during her down conditions.

      They consider YEH just like her own daughter…

    • We should continue to love and support both of these actors in whatever decisions they make for it’s not only for themselves that they accept this movie offer but it also affects their career, life’s goals, their future. Fighting

  26. Although actors do not like having to listen to their fans, in this case she might want to listen this time. Never take the fans for granted because they can turn on you like a dime and it could be hard to recover. I don’t even understand why she would take the chance of messing with her career. If this fellow did in fact get away with being a scoundrel, and we do know it happens if you have enough money to buy your way out of jams, why care if he now repents for his past sins…he made choices like we all do. There are consequences for your actions, which she may find out if she works with him. Just my opinion.

  27. Since when YEH not listen to her fans. I bet she decline Temptation because of her fans don’t want her to act with the big names. I wonder is it a bad move for her to open her own agency. Any solo act that open their own company enlist few ppl like ex-mgr, staff or anyone related in industry but not her. No one doing PR for her and non-fans will assume that she not in demand.

    • Actually YEH’s rarely listening to her fans whenever she’s deciding on her next project including Temptation. Yes she’s considering her fans opinion some time but the final decision is always still on her. It’s for the first time her loyal fans meddle to her decision process making of her new project (and they have a good reason for it). YEH has loyal fans who have followed her for years. They also know how the ent. industry work. So do not take the blame on them just because they want the best for YEH. And please stop twisting the fact as if YEH can’t make her own decision.
      And also please stop making assumption. You don’t know what happen behind the curtain (re-Temptation)

  28. And till the end of the day, I’m still waiting the most lovey-dovey-cheesy-x man-romance’s pair Eun Hye-Eric will have chance to make the most lovey-dovey-cheesy-lines k-drama ever….

  29. I have just decided, after thinking about it, like YEH I to can make choices… I won’t be watching this drama. The difference, will be, my lively hood doesn’t depend on fans.

  30. Don’t be a whore to your fans, YEH. Stand on your principle (whatever it may be). Remember – you made the fans, the fans did not make you!

    • You disgust me! i can’t believe what you just said to YEH.

      keep your fucking mouth shut. the real Whore is you.

      your not her fan. why you care.

      • Goodness! I did not mean “whore” in the real sense of the word. I meant it in “don’t sell out.” I guess it was a wrong choice of word. I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone else out there.

  31. You gals can stop arguing through and fro now. YEH has accepted the roles and for once I agree with her. Do not mix personal and professional life because it will reflex badly on her… Micheal Jackson was a child molested, even thou he was not found guilty people still hold prejudice against him, and most of you still like his music.As for PSH, I might not like him as individual but I like him as a actor. It takes 2 hand to clap for a scandal to happen. Everyone blame the guy but no mention of a girl. Sure she was drunk or high, but how do you, I or she know weather she said yes or no? We werent there to know the truth. No matter how drunk you are, your mind will not make a right judgement, but at the back of your mind you still know what going on. NO ONE knows and the case was drop, so it a way he was found not guilty.

    • We should continue to love and support both of these actors in whatever decisions they make for it’s not only for themselves that they accept this movie offer but it also affects their career, life’s goals, their future. Fighting Let me add to Shryani’s comment, you’re right, should never mix personal with professional life in making certain decisions in your career because if the impact it may affect. This is why my biggest gripe with K-dramas and they are famous for this is why do these writers continue to include in their story telling some female either offering a male to go drinking with her if she can’t handle her liquor, ends up piggybacking on him to her home or him being a gentleman hailing a taxi to see her home or even on a bus because this chick can’t handle her drinking, than she has a problem not him, she is so totally irresponsible that she puts it on him instead of standing on her own two feet. Is this part of their culture or what, this is what you do to all those young women out there who want to get on with someone you like at the office or neighbor across the street or the messenger boy delivering mail at the office or what is it, is it that attractive to be in that predicament? It’s a slap to the all females faces if that’s what we represent, put us in a poor light, unfavorable, disappointing light. So to all those writers in these dramas, “CAN YOU ALL STOP THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL?” It definitely sends a bad, horrid message especially to our young ones in school, etc is this what you do to “hook-up”. it’s acceptable means of being cute, adorable, privileged, accepted, it’s ok. Give me a break. So is this what this female did that night with PSH and his friend in that neighborhood bar?


  32. Wow!!!!, this is the coldest cruelest thing, I have ever heard…PSH is not a criminal people. He didn’t just get out prison and wanted to go back to acting. He had sex with a money hungry slut.There is not one shred of proof hes guilt…Second of all, I can’t be-leave how sick and hypercritical people are. Telling him he should never act in a romantic movie or drama ever. That hes not a good actor, like she is, her last few drama sucked badly, not to mention her acting. So telling her not to take this part because its not good for her, because its not safe or good for her career.Are you people f***king kidding me…She better take what she can get. Its not like she got offers flying off the shelves. She’s not young any more, plus, she not pulling in the younger fans,unless she is paired up with a Idol…If she listens to her fan and turn down this role. She is stupid, but, it shows she letting them control her life…Mostly it will show she can’t think for her self.

    • You say that you cannot believe how sick and hypocritical people are and then you go on to say some incredibly shocking, misogonistic, hypocritical things yourself. It always boggles my mind how fans respond to people saying negative things about their bias by turning around and saying terrible things about an innocent third party (in this case yeh).

      Also, there is something that needs to be made clear: at this point all Yoon Eun Hye’s agency has said is that she is considering the offer. If she ultimately chooses not to accept the offer for this movie, it could be for any number of reasons and it is her right.

      It is also pretty disappointing to hear one woman say another woman is not young anymore and suggest that is a negative, particularly considering the fact that she is younger than your oppa.

      Also, this idea that YEH is not getting offers is factually incorrect, it is a baseless assumption some people are trying to promulgate just because she is not currently at the top of her career. People with any knowledge of the korean entertainment system would know that YEH continues to get scripts and scenarios for drama and movie projects sent to her.

    • I think you are sick for blaming a victim and defend him. I’m certain we aren’t the cruelest comparing to you
      And what’s not right when her fans stopping her ruining her career?
      We aren’t stopping him to act, we just hope YEH isn’t acting with him. It’d cause her project so many unnecessary troubles

      • LOL, what victim, the one who wanted him to pay her enough money to live off of for the rest of her life…The one, who went home with two men…And how is doing a movie with someone, who never been to court but was found guilty by his own people in his own country. going to ruin someone career…that makes know sense to me, if she don’t want to do this movie with him because she scared of him..thats one thing, but, to not do it, because her fans say so…is just dumb as hell.

  33. I miss Yoon Eun Hye, so I hope that she can have any movies or drama soon. I do not care what she acts with any actors now. Be honest, I wish that Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye can be reunion because they are my idols. However, I hope they can choice their best projects to act. Love Yoon and Yoo.

  34. Park Si Hoo is very popular in japan and China.It’s not just the movie belongs to Korea.I’m looking forward to a great movie:) Yoon is a great actress.PSH fans we support him as:)

    • Thank you for all your love, support, and good wishes for both of these fine actors, they will continue to do well especially knowing that they have such devoted, loyal fans out there still, we do wish them well with their continued success in whatever they choose to do in their future, their lives. I’m one of those fans all the way from Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, land of Aloha, Mahalo,

  35. PSH fans see him in a movie drama as the right to.We are his fan. We look forward to the return of the PSH.No one has to love him but have to respect!You have to respect us too.We are not your enemy.It saddens me to read comments:/We love the people we want see on the screen.

  36. Hi Jen Nguyen, I ‘m with you. Its a joy to watch Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo in a drama or movie again. I really adore this couple and watched Coffee Prince over many times. My wish is they would reunhte in a drama or movie. Gong Yoo Yoon Eun Hye fighting !!!

  37. What will this fan club do, if she ignores them? That’s ridiculous. They are making YEH week and not helping her at all. I’d want my child to let her make her own choice.
    What if she takes the part? It’s like she’s against her fans.
    But, what is she doesn’t? It’s like she is just thinking of her fans.

    Also, I don’t really know them, but maybe they were friends, and she wants this project to help him this way. PSH not a criminal nor dead, his actor/actress friends shouldn’t ignore him because of some public reaction.

  38. Whether she likes or even accepts it, you are judged by the company you keep. She has worked very hard to achieve the status level she now enjoys…she needs to decide is he worth a possible dent in her popularity. I have always watched her dramas, but will pass on this one…I just don’t like the plot line.

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