New Stills Show Hug and More Hugs Coming in My Lovely Girl Episode 12

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through the remaining 5 episodes of My Lovely Girl. There will indeed be five more episodes as SBS has confirmed that the drama is ending on schedule next week but next Wednesday will be broadcasting two episodes back-to-back. I was aghast at the idea of an extension episode to even out the airing length since last week one episode was preempted. There’s barely enough story line to fill the remaining time much less drag it out even more.

Thankfully this show is going to be shown as intended, and so far it has been pleasant despite being underwhelming. That might change soon if Hyun Wook does not grow a pair and tell Se Na the truth that he was So Eun’s former boyfriend. Even douchebag Jae Young is right in telling Se Na because there is no reason she shouldn’t know. No reason other than she might be upset at Hyun Wook, and god forbid that ever happens for Se Na to have a right to decide how she feels based on complete information. The only thing making me slightly upbeat is seeing the hug still between Shi Woo and Se Na above.

Ugh, why do adorable Shi Woo? You’re only making it harder for me to stop shipping you with Se Na. Basically you’re all that is interesting and remotely relatable in this drama at this point. You and newly grown a backbone Hae Yoon.


New Stills Show Hug and More Hugs Coming in My Lovely Girl Episode 12 — 7 Comments

  1. I stopped watching this drama because I ship the shi woo/se na couple. Since, I know it won’t happen, I just stopped. I don’t like being a second lead shipper.

  2. this is only the 3rd time ive shipped the second lead (out of 300+ shows). its really hard to believe I started the show 100% for rain but like shi woo so much I cant help but want him to get the girl. it really is hard to watch a show when you know its not going to end the way you want it to end.

  3. Why are they making this so difficult? Not that Shi Woo and Se Na interactions aren’t welcomed, but knowing the result makes it harder to move on from the end result. This might be one of the last few skinships we’ll see between them. Maybe this is before the rejection?

    She’s returning Shi Woo’s hug though, her arm.

    I honestly wonder what they are going to do with the remaining five episodes. I only see things being dragged out.

  4. I am really disappointed with this drama, it started with so much potential.
    I was invested so in the OTP growing closer and closer, but Rain’s character is is becoming- hate to say it- a douchebag.
    I was expecting for more, much more to happen in 11 episodes, and basically nothing happens…our OTP found out that they love each other and the plot just stayed there.

  5. I officially rename this show “My Huggable girl”. And really now: How will they manage to find fillers for 5 episodes? We will all need plenty of hugs once this show is over (Pinocchio, come quickly!)

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