Chris Wang Confirms He’s Going to be a Baby Daddy with Manager Girlfriend

Chris Wang is one of those TW-actors who are pleasant to watch but never grip me. He’s all earnest pleasant lines without any hurts so good edges. He’s managed to build an impressive leading man career off of a second male lead springboard when he was in highly rated dramaΒ The Fierce Wife with Sonia Sui and James Wen. That happened by sheer dint of how godawful and toxic James’ character was as the cheating husband, and since then all of Chris’ dramas have done relatively well and he’s starred in a string of box office hits.

This past week SETTV launched a new Friday night drama Aim High with Chris and Lego Lee being the male leads and much as I love Lego I couldn’t get past the first episode. Not sure how this latest bombshell news will affect the drama but we’ll know in a few weeks – this past weekend Chris posted a personal letter and ultrasound picture on his FB page confirming the rumors that he was having a baby with his girlfriend of one year who is also his manager for the last five years. Chris explained in a heartfelt sincere plea to his fans to congratulate him on becoming a dad and finding the woman that he loves and wants to spend his life with.

Chris wrote that his girlfriend (pictured above) will be quitting her job as his manager at the end of the month to focus on the pregnancy with the baby due next April. No word on whether the couple will tie the knot now or in the future. There are plenty of celebrities who marry non-celebs and even marry their own managers and/or agency colleagues. I’m happy for Chris with such a sincere and low key way of acknowledging his personal happiness without hiding away his baby momma. In the letter Chris described his relationship with his girlfriend as thus:

We worked together for five years and know a lot about each other. We’ve also weathered a lot of adversity together. But we’ve long tried to avoid and shy away from our feelings for each other. It wasn’t until the tabloid report last year [that outed his secret relationship] that we finally addressed this issue head on. We chose to trust each other, and we chose to be brave. Right now I am emotionally secure, happy, at peace, and carefree. Our baby will be arriving with both our highest expectations.


Chris Wang Confirms He’s Going to be a Baby Daddy with Manager Girlfriend — 13 Comments

    • indeed. you found the good words : kdrama material! πŸ˜€
      i wonder, how did they fall in love with each other.. ups, drama again..

      but congratz Chris.. i like him since Inborn Pair. Never get bored watching him there πŸ™‚

    • so true!
      it is sure in deed a kdrama material but the irony is that it hadn’t happened in that k country. hahaha

      love chris wang πŸ™‚ he’s just so humble n sweet

  1. This same as my own local celebrity. He got married with his manager too. But no baby involved. We don’t know that they’re couple and this actor in so many acting projects prior to his marriage. I wonder if Chris GF is older than him. Anyway good news for him and congrats to be a daddy.

  2. Sounds awesome in my book! Congratulations! I have watched almost all of his dramas and I will be watching the new one as dull as it is.

    I hope they are happy and congratulations on this new and ezciting path of parenthood!! Happ

  3. Could anyone explain why the ultrasound contains the words “Tokyo U”, as in, I dunno Tokyo University Hospital, if my aging eyesight does not deceive me?

  4. Since I started watching Inborn Pair I became a fan of Chris Wang. I just finished all the episodes for a month like watching marathon on my days off from work. This is what I call relaxing time. Now I’m on the 3rd episode of Love Me or Leave Me. Another funtime afterwork. I’m from Canada..hope to visit Taiwan and meet Chris Wang in person.

  5. I am a fan of Chris Wang. He’s such a very good and handsome actor. I like watching all his dramas. I wish he’ll make more dramas after this pandemic. Good luck Chris!!!!

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