Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Yong Hwa Do Double Duty Hawking Fossil Accessories

It’s feels like so long ago that I got to watch Kang Min Hyuk onscreen, and then I checked the calender to confirm that Heirs premiered a year ago and since then he hasn’t done another drama. He has been busy with his primary music career as the drummer for the band CNBLUE, a day job that I can attest to him performing splendidly since I saw him live at KCON. So worth it! I’m still not a K-pop fan but I can see why so many folks are since the live performances are fantastically electric.

Despite not getting Kang Min Hyuk on my small screen recently, he’s doing a double duty endorsement campaign for the brand Fossil along with CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa. The twos hawking Fossil watches and bags, none of which are fashionably memorable nor are the pictures very exciting as standalone offerings. It’s like taking good raw material and the doing nothing with it. Fans of Jung Yong Hwa are probably enjoying his first sageuk outing in The Three Musketeers, an acting gig that’s supposed to continue into 2015 as TTM has two more seasons coming up. Here’s hoping Min Hyuk picks a drama for 2015 as well so I can see his cuteness light up my screen soon.


Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Yong Hwa Do Double Duty Hawking Fossil Accessories — 8 Comments

  1. I really want a new drama with Minhyuk ! And I love The Three Musketeers, the humour is great :p

    For Cn Blue, their lives are fantastic really better than their cds !

  2. I am watching 3M and really enjoying his performance. Thing is, he is just soooo pretty. How can that be?

    The director is getting great performances out of him, too, in that. Subtle things – mild amusement as well as the big stuff – complete horror. It’s good to watch the show and not see YH but the character. Kinduv a strange reversal. When I am at working listening to CNBlue on my ipod, I picture Park Dalhyang singing!

    • I had to do a double take on Jung Yong Hwa’s photos. He looked… errr… different. I thought he had some work done but I saw the screen caps of three musketeers and he looks exactly as he did before. Ah, too much make up ruining his good looks.

  3. I’m really enjoying 3M. I like watching all the CN Blue as a band/singer performers & actors. All with good looks & talent. Jung Yong Hwa is performing well in 3M.
    I’d like to see Min Hyuk on small screen soon too. I enjoyed watching him in Heirs.
    Jung Yong Hwa & Kang Min Hyuk look great in these Fossil ad photos.

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