Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok Looking Adorable and In Sync in New Pinocchio Stills

I’m going to ask for a boon for not being more excited about the upcoming SBS drama Pinoccho. I have three(!) more episodes of My Lovely Girl to get through this week before Pinocchio arrives, and that’s like telling a kid to eat five plates of brussel sprouts before dessert arrives. Pinocchio also hasn’t been all that steady and reliable in dropping promotional material but as long as the stuff that is provided looks good then all can be forgiven. Case in point, I really love the new stills featuring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok in the high school versions of their characters.

The still above of Park Shin Hye is especially lovely, capturing her natural girl-next-door appeal perfectly with a dash of energy and confidence in her eyes. One reason she failed for me in Heirs was constantly looking she was in a horror movie and her body language was braced for something to jump out at her and yell “boo!”. Lee Jong Seok’s wild child wig is starting to grow on me, not because I think it actually looks good, but because he’s apparently trying to portray himself as a country buffoon and I must say the wig is doing the job nicely. Theย two are them also look so cute together, squeeee~

There are also new drama stills featuring two of the supporting characters played by the always fantastic Jin Kyungย (last seen in It’s Okay, It’s Love) and the can-play-good-or-play-baddie with ease Lee Pil Mo.


Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok Looking Adorable and In Sync in New Pinocchio Stills — 27 Comments

  1. Look at his leg on her leg..squeeee, really can’t wait for this drama, and the press conference will be held on November 6, I’m very excited ๐Ÿ™‚

    • until people stop asking her or as long as she looks good in it?
      The top comment on Korean site is how she looks exactly the same like she was in Stairway to Heaven, which was 11 years ago.
      And come on! Get over it! It’s just part of her childhood character. She is a reporter in this.
      Either you don’t read or just try to find something to hate

      • right? people just love to hate the girls…
        When it’s good it’s all because of the guys, when it’s bad it’s all the girl’s fault.
        The sad thing is most people are saying these are girls

      • Funny I actually think PSH really passes as a 17-18 year old teenager (especially with her hair down) while LJS barely does. The bad wig makes it even worse here.

  2. Korean names are so hard for me. I can’t place a face with a name except for, maybe a dozen. I rely heavily on pictures because I have no idea if the person being talked about is male or female. That being said, I had to google which was which between Jin Kyung and Lee Pil Mo. I can now say with confidence that I am happy Lee Pil Mo is in this too. I’m hoping he plays a goodie in this. It looks like tons of fun.

  3. is it me or i see park shin hye really shining in these stills, like she really is enjoying the filming, while in the heirs it only looked like she was under pressure, the very heavy one…

      • it’s not her fault when the writer doesn’t give her room to shine. All she did was crying and being dragged around… The actors can only do so much… People gave credit to KWB but his character is the one that can shine the most… I felt bad for her… Even KES apologized to Shinhye because she made her cry so much… That’s all CES did- crying

  4. I like what I see in this stills. PSH is transformed into a more lively characte unlike in Heirs which was irritating and boring. Her kiss scene with LJS has also improved. Woah, I wait to watcg this drama. PSH LJS fighting!!!!!!!

  5. Waaah she looked so deabak with min hoo..or maybe cus they Re both like huge stars comeone lets fCe it this guy is no match to lee min jos popular ity speakinggg w cNt wait I love him too

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