Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for After Love with Park Shi Hoo and Steps Out for YSL Event

I had a sinking feeling that Yoon Eun Hye would accept the offer to be the leading lady of the upcoming Korean-Chinese co-produced melo-romance movie After Love. It mostly came from seeing the production start filming already on Jeju with leading man Park Shi Hoo without any scrambles behind the scenes to secure a different leading lady. She’s officially confirmed for the movie and will start filming next week. Enough has been said about what Yoon Eun Hye’s legions of fans feel about her accepting this project so no need to rehash the same concerns again.

The movie is the “if only” type of regretful romance that wouldn’t interest me to begin with since it grates on my pet peeve about people not appreciating something until it’s gone. Park Shi Hoo plays an bitter former airline pilot who is not happy with his ground crew career or his set up arranged marriage to wife Yoon Eun Hye. It’s only after she dies (not a spoiler) that he realizes how wonderful she was and regrets how he treated her when she was alive. Yoon Eun Hye stepped out in public this weekend at a Yves Saint Laurent makeup event looking lovely but utterly 皮笑肉不笑 (smile doesn’t reach her eyes) so I wonder if she’s already trying to get into character of the sad wife.

In the movie, Park Shi Hoo’s character follows his dead wife’s memory trail which leads to her first love. Ugh, I already want to slap him. Her first love will probably be him, too, and make him feel even shittier about how he ignored her when she was alive. The movie is filming for the next few weeks in Jeju before moving to Beijing for the remainder of the filming through next January. Yoon Eun Hye fans in China can probably find out where the production is filming and try to sneak at peek for her.

Now it’s just wait and see what comes from the movie either in terms of quality end product and/or critical and audience reception. The movie is slated for a second half of 2015 release simultaneously in Korea and China. I’m still feeling rather stunned at the coincidence that Park Shi Hoo’s last leading lady was Moon Geun Young and now next leading lady is Yoon Eun Hye, my two favorite K-actresses. How the heck did that happen? Sigh.


Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for After Love with Park Shi Hoo and Steps Out for YSL Event — 54 Comments

    • bad choice maybe, but why “poor yeh?”
      She decided to take this with her own will, why do you need to feel sorry for her?

      As outsiders, we dont know the complete picture of the movie, maybe she sees something that worth to take the risk that we dont know.

      • I hope she proves everyone wrong. We don’t know if it’s a bad choice yet. It looks like she’s gearing up for the Chinese market anyway.

      • Yes I can’t feel bad for her. I wish her luck but I’ll past on this project, hopeful her next project is good.

    • I do agree about this being another bad choice. I am a fan of hers and I think this decision is out of desperation. She has had a string of failures and while still one of the popular, hallyu stars (K-celebrity with an international following, outside of Kpop)there is no denying that her star power is fading a bit.

      She also suffers from the decision to rep herself, in her own agency that doesn’t have the bargaining power or multi-actor packages that the Korean casting world utilizes. I think this solo branching out has hurt her career more than help.

      Finally, with regards to this drama, I think she might push some of her fans too far with this decision. Her fans are hugely apologetic of her actions. Excusing her fails with all kinds of reasoning and almost elevating her to this Mother Theresa, selfless heroine figure that is both odd and humorous at times.

      As a huge fan of Goong, whose love extended to YEH, I hope she will make better choices and save her career from crashing. She needs more truth sayers and less “Yes” men around her.

      • Maybe somebody told her any press is good press. I don’t like the sound of the movie – like Ms. Koala I do not care for shows all full of hand-wringing regret over lost things (just wants me to give them a swift kick in the pants to get moving again) and I especially do not like YEH in mopey roles like I Miss You. The fact that I am supposed to care about PSH is the nail in this proverbial coffin. No, no, and no.

      • No this decision of hers is not out of desperation and if you’re a fan of hers you should know this. I am a fan too and hates to admit it but YEH has become a religious nutcase. Her ministy actually has a say in the projects she takes not 100%, but they also have influence in her decision making and that’s why I guess some of her korean fans started attacking some of those members of her ministry after finding out about that.

        We are not making excuses for her actions or what you implied her failures cause everytime we know that she is about to do another charity case like helping a production company get unbanned,rejecting good drama offers for 2 years just because she feels sorry to some people then waiting for them to produce a new drama then star in it even when the premise is bad just because she wants to help then and many more…we get so mad at her like no other. We dont like her Mother Theresa attitude because at the end of the day, no one remembers and appreciates the good things she’s done and those who dont know the help she’s done end up blaming her for all of it. So dont accuse us of making excuses for her failures, it’s not making excuses if even before the drama starts, knowing that she is doing a certain project as a favor to others we already raise hell because we hate that she’s doing ir again as a favor.

        If you think we are happy about her consisently helping others while ruining her career then you are very mistaken. And also, everyone in the industry knows that she is too softhearted that’s why they constantly take advantage of that http://www.allkpop.com/article/2011/04/yoon-eun-hye-crowned-as-the-queen-of-loyalty

      • Fran, that’s a pretty good assessment.

        As much as I understand when these stars decide to rep themselves to have greater control over their careers and get a bigger cut of their own pay, most of them are simply not equipped to do it.

        For every BH Entertainment that’s successful, there are lots more that fail.

        And part of that is, I agree, not being surrounded by Yes men.

  1. I never like the tight shiny face on anyone. It looks weird for an odd reason. I guess, I don’t usually see it on her. It made her look less natural.

    Well, wonder what her FC going to say after this. I am sure they are probably disappointed that she went ahead with the project. The plot seemed cute…and hopefully it’s successful for her sake.

      • I also feel the same about her face. Too much BB cream perhaps? I miss cheerful Eun Hye. I hope there is no pressure from her management to take this movie. I still remember years ago when she supposed to be in Que Sera Sera with Eric, she suddenly canceled for a reason of health issue even though media said she even already attended the script reading. The was a rumour said that her management didn’t allow her to take that role and chose Coffee Prince instead. Of course I’m happy because CP had higher ratings, but this just explained how her management has so much power to her.

      • @mourningday What are you talking about? YEH has her own talent agency. If there’s any pressure she’s getting now, it’s definitely not from some management, but from her delusional fans or posers in S.Korea who’s harassing the people around her.

    • Yah, bothered too with that shiny face, going matte is always adviseable or maybe putting some elegant shades will be even better. I also dont like her shabby hairstyles, she could wear some colors or long curls or ombre hair; it’s just not the same old trendy YEH I came to adore & love!

  2. This is just my opinion because I want best for her. After hiatus for quite long, I’m hoping she’ll back with someone better. Whether PSH did the ‘scandal’ or not, korean still hating on him. I just don’t want it effect her career. I prefer her to work with a guy who has clean image in public eyes. We all know how important image and how strong it could effect celeb’s career in Korea. Another concern is, nowadays Korean movies always include the explicit sex scenes. Sometimes I think the are no need of those extreme sex or bed scenes but those kind of scenes always appeared. I’m hoping Eun Hye would reject that kind of scene. Honestly, I don’t wanna see that scene from my favorite actress.

      • YEH wanted to do QSS but her management company at the time would not let her do it.That is one of the reasons she left that management company and started her own company so she could have

      • She dropped after had script reading. Her management said due to her health condition but others said her management pushed her to do another drama (Coffee Prince). I was totally disappointed after having fireworks hearing she and Eric would be in one frame TT TT. However, still like Coffee Prince a lot lol.

      • Long time YEH fan here…she is loyal to everything. YEH already attended the scriptreading of Que Sera Sera when her managment company that time Eight Peaks made her back out because they wanted her to do a drama of their choice not (Coffee Prince), they also told the PD and everyone involved in Que Sera Sera that YEH can no longer go through with it because she had health problems…they talked to Que Sera Sera people behing YEH’s back, that’s when they immediately tried to find someone to replace YEH. YEH was so mad of what her former agency did so she sued them and left. Her agency also tried to stop her from doing Coffee Prince but this time, YEH fought back and did it anyway. Coffee Prince production and MBC helped her cause her agency put a stop to her finances, so Coffee Prince production and MBC paid her salary without going through her agency. That’s why Coffee Prince will always hold a special place in her heart.

  3. YEH make a right choice in her decision, no matter what you gals said. There is a different between work and personal. Maybe she hate PSH for his scandal but work is work.For those that hate her for the movie, you gals should just don’t watch. I will be watching this movie because of YEH…With that, I am wondering weather YEH is pregnant?

    • About her potential pregnancy, by any chance are you wondering because of her hiding her tummy behind the handbag, as previously on her atending another public event? It has me wondering, too, whether this gesture is made knowingly or not, and is an expression of her inconscious. One can only speculate theories at this early point. Must be tough on her if she indeed is pregnant, being unmarried and a k-celeb under public scrutiny, with the very little options left for her. 🙁

      • Denali
        She been hiding her tummy behind the handbag, purse, etc.She has been doing it for past few pictures.I am wondering too..You can see her tummy,wonder it is her clothing or she just put on weight

  4. She is moving on and that’s great. Its all for the sake of art. I am still a fan of Ms. YEH. I trust that she will give her best as a professional actress in the movie.

  5. She looked sad in these photos. In any case, she must have her reasons for deciding to go ahead with this project, having thought through the implications and consequences. I wish her well and hope she finds peace and happiness in her own life.

  6. The plot reminds me of Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Young Ae’s movie: Traces of Love. The plot is nothing new, has been done before. However the execution could make or break it. Disappointed that she accepted but ultimately her choice. I wonder if she received opposition from her family too. For some reasons i have this thought in my head that PSH will fall for YEH in real life because she’s like an angel who is willing to give him a second chance when other A list actresses would probably not willing to take the risk.

  7. I’m not surprised to see her accept the role. Her Christian faith seems to play a big part in her life and forgiving is one of the pillars of it. My guess is, that her religion and believes helped her make this decision.

    PSH chose a clever role. A repulsive creep getting refined. I bet he hopes, the audience will pass the feeling for his part on to real life. IF they will be able to stand his face on the screen in the first place.

    • Honestly, that’s partly why I think she accepted the role as well. She’s always been very public about her faith and if she snubs the movie because obviously, of Park Shi Hoo, then it contradicts what her religion profess. YEH is a smart cookie, I’m sure she thought long and hard about accepting this role. If she thinks this role is ultimately in her best interest then I wish her the best.

  8. Just lost all of my respect for her. Nothing worst than women who don’t support other women. As a famous actress she could take a stance and refuse to act alongside a rapist, but I guess money is more important.

    • Seriously? She’s not endorsing what he did for god’s sake. I don’t think it’s a great idea (I think this move is horrible), but to lose respect to someone who’s really completely innocent is really childish. It was a lose-lose situation for her the moment the production company decided to cast PSH.

      • Google Chad Evans. He is a high-profile footballer who just got out of prison(convicted of rape) and was about to sign a contract with Sheffield United. Well, not anymore, since multiple public figures involved with the fooball club RESIGNED because they felt ot it repugnant to be associated with a rapist. This is called using you celebrity status for a good cause. Or you can be like YEH. Screw the morals, as long as you get a big fat paycheck.

      • I don’t need to google to know who CHED Evans is. I also know that there are patrons of SUFC who resigned because the club chose to re-sign him (this, I’m not sure whether it’s happened yet or whether it’s going to happen at all). So all those didn’t resign are at fault as well? And all the other footballers who continue to play have no morals too? Isn’t it really the club’s fault? Now YEH is immoral for taking up the role? Let’s just say, what if she was first approached for the role and she accepted, and then the production company cast PSH opposite her? Really, if you don’t have the full details as to what happened it’s extremely unfair to blame her.

    • I’m thinking the same thing. There was a big scandal in drama industry years ago involved Han Ye Seul with her run away from drama set and media told that Eric was the one who was actually had hardest time because some people blame him instead of bashing Han Ye Seul saying that Eric wasn’t on her side and dragging his name every time Han Ye Seul’s case appeared. Seems the person who’s beside the one who made scandal would effected the most. I hope what happen to Eric or maybe other actors won’t be the same with Yoon Eun Hye. Seeing how her fans’s reaction already made me worried.

  9. @sourgrapes yeh is abundant with money already. It is not the issue here. You lose respect for her just bcoz of accepting this movie. What a shallow thing to say especially if you are really a fan.

  10. Good for her. I’m glad she made her choice based on what SHE wants to do, and not what OTHER people’s preferences are. Which at the end of the day barely amounts to anything – it IS just ONE movie and she isn’t doing anything illegal by agreeing to take on that role. I too, am a big believer in second chances. PSH guilty or not, I seriously doubt that he’ll be doing that again, so does he not deserve to move on with his life?

  11. I’m personally happy about this casting. Everyone deserves a second chance imo, and clearly she didn’t go into this project lightly. If she thinks it’s a good decision, then I don’t see the need to keep criticizing it.

  12. The plot sounds like a vanilla version of Failan (2001). And rape allegations aside, Park Si-hoo is no Choi Min-sik.

    If I were on Park’s management team, I would’ve advised him to stay away from romance-themed projects for his comeback. It would’ve been less risky to start with thrillers.

  13. You forgot another possible twist Ms.K., probably Yoon Eun Hye’s dead wife character has a live twin. That’s the only way this could be a happy ending! Cant wait for this. Shutting out my ears from left&right cyberbullies, oppressors, anti-thugs, tormentors & all dementors alike on this anticipated project. Will watch this!

    Accdg to HarryPotter wikia: Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them… Good luck to YEH & PSH, aja aja Fighting!

  14. It’s not like YEH was an accessory to the “crime” that PSH had “committed” nor YEH had witnessed the disturbing scene but did not carry out the victim’s legal action while she was at it.. If the rape case was still on-going and this confirmation came in I’d understand the argument with regards to the so called YEH siding with the “rapist”, tolerating his “filthy act” but no, this is never that so I’ll pass…

  15. These are two of my favorite actors. If YEH wants a good introduction to the 1.25 billion people of China, PSH as a co-star can be a good introduction as he has just had a successful Chinese movie and he has a lot of Chinese fans. I hope this drama is successful for both of them.

    For the person speculating on YEH’s placement of her handbag- She’s working for YSL and the bag probably costs as much as the dress so of course it is going to be prominently displayed.

  16. “When someone undermines your dreams, predicts your doom, or criticizes you in any way, remember, they’re telling you their story, not yours.”
    In other words your comments speak first of all about your characters, so go on and show the world your inner ugliness.

  17. I am so glad that YEH did not give in to pressure. I watch her in all her movies/dramas, even though I sincerely did not get the point of Mini black dress. But the point is, she took this role, and people are against her because its Park Shi Hoo. I cant say the story line interests me (because, hello, I want her to have a happy ever after in her movie) but in no way does PSH’s presence alters that. Since i’m Watching for YEH. I do hope they have great and believable chemistry.

  18. This is really not a bad choice,,it felt so weird that this decision of eun hye got a negative reactions,,in other countries,,personal issues of celebrity doesnt have a big impact with the project they dealt with,,especially un this case,,it’s not even yoon eun hye who has personal issues but the the co-actor,,not even her husband nor a friend,,what matter is—- it is how good their acting skills will be performed and how good the script was written,,i find those negative reaction so petty,, i think she’s more focused on the talent she has rather than personal issues of her coleague,and a true fan should be as simple as “understanding” and should trust her and will support her no matter what,, just sayin’..

  19. I have been a fan of YEH since her Baby VOX days, and I honestly appreciate every project she’s handled (haven’t seen Mi Raes choice yet but I’m looking forward to watching it even though I’ve already read all the negative reviews about it). It’s mostly because of the thought that I know that she always gives her best and she does execute them well. Sure she shot to fame because of her Rom-Coms, but doing some melodrama makes her versatile. She’s getting more mature and in my opinion, she can’t settle with Rom-coms forever. Regarding of her being pregnant, I really don’t think she is since she accepted a project that would last a year, unless there’s going to be a long scene in this movie that would require her to be pregnant then yes I might consider it.

    All in all, I would continue supporting her no matter what project she does, she already reached the peak in acting and that’s already an achievement for her fans as well. Yes, Im concerned about her career as an actress, but she’s already branching out to other projects that’s more longer lasting than acting (like directing and having some arts). I just hope that she’ll have a good life ahead of her,

  20. This is most definately her decision, but YEH has chosen a profession which relies on fans for her popularity, which she and her family are reaping the rewards. I do not blame her for wanting to break out and expand her acting horizons, but why now with this particular actor? If he were a top box office draw maybe I could see it, but one Chinese movie success, does not make a star. Now maybe in China this may be the case, but is it the case in Korea? Is her plan for the future, to make most of her films in China? PSH had no choice but to make his movies outside Korea, because of the alleged rape accusation.

    Time will tell if her decision was the best she could have made. The plot line, a fellow who was rotten to a woman, then later repents sounds a little to close to home if you ask me.

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