Best Love Costars Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won Reunite in Hong Kong for Prada

Gong Hyo Jin seriously rocks the onscreen chemistry with all her male leads, so much so that the most recent pairing starts to obliterate memories of her previous couplings. I’m sure some drama viewers are still riding on an emotional high from her electric pairing with Jo In Sung in this summer’s It’s Okay, It’s Love, but before that last year she was heating up the screen with So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun.

I still vividly remember her with Cha Seung Won in Best Love (The Greatest Love), which is why it’s a surprise to see them together this week in Hong Kong for a Prada event and realize Best Love aired nearly four years ago. If Jo In Sung wins the SBS Daesang this year for IOIL then it’ll be the second time Gong Hyo Jin pushes her leading man to the greatest heights as the Daesang for MBC in 2011 went to Best Love. She’s a playmaker alright, and even nicer is seeing how Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin look just as beautiful together even four years out. 

Then and now…..


Best Love Costars Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won Reunite in Hong Kong for Prada — 17 Comments

    • Daesang that year was awarded to the entire drama instead of one individual. Technically, the writers, pd, ghj, and csw all got the daesang award.

  1. Oh my gosh all the Best Love feels are coming back to me now! Gong Hyo Jin looks amazing and I’m glad to see Cha Seung Won so happy and healthy. Their chemistry hasnt faded one bit! I’m lovin CSW’s moustache haha

  2. They look so good together!

    I never thought Gong Hyo-jin was pretty the first time I saw her, but as I follow her projects I start liking her appearance and style more and more!

  3. Yeaap’, I still remember how amazing was the chemistry between the two of them in Best Love. Like for real, they were just perfect together so perfect that for a longtime, I had a hard time watching a KDrama where they were paired with different co-stars.

    Gong Hyo Jin has great chemistry with all her co-stars. I don’t know why but she just does. I guess she has that really warm aura kind of thing which can just attracts any man lol.

  4. Gong Hyo Jin is amazing in all her projects absolutely loved her with JIS in It’s Okay It’s Love and I wish she would find true happiness in her real life.

  5. It’s true! I’m “still riding the emotional high” from watching Gong Hyo-Jin and Jo In-Sung in IOIL. A big part of what makes for that great chemistry with her co-stars is that the woman can ACT. There are lots of good actresses, but she’s better than good. She can convince me completely, even playing very different parts, like her roles in IOIL and Master’s Sun. Even if she was paired with a bad actor, she could probably convince me she was madly in love! But that doesn’t happen–because she also has a talent for picking the right projects. My favorite Korean actress no matter who she’s with!

  6. yes,yes, gong hyo jin is the best! she is the reason behind the success of every male actor she act with. she’s so natural. she makes the men shine in their act. she grows on you-love her. but how come she doesnt get any award??

    i wish in her personal life, she gets a man worthy of her and marries her and are great together

  7. It is true, Gong Hyo Jin always has great chemistry with her co stars. Adding to all of the above I loved her with Jang Hyuk in Thank You.

  8. The part about each new drama destroying memories of her last otp to smithereens is so true. The chemistry between her and So Ji Sub pales in comparison now. And CSW is no longer as hot to me as he was years ago. Who is next Gong Hyo Jin? I’d like to get over Jo In Sung now. i think i’m too obsessed with him.

    • Yea I agree with u. Gong hyo Jin is not pretty at all! BUT she makes every new man shine brighter than the previous one! Yea she’s not pretty but She’s BEAUTIFUL!
      I really wish she has a good man in her real man forever!
      And why doesn’t she get any awards lately?

      • I never said anything about her not being pretty. One doesn’t have to look like the other cookie-cutter actresses to be pretty. She’s both prettya nd beautiful in her own way.

  9. Kemana saja aku baru nonton the greates love tahun ini dan baru tahu ada aktor hebat cha Seung won 🥰🥰😍😍,,drama ny gong hyo jin selalu bagus dan menarik buat di tonton,aku suka thank you,pasta,this ist love dan drama yg terbaik the greates love😍😍

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