Written and Video Preview for Episode 8 of Pinocchio

The writer of Pinocchio really knows how to end episodes on humdinger real tension moments. I still remember, fondly now because it’s absurd but with much aggravation when it was airing, each episode ender of Heirs was a stare down moment between the leads and later grew to include three way staring contests including the second male lead. It’s like the writer wanted to show how many ways she could end an each episode basically the same but with slight variations.

Episode 7 was the most tense one thus far and it’s because we know that Jae Myung has crossed the line and what’s coming is basically downhill from there. I didn’t think that perhaps Dal Po also had a fleeting connection that the factory team leader called Jae Myung before he disappeared and therefore something too scary to contemplate might be out there. Turns out his whip smart mind still rules the roost so now all we can hope for is Dal Po has the strength to add yet another worrying situation to his full plate.

Episode 8 preview:

Episode 8 written preview:

Dal Po goes out to find clues in the disappearance of the factory team leader who wrongly accused his father 13 years ago and encounters his hyung Jae Myung. Because of a ominous premonition, he does not reveal his true identity to Jae Myung and instead starts to observe Jae Myung’s activities. On the other side, In Ha may have contributed definitively to the gym death story, still her mom Cha Ok remains cold towards her. In Ha is very forlorn, and because In Ha and Dal Po are both burdened by their own family situation, they run into each other at a udon shop on the first snow of the year…..


Written and Video Preview for Episode 8 of Pinocchio — 11 Comments

    • It’s not a comparison really. I think Ms Koala is praising that the episode endings of pinocchio have legit tension, not just stare-downs without much variation.

  1. I haven’t been this excited about a drama and OTP in a long time! That’s all I’m gonna say…..don’t want to jinx it. I’m invested in the OTP and I care about everyone in their world – which is rare. I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope for 8 more awesome EPs and a finale that doesn’t make me want to smash my screen.

  2. I actually didnt think heirs was that bad. Plotwise it was kind of limited but i think the actors carried it out with their acting. There were cringeworthy moments and super corny pick up lines that makes me wanna sink under the ground for being so lame and cheesy. But there were more worst drama than heirs.

    • indeed.. i really enjoyed watching Woobin and some actors there.. and the storyline wasnt that bad.. but maybe, it would be better if minho wasn’t a teenager/high school student.. at least he was in college.. it would be great.. but overall, even heirs wasnt my fave but i didnt hate it.. there were moreeee worst drama than heirs.. 🙂

      • Yes, if Heirs had been a college setting, it may have worked better. Alas, it is what it is. Lol. Thankful for new dramas and new OTPs we can ship! I am really addicted to Pinocchio. 🙂

  3. i just love park shin hye in this drama! So glad she decided to choose this drama…Nyway, KOALA!!!! Baby Yoo Seung Hoo had just been discharged!!!I hope you’ll write an article about it……

    • Kyaaa !!! He’s BACK !!!
      My dream is for Park Shin Hye n Yoo Seung Ho do a drama/movie together as the leads…
      Their chemistry on that SJS Mv is so gooood…

  4. I really don’t follow this drama ..just commenting because why you are so quite??? YOO SEUNGHO IS BACK AND YOU Did not wrote anything…Unni where are you did ypu faint with happiness tjus it explain your quietness? ?? Please unni Tell us your feelings dont hide them ..so we can share with you too :”)

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