Healer Readies for Monday Premiere Posters, Press Conference, and Exciting Long Preview

The upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Healer has remained consistently intriguing in all the promotional materials. Now all it has to do is actually deliver when it premieres next Monday. It can’t possibly be worse than its predecessor Tomorrow’s Cantabile in either ratings or quality, now can it? I don’t want to jinx the drama but there’s a great energy about it that just sucks me into the previews, and the just released long 6-minute preview is the best treat of all so far.

I’m usually picky about drama posters so the Healer ones are nothing to write home about, showcasing the typical KBS style of pedestrian slick. With that said, the one above is not bad simply because I like seeing Ji Chang Wook‘s Healer in motion, even if it looks like Yoo Ji Tae‘s head is his hip and Park Min Young is growing out of his left knee. Heh. It’ll be neat to see if all three are on the same side eventually of whatever great conspiracy or conflict drives this drama, and they end up fighting together so the poster above becomes symbolic of a┬áCerberus like justice fighting entity.

Long 6-minute preview for Healer:


Healer Readies for Monday Premiere Posters, Press Conference, and Exciting Long Preview — 16 Comments

  1. Healer has tough task tobe a rating leader in Mon-Tues timeslot…. Right now Pride&Prejudice dominates that timeslot with ease…. Next week, another thriller drama,Punch will be aired….

  2. people has been comparing Pinocchio with Healer,which i dont like.Healer is action packed drama while is more like a story about family,jorunalism and a little comedy.during the presscon of Healer,most questions were about Pinocchio.

  3. tough competition for mon/tues drama and weds/thus drama.Healer will be competiting with P/P(with is already dominating with good ration).Pinoochio is already competiting with Me Back for top spot.wow! real competition guys.

  4. JCW looks all grown up. I think he may have gotten to be a better actor after EK length, but I am looking forward to this role more since he had to play a whining wimp for half of EK.

    PMY come out of yourself! Play big loud tough!

    As far as ratings, do they really matter anymore? It isn’t like folks aren’t watching if they don’t see it on broadcast TV. Who actually watches TV on the TV nowadays anyway?

    I haven’t sat on my couch across the room from the display in years, except when I go to my family’s homes and watch sports.

  5. Is it just me but I notice PMY’s nose looked kinda different in all the pics? Did she have it done again? She admitted before of having it done and I am totally cool with it, she looked gorgeous but above pics, her nose looks kinda off.

  6. notin is wrong with her nose..jx dependin the angle the pic was taking.They said talk bout healer nd nt someone’s private life.Looking forward to this drama.

  7. I love Park Min Young’s dress!

    Looking forward to this show on Monday. The hype is strong, so I’m a bit nervous about the execution. Fingers crossed.

  8. Just watched the first 2 eps. It’s interesting so far. I always missed dramas of City Hunter style. And I was impressed by JCW’s acting in Empress Ki although did not really like his character development in EK and the fact that EK twisted history record so much. Now I’m excited to watch him as the lead. But there’re a lot of dots needed to be connected in the first 2 episodes. Hopefully there’d be logical explanations in the coming episodes.

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