Pinocchio Episode 10 Recap

By all that is holy in dramaland it’s going to be a painful week to endure until the next episodes of Pinocchio. If this drama was already quite good, this week’s episodes vaulted it into truly excellent storytelling level. The quality isn’t necessarily award winning but what it does is just as hard by balancing the entertainment value with the thoughtful message. In Ha’s reaction and aftermath to finding out the truth of Dal Po’s parentage and past was more satisfying than I expected, taking all her love for him and opening up an even greater arena for their love because she knows all of him now, including what he’s worked though just to love her.

If Cha Ok’s redemption comes in the form of a genuine mea culpa that might not be impossible for me to swallow. Ultimately she was but one cog in creating the Ki family tragedy rather than the lynchpin, but she needs to fully accept her role otherwise the bigger problem is that the same thing could happen again. Dal Po and In Ha being even more in sync delivers so much cathartic breakthroughs that leaves all the characters equally playing catch up, but the dynamic duo can only go so far and much remains beyond their control. Such as Jae Myung, Dal Po may be able to stop his hyung and delay the consequences, but the truth that has set their past free will soon become the noose that will knot their future up again.

Episode 10 recap:

Dal Po stands on the roof contemplating the potentially incriminating recording of his hyung from their conversation at the memorial altar. In Ha finds him and confirms that his real name is Ki Ha Myung, which means he’s the younger brother of Ki Jae Myung and also a victim in the Ki family tragedy that her mom had a hand in creating. In Ha sinks to her knees crying while Dal Po kneels down to join her but he’s surprisingly calm.

In Ha keeps apologizing to Dal Po and wonders what how to go forward, feeling so guilty towards him for what her mom did. Dal Po takes In Ha’s hand and thinks that In Ha cried for an hour like this while saying “I’m sorry” over and over while he kept responding “It’s okay” back at her.

In Ha finally stops crying and asks to hear everything from Dal Po about what happened. He explains that it’s a very long story but she wants to hear it, all of it. Dal Po tells her as In Ha listens and feels rage for what happened.

Night has fallen by the time In Ha hears the whole story and she can only imagine how Dal Po must’ve hated her in the past. He admits there are times he didn’t like her, and she thinks he also doesn’t want to see her anymore. Dal Po yells back that he doesn’t want to see her! In Ha feels like she deserves this so she’ll go away now and he doesn’t have to see her. She also won’t be a reporter anymore because he doesn’t like it.

Dal Po grabs her cheeks and turns her crying face towards him and yells that when she cries is when he doesn’t want to see her. Awwww. He wraps her scarf tighter around her neck and tells her to go home with him now, he’s been comforting her for two hours and both of them are nearly frozen. Dal Po admits that he hated In Ha and her mom when he was Ki Ha Myung, and he thought about leaving the house once Grandpa got better. But now he’s Choi Dal Po and he’ll continue to use that name going forward.

In ha wants to ask why but stops herself so Dal Po pushes her to ask anyways. In Ha’s question is why Dal Po doesn’t identify himself to his hyung and also told In Ha that his hyung is dangerous? Dal Po wants to know if In Ha can keep a secret for him but she can’t since she’s a Pinocchio so she doesn’t want to ask anything more.

In Ha plans to go back to work rather than have dinner with the family since Dad and Grandpa will ask why she’s been acting weird and she can’t lie so she’ll have to tell them everything about Dal Po and his real family. Dal Po asks her to wait 5 minutes before coming home to dinner and he’ll make sure she’s not asked any questions during dinner.

In Ha goes home to dinner and sure enough both Dad and Grandpa are just happy to eat together and don’t ask her any questions. Dal Po asks about the new TV in the living room and Grandpa crows about how he needs it to watch In Ha and Dal Po on the news after they are finished with their internship. Grandpa grabs the manual to read about the awesome new functions of the TV. Dal Po is more interested in how Grandpa got the money to buy a new TV and runs back to his room to cry over even more of his piggy kids sliced open.

In Ha is walking back to the network with Dal Po and asks how he got the family to not ask her any questions? Turns out Dal Po told them that she was on her period and totally moody, LOL. In Ha is understandably peeved but Dal Po barks at her to just follow him so she happily takes his hand and they walk off together.

Dad happens to be taking out the trash and notices the hand holding. He’s initially upset at Dal Po until he notices In Ha’s smiling lovingly at Dal Po which makes Dad sigh.

Dal Po runs into PD Hwang at the network and he grabs the tie recording from Dal Po to submit to the higher ups despite Dal Po insisting that he’ll do it himself.

Bum Jo is reading a news article about In Ha’s mom and thinks she should be happy as well but In Ha responds in a disinterested monotone voice. The elevator opens and Cha Ok is inside so In Ha refuses to get into the elevator with her. Hyung Jae Myung stands behind the wall staring at In Ha.

Cha Ok remembers In Ha running out of the office earlier today so asks Reporter Lee what he said to In Ha? Reporter Lee admits he told In Ha everything about what happened with Ki Jae Myung 13 years ago because he’s worried about Cha Ok and thinks Jae Myung is dangerous.

PD Hwang listens to the recording and hears Jae Myung choosing revenge. This isn’t proof that Jae Myung did anything to the missing factory team leader but it’s a lead that the police need. Dal Po asks if PD Hwang can’t just let this go, the world thinks his hyung is a hero right now, can’t they just let this suspicion go. PD Hwang doesn’t say anything and just lets Dal Po take the recording. He’s not doing this for Dal Po because the truth will always come out eventually, so Dal Po needs to be ready at that time as a reporter to face it.

Dad sits at home thinking about offering to take little Dal Po to a reporter to help him look for his real family but little Dal Po vehemently refuses. Dal then asks adult Dal Po more about his real family but Dal Po still doesn’t want to say anything. Dad understands and he wants to learn more about Dal Po is all, it’s not whether Dal Po is from a rich or poor past. Grandpa joins Dad in the kitchen and is asked what to do is someone hides a family past? Should one continue to press further? Grandpa gives Dad some money and tells him to let it go.

Yoo Rae is eavesdropping on Chan Soo discussing the missing factory team leader Moon Duk Soo case inside his office. Now that Chan Soo has Ki Jae Myung’s name, he thinks Jae Myung is involved somehow because of what the factory team leader did in giving false testimony against his dad 13 years ago. Chan Soo wants to keep investigating but his boss wants him to stop based on suspicion alone since Jae Myung is currently the nation’s hero. If Chan Soo gets more concrete evidence then he can investigate then.

Dal Po joins Yoo Rae and listens to Chan Soo wanting to investigate his hyung and looks concerned. Yoo Rae wonders if Dal Po thinks Chan Soo is on the right path or wasting his time? Dal Po glosses over it but Yoo Rae asks directly what Dal Po’s relationship is to Ki Jae Myung since PD Hwang asked her to pass Jae Myung’s phone number to Dal Po? She offers a meal or selca if Dal Po tells her but he pushes her away and goes back to the reporter’s lounge to brood about more and more people getting curious about Jae Myung.

In Ha and Bum Jo are working at the network tip line which Bum Jo would rather be back at the police station rather than here. Cha Ok comes over and reminds the rookies that tips can be critical breaks. In Ha confronts her mom on the tip 13 years ago from the Pinocchio eyewitness that turned out to be incorrect. Cha Ok already apologized for that to Ki Jae Myung on air but In Ha finds that apology insincere and can understand why Jae Myung would angry.

Cha Ok steps forward and argues that she didn’t report that story for her own curiosity. The entire nation was curious about what happened so she was merely reporting for the world. Why does she need to apologize to Jae Myung for doing that job? She walks away leaving In Ha fuming at being unable to get anything from her mom.

Bum Jo’s mom meets her son at work and hears that In Ha and her mom are currently antagonistic towards each other. Bum Jo wants to try and get them to reconcile and the reason he’s so interested is because he read In Ha’s texts to her mom for the last 13 years. He feels that they wouldn’t be in this situation if In Ha’s mom got those texts from the very beginning so he’s trying to fix things for them.

Mom is relieved Bum Jo is doing this because he feels bad, and not because he likes In Ha. Bum Jo asks what his mom thinks if he does like In Ha? He started this because he wants to repay what he owes her but after that is done he wants to just like her. Bum Jo admits In Ha likes someone else and that person is a very formidable rival. Mom pooh poohs Dal Po as formidable since even his name is really dorky! Bum Jo knows Dal Po is formidable because he can make In Ha smile.

Bum Jo’s mom pays a visit to In Ha’s dad who recognizes her. They sit down to talk and Bum Jo’s mom brings up her concern for her son who works with In Ha. She directly reveals that her son likes In Ha and asks if In Ha’s dad knows? When he claims not to know, Bum Jo’s mom splashes water on him and accuses his daughter of seducing her innocent son. She throws money at him and orders that he fix things immediately!

Turns out that’s just In Ha’s dad’s fantasy and Bum Jo’s mom wants In Ha’s dad to help her son win In Ha’s heart rather than the usual chaebol mom reaction of not liking the poor girl for her son. Dad goes back home and cackles about his good luck that a chaebol heir likes his daughter. He calls In Ha and asks outright if she likes Dal Po? In Ha shoots Dal Po a look and answers that she likes Dal Po, and likes him as a man. Dad hangs up on In Ha and then texts Dal Po to meet tomorrow.

In Ha wants to go meet Dad in lieu of Dal Po but he pulls her chair close and assures her that he’ll go meet Dad and handle things for them. She doesn’t need to worry, okay? They stare at each other with sweet smiles.

Dad meets Dal Po at a dessert café and shovels shaved ice in his mouth while grumbling that his heart is on fire right now! Dad wants to know about Dal Po’s real family because that was always the only concern he had with Dal Po being with In Ha. If Dal Po tells him now then Dad will consider approving, but it’s just considering it and not that he’s agreed! Dal Po describes his family as ordinary, dad was a public servant and mom a housewife. Both died and he was going to be sent to uncaring relatives which is why he ran away. Dal Po lies that he doesn’t have any siblings and is an only child.

Dal Po understands that In Ha is Dad’s only child and of course Dad wants the best for her and ensure her future happiness. Dad feels so conflicted though, he shouldn’t compare but there is this great opportunity that Dad has to pass up for In Ha. He slurps down his shaved ice and Dal Po thanks Dad who yells that he’s still just considering it!

Dal Po looks up at the TV showing footage of hyung’s heroics and thinks that while the world still thinks hyung is a hero, Dal Po can still be happy. Dal Po joins In Ha at the police station and the couple happily embrace each other. Dal Po doesn’t know when this happiness might end and we see Jae Myung sitting at home staring at the flyer for Cha Ok’s speech.

The YGN team arrive at a restaurant for a network dinner only to run into rival MSC already dining there. The two networks sit down at their respective tables and proceed to try and goad each other. MSC is reveling in surpassing YGN ratings and Reporter Kim loudly asks Cha Ok for what her secret is to their success? Cha Ok loudly answers that her secret is her beauty and the team cheers!

Anchor Lee sighs that MSC clearly has a prettier face at the anchor desk when is when both Reporter Jang and PD Hwang stand up and loudly support their own. Having a pretty face at the anchor desk doesn’t convey trustworthiness and their anchor has the highest trust value in all of Korea. Anchor Lee sighs and tells them to all sit down!

The MSC chief loudly suggests Cha Ok share her secrets at the upcoming speech but the other reporters worry that their rivals might sneak in and learn her secrets. Cha Ok doesn’t mind and was planning to share all her tips. The YGN folks talk about how it was always Anchor Lee who gave this speech but he had to decline this year so a substitute was found, i.e. Cha Ok.

Anchor Lee doesn’t play along and reveals he wasn’t even asked this year. He asks the rest of the team to go listen to Cha Ok’s speech but PD Hwang refuses to listen to secrets to success that is about hype. Anchor Lee agrees and toasts his team before ordering more samgyupsal to stuff themselves.

Dal Po and In Ha pack up to head to the speech at the order of their sunbaes to learn from Cha Ok. In Ha wets her hands and Dal Po lowers his head so she can fix his hair. She wonders if he has any questions for her mom during the question-answer afterwards? He must have a lot to ask her? Dal Po claims he doesn’t have any but In Ha knows he’s lying because she has a lot of questions for her own mom. She doesn’t want him to hold back and just ask.

Dal Po admits he already asked those questions to In Ha during the YGN interview and he’s fine now. In Ha still thinks he must find her really upsetting because seeing her reminds him of her mom. Dal Po pinches her cheeks and all he does is find In Ha really amusing when he sees her. In Ha shakes his hands but doesn’t look all that reassured.

Jae Myung leaves his apartment and brings his dog to his coworker ahjusshi. He offers to give him the dog and tells ahjusshi that he’s going somewhere really far.

Bum Jo runs into Reporter Lee in the elevator who remembers him as the dude who pulled Cha Ok out of the elevator. He asks if Bum Jo thinks highly of Cha Ok and if so would want to protect her? He feels up Bum Jo’s muscles to make sure he’s fit and brings up his concern about Jae Myung doing something to hurt Cha Ok at today’s speech. He plans to follow Ki Jae Myung today to keep an eye on him….but he can’t drive so needs Bum Jo’s help. LOL.

Bum Jo takes Reporter Lee to his mansion garage and Reporter Lee marvels at the cars parked here. Even more crazy is that all the cars belong to Bum Jo while his mom’s cars are parked in another garage.

Bum Jo and Reporter Lee lay low to stake out Jae Myung’s apartment and find his fans swarmed outside waiting for him to come out. He’s immediately surrounded by girls giving him flowers as he gets into his truck and drives off. Bum Jo doesn’t think Jae Myung is dangerous but Reporter Lee brings up how they have just seen ten minutes of Jae Myung’s personality in that rescue, that’s not enough to fully judge a person. Jae Myung spots Bum Jo and Reporter Lee tailing him and calls ahjusshi for help.

Dal Po arrives at the speech hall and runs into Cha Ok who recognizes him as the taxi driver who yelled at her. Cha Ok walks up to Dal Po and brings up the conversation they had before. She couldn’t believe a taxi driver can become a reporter and asks if Dal Po has turned into a wolf now and is really to howl at her? Dal Po sees In Ha watching so he restrained himself and respectfully says he’s here to learn from Cha Ok today. In Ha looks very distressed as Dal Po walks away from her mom.

Yoo Rae joins her YGN colleagues and flashes her YGN logo coat that she wore on purpose to steal some of Cha Ok’s thunder. She dislikes Cha Ok for being the one who eliminated her doing the final round MSC interview. She notices In Ha and remembers that Cha Ok is her mom but In Ha doesn’t mind whatever Yoo Rae has in store for Cha Ok.

Bum Jo and Reporter Lee follow Jae Myung as he drives to ahjusshi’s house and greets his dog. Bum Jo suddenly worries whether Jae Myung might have it out for In Ha as well?

The YGN four recognize each other as they are all covered up with scarves and turtlenecks huddled in the back corner of the speech hall to secretly listen to Cha Ok’s speech. LOLOLOL they are so hilarious!

Cha Ok starts her speech today about “Fact and Impact”, the convergence of news and its consequences and how it made MSC the ratings leader. Cha Ok was once asked what type of man she liked? She answered that she liked a tall man, so what would happen if the reporter chose to report as “Song Cha Ok likes tall men” versus “Song Cha Ok dislikes short men”. Cha Ok explains the difference between the two and how reporting the latter doesn’t make it fact but has more impact to the audience.

Cha Ok discusses how the police recently released data about catching 93% of hit-and-run drivers and stops the slideshow on a particular unflattering picture of Anchor Lee reporting that headline with his eyes half closed. She then changes to her reporting that news as police can’t catch 7% of hit-and-run drivers which has more impact. By reporting this way MSC gets higher ratings for the same story.

Bum Jo and Reporter Lee continue to follow Jae Myung’s truck as it heads onto the highway but doesn’t realize that it’s the ahjusshi driving. Jae Myung is already sitting in the back audience of Cha Ok’s speech. She wraps up and opens the forum to question and answer.

Yoo Rae gets up and her question is on whether the rumors of all female anchors getting work on their face is true? Too much botox so their face can’t move like an ice queen? The YGN bosses are embarrassed their intern asked this question and sink lower into their seats. Cha Ok answers the question by smiling broadly for Yoo Rae before thanking her for asking a question that has neither fact nor impact.

She wonders why there are no more questions and then stares directly at Dal Po while pointing out how easy it is to judge and criticize reporters until one actually experiences it. After that it’s hard to keep criticizing and barking without any basis. Dal Po restrains his anger while In Ha turns around and look at him before standing up with a question.

In Ha asks what if Cha Ok was looking for impact and chose to ignore fact? Has that happened before? Cha Ok says no, that has never happened before. In Ha is about to sit down when she starts hiccupping so she stands back up and says Cha Ok’s answer did not satisfy her as the truth. In Ha knows that Cha Ok did exactly that in the past, 13 years ago Cha Ok reported that firefighter Ki Ho Sang was a coward who ran away and that destroyed his entire family.

Cha Ok painting him as a villain led to his family being ostracized and criticized. In the end, his wife chose to commit suicide after a family outing to watch the fireworks by the cliff. That was the consequence of reporting for impact and ignoring the lack of facts. The audience can’t believe that In Ha is pulling the rug out from under her own mom.

Cha Ok insists that she was not the only one responsible for what happened. The real fault was in the Pinocchio eyewitness who made a mistake in identification, Cha Ok merely believed what he said. In ha remembers what Dal Po said to her in the YGN interview and turns back to look at him sitting there. She then repeats exactly what Dal Po said – that the world believes the Pinocchio cannot tell a lie so that is why the Pinocchio and reporters need to be extra careful in what they say because their words have more power!

Cha Ok’s mistake was not realizing it and therefore ruining a family so she must also share in the responsibility for the outcome. That Cha Ok still believes the same thing as she did 13 years ago, that makes Cha Ok nothing more than a trash reporter. OUCH! The MSC head honchos all gasp while Yoo Rae loudly cheers In Ha for being so awesomely brave. Cha Ok has nothing to say back while Dal Po merely sighs.

Dal Po keeps In Ha company after the speech as she moans about getting canned even before she finishes her internship at MSC. If she gets canned will YGN hire her? Dal Po is sure that won’t happen and asks why In Ha did that back there. Dal Po was holding himself back, why couldn’t she? In Ha felt her hiccups wouldn’t stop if she didn’t say what was on her mind.

In Ha gets up to leave but Dal Po presses her against the wall and forces her to tell him if she’s going to be okay? In Ha admits it’s hard, she may be angry and upset with her mom but she’s still her mom which is why In Ha also worries about her. In Ha doesn’t want to say this because she knows it’ll worry Dal Po. She doesn’t want Dal Po to hold back because of her, if he wants to say whatever to her mom then he should just do it. Dal Po nods with a smile.

Reporter Lee asks if Cha Ok is okay as he finds her brooding in the makeup room. He quickly scurries away when she glares at him before throwing her speech papers on the ground.

The YGN Four are walking back to their network when Anchor Lee brings up how In Ha’s speech back there seems familiar. PD Hwang connects it to what Dal Po said to In Ha during the YGN interview. PD Hwang points out that the person who was the intended recipient of that speech finally heard it.

Bum Jo and Reporter Lee finally follow the truck into a rest stop which is when they realize the person driving isn’t Ki Jae Myung. They run up to ahjusshi to ask where Jae Myung is right now? Ahjusshi doesn’t know but Jae Myung claimed to have an emergency and asked him cover. Bum Jo immediately calls Dal Po and asks him to check on Cha Ok right now because Jae Myung is at the speech after shaking off their tail.

Jae Myung stands in the lobby staring at Cha Ok walking on the floor above. Dal Po runs through the lobby but spots Jae Myung in the elevator going up with his eye on In Ha in another elevator also going up. Dal Po freaks out and starts running up the stairs to stop whatever is going to happen.

Dal Po calls In Ha and she answers her phone just as Jae Myung grabs her from behind and pulls her away leaving Dal Po worriedly yelling into the phone. Jae Myung pushes In Ha against a wall and demands to know why she knows details about what happened that no one else knows – that the fireworks was a promise their father made to go watch together, that their mom didn’t buy any groceries that day. In Ha keeps Dal Po’s secret and refuses to tell Jae Myung why she knows. He barks at her to tell him where she heard it from!

Dal Po tackles Jae Myung from the side and drags him off In Ha. He makes sure In Ha is fine before Jae Myung gets up and grabs Dal Po who cries “hyung, don’t do this!” Jae Myung screams that he told Dal Po not to call him hyung!

Dal Po cries and says “it’s me, hyung, I’m Ha Myung. I’m your little brother Ki Ha Myung.” HOLY SHIT.

Thoughts of Mine:

Perhaps the screenwriter can tell how amazing Lee Jong Seok’s performance is and how he rises to each new emotional challenge, that might explain why she’s torturing the poor boy so! Talk about giving him everlasting nightmares seeing his own hyung threatening the woman he loves with his entire being. Ooomph, so much paaaaain! Sure he got there just in time, but he was forced to out himself to hyung now and throw the hard won status quo down the drain. Dal Po still puts In Ha first even above keeping silent about his identity to help hyung behind the scenes. I never thought Dal Po’s decision was right to begin with, because like PD Hwang says the truth will always come out. But I understood why he did it and also feel he deserves a respite before everything comes crashing down. The bits of happiness in this episode was worth the delay, and now it’s time for Dal Po to step up and protect his hyung and his love openly by facing the truth head on. Hyung is going to have another shitstorm once he realizes baby brother loves the daughter of the woman heavily responsible for the family tragedy. Sigh.

I love the OTP to a ridiculous degree because of how much they love and trust each other, but also how to continue to push each other to become better stronger people. In Ha can’t lie while Dal Po has used his entire identity lie to build a safety net around In Ha, both are going to be needed now even more to deal with what’s to come. In Ha tearing Cha Ok a new one at the speech was so cathartic but ultimately meaningless because the harm is done. I even feel that Dal Po has moved past it, by dint of experiencing the life of a reporter, and because he has to in order to build a future with In Ha. He accepts Cha Ok is mom even if they have a painful past connection, and seems to have let go of his “teach her a lesson that she was wrong” objective. I think seeing what hyung might have done gives Dal Po an even greater purpose, ensuring the future happiness rather than dwelling on the past pain. That’s the realization that Jae Myung didn’t have when he chose to revenge on the factory three, as indicated by how he’s always been just surviving and not really living. I don’t know what will happen to Jae Myung but accepting responsibility means there is still hope for a longer term salvation for all.

I’m so relieved In Ha’s dad dealt with the knowledge of In Ha and Dal Po loving each other with such acceptance, even as he grumbles over not accepting them and cries over losing out on the chaebol heir for In Ha. It really always was about keeping In Ha for a better suited man and not necessarily that Dal Po was forbidden from her. Once he knew that In Ha also loved Dal Po, it was beyond his control and he doesn’t try to play the stereotype disapproving parent. In Ha and Dal Po are basically each other’s everything and even the mere thought of anything or anyone getting between them makes me flash my koala claws and hiss at the interloper. There is no noble idiocy in this story so far, Dal Po doesn’t give up on In Ha like she also doesn’t use guilt to keep herself away from him. Love for them means fighting past the obstacles around them while holding tight to the fate that brought them together. I hope the second half of Pinocchio remains as thrilling as the first half has been, each and every moment so far worth savoring many more times to pass the time waiting for the new episodes to arrive.

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Pinocchio Episode 10 Recap — 39 Comments

  1. Wow…. First comment hey?? Thks again for super fast recap.
    This drama is soooooo good… How are we going to survive 7 more days???? Sigh….

  2. I confess I’m addicted. Before I was ”meh” but now it is loove. OMG this is the best character PSH ever played and she is sure showing her acting stills.
    And chemistry wise I also think they are the best.

    I hear your voice was great storywise however the lawyer plot was meh and ridiculous plus I couldn’t see chemistry between OTP. I loved both as family than couple but this drama I can really ship the otp.

  3. Dear Miss Koala, thank you for these recaps!

    I’m so in love with this drama. Every character brings in his individual colour to finish this beautiful picture. Our OTP are truly each other’s everything. The chemistry is so sizzling that I wish for more kisses and hugs every time they are alone together. Still, I have to agree that the lack of skinship increases significance of their interactions. It helps to focus on how they help each other as real partners of this cute relationship. The way Dal po looks at In ha is just too good for it being just a drama romance =) [I guess I’m trying to find something to divert my focus to from whatever scary might come next week]

    I’m waiting for more Bum Jo and Yoo Rae, cuz right now they don’t feel like real second leads. It’s just they are portrayed to be so nice that I actually feel sorry for seeing only a friction of them. No need to split our precious OTP, but I just hope that Dalpo’s jealousy will lead to more steamy scenes between our OTP (hehe). Real scenes, please, not the ones in our Dad’s imagination. Though, I adore them. I also adored our YGN team tonight. They made for such awesome comic relief. I guess Yoo Rae could give them master class at being undercover.

    There is so much that could be written about this episode. The pace of the story scares me at moments because we still have half of the show to go through. So, for now I will indulge myself in some Jong Seok’s great acting. Just finished “Hot Blooded Youth” – completely opposite Dalpo and Bum Jo there.

    P.s. just realised that I’ve written so much… o.0

  4. Wow, thank you Ms Koala for the extremely quick recap, this is so amazing to read your recap and thoughts of the episode that has not being sub yet.
    I love Pinocchio so much, every segment of this drama is utilized well to tell an amazing story. you just know that when the shit does hit the fan about hyung, In Ha would be there to support Dal po emotionally as well as professionally.
    Will Hyung accept that Ha Myung is alive? can he really be healed from his hatred and revenge? i don’t think hyung had any intention to hurt in ha at that moment, he was just full of rage and curiosity of how she knew so much about the past, especially because she is Cha Ok daughter, and from the attack she did during questioning time towards her mum, makes hyung confuse about In Ha.
    the possibility is very minute, but once hyung has calmed and his righteous meter is back, he may turn himself in and allow his brother to interview him as to why and how he was motivated to seek revenge for his dads honor and for the death of his family.
    funny how the YGN 4 were there at the lecture, i really like them, they have integrity in their reporting, whereas Cha OK is all about sensationalizing a story, just to make it more news worthy.
    so glad that this OTP are not the typical kdrama noble idiocy type, nor are they denying their true feelings, they both are refreshingly up front about it all, i know Dp kept it secret for ages but he had reason too. just can’t wait for next weeks episode, because this writer keeps you guessing, its not predictable what will follow on from each great episode.

  5. Thanks for the recap, Ms Koala! OMG what an ending. Lee Jong Suk and the cast are on fire!! I am glad the comedy is back with the YGN bosses cos they are just awesomely bad. I don’t know how I am gonna survive the week until the next episode and I just saw the preview and its not helping…I want the next episode NOW!!

  6. Thank you for the recap!

    I love our central OTP… I love how they support each other and how they trust each other so much because instead of running away or being a noble idiot they decided to just tackle the problems and work it out… Its more satisfying that way.. Seeing them try and fight because we see all the more how deserving they are of each other. There is no beating aroud the bush with these two, and thats a refreshing change from all the other kdrama characters who chose noble idiocy because they dont want to cause pain or see their lover hurt… Which most often than not causes frustration on us viewers.
    Although i still wish for more sweeter moments for our OTP but i can wait for that because at this moment its just fascinating to watch them be a pillar for support for one another and i bet dal po is gonna need a whole lot of support when the hyung issue will come crashing down at both of them.

  7. Thanks for the recap.
    It seems for to early to have the noble idiocy ruled out and dad letting the chaebol go. Ultimatively Dal Po lied to dad about his family and this lie will eventually come back to hunt him. One can only home that sweat grandpa will set things straight for the family.
    In regard to the fire which killed dad, it also feels that there may be more to the story that the reporters missed in all the initial hatred against the Ki family. They only reported about dad sending in the firefighters, but what about the chemicals stored there and fire prevention? etc.
    The story in Pinocchio is about the truth and how this will make things right. True family. True and honest reporting after researching circumstance. True love.

    • True… Dal po or in ha could still succumb to noble idiocy…but im glad that for the half part of this drama…they used common sense and did not do that…that is why the pacing and momentum of this drama is good and i hope and pray its stay that way and gets better for us viewers.

  8. The pace is on fire! It’s as if a secret every episode is bound to be unravelled. And we’re only halfway through! Now I’m ecstatic with this obviously, but it’s somehow making me worried that the show would run out of steam at the latter half of this cour. Surely, we’re not about to deal with Dal Po’s family tragedy for another 10 more episodes? I’m genuinely curious and hoping that the writer can give us more beyond Dal Po’s story and actually start exploring the other second leads who are just sitting at the background right now, though of course that is not to say that I don’t care about the meat and potato of the show, which is at center stage right now. But after when everything’s been said and done (hyung getting captured and Dal Po revealing to the world his real identity) then I would expect and like to know what happens to the blooming reporting careers of the rest of our scrupulous reporters in training. I’m waiting to be surprised. Keep up the good work Pinocchio and be consistently awesome until the end.

    • Yep, im hoping that pinocchio stays good till the end of its run. I dont know what the writers are thinking but i hope they have a great story for us till the end, that this is a throughly thought out drama…pinocchio team please keep giving us wonderful episodes!

      Pinocchio fighting!!!!

  9. Ms Koala, you are super fast this time.. I read it in the dawn (my country time) and surprised you already post you pinocchio.. but I was very busy to work that time.

    I love pinocchio like most of people here.. and each episode surprising me how they move this fast. I’m happy with this pace but and afraid if it becomes slower in the next 10 episodes. But writernim I believe in you!

    and, do dalpo already knows that somehow Cha Ok contribute to mommy suicide with turn hyung to jail that night she committed suicide? Like Cha Ok said he could die with mommy, but of course it could end different like mommy will cancel her suicide if there was hyung with them, coz I see hyung is more rational. If he knew it but still that calm towards In Ha in the rooftop, that make me wonder why he didn’t shock. I believe until now Dalpo only knew that Hyung is away that time mom committed suicide. Or Am I wrong?

  10. it has been only 10 episode and the truth are all coming outtt… i’m curious what the other 10 episodes will tell! usually in other drama this sort of truth are coming out in the last 4-5 episodes >.<
    rrrgghh waiting for another week is torture!

  11. I don’t even know where to begin. The heart break on both of my boys faces, the disbelief and pain on hyung’s. I don’t even known how he will begin to accept that DP/HM is who he say she is. He must have a thousand and one questions running through his head most of all WHY DIDN’T HE TELL HIM WHO HE WAS THE VERY MOMENT THEY MET! Omo then not even possibly being a murder (I flip flop sometimes I think he did it sometimes I don’t) but having to accept the fact that his little brother fears him and for him in who he has become. Said brother has been raised by and is a son in the family that was once the family of the person he dispices, and is also in love with said loath woman’s daughter. Omo so much for my bad to get over. Then let’s not even tough on the guilt and self loathing has for everything that happened to his family and how he couldn’t do anything about it then (I think this is one of the main things that drives him, He’s angry at himself, blames himself, and hasn’t forgiven himself for so much. For not being able to stop the slander back then-yes it is all out now, but it is all too little too late imho-, not being there that night to save his mom and brother (I bet he blames him self even more than he does CH for being in lock up the night that they died), and never getting a sincere apology and confession of wrong from CH. Then he’s going to have to come to reach the point of confessing his crimes, paying for what he may or may not have done, and eventually accepting everything and everyone in DP/HM’s life and living happily ever after with his brother, sister-in-law, piggy bank stealing grandpa, and imaginative father in law. I really need hyung to get his happily ever after (which is family) too. Oh lord then we have grandpa and appa who will have to hear the whole story, accept things, and let our OTP be together. And here I thought we might not have enough material to fill the second half of the series. I wish it was Wednesday already.

  12. this ep was off the chain!!! i really hope lee jong suk grab home the best actor Award,and shin hye best actress,along with best couples and ofc, hyung rookie Award too.

    seriously,this drama broke most of the kdrama rules on storyline and storytelling.

  13. i love all the actors in this series. they’re perfect fit for their role. specialy Yoon Gyun-Sang and Lee Jong Suk. who ever did the casting, props to you!

    looking forward to the next episode!

  14. Love this site and the great recaps. I love how fast they’re up.

    I love this drama and all it’s juicy bits but… Dal Po is kinda irking me as far as the situation with his brother. He should have told his brother from the beginning who he was even if he thought Jae Myung had done something terrible. Especially after their father’s remains were found. Dal Po said his brother might not be who he thinks he is but so what. Dal Po himself lied about who he was for years so why does it not cross his mind that maybe his brother had to do things he never would have done otherwise to get through losing his entire family? Then the only reason he told Jae Myung who he really was was to protect In Ha. Jae Myung thought Dal Po was DEAD but Dal Po only saw fit to tell him who he was so he could protect In Ha?! Jae Myung has been hurting and missing his family for years but Dal Po would rather preserve things in his new life than reunite with his brother. I was loving Dal Po until he didn’t tell his brother he was alive and started investigating him instead. The truth will come out anyway so why not try to help him face the consequences rather than lie to your brother and sweep what he did under the rug?

    I was mad that Dal Po let Chang Ok slide during the lecture but I knew In Ha was going to let her have it and that it would make a better impact. Dal Po might be letting go of the past and trying to find happiness in the future but that’s because he was far removed from the backlash of the false accusations. His brother had to endure all of that by himself. I just hope that Dal Po starts to have his brother’s back now. I wanna go back to my blind love for Dal Po and have hearts in my eyes for him and In Ha. I can’t do that if he gets all judgey with his brother.

    Side note: How cute is Bum Jo’s mom?! The love for her son has no limits. It’s such a nice change from all the usual controlling mother tropes. It took a couple of episodes for me to get used to seeing Kim Hae Sook being so loving and supportive after the nightmare she was in Marriage not Dating.

    • I couldnt blame dal po though. He had always thought that his hyung had abandoned him and his mom… We viewers know that wasnt the case but dal po hasnt found that out yet…and of course he cherish the choi family… They continue to be his haven for 13 years, they give him love and and a warm home with no questions asked. They treated him like real family and he owes a lot to that family its not just because he loves in ha, sure she is on top of that list but he also loves grandpa and even grateful to in ha’s appa for letting him stay. Without the choi’s love and support dal po may very have ended like jae myung. The choi’s were his second chance at family and what a loving family they were. So of course dal po would be hesitant…

    • it was smart of Dalpo’s to not reveal himself, he was there because he was investigating a criminal suspect then even thought the guy turns out to be his brother, they haven’t seen each other for 13 years it’s a long time, it was prudent of him to investigate further before revealing his identity, not only for his sake but also for his adoptive family’s security.

  15. Love the progress this episode. I feel that in ha’s monologue there was not merely cathartic though. The reaction on cha ok’s face during and after the monologue shows that she knows that everything in ha said was true, no matter how much she wanted to kid herself and justify her past mistakes. While the damage had already been done, I think it is a step in progress in terms of character development for us to know that cha ok has some conscience, which is why she couldn’t respond to in ha. And at least in ha’s monologue will stop jae myung from going on his revenge killing spree.

  16. Lee jong Suk can have chemistry with a tree..He’s that good!

    He had amazing chemistry with Kim Woo Bin, with Lee Bo Young in “I hear your voice” who is 20 years older than him.

    He even had chemistry with the expressionless Ji Se Yong.

    So it’s no surprise that he has chemistry with Park Shin Hye.

    That kid is a natural….

  17. Hi, just really need to say I’m loving this drama, can’t wait for the next recap. I have been reading recaps from last year but never wrote down a comment. This drama has finally forced me to write someting.

  18. omo <3 sooo good drama and the chemistry between our park shin hye and lee jong suk is just amazing more than psh and lmh !!
    hope to see moore skinships between them in this drama
    fighting !! :*

  19. This question might seem a bit foolish but did their mother really die? If there was any solid proof that said she died on the night they jumped off the cliff then I think I’ve missed it while watching the episodes and please, just ignore my comment.

    I just can’t help but wonder what will happen on the next episodes if Dal Po/Ha Myung will confess the crimes of his hyung already next episode.

    • Yes their mother died, in episode 4 when they show the case of Ki Ho Sang at YGN assessment exam, there it was implied that the body of the mother had found and the son’s body is still missing.

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