Live-action Attack on Titan Releases Colossal First Movie Poster

Gomen ne if anyone arrived at the playground and had a momentary freak out to see the scary exposed muscle giant monster head above in the poster. That’s a Titan, and not just any Titan as we’re getting the first look at the live-action Colossus Titan. I’m so excited and scared it’s not even funny. The anticipation keeps building in Japan, and for all the international fans, of the upcoming live-action movie based on the hit shonen manga Attack on Titan. The production is doing a solid job of parceling out the goodies, whetting appetites while not showing hand too early.

Last month came the official character posters for all the leads led by Miura Haruma as Eren, Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa, Honto Kanaga as Armin, and Ishihara Satomi as Hange. I loved those posters but remained cautiously optimistic as to what the production has in story for creating CGI Titans. The Colossus Titan in the first official poster delivers the shock and awe aplenty, but reportedly he’s being doubled in size from 60m (200 feet) to 108m (400 feet), a super-sizing that feels unnecessary unless Wall Maria is getting higher as well. Focusing on the Titan in the first poster is a fantastic visual punch and seeing the back of Eren facing the Titan with his swords drawn and cape billowing is so thrilling. Eeep, I can’t wait!

The official movie character posters again as a refresher of what’s to come.


Live-action Attack on Titan Releases Colossal First Movie Poster — 8 Comments

  1. Wow the character posters look good, though Kiko’s definitely not who I imagined as Mikasa.. I can’t wait for the second season of the anime. 2016 seems so long of a wait.

  2. I love this anime but seeing it in real live action will be scary, the titans already freaked me out in the anime, can’t imagine seeing them in real 3D… EEPPP… But count me as excited, I’m curious to how far and how realistic they can execute this.

  3. Where is my second season? :'(

    that being said, I really hope this turns out to be an amazing adaptation of the anime. Because I love it and I want a real live action movie. But I’m always cautious.

  4. No. No. No.

    One of the reasons I love animation so much is precisely because it can do things that live action just can’t, and SNK is a prime example of that. It’s high fantasy on a huge scale, and I just can’t imagine that trying to render it in 3D will be anything but cringeworthy. I’m having horrible flashbacks to the Death Note live action films here.

  5. Yes. How are they going to solve this because even the Colossus Titan is unmanageable? I hope they don’t just make everything grander in the first movie-it’s like having the shishio arc in the first kenshin movie. or are they going to create a new storyline? If that is so, i hope no characterisation will be skipped because man i need that…

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