Kirsten Jen and Kingone Wang Pair Up for King Flower-esque New SETTV Sunday Night Drama

I can’t believe SETTV has managed to excite me for its upcoming Sunday night drama again. That time slot has been four massive duds in a row starting with Love Around into Deja Vu which begat Fall in Love with Me which yield the most current stinker Say Yes Again I Do. Some have leads I don’t like and others stories lines that are terrible in an unentertaining way. SETTV has made qualitatively bad dramas that are addicting to watch, such as the ridiculous King Flower (Substitute Princess), which gets me to this upcoming drama Hearing Happiness which will follow Say Yes Again I Do. If it sucks at least be fun about it!

It’s basically a remake of King Flower but with the rich chaebol character (TERRY!) as the male lead. Hallejuah! Even better is the infusion of a new pairing that I already love on sight – Kingone Wang finally gets his due as a SETTV male lead pairing up this time with Kirsten Jen. King Flower is one of my guiltiest TW-drama pleasures ever and doing a similar concept with different take is right up my alley. Kingone plays a chaebol who loses his sight and his fiancee to a coma after an accident right before their wedding, a year later he then meet her face and voice twin in Kirsten (playing both ladies) and she comes to live with him as his assistant. Cue falling in love.

Kingone has been getting lots of leads the last two years but he’s only recently started doing SETTV dramas with last year’s daily Tie the Knot. He still owes me big me for Fondant Garden, playing such an awesome second male lead until the schizophrenic midway swap of personality and love lines to shaft him. I’m still soooooo traumatized and bitter about it, FG had such a warm and sweet romance with Kingone and Jian Man Shu‘s character. Kristen should feel lucky to have him as a male lead, he’s such a good actor and gotten so much smexier as he’s gotten older.

Kristen should also breath a sigh of relief that she avoided the boring dullsville Friday night drama Aim High, which must have been offered to her to rejoin Lego Lee but she was doing another project at that time. I can’t wait to see Kingone play a blind dude, which King Flower’s Chris Wu actually did a spectacular job doing in an earlier SETTV drama Zhong Wu Yan so it’s even more hilarious here that Kingone’s character is basically two former Chris characters (Terry in KF as the chaebol who lost a fiancee and Howard in ZWY as the chaebol who went blind after a car accident) mashed together. Hee.

The Taiwan drama fans have already coined the Kristen-Kingone pairing as XuanChuan (Kristen is Jen Rong Xuan and Kingone is Wang Chuan Yi), which actually means promotion in Chinese. So cute! Of course that doesn’t mean anyone is over Kristen-Lego’s still supremely beloved RongYi pairing! Seeing then at last week’s SETTV Year End Drama awards was happiness inducing.


Kirsten Jen and Kingone Wang Pair Up for King Flower-esque New SETTV Sunday Night Drama — 13 Comments

  1. So I love KingOne and I always felt like he got the shaft in all his “male lead” dramas in which he was more like a co-male lead. In Tie the Knot, it kinda reminds me of how Ayase’s drama with both males being the lead but not really. I did really like his chemistry with Tammy in their drama. I absolutely agree with you about the ridiculousness of FG. If the drama stopped at ep 8 or whichever episode that was, I would have been absolutely fine with it. They had great chemistry and I haven’t found that always to be the case with her.

    So back to the XuanChuan couple – of course, I am on board. Kirsten looks a lot like her sister at some angles and not at others. I like her and am definitely interested in this. I haven’t watched a sunday SETTV all year. AIM High really is a total dud. But in the world?!! It’s as boring as heck and I am pretty lenient when it comes to actors I like. I’m not so keen on this KF-eque storyline but I will definitely watch it and hope that I love it. Jia You!!!

  2. Aw, what a cute couple nickname! Might check this one out for Kingone, even though the plot looks kinda meh. It would have been hilarious if they’d gotten Chris Wu to play the male lead haha.

  3. In 2013, he also played a male lead in Happy 300 Days and he even starred in a Singapore production as a male lead back in 2012.

  4. looks interesting. Glad to have Kingone in male lead so he’ll finally get the girl 🙂 Curious how Kirsten will do in the series too.
    But is Kingone’s gf in the drama still in coma or did she die after sliding into coma? I was confused by the word “lose” in the phrase “lost his fiancee to a coma”

  5. The posters that I’ve seen are really pretty and sets the tone of the drama. A melodrama done right can be quite addicting, hence I hope this one does hit all the right notes. I’m a noob to T-ent, hence I only know Rong Rong (a fan of her() and not Kingone, but I’m excited for the pair.

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