First Charming Teaser for Web Drama One Sunny Day with So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won

I was pretty nonchalant about the news last month that So Ji Sub was doing web drama filming in Jeju. I’ve enjoyed his dramas in the past and The Master’s Sun was definitely yet another career high point for him, but he’s notoriously unpredictable when it comes to picking his acting projects so it’s no surprise that he followed up TMS by releasing a mini-album instead of another acting role. I wasn’t chafing for his followup project but his fans will be happy that he is doing the web drama One Sunny Day since it’s better than nothing.

The web drama will be produced by LINE, the same messaging app brand that did the Lee Min HoBea Hayden web drama earlier this year with Love Line. Even though LINE PPL was everywhere, the execution and story was breezy enough to make it an easy and enjoyable watch. The first teaser is out for OSD costarring Kim Ji Won and gives off the same vibe so I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m always amused these dramas make it seem like it’s so easy to randomly run into hotties who look like Lee Min Ho and So Ji Sub and voila a connection is born! I so wish.

First teaser for One Sunny Day:


First Charming Teaser for Web Drama One Sunny Day with So Ji Sub and Kim Ji Won — 20 Comments

  1. Aww…this looks really cute. Mental cotton candy staring So Ji Sub! Will definitely watch for this, since I thought Love Line was adorable also.

    • Because i think she has been travelling and/or many hours without sleep. You will know from her previous posts if you read them. Lets just just be patient. She already posted how she loved the epis so for sure recap will come when she gets the time and a little rest.

  2. OMG, they are so adorable together. I don’t know why, but I prefer SJS in this (yes, just based on the trailer!) compared with TMS. I always love his boy next door kinda roles more than the chaebol characters. And I loved KJW in What’s Up. This couple is a win-win for me.

    Dear Ms Ockoala, thanks for bringing us all these updates even though you are on overseas vacation. Have a great holiday!

  3. It was weird to me seeing him look so relaxed. Ha! I’m a bit weirded out by the age difference, truth be told, but he does look younger in this, and she older, so I guess it works.

    • Love does not discriminate. In the USA, it is not unusual for men to be 10 to 20 yrs older than the woman and visa versa. People find out who the other person is prior to referring to call someone your mother or daughter. SJS, is an extremely young man, especially when you are my age.

  4. Still cant believe i saw them filming in jeju last month. He look so cool n damn serious when he gave my friend and me the 10 sec look. Trailer looks gd!

  5. So Ji Sub is such a hottie that it leaves me breathless. OSD looks good and I’m looking forward to it. Kim Ji Won is adorable as always. And Ji Sub riding behind the bike looking around like a little lost bird is cuteness overload!

  6. Mr So, could retire, if he wants to. To my knowledge he does not have any bosses. He does, what he wants to and what makes him happy, like everyone else, in this free world. Feel fortunate that he did the web drama, if you want to see him. He likes the mini albums and he likes rapping; therefore, he should do those projects, only if he wants. Buy a ticket, sit in the audience and watch him in the future, his happiness may surprise you. He can date whomever he wants, he is a single man, does not need anyone’s approval, as to how he should control his life. He is a great role model for the youths in those countries. Remember, only God has the right to judge us. While you’re judging him, God is judging you, for judging him.

  7. She’s really pretty and charming, can’t believe this is the same girl who played mean Rachel in Heirs!

    And So Ji Sub looks HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT as always.

  8. Finally!!!!!!!! So Ji Sub is back!
    I have been literally searching for any news about him and his works! After watching “Mastar’s Sun”, I was eager for more, but as it is mentioned in the article, he is unpredictable in regards to his works!

    Really excited about this web drama, definitely gonna watch it 🙂

  9. SJS web drama is outstanding. He will definitely not disappoint, anyone. It is funny, down to earth, and scenery is spectacular. It is about a couple meeting for the first, and then again. The growth of a relationship. I only saw the short segments but even those are addictive.

  10. Predicitabity is boring. No one wants to be predictable in the USA. It can mean the difference between life and death, especially, with women and crimes. There was a woman in her late 20s, who coincidently, worked in the office of the FBI. She took a walk every night just prior to going to sleep, the same route, the same time, and always alone. Neighbors said that you could set your watch to her, when she went and arrived back home. She was on the phone with her boyfriend making plans, when he heard her say on the other end of the phone, there is a car driving slow behind me. He said move way over to the side. Then he hears her say, the car has stopped and he is getting out of the car. He says, what does he want. Then she says, NO, PLEASE DON’T. The phone went dead. He called the police, jumped in his car to find her. She was nowhere to be found. When the police heard she worked for the FBI, all their forces were out. They found her a month later in a different town deceased. Predictablity can be a very bad thing.

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