Kirsten Jen and Kingone Wang Light Up the Forest in New Stills from Someone Like You

Whatever the production of the upcoming SETTV Sunday night drama Someone Like You (Chinese title Hearing Happiness) has in store, I’m slurping up every new morsel and clamoring for more. I am insanely madly in love with the concept couple stills featuring leads Kingone Wang and Kirsten Jen that was filmed last week on Yangming Mountain in the outskirts of Taipei. The official drama FB page released a few this week to whet the appetite and every one elicits all my positive responses.

The color scheme of the pictorial is gorgeous beyond belief, a hazy green that evokes a warm winter vibe that is filled with life rather than cool greys that captures the dry dormant view of the season. Kingone and Kirsten, despite all the jokes to the media that they have zero chemistry off the bat, actually exhibit tons of chemistry in the stills. It’s less sizzling and more the mutually reassuring healing type of romance. He plays a blind chaebol and she’s the girl who is a doppleganger for his comatose fiancee. Clearly things will be majorly complicated but I could care less since I’m not in this for expecting sane storytelling. Moar pretty please!


Kirsten Jen and Kingone Wang Light Up the Forest in New Stills from Someone Like You — 6 Comments

  1. Yikes his fiancee is still alive?

    When is it airing? There’s no viki channel for this- where do people watch TW these days? Thank you.

  2. These drama stills are setting up the drama tone nicely. The vibe, colors and chemistry, I like! 🙂

    Melodrama done right can really be pretty addicting. I really hope this drama finds that balance and would be able to break the Sunday curse you’ve mentioned before. And the English and Chinese titles are good! 🙂

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