Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Pinocchio

Episode 13 of Pinocchio was a very noticeable dip in tension and energy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially in the context of this particular story. Nothing was ever going to beat the gutwrenching actions and reactions of the previous two episodes when the Choi brothers reunited and then Ha Myung had to choose to do the right thing and turn his brother in, only to learn that Jae Myung beat him to the punch and was ready to use his own guilt to further their revenge against Cha Ok. It’s the stuff of compelling drama writing and delivered the requisite emotional anguish, so episode 13 is about what happens afterwards.

Clearly Ha Myung’s plan to bring down Cha Ok using reporter tools isn’t going to be as clean and tidy as he envisioned, nor is his living in penance route sustainable in the long term. I loved the family scenes the most in the episode, from Grandpa and Dad paying a visit to Ha Myung like elders checking on their beloved young’un all the way to Ha Myung’s drunken return to the house bearing the most unique and heartwarming Christmas gifts ever. All that led to the family, plus one Ahn Chan Soo, having Christmas breakfast together as it should be. It’s nice of the drama to wrap the holiday into the storyline and give some much needed laughter when things are looking so sad all the time in the story.

Preview for episode 14:

Written preview for episode 14:

Hansel and Gretel….

Ha Myung and Bum Jo’s conflict deepens as the news investigation probes into Bum Jo department store. The Chairwoman who is Bum Jo’s mom hears about this and feels a responsibility as the owner to give the public an answer so she eagerly offers to participate in the reporting. But In Ha feels something is off and suspicious about Bum Jo’s mom’s overly solicitous attitude….


Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Pinocchio — 5 Comments

  1. It will be great if the plot goes like this,

    Bum Jo’s mom will be the ultimate villain because she started the fire 13 years ago and In Ha’s mom helped her distracting the public from the real cause of the fire.

    So in the end Dal Po can still put her in prison, hopefully.

  2. My complaint is Mum-related too, but different to those about how BJ’s Mum was too good to be true. Instead it’s about how she is being setup to make it clear that poor, misunderstood Song Cha OK was really just a gullible patsy, pressured when new on the job to bend, then trapped by evil forces greater than she was. ALL her evil actions will be excused, we’ll have tearful confessions and MUTUAL apologies, and she’ll get off SCOT-FSCKIN-FREE! Why? For no reason other than that SHE’S A MUM, and no matter how vile a person she seems to be, a Mum, especially a lead’s Mum, is a sinless paragon of virtue whose every despicable deed was done for righteous, noble reasons, and who deserves to escape all negative consequences simply by virtue of having given birth. How long will it be before we see a K Drama admit that a woman can be an irredeemably awful person and a mother, and demostrate that by actually having karma catch up with her?

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