Jaejoong Abruptly No-show at MBC Drama Awards Amid Speculatation of SM Interference

Normally this wouldn’t merit a standalone post but this particular occurrence is so last minute and egregious it bugs me enough to write about it. The network drama awards are a show like any other and tickets go on sale to the public to attend and sit in the back while the entertainers sit at round tables in the front. That’s the reason the networks try so hard to get the famous names to attend and then release news articles about who is attending. Last week Jaejoong confirmed his attendance at both the MBC and KBS drama awards, the former to receive an acting award for his performance in Triangle and the latter to promote his upcoming drama Spy.

His fans scooped up tickets to the awards shows and this afternoon camped outside MBC waiting for his arrival. He updated his SNS yesterday with excitement at seeing his Triangle costars today at the awards, and the next day posted a picture of his getting ready for the show. It wasn’t until right before the arrivals red carpet that it was abruptly revealed that due to “filming conflict” Jaejoong suddenly couldn’t attend. The whiff of SM is all over this one as the behemoth agency has a star co-hosting the MBC drama awards as well as other SM artists performing during the show.

It’s openly known that SM Entertainment has blacklisted the three departed DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu from appearing on any network music show as JYJ. Jaejoong himself revealed that he only got into acting so that he could be on television after getting blacklisted as a singer, but after he started acting is when he really grew to love it. After a few dramas and movies under his belt, it was Triangle that truly showed he wasn’t a hopeless acting basket case and actually had potential. I would have liked MBC to give him an acting award since he managed to make the dull as beans drama fun with his energetic and raw performance. Jaejoong’s fans are understandably pissed off as all out with both SM and MBC for this last minute move and can’t say I blame them. It’s totally time to just move on, SM, those boys aren’t going back EVER.


Jaejoong Abruptly No-show at MBC Drama Awards Amid Speculatation of SM Interference — 55 Comments

  1. Right now fans are just confused, some are making a fuss (whether at MBC, SM or CJES). A photo of Jaejoong’s allocated dressing table was leaked (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B6G1ACXCIAENpNu.jpg) so it really shows it was a last minute decision. Now the only question is whose decision it was.

    Adding to the fire is how JJ’s sisters have tweeted some interesting comments about JJ keeping his head up, suggesting that JJ is pretty disappointed. Perhaps it was just unacceptable to have an SM host presenting an award or interviewing him.

    Anyhow hopefully the truth will be revealed soon. I hope fans somehow get their refunds, though there were a few who went in anyway and proudly displayed their banners. Thanks Koala for spotlighting this mystery.

    • SM artists will never on the same stage or event with JYJ in Korea. Never. SM does not allow any of their artists to attend SBS as well when the company knew that Yoochun will be there. So what s new. SM is just like an ex-gf/bf who can never move on with her/his life and still piss at the break-up

  2. This is such an odd thing to do. What would one thinks to achieve by it? Fans of Jaejoong will not give him up because of this. More like stick by him harder.

    And if the purpose is to show how powerful they are by this demonstration, they didn’t succeed.

  3. Is it true? Or just speculation and blaming all to SM. I’m not JYJ side or SM side. I just wanna know the truth whether it’s really true SM did those things or not. I heard this rumour from years ago. If the reason he couldn’t attend just because of his own schedule, doesn’t it too much to blame someone else instead (in this case is SM) ? But, if SM really interfere, their power is no joke that could handle even for the big TV channel.

    Did he really get the awards? Many said the awards show just for the stars who attend. Maybe he thought he gonna win that’s why he confirmed his attendance, but later on, he heard that he couldn’t get it, that’s why he canceled his attendance. Don’t get me wrong, I just really really wanna know the truth because I’m sick of people getting blamed even though they aren’t in the wrong side.

    • No one knows what is the ‘truth’ right now. His agency released a last minute statement saying that he had a filming conflict but fans report that there is no filming tonight, not to mention that many of his co stars are present though of course it could be a solo scene. However it does not seem like normal practise for even the drama production team to interfere with his schedule so last minute.

      It is very unlikely that there was a last minute change in who would be winning the award. Like you said these awards are just lip service so it’s pretty certain he would have won. In fact considering that they had even left a dressing table for him its likely the trophy was also made too.

      There is simply confusion right now and the likeliest explanation seems to be that SM had a hand in this. After all they have a long long history of doing their best to prevent JYJ from appearing on TV, or at the same event as their artists.

      • I’m sorry but I’m really curious to death about JYJ-SM conflicts. Why SM so angry with them? As I know, many boy bands finished their contract peacefully. Just take example Shinhwa. Shinhwa even went to court against Sm but the relationship between SM-Shinhwa still ok till now. DBSK has two person in SM now. Rationally, DBSK member won’t let this happen to their ex members. Especially considering how important Yunho for SM now, at least for his sake, SM couldn’t do that kind of treatment to his ex members. Of course I might be wrong, but in my opinion, SM can’t be so powerful like that to maintain who can appear or not in TV station. I just don’t want people blame someone else with something they didn’t do.

        Take example how KBS always got blamed about their sound system if kpop group performances didn’t well performed. But IMO, some groups shows awesome performances and some or not. So, is it fair to say those bad performances are KBS’s fault.

        Fans should be careful with their speculations. If it’s true that SM really interfere JYJ until now, I will blame JYJ instead to not fight against them. Of course JYJ will lose but at least let all the world know how bad actually SM is. But again, if those fans speculations are true.

    • This isn’t the first time SM has done this to JYJ members so them doing this now is entirely possible. It’s just so wrong on the part of those networks to stop him from attending on the last minute. Like tempting him and his fans buying the tickets to see him only, getting their hopes up and breaking it.
      I feel sorry for JJ but anyways, his fans have shown how loyal they are all these years and the boys have all been successful on their own merits.
      SM is acting like a sore loser.
      Me: (singing) why won’t you let it go, let it go, let it go.. maybe coz your heart is empty. 😀

    • Its true baby… its not happen on jaejoong only,but all of jyj member for a thousand times. I was predicted when i know who’s the MC. I dont need to prove it, u can just search on google bout the other fact of both. But where do u live? I thought everyones in this world know about it. If u dont know how SM blacklist JYJ I think u didn’t know a lot about k pop lol!

    • where do you live? JYJ have fought tooth and nails to survive in the entertainment industry. They won their lawsuit against SM and SM was also caught red handed interfering with JYJ’s activities. It’s well known that as top idols they haven’t performed in any music shows, haven’t promoted their albums in shows for almost 5 years now. Do you think it is because they don’t want to? Nope. And many in the industry know about it.

  4. If SM did this, to me it doesn’t show their power, but rather their insecurity, desperation and childlike behavior.

    A big company holding a grudge for this long tells you of the character of the owner: I’m definitely not impressed.

    Jaejoong…I love you…and you’ll just keep crusing ahead while SM will keep crumbling.

  5. I’m watching at all the nominations.. If there’s no Jaejoong at all, you can tell SM has interfere. Even if it was last minute by MBC that he didn’t win an award so there was no need for him to attend, there’s no way he isn’t nominated in any of the awards. I’m pissed despite being so happy Sooyoung won an award. Damn.

    • I just realized that he’s in the same category with Choi Jinhyuk. Oh well.. I think it’s hard to tell about the speculation..

      I really hope SM didn’t interfere the award tbh.

  6. This is SM cearly who banned him, I already knew it when saw a lot of sm artists in the list,idols,mcs..plus sm is getting many mbc dramas to their artists lately,they are pairing their idols with mbc drama/variety departament ,but the the most evident was Yunho nomination for male excellent award lol who more would get it for him lol because this is a total joke.
    only SM power would get it for him since everyone knows he is pretty bad and when an actor act for first time in some channel(mbc,sbs,kbs)they get the rookie nonimation,no the male excellent award lol we are talking about mediocre acting skills here,clearly SM hand is here.
    on other hand Jaejoong had big chances to win his category since he won awards for triangle recently and even mbc reported it proudly.
    probably sm did not want people to watch Jaejoong beating his golden boy.

    • @liz
      “Everyone knows he’s pretty bad”…LOL why so bitter? Believe it or not, some people including non-fans do not think he’s bad anymore. Yunho actually improved and became a decent average actor. K-critics and even the usually harsh K-netizens praised him. Anyways, I’m disappointed that Jaejoong is not attending the awards show because he got nominated for Triangle. I watched that subpar drama because of him.

      • Bitter? Lol but he is bad and mediocre..no lies here.
        You said critics and knetizens think he is good? What korean critics?…i never saw or read any serious critic said Yunho was good actor or outstading actor..where? Link me these so called praises please because I can link you real korean critics praising Jaejoong’s perfomance in triangle or blogs.
        You said critics and netizens think Yunho is an average decent actor …decent? only decent? Lol and do you still believe Yunho got his nomination for the male excellent award for his decent “acting”? lol

      • @liz
        You’re ignorant and bitter. You call him a bad actor as if it’s a fact, but it’s not…because some non-fans disagree and actually think he did an adequate job in Night Watchman.
        I saw the K-netizens’ comments who praised that Yunho has improved and has become a decent actor. Non-fans on forum soompi said the same thing.
        You wanna see the K-netizens’ comments. Here you go.

      • lol you know most of those ‘netizen’ comments when the ‘praise’ idols are fans right?
        The only time non-fans comment on idol articles is to hate on someone, or if their is some big scandal.

      • “Decent, average” actors don’t and shouldn’t win awards for excellence. YH is a non-actor, his agency buys appearances for him. It’s really alarming, that after 4+ years of NO appearances on music shows, among many other instances of career sabotage, there is still anyone who “isn’t sure” that this latest outrageous act of media interference has SM’s dirty hands all over it. This is a brazen criminal organization, my friends – they flout the law, engage in payola and systemic bribery and and they don’t even particularly cover their tracks very well. They have long ago completely destroyed their reputation as an ethical company.

  7. Big deal. These awards are there every single year, it`s not like he can`t win again in the future. I think it`s more of a issue cause his going to army soon so his fans are pissed he won`t be there. This was his last chance of winning before enlisting. Plus when you pay your thicket you want to see your favorite oppa.

    SM is scary sometimes.

  8. I don’t think SM is interfere. Jaejong couldn’t win just for the simply reason the Triangle ratings, considering of how important ratings to the stations. No speculation and stop blaming SM continuously when your idols couldn’t reach what you want. Delulu fans sometimes could make them create good storyline of drama. Instead of blaming SM, what about those fans ask the reason to Jaejong. If I were jaejong, I would explain to my fans since they are so disappointed and start to drag another party a.k.a SM.

    • Or do they?

      A quick short list of their more well known “actors:” Yoona, Go Ara, Krystal, Victoria and their recent drama/movie castings, with some more high profile than your regular run-off-the-mill actors under “smaller” agencies, despite their thin portfolio, to me, speaks at the clout that Lee Soo Man and SM have in the k-ent industry, encompassing and across the medium. Another quick browse in their wiki page also lists numerous subsidiaries under SM as well; some even in the small and big screen too. I would really not put it past SM; the same agency involved in the recent controversies (plural) earlier this year, especially with the very public spat between them and JYJ in the past. I would like to give them the benefit of a doubt, but they would have to pay me for it, too. 😀

      • It’s not LSM at the helm. It’s the other guy.

        And whoever underestimates SM’s influence cannot be following K entertainment news.

        And I am not even a JYJ fan. However I do believe in supporting an underdog.

    • You’d be surprised at the things SM has done this year. They tried to block them out of the Incheon games even though they were the promoters and more recentely they pressured an author who was writting an archive book on kpop to leave JYJ out. In the book, TVXQ is depitcted as if they had always been a duo. The critics were upset and the author eventually spoke out saying he had been pressured by the company to write it as such.

      You’d think SM would let it the hell go but they won’t.

  9. After SM’s stunt during the Incheon games and that whole manipulating a book ordeal (both happened this year) I wouldn’t be surprised this was SM’s doing.

    Fucking assholes, just give it a rest already -.-

  10. Why blame SM all the time? SM has become a convenient whipping boy for everyone. These are meaningless “awards” (smirk), anyway.

    • I’m not a k-pop fan myself nor do I find any of the former TVXQ as notable actors either, so whether they “win” any of these superficial awards means nada to me, but the discord is perhaps rooted at the fact that Jaejoong’s fans anticipated his participation in the show and purchased tickets to watch and support him. For him to be pulled out at the last minute is a reprehensible act on the part of MBC who is making revenues at the expense of his fans. Surely, Jaejoong himself wouldn’t pull the switcharoo since it will only hurt his fans, and consequently him, the idol, so the more likelier scenario is that an external force is involved. Whether it is SM or somebody else responsible is up for speculation, though SM is again, the likelier suspect.

  11. The news about Jaejoong attendance for the event has been known since last week. They even prepared his waiting room with his name and seat (fan posted it on line).Also putting YH and Him in the same nomination category is ridiculous. You have a 2nd lead and a 1st lead in the same award category already rings alarm bell something is fishy. This could be corrected since last week but MBC chose to be quiet.

    It is plainly clear they wanted the revenue from ticket sales to the event by JJ fans .Seem they paid quite a bit of money and were standing in the cold since yesterday afternoon. And fan reported that JJ went to the hair salon to have his hair done at 4.30pm.Then we had the news he was not going due to spy filming. But fan who followed spy shooting for more than a month tweet that there is no spy filming for the day. Then we have casts members appearing on MBC and sbs for the awards event.Something just don’t add up.
    We had jae’s sister tweet later which made more sense now. It certainly is a last minute change of event.
    The whole award is a big mess for sure in the end. A laughing stock of SK entertainment industry and credibility .

    But one thing is certian,SM is trying its best to infiltrate the drama depts of TV station with its mediocre idol actors. The whole thing is a joke now.
    BTW I am just a normal drama fan

  12. People should just let the guys of JYJ appear at the award shows. The TV stations especially since these guys are starring and promoting dramas that are shown on their networks. Why does SM have so much control? Shouldn’t the TV networks take a bigger stand against SM and allow the stars of their dramas to appear at their award shows since they draw in big crowds?

  13. My playlist change to Taylor Swift’s ‘we are never ever getting back together’ while I’m reading this. Coincidence? I think not.

    happy new year y’all~

  14. This is just one more example showing how brave and courageous the JYJ members were to have split from SM, knowing full well what vengeance would come down on their heads. The fact that they have triumphed despite all that keeps being thrown at them just reveals what good men they truly are. And what small little piss ants SM is. As they say, living well is the best revenge.

  15. This is the reason why I will not watch a show that has a SM idol starring in it (which is not great loss really). It just leaves an incredibly bad taste in my mouth to see SM’s grubby hands all over the Kdrama industry.
    Here’s hoping SM gets a lot of karma in 2015.

  16. SM idols can’t act. That’s why they are so insecure, look at Yoochun’s accomplishments in acting and Jaejoong now catching up with his acting phase. See how JYJ fans are spending their time and money on them just to support them and see how SM is throwing money at their useless idols just to get them on TV. These are the idols who audiences are prejudice against and JYJ members have broke the prejudice against idol actors. And ppl ask who is the culprit behind this unfair treatment? Jaejoong will never back out from the awards just because he didn’t win. He was so excited to go even the day before the awards because he could be on TV and will be meeting his beloved Triangle co-stars. So please do not say he didn’t turn up because he didn’t win. He already won the Top Excellence Award at the Korea Drama Awards beating top actors from MBC, KBS & SBS. Judges are drama critics. He doesn’t need an award from MBC to prove his acting abilities. MBC can keep theirs for SM idols bought by money and power not acting skills.

  17. MBC just sacrificed Jaejoong for the numerous SM idols attending the awards including their MC! Cjes should have seen this coming. Jaejoong should have just declined the invitation to avoid this kind of hurtful actions by an industry bully. So will anyone still blame JYJ for leaving SM? Hell no. What a horrible and mean employer. But I guess he never thought that one can sink so low to stop him even after he has accepted the invitation.

  18. Isn’t about time that SM (allegedly) stopped acting like spoiled children who didn’t get there own way and grow up. This has now gone on for a few years and as an outsider looking in, it doesn’t make the Korean Judicial system look very effective if it can be ignored so easily and nothing is done.

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