Lee Min Ho Performs with Amber Kuo at Upcoming Chinese TV New Year’s Eve Program

I’m going to believe nothing can keep on out-randoming the performing line ups for Chinese new year television specials, whether it’s for Lunar new year celebrations or the Gregorian new year extravaganzas. The fact that it keeps involving Lee Min Ho leaves me scratching my head. Last year he performed in front of billions at the CCTV Lunar new year program alongside Taiwan musician-songwriter Harlem Yu singing the theme song to Meteor Garden in both Chinese and Korean.

It was a mashup for the ages, and one that was just sooooo weird it managed to work and I quite enjoyed it. This year Lee Min Ho will perform at the Dragon TV (東方葛視) Gregorian calendar year end new year program in a duet with Taiwanese actress Amber Kuo. Random doesn’t even begin to explain this pairing since Amber isn’t even a singer but has become supremely popular in China due to being in the Tiny Times movies. They are also visually an off-kilter coupling to see on the same stage singing an oldie Mandopop classic “Today I Want to Marry You” in their respective Chinese and Korean. At least they appear to be having fun during rehearsals.


Lee Min Ho Performs with Amber Kuo at Upcoming Chinese TV New Year’s Eve Program — 24 Comments

  1. Amber Kuo is ‘actually’ also a singer…. shes released 4 albums!! She may have even started singing before acting….
    Even so this pairing is weird to add to it [I don’t think] both can’t sing very well too

  2. Minoooo.. he’s so popular in china and sometimes im affraid china will naturalization and take him as china citizen lol whatever you doing now i hope you enjoy and i will support you as long as its positive. cant wait for Gangnam 1970. btw it looks so fun. amber kuo is so small standing beside leeminho hehehe

  3. Glad he is so famous he deserves his. Though I miss his cheeckbones like he used to have in Boys before flowers.

    If you want entertainment, just go to soompi minshin thread. I swear they’re taking shipping to another level which makes me scratch my head. Does it really seem he and Park Shin Hye have a relationship? I dont mean to offense, but I was just curious. What is your intake Ockoala?

    Anyway, happy new year everybody πŸ™‚

    • Minshin soompi thread is FUN. Even though I didn’t like them onscreen in heirs, offscreen they are awesome and cute. With the amount of ‘evidences’ shippers have in there, I also sometimes think that they are real.

  4. If the industry dosen’t hand LMH alot of awards next year then it’s basically A crime.

    He kick started all of this hype that is surrounding the K-world today, and I know that there was at least 3 old hallyu kings but come on people lets be real with each other for once. in the early 00s and mid 00s the korean wave was basically unknown except for Japan because of winter sonata and that drama never reached us(Internationals) example in europe and as far as I remember these days were the high days of Shahrukh Khan and people were more focused on his hits like Devadas and KKHT..

    But in 2009 something miracle happend in the K-biz world that was both the birth of Lee Min Ho and the Korean Hallyu wave.. boom Korea was on the Map and that drama was so trending that almost half of all the youths in the world watched or heard of it. I had no Interest in the K-biz at that time then Boys over flowers reached to me and I didn’t even searched for it.

    It even changed how people viewed Korea because of that drama it’s self and these kids were rich and had fency cars, jets and stuff. so they were easily admired.

    Sometimes when I hear people compare him to actors like Jo In Sung, Hyun bin and others I find it as an insult and by this I mean no disrespect to these actors. There was always The JIS’s, won bin’s or the Hyun bin’s of the worlds in the K-biz but the Lee Min Ho’s of this world dosen’t come around that often cuz his a special case and barrier breaker + his not only an actor but a representative of Korea. He has like 21 endorsement deals in China and represents Korea on the international arena.

    He went to countries Koreans normally don’t go to as stars Indonsia, Thailand, Philippines etc etc..

    But I feel like the industry dosen’t appreciate him like there favorite son. All the hard work the Korean Film producers, writers and directors put in for like the last 25 years came thru with Lee Min ho as A Blessing to the K-biz cuz sometimes you need a star to pull thru and that star came unexpected who led to there huge international break thru in a boy from not so wealthy family named Lee Min Ho.

    • wow.. well said *clap*

      now, today, sometimes i see him as a ‘king’. i mean he doesnt shoot drama this year but he always has a spot in media, article etc. especially seeing him nowadays he becomes so mature compare to BOF days. He’s more confident tho still shy sometimes. Im agree with you. South Korea should be proud to have him. He brings ‘Korea’ around the world. When he going abroad, people will say ‘Korean Actor Lee Min Ho’. Tho 5 years after BOF, he still become the ‘it’ boy for korea and other countries. He can manage his private life, well mannered in his home and out home, and thats make a good impression to others since he’s the ‘face’ of korea. As a non korea and live not in korea, he makes a good job and perfectly represent korea, especially korean actor, drama, and entertainment industry.

    • It’s a pity he lives in S Korea, wish he can get more appreciation from his own country, but hey see.. Chinese appreciate him more, you can tell by ads he got from China a lot more than in his own country. So, minho please moves to China, they love you more, lol.

      • he gets great appreaciation in his own country btw. if i dont wrong S.Korea president invite him in conference about hallyu or something, and recently he awarded by S.Korea prime minister with his contribution spreading culture/hallyu wave πŸ™‚

      • The government likes him and dosen’t even want him to go to the military, so that he can keep on spreading hallyu..

        But the Film/drama industry dosen’t appreciate him, I believe he has to many haters in there.. I won’t even mean if things dosen’t change and he leaves for good to other places.

      • And not to forget, many other actors fans hate him too, they keep spreading a lie and rumor around him. All he got only critics like nothing good comes out from him and all goods from other excellent Korean actors. Like really? what a shame. One of the reason many international fans watch Korean drama is HIM. They should keep that in mind!

      • These fans are nothing harmful to him. but I just don’t like that the industry dosen’t give him his due.

    • @ Joey100
      Can I just kiss you and give you 100 hundred kiss.
      You are so right in everything.
      LMH brought the KHallyu in a different level but many do not want to see it.I am one of his millions fans and I never said that he is the best actor out there.But Nobody should deny his charisma on screen.Is that charisma that made us to open a book and learn more about the K culture, and try to find how much cost a ticket to Seoul and is the same charisma that made me introduce myself in more actors from this country.Some of those actors are much better performers than LMH but without him I would not even know that they exist.

    • I totally disagree with you. LMH in BOF was popular, but he did not by any means start the Hallyu wave. In addition, he shouldn’t be given the sole credit for the success of BOF. That credit also goes to BOF’s directors, writers, staff, etc.

      Also, people like Rain, Song Hye Kyo, Ha Ji Won, Lee Young As, Jang Dong Gun etc. began the Hallyu wave in k-dramas. Ever heard of Dae Jang Geum? Further, idols like Psy, Super Junior, and SNSD are extremely popular Hallyu stars as well.

      To say that LMH started all the hype surrounding k-ent, that he’s a “miracle” in k-ent, and that he “put Korea on the map” is an insult to all people who worked hard to make the Hallyu wave succeed. Moreover, I don’t think LMH would appreciate his fangirls putting him on such a high pedestal.

      • All these actors you named no disrespect to them but they were only local and still kinda local..

        The hallyu wave before BOF is just a myth in reality speaking? tell me about one of there hits that made a break thru Internationally that open up everything except for Winter sonata that was popular in Japan and that’s it..

        But I agree with you all the team in BOF deserve credit, but no one can deny that LMH was the white horse in that show.. cuz he put on a life time proformance and the international Fans were all over him after watching the show.. LMH can set up a successful concert everywhere in Asia.

        The true birth of Hallyu wave came in 2009 and before that korean cinema was basically like Indonesia, Japan etc etc.. people rarely watched them on online sites like youtube..

        I also believe that there was a Second Break thru in Heirs and You who came from the stars that for real cementd the status of hallyu wave.

        Lee Min Ho kick started The hallyu wave without a doubt.. his the most popular korean celebrity of all times even bigger then PSY when it comes to popularity and social media status.

        LMH was the Saviour of the K-ent world and still is carrying the hallyu wave on his back..

        his in the middle of his career so people don’t often sit down and discuss his accomplishments.. He has already cemented the best Legacy in the K-ent history but he just needs few more years to seal that for real and He will be remembered as the saviour and beginner of what is the hallyu wave today many years to come..

        His star power is something to admire and thats what The K-ent exactly needed someone with the kind of star power.

      • No matter how much denial from many people who dislike LMH, the truth will be eventually revealed. I’m very much agree with you @Joey100. LMH will be bigger than he’s today.

  5. The height difference is sooo cute haha… I watched their performance and it’s quite good. Luhan of EXO and Hangeng of SJ are also performing.

  6. he’s so talll o_O
    they look so cute together and yeah the performance quite good. bravo! oh oh i miss him on small screen. cant believe spent a year without leeminho’s drama. no fun at all huft

  7. It ‘s good for once to read an article on Koala’s playground with out a negativity for LMH.From both the owner and posters.
    And yes I miss him terribly.I hope we will see him in a drama next year.

  8. Finally someone that says it the way it is @joey100 can i just say that I love u and ur comments. Although I didn’t watch bof first, I watched Iris first but it was not enough for me to keep watching kdramas then I saw the poster for city hunter with LMH looking mighty good in his pink trouser and I just had to watch it. I did watch it and I never left kdramas then when my friends insulted me for being addicted to kdramas I introduced them to CH or bof and after that they started looking to watch kdramas. So yeah LMH is the king of hallyu cos without him I wouldn’t even know SNSD.

  9. Did LMH just come out from the hospital and went up on the stage in that medical outfit? Obviously, his level only suits to pair up with so so celebs. First, Liu Ye Fei, now this singer. Which entertainment industry will give more recognitions to LMH once they know the nature of his popularity these days. is not actually from his talent? The government loves him as a pure tool of exporting Korean culture overseas. He looked so lost, depressed and isolated in the presidential event and in the PM award, oops.

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