Jaejoong Looking More Model than Spy in Latest Pretty Teaser Stills

My gut feeling is that Jaejoong is one of those idol-actors who will always need to overcome his too pretty exterior and ignominious start to acting. Much like Eric is forever being called an idol-actor despite being a critically lauded seasoned actor for over ten years now. Jaejoong has a looooong ways to go before approaching Eric level transition but he is back on the right track after Triangle gave him the opportunity to extend himself and he rose to the challenge to actually perform better than the mediocre script.

That’s reason enough for me to give Spy a shot, that and my love for veteran Bae Jong Ok who always seamlessly disappears into whatever the role requires. She plays South Koeran spy Jaejoong’s secret North Korean spy mommy, with neither aware of each other’s spy activities. Sonny thinks Mommy is a housewife while she thinks her precious boy works at a boring office job. KBS released new stills showing spy Jaejoong doing a covert drop and he definitely looks the part of a model spy, heh. A teaser drama poster is also out below that has Mommy spy pointing a gun to protect her spy son. Love it!


Jaejoong Looking More Model than Spy in Latest Pretty Teaser Stills — 10 Comments

  1. Bae Jong Ok holding Jaejoong close – and holding his hand nonetheless – while pointing her gun at enemies, now who would not want to be in her shoes even for a split second?

  2. The stereotype is that mothers would give up anything for their children. We’ll see if Jaejoong’s character can say the same here!

  3. Be honest, I don’t understand why Eric needs so much hard time to get rid of his idol-actor title. I admit he was awkward in Phoenix but he was over shined Lee Seo Jin that time. And in the second comedy drama Super Rookie, Eric did very well. Actually it seemed he dated along since his co-stars, you know Han Ga In and Oh Ji Ho. And Note, comedy isn’t easy to do, but he succeed to play that role. Sometimes your looks could cover your true talents. Good luck Jaejong dear, hopefully what happen to your senior Eric, won’t be the same with you.

    • Because people busy for watching their face, not watching their acting. After finish the drama, they forgot how great their performances then starting to say their acting wasn’t good instead of telling the truth they just blind and swooning over Eric-Jaejong persona XD.

      • So true there @Mian, your first sentence. Some people just watch dramas to watch the face of actors.If the face of the actors are not good looking, they declare and finalise the drama as bad even without understaning what the drama was all about.

  4. Looking forward to some spy shenanigans, but now I remember who Bae Jong Ok is, that’s a good sign for the show. She’ll do a great job with whatever craziness the plot throws her way.

  5. JaeJoong needs a good role like the Kenshin live action movie..the Japanese made pretty boy Takeru Satô look badass and you don’t notice the pretty as much as the awesome Kenshin character. Somehow in Japan a lot of the “pretty” actors still are taken seriously for their acting. Or maybe JaeJoong is so ridiculously handsome/pretty that we are blinded by it and can’t get past it? I guess he’ll have to dirty himself up a bit more for his next role so the pretty isn’t so shiny!

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