2014 SBS Year End Drama Awards

With the 2014 SBS Drama Awards, another prolific if underwhelming in quality year wraps up in K-dramaland. There wasn’t an underlying reason I saved this network for last in coverage, MBC went first and I only had time to write about the KBS awards before passing out sick as a dog after watching the new year’s fireworks light off. I did find the SBS awards slick and trendier than the other two networks, mostly by dint of having popular dramas and its stars attend. It also felt that way because many of the awards seemed so make up like Lee Jong Seok‘s Special Award as if to shoehorn in recognition even if the other categories were earmarked for other stars.

Jeon Ji Hyun was the expected winner of the Daesang, I never though she would be sharing with Kim Soo Hyun, who walked away with both Top Excellence, the Netizen’s Award, and a couple’s trophy to share with his costar. The fashion was lovely even if the trend continues for all the attendees to overdose on too-light BB cream. Park Shin Hye‘s hosting gig was wonderfully done and she managed to rock all her gowns of the night to buck her usual trend of dressing dowdy for big awards shows. My one and only gripe was Jo In Sung not winning anything of substance for his exceptional performance in It’s Okay, It’s Love. That’s so wrong even when I’m already used to the lame wrongs in the industry.

2014 SBS Drama Awards winners

Daesang: Jeon Ji Hyun (You From Another Star)

Top Excellence Actor in a drama special: Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star)
Top Excellence Actress in a drama special
: Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio)
Top Excellence Actor in a daily/weekend drama: Lee Je Hoon (Secret Door)
Top Excellence Actress in a daily/weekend drama: Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)
Top Excellence Actor in a mini-series: Yoochun (Three Days)
Top Excellence Actress in a mini-series: Gong Hyo Jin (It’s Okay, It’s Love)

Excellence Actor in mini-series: Sung Dong Il (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
Excellence Actress in mini-series: So Yi Hyun (Three Days)
Excellence Actor in drama special: Shin Sung Rok (You From Another)
Excellence Actress in drama special: Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty)
Excellence Actor in f daily/weekend dramaSong Chang Hee (Thrice Married Woman)
Excellence Actress in daily/weekend drama: Choi Jung Yoon (Cheongdamdong Scandal)

Special Actor in a mini-series: Lee Kwang Soo (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
Special Actress in a mini-series: Jin Kyung (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
Special Actor in a drama special: Kim Chang Wan (You From Another Star)
Special Actress in a drama special: Go Doo Shim (One Warm Word)
Special Actor in a daily/weekend drama: Jung Woong In (Endless Love)
Special Actress in a daily/weekend drama: Kim Hye Sun (Cheongdamdong Scandal)
Special Actor on TV: Lee Duk Hwa (Wonderful Day in October)
Special Actress on TV: Oh Hyun Kyung (Mother’s Choice)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok
PD Award: Jeon Ji Hyun (You From Another Star)
SBS Special Award: Lee Jong Seok (Dr. Stranger, Pinocchio)

Ten Star Award:
Park Shin Hye (Pinocchio)
Lee Jong Seok (Pinocchio / Dr. Stranger)
Park Yoochun (Three Days)
Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star)
Jeon Ji Hyun (You From Another Star)
Lee Je Hoon (Secret Door)
Joo Sang Wook (Birth of a Beauty)
Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty)
Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, It’s Love)
Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)

New Star Award:
Ahn Jae Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Yoo Bi
Park Seo Joon, Seo Ha Jun, Han Groo, Han Sunhwa
Kim Young Kwang, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Bo Ra

Netizen Award: Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star)


2014 SBS Year End Drama Awards — 50 Comments

  1. Ji-hyun cut her hair! I think she looks lovely overall, regal and classy, and I like her dress. But I still prefer her with longer hair, haha. Congrats to all the winners.

  2. Im pissed too that JIS didnt win anything! Omg. And i wish Jeon Ji Hyun had worn something nicer. Her dress, makeup and hair look blah. She shld have just worn whatever she wore in her drama. They looked 10 times better!

    • I agree. No doubt she’s pretty but this dress and look was so bleh. I don’t particularly find it flattering either but to each their own.

      Out of the award shows, Sooyoung’s dress and overall look at MBC looked the best. I also really loved Jung Yumi’s bold red dress and red lipstick over at KBS too, along with Jeon Hye Bin’s flawless gold dress.

      • Agree on all counts. Those ladies u mentioned pulled off the looks they r going with almost effortlessly. especially in the sea of whites and nude pink.

        My only gripe is the hair n makeup. Nobody bothers to do something w their hair and the makeup trend of shiny faces needs to die a horrible terrible death.

    • Personally we thought Jo In Sung (and the actor who played the younger version) were what made It’s Ok, It’s Love the endearing, heart-rending, poignant, touching, moving, affecting drama that won many viewers’ hearts… The others (those were all recognized) were good too, but JIS was the drama and was neglected… He deserves the Excellence Award…

    • I am flabbergasted that JIS didnt win actor award , neither excellence or top excellence. Yoochun beat JiS in acting? Wow. DO deserves an award too. I watched and loved MY Love frm Another Star but there’s no way Kim Soo hyun acting prowess beat JiS. I am wondering though whether SBS actually wanted to give the meaningful award to JIS but he rejected it.

  3. I’m surprised that Jo In Sung didn’t win anything. I usually think he overacts in everything but he was good in IOIL. At least Gong Hyo Jin won :’).

    I’m disappointed that Jo Seung Woo didn’t win anything either. He was the best thing about God’s Gift. If it were down to me JIS and JSW would’ve won Top Excellence over Kim Soo Hyun and Yoochun.

  4. Jeon Ji Hyun’s dress is not that good at all.even Girlfriday said she won the best dress for the night.i thought it was a joke.it seems like she really didnt wanna come to the show.
    park shin hye wins hand-down for me in everything.the way she walked the red carpet,the shoes and the accesseries were okay.plus,her skin is to die for.seriously,she’s got the best skin ever.too bad YAAS wasnt recognize.

  5. i thought i was the only one who did like JJH’s dress.plus,she looked so unkept and tired.or is she pregnant?it seems like she really didnt wanna come to the show judging by her looks.on the other hand,
    park shin hye wins hand-down for me in everything.the way she walked the red carpet,the shoes and the accesseries were okay.plus,her skin is to die for.seriously,she’s got the best skin ever.too bad YAAS wasnt recognize.

  6. Hwang jung eum looks like an ajumma.everything she worn was plain wrong.
    did u guy notice KSH and PSH holding hands while talking?they even stood close to each other.now i want these two in a drama..this year,dramagod granted my wish of seeing Shin hye and Jong suk in a drama,i pray they grant me wish this year too.fingers cross***

    • they went to the same school together. Shin hye said it one of her interviews that he texted her during yfas first started airing to pass the ratings heirs gained onto yfas, so they were already good friends to begin with. 🙂

    • Really holding hands with KSH. Skin ship with LJS, dated Yong Hwa of CNblue dated the jong hyun of beast, dated park had jin when she was 16, dated Kim Jim hoon, dated Lee min ho and Kim woo bin too. Now KSH at the same time with LJS. Only yoon shi yoon and JkS run away from her. The rest were captivated.

  7. As usual as what expected she won the daesang from the time that she is confirmed to attend i know that the daesang goes to her.Im not a fan of jjh dress so simple she should wear her dress on the red carpet scene in mlfts. but she still look like a goddess she is so classy and elegant on whatever ahe wears.

  8. Good for Jo In Sung not showing his face in SBS Awards.
    I am not a big fan of his but he is a good actor and for his role in IOTL he deserved a award.He was excellent there.

  9. Did JIS not win anything because he decided not to come or was it the other way round? Anyways that wpas surprisin…but the biggest surprise was that Jeon Ji Hyun cut her hair…she looks great but this is the first time ever

    • I have a feeling Jo In-Sung would have been there if they’d had an award for him. It’s a big fail for SBS that they aren’t giving him an acknowledgment for his success in IOIL.

      But I think the calculations break down this way: if Jeon Ji-Hyun gets daesang, then Kim Soo-Hyun needs something, too. You can’t leave him out when his costar wins daesang and he’s a hallyu hit. So he got the actor prize, leaving nothing for JIS. The remaining actress award went to Gong Hyo-Jin, for at least a nod at IOIL.

      Given that this is basically an office holiday party, though, it’s odd that SBS didn’t invent something new in order to give JIS a nod. Does make me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes!

      • he still could’ve won the award yoo chun was given. There was alot of awards to give out. who can explain te difference between midlength series and miniseries? beats me.Kim Soo Hyun and Jo in sung were nominated in different categories for the male excellence award. Gong hyo Jin and him should have taken the win for te categories they were nominated. but I’m glad at least she got it otherwise that’d be a complete shame.
        I like yoo chun but we always have our quibbles with these award ceremonies not honoring the certain actor performances with the right credit and rewards. Yes, he got shafted..nothing new although it is surprising considering he was in talks for daesang.

      • @oddessa jones: poor you. Such a slap on your face with this knowledge: “Kim Soo Hyun and Jo in sung were nominated in different categories for the male excellence award”.

  10. The awards were pretty much expected. I’m just sad that God’s Gift didn’t get anything. Ajusshi was the best tbh.

    The special award Jongsuk got was actually the award Jo InSung got last year, the one which felt like they created it for him because they didn’t give him the Daesang. So they didn’t exactly make up the award just for Jongsuk but well….

  11. Jo in Sung is one of the stars to win 10 star award, was it not consider an award? Kinda just wondering many say he didnot get any.
    I wouldnt complain anything about the award since I both love mlfts and pinocchio.

    • That award is a huge slap in the face. In fact, all of these Korean award shows are a joke. The only thing I look forward to is the fashion. Yet, these ladies can’t dress well. SooYoung had the best looks and she rocked it.

  12. Nothing really came as a surprise but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

    One thing: Correct me if I’m wrong but Secret Door wasn’t a daily or weekend drama, right? I thought Lee Je-hoon and Hwang Jung-eum won top excellence for mid-length (or full-length?) drama.

    Honestly, I never understand the categories. I’m convinced they have all these categories and hierarchies for the awards (excellence, top excellence etc) just to make sure most actors go home happy.

  13. Poor JJH. She looked all depressed from the beginning even when she received best couple award ln stage with KSH. Was she afraid she would have to share daesang with her costar? She looked happier and relieved when she knew she wouldn’t. So ironic.

    • Are you serious? I watched the whole show and never saw that she felt that way. And i doubt a-lister like jjh is thirsty for that daesang she barely attend award show that is why ksh is the one who get all the award that jjh much deserve.Im sure sbs is begging her to attend this lame award show because as far as i know some a listers are not attending. Maybe ksh fandom are so dissapointed the day jjh confirmed her attendance because the daesang will not go to their hallyu god.

      • Lol. Why do ksh fans have to feel dissapointed? Thru out the year, he has got a lot of honours which bitter fans of jjh have been crying in vain to desire for her one-night popularity. Who are more dissapointed than who? Of course she had to attend. No daesang, no show, right? 😉 Don’t act naive as if this was the first award show where some a- list stars failed to attend. No attendance? The show still went on.

        She barely attend the award show that is why ksh is the one who gets all the award that jjh must deserve? Lol. Of course, she has no time at all. She has been too busy at acting mysterious, acting a devoted actress to her career. How busy at filming why she could fly a long way to london and stayed there for 1 week for her luxury ad, while couldn’t manage to fly from china back to korea, or even travelling within korea to attend the show ? How busy when she still managed to fly to rome for holidays with hubby , and then created a “filming in morning” as an evidence for career devotion again? Don’t bullshit people. Obviously, some of her bitchy fans still sacarstically hold on to the “availability” factor to insult ksh’s award attendance in order to hide their own frustration. Let me tell you: ksh’s schedule is much more tight than your bias’.

    • Interesting theory although its not accurate in the least. Jjh feels grateful for ksh and you can tell from her sincere thanks to him each time she won the daesang. He was one of the major factors she returned to drama land and because of that she struck it big.
      also, she was filming her film assassin the whole day just to go straight to the award ceremony after so her looking like “she’s depressed” could be a misjudgment.

    • Tamarine-i know that there will be a ksh fan that will react on my comment specially the dissapointed one.Reading your comment looks like you follow jeon ji hyun’s everywhere and read articles about her thank you for that information.im a fan of her works but not her personal life. About the dissapointed fandom of ksh i will stand on what i said thats what i think so sawwwrry jjh is present so no daesang for ksh that time.

      • Sorry jjh for not geting enough of what your poor fans desperatedly want for you. But I am more than sorry for people who call themselves your fans but know nothing about your stuffs to be able to defend you perfeccccttttttttlyyyyyy. They should now update the reason behind your award. Bet they won’t much happy with it. I learn from them a very precious formula for stupid fandom: blind = deluluness.

    • We never say that we want him to win daesang cause its impossible. You hate him so much thag you’re in cloud nine right now. While he earning money and love from others, you just earn yourself nothing. Good day.

      • Oh r.e.a.l.l.y ? I just read his fans’ daesang delulu some days ago, lmfao. Here: one said: ljs is better than ksh. If that alien can get daesang, why not ljs?”. Your reply: I strongly agee. KSH only did serious face in ywcfts, but ljs shows how versatile he is in different genre”. You know what? His different genre didn’t work well.

      • Yes I said that but did I said he deserves Daesang. No. Ha you just scanned everything ha, you must be a delulu fan

  14. park shin hye rocked thered carpet and the show after i dnt know how long!!! jjh is stunning but looked so blehh at the show.

    dad jo in sung , seung gi , cha seung won were not recognized or awarded anything

  15. When I saw Ji Hyun Here, the first thing that comes to my mind is “OMG!, she looks so smooth and carefree”. But in the last image she looks like she had just woken up from a nap.

  16. thanks for the post koala sis!

    wow and this is such a refreshing page to read and post, i was afraid to comment at the other post (kbs), darn trolls lurking. 🙂

    anyways, loving JJH’s new cut, she looked younger and yeah she so deserves this award. KSH, oh how i love him but please, not all the awards. I must agree to, that SBS is so fond of creating awards just so they can give them, like the one for my fave LJS. tsk. and even as I really like Yoochun, it’s such a pity that it was not JIS when he could have been given a much bigger award.

    and i second to the bb-cream white faces, add the sometimes super shiny faces.

    and my oh my kim yoo jung is so classy in her dress with a really nice pair of heels and looking so grown up. ah this kid had the semblance of JJH too.

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