Gong Hyo Jin is Lovely in First Visit to Taiwan to Promote It’s Okay, It’s Love

It’s wonderful to see Gong Hyo Jin pop up looking so radiant and rested. The last time I saw her was right after It’s Okay, It’s Love wrapped and she needed rest and recuperation for her arm injury and an emotionally grueling and physically taxing drama shoot. IOIL is one of my favorite K-dramas from 2014 and it’s finally hitting the airwaves in Taiwan. Gong Hyo Jin visited the island for the first time in her fifteen year career to promote the drama in a whirlwind three day trip.

Her arrival at the airport was met enthusiastically with over 200 fans, most of which were ladies which isn’t surprising to Gong Hyo Jin as she admitted that for whatever reason most of her fans tend to be women. She was whisked to a press conference for the drama and found her delicious costar Jo In Sung waiting for her there. Not exactly in the flesh but a life-sized cardboard cutout will suffice. Gong Hyo Jin was asked about all her male costars and revealed her most compatible was Jo In Sung. That ought to make IOIL shippers happy!


I love Gong Hyo Jin’s entire look at the press conference so so much! Only she can pull off something so patterned without having it overwhelm her or seem too busy to the eye. Her tri-color furry sandals are also da bomb, with the orange, beige, black a perfect complement to her outfit.

She was asked about all the kissing scenes in the drama, fifteen to be exact, and whether she enjoyed kissing Jo In Sung. Gong Hyo Jin revealed that kissing scenes are filmed with so many staffers standing around it’s the opposite of romantic, and what she remembers most about kissing Jo In Sung onscreen is how very tall he is which left her with neck aches after the scenes wrapped. Poor girl, can we change places to give your neck a rest?


Gong Hyo Jin is Lovely in First Visit to Taiwan to Promote It’s Okay, It’s Love — 15 Comments

  1. I’m happy that she was received so well by the taiwanese media and fans, but really she is not that rested.
    Her accident was much more serious that what press published, with an Acl surgery at her leg and also an arm surgery.Her legs still hurt and she also lost a lot of weight, so i hope she will take her health more serious and just rest.

  2. Her condition could be said quite bad as her leg get hurt again and because of losing too much weight, she even still have to check up while staying in Taipei. But one thing that I’m happy and super grateful is how taiwanase fans and media welcomed her very warmly, specially those fanboys at the airport, very loudly calling her “NOONA NOONA NOONA!!!” totally beat the voice of our fellow fangirls 😀

    I also really love her current style specially post IOIL, her style is very much feminine than last year 😛 I really love her SIMPLICITY, she looks simple yet classy! <3 <3 <3

    ms.koala, thanks for the article 😀

  3. She is the BEST!!! Love her to bits and how HOT does she look with JIS they make one very good looking couple, their chemistry is fantastic. Keep the good work coming love her in everything she does.

  4. Since she’s promoting IOIL, she had to say she’s most compatible with her costar of course. Anyway, I think she’s one of the few actresses who has chemistry with all her leading men.

    Starting with Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School, all her male leads are 180+cm except for Jang Hyuk who’s ‘just’ 177cm. (Bi=184cm; Gong Yoo=184cm; Lee SungKyun=180cm; Cha SeungWon=188cm; So JiSub=182cm; JIS=186cm)

    Love the shoes! Also want her hair color and makeup.

    • I didn’t see the love at all in ‘Thank You’ but the rest oft he drama was nice. I remember not rooting for the main couple at all. Apart from Jang Hyuk, she had great chemistry with just about everyone else.

      And I thought JIS and GHJ’s acting styles occasionally didn’t mesh well together. It actually made me cringe when that happened.

      • Yeah, I was really excited for JH/GHJ in Thank You, but I couldn’t see any sparkage, either. Like, at all. I ended up rooting for them just because I wanted him to adopt the little girl.

      • I think in Thank you, the romance was put on a second plan, they concentrated more on the difficult life of a mother who had a kid with Hiv and without a father and how people views them.
        Honestly, the story of that drama was so beautifull that it didn’t interest me so much the romance part.

  5. thanks for posting this news!!!i love visiting your blog…and seeing my most fave k.actress news/story here makes it double the fun 🙂

  6. Aww, too bad Jo In Sung wasn’t with her in person. I will gladly take home Joo In Sung’s cutout anyday, hehe!

  7. I love her. It took a short while to warm up to her but once it sparks, u get hooked to her all the time. ALways waiting to see what her next drama is. The outstanding thing is she tends to make the men in her dramas stand out. It’s no surprise that the men get awards. I feel bewildered wen she instead didn’t get awards eg the masters sun
    Yea many female fans like her. That’s thr biggest compliment to her. Females usually go for male actors. Hence to have females liking her as a fan is a great feat

    Fighting, gong hyo Jin. You’re great!

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