Han Ye Seul’s Rehabilitated Acting Career Hits Speed Bump with New Financial Scandal

Talk about a case of spectacularly bad timing for Han Ye Seul, but if she did screw up and break some Korean finance laws then I reckon the timing is just her cross to bear. After wrapping her weekend drama Birth of a Beauty this past weekend, getting positive reviews and K-netizens forgiveness finally after the Spy Myung Wol fiasco four years ago, the week took a nosedive for Leslie as her US activities caught up to her and went public in a big way. This is probably less juicy of a scandal than dating stuff but appears to signal a recent uptick in Korean agency enforcement whether it’s tax laws or financial reporting.

The Korean regulatory agency Financial Supervisory Service reportedly uncovered over 44 individuals, including a celebrity like Han Ye Seul as well as the bigger name that is SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, who have engaged in unlawful foreign exchanges in recent years. Foreign exchange in this case isn’t exchanging currency under the table, LOL, it refers to financial transactions¬†(purchase, sales, transfers, foreign direct investments, etc.) done by Korean citizens overseas which are required to be reported for tax and asset overview purposes. Continue reading