Pinocchio Happily Ends and Lee Jong Seok/Park Shin Hye Shippers Can Keep the Faith

With Pinocchio put to bed it feels like nestling in for the night after a particularly productive day. The cast and crew must feel even more satisfied and proud of delivering such a meaningful drama made with love. I’ve long since passed my drama shipping days other than out of nostalgia or whimsy but the OTP of Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye seemed primed for real life shipping if any drama pair calls for it. They rocked the chemistry on all fronts – the family warmth, the collegiate camaraderie, the friendly banter, the simmering sexual tension, the restrained longing, the goofy playfulness – pretty much the entire gamut of what makes a couple work.

It also doesn’t hurt that they are sooooooo beautiful together, maybe even prettier than they already are individually. Lee Jong Seok has a more chiseled face and twinkly eyes but Park Shin Hye brings this softened feminine aura that complements him so nicely. They were also openly chillaxing together all during the filming as the copious amounts of BTS pictures and footage show. I don’t actually think something is brewing in real life between them but I definitely get the sense that they really formed a friendship working together. That’s way more precious if you ask me, and who knows what the future holds even as friends, right? I’m going to miss Pinocchio very much but it’s nice to send off the drama with a collage of pics giving shippers something to smile about.


Pinocchio Happily Ends and Lee Jong Seok/Park Shin Hye Shippers Can Keep the Faith — 26 Comments

  1. I definitely shIp them! Haven’t been this crazy about a fictional couple since Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook – My Girl days! Please Cupid; let this ship sail! I’m suffering Pinocchio withdrawals already! Darling couple is ❤️❤️❤️!

  2. She always seems to have great friendships/chemistry with her costars off screen, but I can’t really see anything romantic with any of them. They are pretty together though.

  3. As much as I love Dal-in onscreen, can’t feel any attraction offscreen. Complete opposite of Minshin couple who were so bland onscreen but so lovely behind the scenes.

    • I guess you haven’t watched pinocchio bts yet, they are so comfortable with each other, a fan acc said that shinhye once hugging jongsuk out of script.

      Wish all the best for their future projects.

      • @winda hello winda, just a small correction, it was jongsuk who hugged shin hye according to that fan account in between a shot. I am sure. 🙂

        And judging from the comment, the commentor might be a minshin fan. So lets not worry much. Dal-in were indeed lovely. 🙂

      • it was jongsuk that hugged her after the director said cut based on jongsuk fans’s account though

    • Just like what grandpa’s said… Through dad we know that grandpa opposed Dalin couple, since once a family will always be a family, but with romantic relationship it could end…

      So hope their friendship last longer…. ^^ but if it ends with marriage, that would be much better 😉

  4. I am having a huge smile after reading this article. The feeling is content. Many a times, even when the drama is good, the ending will make you feel like, “This is it?” being left out unsatisfactory. But pinocchio turned out to be a beautiful drama with a perfect ending. I am really feeling content. 🙂

  5. I like him better with the hair up. I don’t see they have anything but friends. The truth is so far she looks best with Lee Min Ho, they are like the power couple. Eventhough some don’t think they have chemistry or friendship but sure there was something.

    • why are fans of her with Lee Min Ho so insecure that they have to come here and start talking about how no, she and LJS have no chemistry and LMH was best?! Most people commenting like her better with Lee Jong Seok, just accept that and let it go.

      • exactly!maybe they are just insecure because most of the people agree that shinhye and jongsuk have the best chemistry and shinhye is happier when she’s working with jong suk. HAHAHA

  6. I never thought that I would like them this much.
    But I’m happy to be proven wrong and hope they would get another project in the future

  7. I ado ire this couple and to me they are so far the best of best in k-drama. PSH is a perfect match for LJS even KWB said so. I am sooo sad the drama has ended. I teally hope they would get together again in a future project. Just for info, LSJ was the one who hugged PSH not in the script. Also hope they would continue to be very good friends, who knows what the future holds. All the best to the Darlin Couple.

  8. me love looking at this two! i almost forgot that they had an carry a clothing brand name together and there both sizzle too.
    and ljs made psh come out of her shell of wide-eyed deer acting when kissing!

  9. love love love this drama. will miss it so much. dal po, in ha, grandfather, hyung, yoon yoo rae – cap couple, nosy jang, seo bum joo, chan soo, all !! thanks for give us such beautiful drama.

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