Written and Video Preview for Episode 1 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Today is the premiere of Hyde, Jekyll, Me and I’m succeeding so far in keeping my expectations in check. I’m not even hoping this drama blows me away as long as it keeps my interest and capitalizes on having Hyun Bin as the male lead. He’s capable of delivering so much nuance and intensity all wrapped in that gorgeous physical specimen of perfection. Already his primary personality of cold chaebol Koo Seo Jin rubs me the wrong way but if he reigns it in or gives a good reason for being a jackass then I can get onboard.

I also wonder if alternate personality Robin is as super nice and smexy as he appears or there is a darker side to him, i.e. the reason Robin exists is scary and dangerous ergo he’s not the kind protector that he appears to be. So far Han Ji Min underwhelms me in all the promos but that’s not surprising since I’m mostly indifferent to her when she’s acting but find her lovely in pictorials. I do love the new stills above showing the two leads filming an underwater rescue scene, so cliched yet stirring when executed correctly.

Written preview for episode 1:

Gu Seo Jin is the president of Wonderland amusement park and he unilaterally dismisses the Jang Ha Na’s circus. Ha Na hopes that by transforming the circus then the dismissal will be rescinded. On the other hand, Professor Kang claims to have found the most ideal and safest treatment method for Seo Jin….

Preview for episode 1:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 1 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 8 Comments

  1. Who knows maybe it will turn out to be a fluffy, squee worthy show. It’s the trait of kdramas that got me addicted to them in the first place.

    Those yoga pants must be burned.

  2. His printed yoga pants have been in for quite a while, even for guys. Surprise at all the surprises. He really look comfy and good in it. Its a rom-com so I expect it to be fluffy.

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