More Gorgeous Drama Stills from Korean Co-produced C-remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man

The latest batch of official drama stills coming out of the C-drama set of Love Through Thousands of Years looks soooooo beautiful. I’m not surprised the visuals are gorgeous because this C-drama adaptation of Queen In Hyun’s Man has a Korean PD behind the camera – PD Jang Young Woo who directed tvN‘s I Need Romance 2 and I Need Romance 3. He’s not the only Korean involved in this production, the production consultant is Kim Young Kyu and After School‘s Nana has a supporting role playing a rival actress to leading lady Zheng Shuang who plays the young rising starlet in this drama.

After getting a first peek at the lead couple of Zheng Shuang and Jin Bo Ran as the time-traveling Han warrior scholar, I’m way more intrigued seeing second male lead Chen Xiang in costume as a Han royal family warrior. Whatever the lighting the production is using I want to bottle it up, it makes everyone glow and in Chen Xiang’s case it makes him look even more like Lee Jun Ki‘s younger doppleganger. The drama is filming right now but will premiere sometime in February with the production explaining that it was going for a live-shoot format like the Korean original production.


More Gorgeous Drama Stills from Korean Co-produced C-remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man — 17 Comments

    • Nana is quite popular atm but I hate how people just pushes newbie into big roles when they have zero acting experience. She never acted in anything and to take on second lead in foreign drama… Well if she feel that she can do then I hope she can deliver bc I wouldn’t feel bad bashing if 2nd lead isn’t up to par.

      Even the talented actors need to gain experience at first to take on bigger roles.

      Idk, maybe I’m being harsh but I see idols like Suzy getting lead roles then it ruins the drama bc the acting is not there. The part where a real actor should have been casted.

      • I’ve read that Suzy is kinda forced into acting. I hope that’s not the case for Nana. She’s been diligently learning Mandarin as we’ve seen in Roommate.

      • But i really think that Suzy acted very well in Dream High! She was only 17 or 16 at that time. She was really hardworking too!!!

  1. I don’t know who this Chen Xiang guy is but RWAR! Such a hottie in period garb! I think he’s smexier than the lead! I’d probably be 2nd lead shipping if I was watching this show.

    • Only other time I have seen Chen Xiang is the web drama Secret Angel he did with Kim So Eun back in 2012. I liked him in that, though it was quite short. Hopefully, this drama will lead to him getting more lead roles 😀

  2. oh my gosh, all of them are so beautiful. the second lead guy’s jaw could cut a steak, yum!
    The still with the back hug is beyond beautiful. Will be waiting for its release and waiting even longer for subs. Hope you decide to do recaps. Loved the Korean version, the chemistry was great (such a shame Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are no longer an item)

  3. I can’t wait for this! QIM is one of my all time favorite dramas so I’m pretty excited. Hopefully the lead couple has good chemistry.

  4. Chen Xiang has a supporting role in the new Condor Heroes drama. This may sound confusing since the starring role is played by Chen Xiao.

  5. This might just be the first C-drama for me because the stills are gorgeous and I’m liking the leads. It helps that I know the story is good already. A little bit of re imagining won’t hurt.

  6. I don’t see any similarity to Lee Jun Ki to be honest. Those stills are gorgeous though, I wonder if there is ay chance for this show to be subbed in English.

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