Jung Il Woo Showers Taiwan Fans with Copious Affection at His Third Fan Meeting

I suggest Jung Il Woo think long and hard about his next acting project. Two seriously bad K-dramas in a row with Golden Rainbow and Records of a Night Watchman are taxing my affection for him and I’m sad when that happens. I haven’t liked him in a drama since his second lead turn in The Moon Embraces the Sun, where I liked his character and performance more than overacting like his royal robes were on fire male lead Kim Soo Hyun. But I have to dig way back to 2011 and 49 Days for a genuine role that I loved in his Scheduler.

Hopefully he’ll end his MBC exclusive and go back to SBS for something different and more challenging than the silliness he’s been outputting recently. His devoted fans likely don’t care and for certain his Taiwanese fans welcomed him with open arms last week for his fourth visit to the island and third official fan meeting there. I think he chatted with good friend Lee Min Ho before he left, how else to explain him delivering the same effusive fan service Min Ho-sshi showered his fans with during the recent showcase for his upcoming movie. LOL, he definitely made a lot of ladies happy.


Jung Il Woo Showers Taiwan Fans with Copious Affection at His Third Fan Meeting — 4 Comments

  1. I thought his portrayal of a dimwitted chaboel heir in Flowerboy Raman Shop was also quiet good. But his acting will not make you overlook a bad script and/or dialogue. And lately there seem to be a glut of those.

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