Lee Sung Kyung is Stunning in Glorious Bridal Gowns for Singles Magazine

As far as small screen debuts go, model-turned-actress Lee Sung Kyung couldn’t have picked a more ideal drama last year than It’s Okay, It’s Love. She was surrounded by amazingly talented sunbaes giving it their all in acting out a truly difficult but rewarding story, allowing her the room to do her small part with more reassurance. Unfortunately her character was mostly irritating even if she also had her own mental health issues, and compared to the debut of D.O. in the same drama then as newbies she totally got overshadowed by his intensity and more fascinating character. That leaves the jury still out for me on Lee Sung Kyung, but the upside is she didn’t suck at all in her first role and gave off a unique and natural aura in her acting. I find her looks really eye-catching in a good way, both warm and sharp at the same time with an impish vibe. She’s in the pages of Singles magazine modeling a slew of bridal attire that are envy-inducing in how she pulls it off.

She’s diving into the production of the upcoming MBC weekend drama Equator’s Flower playing Kim Sung Ryung‘s daughter so that ought to continue her upward trajectory of working with great sunbae costars in roles that keep developing her experience.


Lee Sung Kyung is Stunning in Glorious Bridal Gowns for Singles Magazine — 7 Comments

  1. She’s honestly not bad, like you said her role was small but she did well in it. And she makes a fantastic model, it’s rare for someone with such a typically cute face to pull off looks like these but she’s beautiful here.

    I’m glad she’s taking the path of gaining real experience in acting and stretching her skill limits without overreaching…. and not just grabbing for high-profile roles using the pull of her powerful agency and media play, unlike some “cf queens” who seem to think endorsing things gives them the right to an acting career that they suck at.

  2. Just watched her episode on Happy Together, and she’s quite talented, she can play piano, dance, sing quite well and officially going into acting career now.

  3. Rather than her, i actually more stunned by her beautiful dress. It’s so pretty.
    Btw is she took the photo in Bali? 🙂

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