Bolin Chen and Son Ye Jin Embark on Mysterious Jeju Romance in Korean-Chinese Rom-com Movie

The Chinese-Korean collaborations continue unabated, which feels even more up my alley since I was watching and writing about Korean and Chinese entertainment starting way back when rarely the twain shall meet. Not sure how I actually feel about it in terms of output quality but even the worst starting efforts have the potential to improve. Up next is a mega collaboration from both the production and star pairing stand point. Award-winning Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen is going to romance award-winning Korean goddess Son Ye Jin for an upcoming rom-com movie set in Jeju.

While both Son Ye Jin and Bolin Chen can do dark intense roles in their sleep, I much prefer their comedic efforts since those roles and stories are much more watchable. I probably do one thriller watch for every ten rom-com offerings. The movie is tentatively titled Bad Guy Don’t Bother Me (壞蛋別惹我) and tells the story of the funny and unexpected romance that springs up when a Chinese guy visits Jeju and encounters a mysterious Korean woman. That’s all the synopsis given so far, which would be alarming other than I would watch Bolin Chen read from a phone book so even the flimsiest storyboard is worth a shot if he’s in it.

This movie is going to be a Chinese-Korean co-production, including having the joint directing collaboration of Chinese director Feng Xiao Gang (Assembly, The Banquet, If You Are the One) with Korean director Kang Je Gyu (Shiri, My Way, Taegukgi). This is some serious directing talent pairing up for what is described as a funny rom-com but I’m not going to complain about double the famous production talent behind the scenes. The movie starts filming shortly on Jeju. Both leads are coming off fantastic movie successes last year in 2014: Bolin had the box office hits in both The Continent and now the Chinese version of Miss Granny while Son Ye Jin’s swashbuckling Pirates did good business and won her a Grand Bell Best Actress award.


Bolin Chen and Son Ye Jin Embark on Mysterious Jeju Romance in Korean-Chinese Rom-com Movie — 6 Comments

  1. He’s so cute and she’s a beauty. I don’t see any harm with collaborations if they bring our favourite actors from different countries together which is AWESOME 😀 I guess the only problem is the language barrier, then again not an issue for me since I watch it subtitled either way XP

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