UEE and Suzy’s New Super Svelte Figures Sends K-ent Buzzing

I confess it’s invariably awkward writing about physical changes in entertainers. It’s basically the pink elephant in the room – mostly unrelated to talent but impossible to ignore. That’s why I try to keep my commentary on such matters lighthearted because whether by choice or not, it’s still a personal thing with respect to weight (loss or gain), plastic surgery, and/or aging. Some happen by choice, others by time, but if I like an entertainer it almost never matters.

Recently in the span of one week K-ent has been buzzing about the very noticeable weight loss in two female stars known for their healthy physique and wholesome appear. Miss A‘s Suzy showed up at the Gangnam 1970 movie premiere looking visibly thinner, and a few days later was in Vietnam for The Body Shop event a little less thin. Even more chatter was raised when UEE of After School attended the drama press conference for Ho Gu’s Love almost unrecognizable with her weight loss. Is this a trend or outlying situations that merely happened around the same time?



UEE and Suzy’s New Super Svelte Figures Sends K-ent Buzzing — 27 Comments

  1. Not just weight loss but Uee had her jawline reshaped. Her choice anyway, she still looks good although I prefer her previous appearance. Suzy looks about the same as before.

  2. wow UEE so slim now. she is still beautiful but I liked her body shape before, her legs looked so great back then. I dont notice much change in suzy though.

  3. UEE has slimed down so much. Her jawline also seems different and she lost her chubby cute cheeks, but she remains pretty and more mature (?) Suzy has grown so much, she looks gorgeous without the bangs and more interesting outfits. She’s been giving me Jeon Ji Hyun feels. Hope she will show improvement and growth in her acting for her next movie.

    • I am neutral. I think UEE looks young and pretty with her slim looks. I dunno why some of you think otherwise. But some of you are very critical of some celebrities – hitting ppl, blackmailing ppl, slimming down. And some of you can’t stand other ppl who have different opinion or who are more sympathetic, I don’t want some of you come and hit me with evil remarks. Just grow up.

      • What concerns me more is once you look around a bit more and find articles on how these celebrities got to (and maintain) their looks. Articles that present that single potato + some cherry tomatoes + a health drink diets are “healthy” and “normal” ways of eating, or that starving yourself for days before filming a drama (IU) is something laudable.

        People come in different shapes and sizes, there’s nothing wrong with that. What is shocking is if you dig into Korean entertainment a bit and find that many of these very skinny actresses, actors and idols are essentially just starving themselves – and I’m sure a good chunk of them do it, because otherwise they have no chance at a career.

        No shame/blame on the individuals, but shame/blame on an industry that expects this.

      • “blackmailing”?

        I dare you to find even ONE person on this site who has “blackmailed” anyone, as you claim. And I think your definition of “hitting” is not a definition found anywhere in the English language.

        Like alua says, it’s no shame to the individuals, but on a system that makes already beautiful and healthy celebrities continually compromise their health and make surgical alterations to their appearance.

  4. The above photos ( Black and White outfit ) of SUZY reminds me SEO EUN GI from the k-drama NICE GUY- Episode 01 … Her hairstyle and the clothes.

  5. wow if you didn’t caption it’s uee i would not have recognized it her!!! and suzy was lovely before miss her chuby cheeks. now she looks like 24 in a clasy way

  6. Suzy is just so pretty! I hope she keeps working on things other than high profile characters on high profile shows so she can improve without the eyes of the world watching.

    What if they did a female version of Bad Guys? She could have fun being the psycho and really let it all out. Don’t know what title makes sense. Evil Women?

    • I just realized a possible reason it makes me happy to see Suzy. Her smile and shape of her face remind me of my god daughter. They are about the same age, too.

  7. Uee looks way too thin, I admired her for looking healthy compared to all the other starlets. I also read a interview where she talked about instead of dieting how she eats well.
    Suzy doesn’t look that different, the pants and shirt aren’t very fitted and are quite loose so it makes her look tiny.

  8. I really don’t undersand why they choose to become so thin. Son Dam Bi is scary in What happens to my family, she’s not anymore beautiful for me (and I don’t like her character that is really useless in the story…) Now UEE, it’s sad she compare herself with a co-actor.

  9. But UEE was already well.known for her figure…why did she have to lose more weight?..what happened to those ‘honey thighs’ that she was famous for? To me she just doesn’t look healthy this skinny…o well, its her body

  10. UEE looks horrible. She had a great figure and looked beautiful and healthy the way she was. Suzy looks about the same, for now. God, praying Park Shin Hye keeps that healthy figure.

  11. About uee i do think one factor that contribute to her being this thin is because before this she’s filming the variety show law of the jungles. I mean that is one hell of a survival programme with lots of physical activities and basically just grab anything you can find to eat. So no wonder most celebrities who went there appear much visibly thinner and haggard. However she still look pretty and i would still recognize her in whatever outfit she’s in because her face didn’t change though except for her more visibly thinner appearance now. Suzy…well i just think she matures and she look lovely. Not much change though because its been a while since she carries on this appearance. So in my opinion she stays pretty much the same except no baby fats cheek anymore…i miss those cheek~

  12. UEE is too skinny and missed her healthy looking body. First picture showed those legs so skinny and fragile (affraid is going to break). Suzy looks skinny as well, but it is not like UEE. Anyway, hopefully they are not trying to starve themselves to loose weigth and hopefully we will see them back to their healthy looking body for their next picture event.

    • Uee’s in a dress, Suzy’s wearing trousers and a loose outfit – obviously her legs are not as much on display so we can’t actually say who’s skinnier.

      Like you, I hope neither of them starved themselves but there is only a small chance of that being the case.

      • Suzy lost a lot of weight, but still has muscles on her legs. Maybe she did those diets to lose fat and to be more toned.

  13. i really lyke them all but Uee should maintain her body shape instead of still starving herself on diet. Suzy i really like her body shape nt too much on diet bcz of her health *LUV ALL*

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