Movie Version of Bu Bu Jing Xin with Ivy Chen Releases Intriguing First Teaser

Are audiences all Bu Bu Jing Xin-ed out? That’s the question that will be answered later this year when the big-budget C-movie version of the popular story hits the big screens. As a refresher – Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) started off as a web novel by writer Tong Hua and was later published to popular but cultish success, then it was adapted into a C-drama starring Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, and Kevin Cheng where it hit mainstream success and launched the careers of the entire cast to the next level. Most recently there was a so-called sequel with some of the original cast members back, produced by the drama production company that wasn’t based on any Tong Hua written novel or script and that one mostly tanked.

Now comes the big leagues as the original Bu Bu Jing Xin novel is being brought to the movie screens in an adaptation with Tong Hua’s blessing but also greatly hinted to deviate significantly from the source material. I don’t mean deviate such that leading lady Ruo Xi ends up with 8th Prince or anything like that, but more the entire story being condensed into 2 hours gives the production leeway to aim for a very different details and feel while keeping the fundamental story of a time-traveling modern girl and her epic love with Qing Emperor Yongzheng. The very first promos came out this week with two different stills of leading lady Ivy Chen as well as a gorgeous teaser preview that is much too short but delivers plenty of atmospheric impact. I for one am actually looking forward to this movie version.

The production remains coy as to which of the two leading men in Shawn Dou and Tony Yang play which prince and the teaser doesn’t shown any of the princes other than in passing so I can’t tell either. I really love Ivy in the teaser, whatever she’s doing may not scream out Ruo Xi but she pulls off both the modern and period looks perfectly.

Teaser preview for Time to Love:

“Lonely, it’s because this world doesn’t have you.”

“To be together, I have to travel through time to find you.”


Movie Version of Bu Bu Jing Xin with Ivy Chen Releases Intriguing First Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. hello dear koala and everyone. I see some chinese dramas are just sooo pretty and I want to download it to watch it in hd, where I could find chinese torrents? I’m really lost about it… thanks in advance!

  2. One of all time fave drama! And Ivy looks lovely!

    It’s tugging my heart already! Can’t wait to see it if it’s available here USA!!

  3. Pretty!
    I am guessing there won’t be enough time for me to pine for 14.
    If someone can do a credible P&P in 2 hours, and I think someone did, why not a quick BBJX? I am amazed at how much emotional punch comes out of a film. But I guess when I watch a drama, there are always a handful of memorable scenes that could fill a film without losing a lot of the emotion. There film will leave out side stories and that is ok.

    Here’s to 2016 when I can watch it subbed somewhere, please and thanks!!

  4. I will never get tired of BBJX and you will always be thanked for bringing it to our attention. Yes, I’m looking forward to watching this movie version too. That teaser got my attention.

  5. I’m rewatching the BBJX drama for the nth time and I still can’t get enough! I’ll definitely be watching this, provided I can find it with English subs. Thanks for keeping us updated, Koala <3

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