Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 6 Recap

It’s a funny thing Hyde, Jekyll, Me is doing, thoroughly building up one main character while there is almost zero growth and development from the other lead. Yet it still hooks me because Seo Jin is so entertaining to watch now, diametrically opposite the still dull as beans Ha Na. I would watch Seo Jin talking to a goat and find it more interesting than whatever Ha Na brings to the table. It’s not easy to write such a flat female lead and have that continue this long into the story, but the silver lining is that Seo Jin’s nuance makes up for Ha Na’s broad strokes attitude and shrieking. Episode 6 was a small step back from the hilarity of episode 5 but confidently continues to flesh Seo Jin out, his little beats of concern for Ha Na shows that he does have a heart and merely chooses not to engage it before.

Robin’s cracks conversely are starting to show, and I don’t mean whatever danger he poses to Seo Jin. Compared to Seo Jin, he’s like the less interesting twin now. Which kinda makes sense that someone as vapid as Woo Jung likes Robin, because his one-nice-size fits all attitude has been revealed to be vanilla cream slathered on a vanilla wafer. Where’s the complexity in him? It only comes out with Seo Jin which further confirms that the best parts of this drama are the two personalities smarting over how to outwit the other while reluctantly coexisting together. This episode did abruptly put an end (kinda) to the silly lurking assailant danger but poor Professor Kang is still MIA, leaving the mystery part of the story hanging limply while only Seo Jin’s growing attitude softening remains the shining beacon of color in this otherwise still mostly bland tale.

Episode 6 recap:

Still buzzed Ha Na confesses that she thinks Robin is a nice person and likes him. Too bad she doesn’t know she confessed to Seo Jin instead of Robin, but it doesn’t matter either way as she freaks out and runs off leaving Seo Jin sitting there stunned.

Ha Na runs to the barn and talks to the goat and puppy about what an impetuous thing she just did, confessing to a guy just like that. Seo Jin touches his rapidly beating heart and orders it to calm down immediately but he’s clearly affected by the confession.

Ha Na wakes up the next morning with a hangover and the memory of her embarrassing and forward confession last night. Jin Joo correctly guesses the reason for Ha Na’s consternation this morning while Eun Chang walks in to deliver Seo Jin’s departure note. Ha Na runs around the farm screaming her head off, and honestly please someone slap some grown up sense into her. Da hell is the overreaction going on with this chick.

Seo Jin changes into his usual buttoned up attire and glasses while Young Chan smirks from the driver’s seat. He gets a report that the police are investigating the car accident last night but Young Chan is more curious about whether Seo Jin pulled off the Robin ruse. Seo Jin claims all went well before coughing a few times from a wee cold. Ha Na is also sneezing in the van driving back to Seoul with the circus. Jin Joo thinks Seo Jin left early as a sign that he rejected Ha Na’s confession rather than facing her awkwardly the next morning. Ha Na howls some more about how embarrassed she is.

Seo Jin effectively leads a Wonder Circus management meeting and afterwards his dad stays behind to privately chat about what’s going on now. Dad raises his concern about Seo Jin letting Ha Na live with him but Seo Jin doesn’t budge with Ha Na’s importance in finding Professor Kang. Dad doesn’t agree with Seo Jin’s mom in thinking Seo Jin has changed, the way Dad sees it, Seo Jin is still a weak cowardly person and can’t be trusted to pull through.

Seo Jin isn’t cowed by Dad’s insults and points out he saved himself back then. Dad sighs while a brief flashback appears to show young Seo Jin being held by a captor in the dark. Seo Jin continues that he realized after that incident that he loves himself more than his dad does, which is why he will take care of himself and not worry about others or expect others to help him.

Tae Joo gets a call from Detective Lee about the owner of the truck that tried to run Robin and Ha Na off the road last time. Turns out assailant was stupid enough to drive his own registered vehicle. Tae Joo’s eyes light up and quickly looks over at his patient who is the assailant sitting there waiting for the session to start. Detective Lee informs Tae Joo that he’s on his way to arrest the guy now. Tae Joo ends the call and turns around to see the assailant standing right behind him. The assailant informs Tae Joo that things aren’t over yet. Even if that person doesn’t remember, he remembers everything and all he has left are his memories. Forgiveness? That’s impossible now.

The assailant gets on his motorcycle and rides out of Tae Joo’s parking garage. Tae Joo gets up with a bloody forehead wound and manages to call Detective Lee who has just arrived and sees the assailant riding away on his motorcycle. The cops give chase but can’t stop him. Detective Lee calls Young Chan to report that the assailant is currently being pursued and riding towards Wonder Land. Seo Jin hears the update and has Young Chan try to call Ha Na but she can’t be reached. Young Chan reaches Jin Joo and hears that Ha Na is at the circus preparing for a performance.

Seo Jin runs off to find Ha Na and keeps trying to call her but she doesn’t pick up her cellphone. The assailant arrives outside Wonder Circus and runs in with the police in pursuit. Ha Na is standing in the circus practice a bubble performance, oblivious to the commotion outside.

Seo Jin reaches Ha Na first and angrily asks why she’s not answering the phone. He informs Ha Na that the assailant is being chased right now so she’s not safe. Seo Jin takes Ha Na back to his house and orders her to stay home until the assailant is captured. Ha Na agrees and also tells Seo Jin that if the assailant is captured she’ll move out first thing tomorrow morning.

Ha Na goes back to her room and goes to stare wistfully at Robin’s sketches on her desk. She tells herself that this is for the best, leaving soon rather than risk running into Robin. Ha Na goes to grab her suitcase from the top of the bookshelf and can’t reach it. Seo Jin goes back to his room and sees Robin’s coat on his chair. He then hears a noise and runs over to Ha Na’s room to find her laying on the ground having fallen when trying to climb the shelf to grab her suitcase. Seo Jin easily takes it down for her and gets an awkward thanks from Ha Na.

Seo Jin goes to open the window to let out some dust which cause Robin’s sketches to go flying in a strong gust of wind. That gets him yelled at by Ha Na before she runs outside to retrieve all the strewn pages. She wonders if Robin won’t be their circus storyboard designer anymore? Seo Jin comes out and wonders why the pages are such a big deal to Ha Na. He hears it’s sketches for the circus performances and once lost can’t be replaced. Seo Jin doesn’t see any problem but Ha Na points out that may be true for him but for her there are always obstacles that she can’t overcome easily.

Seo Jin doesn’t say anything back, watching Ha Na slowly picking up the pages and bends down to help her.

Seo Jin hands the pages back to Ha Na and asks what the story is about? The pages he saw was about someone following another, is that a suitable story for kids to watch? Ha Na explains that the story is about a boy who comes to the bridge every night, standing there about to jump but always going back. Seo Jin asks if Robin told Ha Na this story but she doesn’t want to talk about Robin anymore, isn’t that also what Seo Jin demanded from her?

Seo Jin thinks back to Ha Na’s confession to him and writing the departure note for her that he left already. Seo Jin concurs that Ha Na’s decision is correct before leaving her room. Seo Jin gets a call from Young Chan that the assailant has been captured. WHUT? That happened off-screen LOL?He checks with Detective Lee and hears the assailant revealed Professor Kang is alive and also where she’s being held. Seo Jin is relieved thinking about the last words Professor Kang said to him which was that she found a forever cure for his condition and he would be free soon.

Ha Na takes out Seo Jin’s departure note and reads it one more time. She then takes out her phone and sends a series of text messages to Robin. Seo Jin is in bed and sees Robin’s phone ringing with multiple texts from Ha Na. Instead of ignoring it, he adorably tries to guess Robin’s password to get into his phone. He even uses tape to lift fingerprints unsuccessfully before going to the lair and watching surveillance footage to try and catch Robin typing in his password.

Seo Jin successfully sees what Robin’s phone password is and unlocks his phone to read Ha Na’s texts. Ha Na asks if Robin got back safely and blames both the alcohol and Robin for her confession. It’s his fault for being so nice to her to the point that she got confused and confessed to him. Ha Na asks Robin to forget the confession so the next time they see each other they can just go back to being friends. Ha Na notices that her messages have been read while Seo Jin stands there reading those messages before deleting them from Robin’s phone.

Woo Jung checks out Wonder Circus online to learn more about the place that that her Oppa Robin is working as a storyboard designer. Seo Jin’s cousin Seung Yun devises a plan to track down Woo Jung by posting her picture online and claiming that Wonder Land is looking for a girl who saved a woman who fell off the stage.

The two sides converge soon as Woo Jung is pushing her college cheerleading squad to practice extra hard so they can get hired to perform with Wonder Circus. She needs to join the circus where her Oppa’s girl works. Woo Jung is informed that her name and picture is now online so she calls Seung Yun who asks to meet.

Seung Yun brings food for the entire cheer leading squad and I swear he’s so sleazy as to be bordering on a farce. Seung Yun shows Woo Jung her picture with Robin and asks if the guy is her boyfriend? Woo Jung confirms that the guy is her boyfriend Robin and she’s been with him for ten years. Seung Yun takes Seo Jin as using a fake name Robin to play with more girls which is something he hasn’t tried doing before.

Robin wakes up and his last memory is of the truck running into the farm. He calls Young Chan to check on Ha Na and instead hears that Seo Jin had to pretend to be him during the rest of the retreat. Robin laughs uproariously at the thought of Seo Jin pretending to be him and isn’t even worried since with Seo Jin’s personality he would never let anyone find out. Robin goes to lair to check for new messages but doesn’t find any from Seo Jin which confirms for him that nothing happened.

Ha Na keeps checking her phone for Robin’s reply and tries to console herself to take this rejection in stride. She gets a text and quickly runs out to join Robin in the garage as he’s fixing up the car. She tries to calm herself down but can’t help getting her hopes up.

Clueless Robin welcomes Ha Na with a smile while she remains a bit tentative around him. He wraps a scarf around her which reminds her of when Seo Jin shared his blanket with her in front of the fire. Robin pulls Ha Na to sit by the fire he’s built in the garage to warm her and explains that the other car is wrecked but there is another car that Seo Jin doesn’t drive so Robin wants to fix it up.

Robin tentatively gets to the main topic when he asks Ha Na if he did anything strange last night? Ha Na asks if he doesn’t remember while thinking about why Robin didn’t respond to her texts. Robin asks Ha Na to just let last night go and Ha Na wonders if he’s asking to forget about her confession. He smiles and aegyos Ha Na to forgive him so she nods her head. The radio has a love song about rejection playing so Robin starts to sing along with it while smiling at Ha Na which she takes as a definitive sign that Robin rejected her confession.

The next morning Seo Jin is in a rush to know if the police found Professor Kang and hear that the assailant may have mental problems. Ha Na is called down to join them headed to the police station to identify the assailant. She coughs in the car and Young Chan hands her a box filled with all sorts of medicines. Ha Na tries to read each bottle so Seo Jin asks what her symptoms are before picking out the correct bottles and handing it to her. Ha Na declines taking medicine for now in case it makes her sleepy.

Ha Na stands behind the one-way mirror while the assailant is being questioned in the other room. Ha Na looks at his face and her memory from the night comes back, confirming that he was the one who dropped the strobe light on her in the circus. Detective Lee orders his colleague to end the investigation which is when the assailant pounds on the one-way mirror demanding “Come out!”

Ha Na screams in fear and Tae Joo covers her eyes to calm her down. Seo Jin is about to ask if she’s fine and raises his hand to touch her but Tae Joo whisks her out of the room.

Seo Jin demands Detective Lee quickly find Professor Kang but instead gets yelled at for not being nicer to Ha Na since she’s an eyewitness who went through a trauma and should be treated well. Seo Jin stares at Tae Joo talking with Ha Na and snipes about why they are talking so long. Tae Joo offers Ha Na further counseling when she needs someone to talk to, aside from identifying the assailant she is also the victim of an attack.

Cousin Seung Yun finds Detective Lee and tries to find out information about Professor Kang and what she was treating Seo Jin for. Detective Lee refuses divulge anything but shares that all of the files have been handed to Professor Kang’s protégé Tae Joo.

Seo Jin orders Young Chan to find Ha Na a new therapist, anyone other than Tae Joo. Heh. He tells Ha Na to go to counseling and he’ll pay for the treatment. He also insists Ha Na stay at his place since this situation isn’t over yet, it’s not over until Professor Kang is found. Ha Na thinks to herself that the twins are brothers indeed with the way they toy with her.

While walking with Seo Jin, Ha Na gets a call from Seung Yun to go see him at Wonder Hotel to discuss a circus performance there. Ha Na goes to see Seung Yun who immediately asks if she was the eyewitness in Professor Kang’s disappearance. He feigns family concern for Seo Jin and thanks Ha Na for helping his cousin. Seung Yun asks if Ha Na knows Robin but recently spurned Ha Na claims not to know the guy.

Ha Na turns the talk back to the circus performance and is told to prepare a presentation. Seo Jin storms in as they are walking out and pointedly stares at Seung Yun’s hand poised right above Ha Na’s shoulder. Seo Jin asks why Seung Yun is talking to “my person” and explains Wonder Circus has been part of Wonder Land since inception so any talk should go through him.

Seo Jin drags Ha Na out leaving Seung Yun trying to figure out what’s going on. He thinks Ha Na definitely knows Robin and Seo Jin likes Ha Na. He asks his secretary to schedule a meeting with Yoon Tae Joo. Ha Na shakes Seo Jin’s hand off and tells him not to butt in and approve the circus performing at the hotel. Seo Jin claims she’s just being used but Ha Na insists she’s an adult and knows what’s best. Seo Jin tells her to do whatever then and deal with the consequences. Ha Na grouses at the family problems Seo Jin has, first with his twin brother and now with his cousin.

Woo Jung leads her cheerleading squad to audition in front of circus troupe for a part time performance gig. The cheer routine is well received but she’s asked if there are any further skills? Woo Jung borrows Eun Chang and floors him with a wrestling move which gets cheers from the judges.

Ha Na comes back to the circus and finds Woo Jung in the office after being hired part time. Woo Jung wants to know where her Oppa is and worries that Robin has disappeared again. Woo Jung tries to discourage Ha Na from liking Robin since he’s a natural protector who helps and saves people so she shouldn’t take it to heart. He’s the kind of man that makes women hung up on him. Woo Jung leaves Ha Na thinking that she’s succeeded in her plan. She lurks outside the office and eavesdrops on Ha Na taking out her frustration on Jin Joo’s animal costume head. She hears that Ha Na confessed to Robin and was rejected which makes her thrilled.

Seo Jin is sitting in his office remember how scared Ha Na was in the police station when the assailant tried to go after her. He mutters that she should have said something if she was that scared. Poor Young Chan has no clue what’s bothering Seo Jin.

Seung Yun sits down with Tae Joo and describes himself with the negative personality traits that are used to describe Seo Jin, and then says there are people who claim he’s warm and saves people. He wants to know why he could be like this? Tae Joo doesn’t see anything wrong but Seung Yun pushes to find out a reason why for doing things he normally wouldn’t do? Tae Joo asks if Seung Yun remembers doing those things? If he does then he has borderline personality disorder and if not he has dissociative identity disorder. Seung Yun asks what could trigger it and hears it could come from a childhood trauma.

Seung Yun remembers Seo Jin was kidnapped when he was young. Tae Joo hears about a childhood kidnapping and explains a person could create another identity in order to overcome the debilitating emotional trauma.

Robin is woken up by a call from Woo Jung who is in a super good mood thinking she’s the only girl in his life. Woo Jung stupidly makes Robin aware of Ha Na’s confession in her excitement to gloat over how she’s his one and only girl. Robin rushes to see Woo Jung to ask about what she means when he said Ha Na confessed to him and he rejected her?

Robin makes Woo Jung sit down and tell him every detail. Woo Jung explains Ha Na reportedly confessed to Robin but he rejected her with just a note and leaving. Woo Jung takes it as confirmation that Robin only likes her but her face falls when it’s clear Robin is upset about what he just learned. Robin thinks to himself and realizes why Ha Na was acting weird last night in the garage and quickly rushes out.

Robin tentatively knocks on Ha Na’s door and gets no answer. He tries calling but can’t reach her either in Seo Jin’s house or at the circus office. Robin runs around and finally sees Ha Na sitting outside. Her expression is cold when she spots him and stands up to leave.

Robin stops her and says he remembers now before apologizing. He knows he sounds like a lunatic but he really didn’t remember her confession so will she please forgive him. Ha Na wants to believe him because she fell for him after he did so much to support her. But it was just her misunderstanding all along that she thought their hearts were on the same page.

Robin grabs her arm and says she’s not mistaken before apologizing again. Ha Na pushes his hand away and asks about the text messages. What about the text messages? He could have not remembered the confession but why didn’t he reply to her texts? If he did then she wouldn’t be this mad now. Robin is thoroughly confused and takes out his phone to show Ha Na that he doesn’t have any texts from her. Ha Na asks if he deleted the texts? She really doesn’t know which side of Robin is real but doesn’t care anymore. She’s fixed her emotions now and apologizes for making things complicated for him. Ha Na walks off leaving Robin staring dejectedly at her while growing angrier and angrier.

Robin storms to the lair and records a furious diatribe at Seo Jin. He admits doing things in the past that made life more difficult for Seo Jin but why did Seo Jin delete the text messages? Did he do it to make things difficult for Robin? Seo Jin watches the video and is thoroughly enjoying having the upper hand on Robin for once. Robin tells Seo Jin to be grateful that they share the same body otherwise Seo Jin would be dead now!

Robin asks Seo Jin to apologize RIGHT NOW so Seo Jin repeats those words with a giant shit-eating smirk: Apologize. Right. Now. Booyah! The ball’s in your court now, Robin.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m still enjoying Hyde, Jekyll, Me for all things Hyun Bin, but this drama is really veering into the comically inept in all areas not Hyun Bin related. The quick resolution of the assailant danger was a total “huh?” moment, from his truck being registered to his name to quickly ID the guy like a convenient plot device. The whole thing was dumbly executed from beginning to end and leaves the big open hole of where Professor Kang is while shooing the assailant off. The writer just loves scenes that are supposed to be pretty and romantic but can’t write context worth a crap. Every episode has scenes where one wonders how it logically slots into the greater storytelling fluidity, and in truth it doesn’t so pulls me out of the flow. ALL THE TIME. Like Ha Na randomly doing bubbles on stage just for a pretty visual while Seo Jin goes to find her and whisk her away to safely. She’s better off sticking with dorky things like Seo Jin getting scared squatting on the toilet in the outhouse and needing Ha Na to sing to him.

I’m firmly on Team Seo Jin in every way, even in the way he got back at Robin in this episode. It’s clear he deleted Ha Na’s text for two reasons, to spite Robin and to keep Robin from accepting Ha Na’s confession. He kept the fire confession from Robin hence he needs to delete the follow up text confession. Compared to the stuff Robin has pulled to annoy and inconvenience Seo Jin, I think the two are equal at riling up the other and I’m not going to call out Seo Jin for the underhanded maneuver. I also think the whole thing was handled sooooooo annoyingly by Ha Na. Hello? Are you twelve? What’s with the complete overreaction after the confession, and then later the text message follow up without any direct mention of it when she saw Robin later in the garage. I get that his seemingly hot-and-cold confuses her but I can’t stand her approach. To get annoyed and stew inside rather than hashing it with Robin like two adults. Even worse is her feelings are just the stirrings of like, hardly anything to get worked up over. She’s just a step better than Woo Jung, who I want to bitch slap every time her open-mouthed face shows up on screen all “Oppa this, Oppa that.” If I could, I would schlep both female characters out of the drama and turns it into a sitcom of Seo Jin-Robin annoying each other antics.

Robin also annoys me a bit because he’s starting to come across as really smug. Anyone else get that feeling? Seo Jin is flawed, his sharp tongue and cowardice and general surly attitude hardly makes for an ideal man, but his flaws make him seem real since he’s dealing with a serious mental health condition. Robin just seems like a “lalalala, I’m such a nice guy!” bozo living in his own delulu world where he can live 12 hours of the day just being cheery. He only started getting back in my good graces when he lost his lid and blew up at Seo Jin at the end. Too bad it was over Ha Na, thinking of the two guys fighting over someone as irritating and self-absorbed as her makes me sigh. I don’t know why Ha Na couldn’t have assumed something else is keeping Robin from accepting her confession, rather than feeling all hurt inside. He’s been nothing but good to her, can’t she cut him some slack rather than hold a petty hurt heart grudge the first time he doesn’t follow through on something with her? I find my gripes don’t amount to enough to make me dislike this drama but collectively it does make me wish poor Binnie was given way more to do than act out Seo Jin and Robin perfectly in a vacuous narrative bubble.

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Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 6 Recap — 42 Comments

  1. I think I’m going to avoid this writer’s future projects. She clearly can’t write a cohesive drama with good character developments. I’m surprised SBS let her handle this project. Whoever you are writer, please reevaluate yourself and your talent.

    • She should “evaluate” herself right off this drama. Let the second half be written by a group of smart gorillas who are K-drama fans.

  2. I can’t agree more
    What is with this writer
    All in this draama is for the sake of pretty and trying hard to create epic romantic moment
    The bubble is a joke
    The two female leads are annoying as hell
    But Hyunbin is really handsome and his character is the only one which makes me want to watch this drama with the ffwrd button

    • That bubble scene was cringeworthy. The heck were the writer and director thinking? Enough with the prettiness. I want a meaty storyline (which I know I probably won’t get)

      • Is that all she learned from Cirque Soleil? It will be more interesting if the female can show acrobats or flying trapeze.What kind of circus do they show.

      • I was like “OKAY, Next scene pls”
        And thank goodness seojin’s expression was not of like “I’m smitten with the bubbles you look so beautiful look”, thank you Binnie coz if u did, alas I might have given up on you.

      • Such universal hate for something seemingly innocuous.
        But you know they are trying to manipulate us with it and it isn’t working.
        And you can see HJM’s hair is all wet from the bubbles because popping bubbles = WATER falling on you and she doesn’t want to be there either.
        If jumping the shark was Happy Days desperate attempt to keep ratings,
        making the bubbles is a desperate attempt to what? Keep the 4 year old audience?

      • It’s all about context and storytelling. Say you have shown a story of Hana loving the circus because she had a lonely childhood where her biggest joy was when her dad made her smile while they do bubbles together as a child, so now when she’s down she takes solace in practicing the bubbles because it brings back the comforting presence of her father whom she misses. Then the scene shot pretty will make sense n be lovely. And not randomly trying to do pretty and think ur viewers can be manipulated.
        You don’t need big antics or even any circus stunts to tell a story, you just need to tell it on an emotional level so that people can relate n feel for your characters. This is lacking for Hana, I don’t get her love for the circus or anything close to that. Seojin can close it down forever and I don’t think I care.

      • @Stardust – What a lovely idea. I’m getting teary picturing it. We would have cheered the bubble scene!! Get yourself to Seoul, stat and help the writers!

  3. I’m watching this episode with a big “Huh??!!” all the way. Clearly, the writer likes the pretty & romantic elements a little too much to my liking to the point where some of the scenes appeared to be illogical & outright dumb. Dear writer, we get the idea ok! Now stop stuffing every episode with those unnecessary “romantic” scenes. It’s getting annoying really. But dumb plot be damned! I’m just gonna watch this drama for the sake of Binnie. I think he’s the reason we all watch it. Also I read over at Soompi, somebody mentioned the drama already began live shooting since there was no preview at the end of this episode. I find this odd considering we’re only at the 6th ep & if I’m not mistaken this is a 20 eps drama. A little bit too early don’t you think? Or is it normal? Cuz I don’t know. Makes me worried about the cast & crews. Especially in this cold weather. They still have a looong way to go.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a real writer switch in the next few episodes to resurrect the second half, hence live shoot, no previews, massive scrambling. I wish there was a way to kill off Ha Na (and Woo Jung) and have a different female lead in the latter half. Not even joking here.

      • I’m praying that they switch the main writer. She really sucks. I’ve never seen Hyun Bin in any project so this is my first time seeing him. He’s nailing the roles perfectly and I really want this drama to be a success for him since it’s his comeback drama. Please SBS, change the writer for goodness sake.

      • Oh really??? It that possible? Then pleaseeee drama Gods,SBS, or whoever in charge, CHANGE THE DAMN WRITER! And please get a writer who CAN actually write. I feel sorry for Binnie. It’s like he’s all alone in this god forsaken drama. We don’t know when he’ll do another drama so please make it better. As for Ha Na, she’s too dull. Not just dull but like reallyyyy dull. She’s working in a circus for God’s sake. Make her character fun at least. And lastly, stop with the fantasy/nonsense/pretty scenes.If I ever see that rope thingy again, I swear, I’m gonna… see! This drama is making me sound like a lunatic! Just change the writer please, end of story! Binnie deserve so much better than this crap

      • Maybe they could get HJW. We might be able to see some acrobats and fying trapeze from the leading actress so it would be a real circus.

  4. Thanks for the recap.
    Didn’t Binnie have a script to review before signing on?
    Agree with the pretty scenes being duct taped in serving no purpose and showing the seams.
    It’s scenes of HB alone flat line scenes of HB+HB flatline repeat….

    I also particularly didn’t like her overreacting to confessing. Have some balls girl. Why back down once the words are out – like you said, are you in middle school?

    I hate to be this critical, but between the empty scenes and the annoying ones, it is a miracle that I am enjoying this show.
    Maybe that is the clever plan. They are faking us out now, and later, we will be SUPER impressed with what the REAL plot is…once they figure out what it will be, that is…

    • See, I can’t even recommend this drama with a straight face. EXCEPT to another Binnie fan. Then I say yes “WATCH! It’s so worth it for him alone! And his character (both) doesn’t make me want to call the authorities like his Kim Joo Won made me see red.”

      Nothing Ha Na does remotely makes her endearing, yet the writer appears to be deluded in thinking Ha Na’s behavior is somehow worthy of audience affection. Da Fuq. Her freak out after the confession just set feminism back 50 years.

      The writer has no clue what a plot is, or even what it looks like even if it’s staring her straight in the face. Her idea of plot is scenes strung together. Recapping this is such a mental feat of Binnie love v. wanting to smack non-Binnie things onscreen.

  5. Ok I watched ep6 already. Writer: you and I have words.
    — you suck —-
    And damn you, you are a waste of hyun bin talent. I would rather they change you right now and have your job. And I blame you if hyun bin no longer do dramas or I have to wait donkey years for another one!!!
    Again I say, the story premise is interesting and fun. I can think of a hundred ways to reinvent the narrative, make it team seojin vs team robin, compete yes (it’s such a hoot!!) but for a DECENTLY smart and sassy female lead.
    Hana is I’m sorry no offense to han Ji min is just plain BORING and not very intelligent. Oh my and she cries too much. I don’t get the crap abt being vulnerable as she has “gone through so much”, as in??? Show hasn’t shown any thing she has gone through. Gal has completely no sass, she can’t even get a luggage up the cupboard (*roll eyes) even normal k drama candy girl at least have pride or works hard for her money despite being deep in poverty etc etc
    Writers fix this!!! Give the female lead a backbone and a story my gosh. I don’t care if it’s too late or inherent, just fix it!

    seojin and robin is so great. Esp seojin. That smirk at the end, woozza.
    I like their dynamic and the fact that robin is pissed with seojin but all he can ask is an apology (coz he’s the evergreen nice guy) and seojin just does his not so very sincere “I…am…sorry” ha!

    Overall I see improvement in the editing this episode. things seemed smoother and I appreciate the work esp since they are already live shooting. Just fix the female lead for goodness sake. Fix her!!!!

    • Binnie saves this drama, but it’s so NOT worth saving part of me wants the crapalooza to sink. Except every second he is onscreen, I can rewind and watch and savor, which makes me want the drama to keep existing. Ottoke?

      I think HJM has its own unique and interesting take on DID different in KMHM, except this writer has no clue how to write anything. Binnie is actually elevating Seo Jin and Robin beyond cookie cutter caricatures. Shit just happens here with no rhyme, reason, or logic, it baffles that one can write pages and pages of bad storytelling and get it produced into a drama.

      • I share the same dilemma. Like your recap mentioned, I genuinely enjoyed watching ep 5 and 6,the gems are the seojin vs robin moments. And maybe some with secretary coz his interaction with seojin even beats Hana. And then I roll my eyes when Hana comes on screen and roll my eyes more. I grit my teeth knowing how much a better writer will do for this story because it can be so fun! And exactly what u say, it’s a totally different take from kill me heal me. Grr..This is plain lazy writing. All of us can do better. And I usually refrain from personal attacks, but darn it, the writer seriously needs to reevaluate her job! She doesn’t have basic concepts of introduction, plot and logic. It’s an adaptation, with background and everything, what is so difficult?! It is beyond me that SBS had someone like this to helm this project…

    • I don’t think it’s just the writer’s fault, HB is responsible for choosing this drama. Clearly he had an idea of what the plot would be like since this story was originally a webtoon. Even with a good writer, the story would have still been mediocre. Instead of trying for another easy rom com hit, he should have challenged himself more.

      • I am glad that someone shares the same thought.

        To me HB acting here is just bland, I like him better in the world within. Neither a HB fan nor hater, but he should challenge himself. It hard not to compare him with KMHM Ji Sung that shares similar DID issues. He nailed it by far compare to HB.

      • Whats so easy about “rom-com”. Why presume that Hyun Bin take this drama because its “easy”? Playing 7 personalities is challenging while 2 is not? I don’t think his acting is any lesser than Ji Sung’s. Just because his character does not call for him to run around in weird make up, doing silly high strung stuff then his acting is bland and he is a lesser actor. Protraying a drag, dull, listless character do need skills you know, plenty of it. KMHM do have its high point but it has plenty of mediocre scenes, acting too. As for Jeykll, we definitely cannot fault Hyun Bin’s acting here. He has nailed his character and he is the one who sustain the series.

  6. Ok, I finally watched the episode. I probably can’t write better than her cause I’m not a good writer, but at least writing dramas and highly anticipated dramas is NOT my profession. I want to stop thinking about the bad writing cause I want to enjoy what I enjoy about the drama. But she is making it so freaking hard on me. If they switch her out, can they find someone better???

    Binnie has made me a real fan in this drama as I have said before. I strongly disliked his Kim Joo Won as well, so I’m so happy to like SJ here. But the problem is if this writer makes it so that Binnie never does another kdrama again, I will be royally pissed now that I actually consider myself a fan. Not a another Gong Yoo please!! I have given this writer a lot of chances, seriously.

    I’m not as harsh on HJM as others or her character. But maybe cause I honestly do see some parts of myself in her. She needs to start getting a clue about Robin/SJ in the next week – pronto.

    The bubble scene – well, it’s clear that they don’t have time or money to put into show a real skilled circus performance. sheesh.

    Like I said, I don’t mind the romantic scenes so much although there wasn’t too many today. I did like the scene where SJ helps pick up the papers. I didn’t mind the suitcase scene cause frankly if my DH put the darn big suitcase that high and I didn’t have a study chair to stand on, I would seek him out to take it down. The fact that he did help her didn’t bother me so much.

    It seems to me that the issues btw his father and SJ are the primary cause of SJ being who he is today. They need to start fleshing that out.

    • If this is hyun bin last drama, I will personally stake out the writer and everyone involved. Gosh pls. Do. Not. Make.that. Happen
      imagine him bring traumatized here to not wanting to do another drama ever. Like what the heck, I’m driving myself crazy acting two roles with this bloody script!
      In true joo won tone “is this the best you can do? seriously?!!”

      • Seriously!!! Criminally criminally wasted talent in such a crappy storytelling. why or why? I should have known when I saw who the writer was. But one look at Binnie in glasses and it was like, look no further.

  7. Also ms koala, thank you for your recap.
    And this great space to vent our comments, coz I have it bursting in me every time I watch an episode. The waste of potential hits me so hard each time!

  8. Ok Seo Jin was pretty watch- worthy on screen for the last 2 episodes. I could feel his awkward emotions going boing boing all over the place. He was pretty darn cute.

    Narratively- this story is the s**t. Literally, for the life of me, the flow is not there.

    At least I wasn’t cursing at the screen the whole 2 episodes this time and even cracked a smile a few times or so. But Hyun Bin alone cannot save the whole drama.

    What a mess.

      • Yes it was.
        His whole trying to break the phone code via his CSI fingerprint method and video feeds were hilarious as well.
        One hyun bin alone cannot save the drama. Let’s hope 2 of him can do.
        Robin irritates me being too goody two shoes but I’m keen to see what’s his reaction when SJ falls for Hana and fights for affection

  9. Personaly, I like this drama. It put me in a big and sweet bubble 🙂 I like this atmosphere. The only bad point, it’s the noisy girl… Hyeri is not a good actress and her character is boring.

  10. here! same reaction to Robin koala sis! I am a total Seo Jin biased viewer all the way. He is true, and even then with all the flaws you’ll symphatize with him. I am loving the development on him. His unacknowledged feelings yet, his jealousy, it is all so perfect even sans the Hana. I feel like even if whoever is Ha Na, i would still like watching because of Seo Jin.

  11. The most important things of a good drama is storyline because it is a source of drama flow, characters development, actings and directings. We always forget how important script writers role when the dramas/movies got hit. Instead we praised to the sky the actors. See..even with the A-list actor can’t save the poor writing drama.

  12. Okay hold up. Stop hating on on the drama and cast itself other than hyun bin! Stop saying that you’re only watching it for hyun bin or that hyun bin’s the one saving the drama, stop. I like this drama enough to not think about the acting and the scenes. This was obviously based off a webtoon, what the hell are you gonna expect? It’s supposed to showcase a fantasy like feel to the show! If you don’t like it, then stop watching it! Stop reviewing it! Because honestly, I think you’re reviewing it at a pretty immature manner considering the reason is because you don’t like the plot. If you’ve seen silly cartoons on Nickelodeon or disney channel, you would’ve realized that fantasy like plots are not based off common sense! GIVE IT A BREAK!

    • I so agree with you!This drama is getting so much hate than it actually deserves! If you don’t like it then leave it. Why botherwatching it with so much difficulty! If it’s to see hyun bin then go rewatch his other dramas and movies till his next one comes out! I don’t get it why people are hating on HJM either. She’s is doing a great potrayal of the role she’s given! You all need to get out of the HB-HJW shell first. It’s not like she is going to be his partner in all his future projects. Accept it and learn to move on people! Stop giving out such biased comments!

  13. I’m hearing that they just got the script for 7&8 2 days ago. So it seems they definitely made adjustments in correspond to the ratings. Live shooting has it’s merits or demerits and some dramas just go cray-cray crazy.
    Alas my heart, I’m cheering for this drama but I feel this is equivalent to standing with an apple on my head and hoping the darn shooter (ie the not so good writer) will somehow hit the target. Lol

    • Gosh that must be so stressful for the cast! Does it mean they change the writer or rope in some consultant to polish it up? Hopefully they sat down n brainstorm on improving the story. Hyun Bin deserves whatever handsome pay they giving him. He’s the saviour of the show so far not to mention he looks good, show us his agyeo moments and even sang! I’m totally hooked cos of him.

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