Twenty with Kim Woo Bin Drops First Adorable Movie Posters and Teaser

Early promos are revving up for the upcoming early spring comedy coming-of-age movie Twenty. The drama drops in March which is really a nice close one-two punch for leading man Kim Woo Bin, coming off a successful winter holiday movie run for the caper flick The Con Artists. That movie wasn’t a runaway success but did well enough at the box office to net Kim Woo Bin a win notch on his film career belt. I actually have more interest and expectation for the upcoming Twenty since it comes from the PD-screenwriter Lee Byung Hun (not the actor) who did mega comedy hits Sunny and Speedy Scandal.

Joining Kim Woo Bin are two young actors I also like a lot, namely Kang Ha Neul (reuniting with Woo Bin since Heirs) and Junho of 2PM. The leading ladies are two hits in Jung So Min and Lee Yoo Bi with one miss that is the anemic Min Hyo Rin, but since this is an ensemble movie with the three male leads and their friendship and growing up at the center it’s not a deal breaker. The movie released two adorable official posters and one hilarious character teaser video, all of which continue to up my interest since the movie looks genuinely warm, heartfelt, and witty. It’s also a treat to see super cool Kim Woo Bin let loose and play a directionless twenty year old young man.

Character teaser for Twenty:


Twenty with Kim Woo Bin Drops First Adorable Movie Posters and Teaser — 16 Comments

  1. That’s one effective teaser!
    I’ll watch this! Looking out for Kim wo bin and kang ha Neul. Both have potential to rule the drama worlds as they mature.

  2. So many reunions! Woobin and Lee Yoo Bi too! They were the only thing I loved about Vampire Idol <3 <3 I really love slice of life movies like this. A must watch 😀

  3. YAY! Finally!
    this movie seems so fun! can’t wait!
    and.. the height difference between Kim Woo Bin and Jung So Min will surely make them a cutest couple ever!!! don’t you think?? <3

  4. I thought Kim Woo Bin and Lee Yoo Bi were playing the on and off girlfriend but I guess it’s the other girl. I’m kinda bummed about this.

  5. Kim Woobin, Junho, Jung So Min AND Kang Ha Neul? Jeeeeeez this movie has it all. Can they all be in a drama too? Heirs Part 2 LOL.

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