Choi Ji Woo is Ridiculously Adorable in Teasers for Second Time Twenty Again

The next K-drama I’m most looking forward to is tvN‘s Second Time Twenty Again. I am really enjoying currently airing Oh My Ghost so it’s not to rush OMG off the screen, but I have grown super fond of Choi Ji Woo¬†thanks to the triple punch – a fantastic turn as The Suspicious Housekeeper, being wonderfully hateful in Temptation, and making everyone fall for her mature aegyo in Granda Over Flowers. As much as Bae Yong Joon‘s star has dimmed since Winter Sonata is conversely how much I’ve grown to like her now.

Second Time Twenty Again comes across like a rom-com light version of the Kim Hee Sun drama Angry Mom. I enjoyed AM and loved Kim Hee Sun it, but there is no need to do the same serious take on the independent woman goes back to school story. While Kim Hee Sun went back to high school to stop the bullying against her daughter, Choi Ji Woo will be going to college to live the life she never experienced after getting married at the age of 19. She ends up being same age classmates with her own son, having her high school friend as her professor, and dealing with her own husband as an elitist snob in the faculty. Check out the way cute teasers below. Continue reading