Sung Joon’s Reveal as the Big Bad in Hyde, Jekyll, Me Injects Potential Much Needed Excitement

For those (still) watching Hyde, Jekyll, Me, the big twist at the end of this week’s episode 8 felt like a much needed jolt to the heart, didn’t it? Revealing that Sung Joon‘s supporting psychiatrist/hypnosis expert was the Big Bad was exactly the thing needed to raise the stakes by giving viewers someone meaty for Seo Jin/Robin to confront rather than that inconsequential hypnotized assailant. I’m sure the medical science behind the hypnosis power is as silly as all the drama analysis of Seo Jin’s DID condition but at the least the writing clearly intended all along for Sung Joon to step into this new compelling presence in the story.

His character has always worn turtlenecks and now we know it’s because his childhood self was burned on the back of the neck. The drama also filmed the episode 1 hospital attack with Sung Joon playing the masked assailant and this week released the BTS pictures showing him goofing off on that green screen rooftop set with Hyun Bin‘s Robin and Ha Na. I’m assuming he’s still redeemable at this stage since no one has died, he merely has Professor Kang trussed up like his own S&M turkey, but I actually want to see Tae Joo/Soo Hyun go alllllll bad rather than have some sort of teary epiphany cry session with Seo Jin. Bring on the full crazy, Sung Joon! Have some fun with the role and thereby help make this drama finally fun.


Sung Joon’s Reveal as the Big Bad in Hyde, Jekyll, Me Injects Potential Much Needed Excitement — 20 Comments

  1. Hahaha!!! I TOTALLY called this. If you watch his reactions in earlier episodes….it’s subtle…but he does not respond the way a Dr. should. And I agree, it’s just what it needed. Although I’m thoroughly enjoying the drama anyways. Why? I don’t know..I just like it. 🙂

  2. I had this drama as background noise while surfing the web but this week has made me interested. I still find the drama meh in most parts so I usually fast forward, but I am so happy that Sung Joon actually has a role! I was wondering why he had signed up for such a minor character, but he is the BIG BAD. I like! Random side note: The doctor looks pretty well fed minus the tape lol Also, I wish I had hair that stayed unoily for long periods of time too… haha Can we push romance to the side and focus on this plot point instead?

    • He feeds her, bathes her, and clothes her, then puts the tape back at her, rinse and repeat. That ought to put the fear down to her spine.

  3. I’m going along with it since it does make the show more interesting, but come on, people, Sung Joon is about EIGHT YEARS YOUNGER than Binnie and it shows. If they are trying to say they’re the same age, then no, I’m sorry but that does not work.

  4. Actually, I’ve been watching it without paying much attention. This reveal certainly made it more interesting to watch in the future (along with the fact that Seo Jin’s character is not just a jerk anymore)

  5. Yay for big stakes!
    Make him real bad. I like that the conflict is between 2 really disturbed people (seo-robin who is so crazy that he is 2 distinct persons and tae joo) i am interested to know what exactly happened to him during seojins escape. I hope it’s bad, real bad.

  6. I don’t know. I don’t really like the idea to make someone become evil especially when he use hypnotize. So irrational. This drama was lack of character development from the beginning since they just focus on SeoJin Robin. They seem to be pushed to change the plot suddenly. What writers should do actually is simple. Try to build chemistry among all the actors and back to the original plan which is Hyde Jekyl conflicts. Why not develop Hana’s character which could improve her chemistry with Seojin Robin. People will getting bored easily if the character is made too evil. Aishhh…

  7. Can you not spoil it in the title for those that haven’t caught up in eps yet?

    But now that I’ve been spoiled, I do love the idea of it and utilizing Sung Joon this way. Nice change for him and much needed for this drama.

  8. ive been waiting for this big reveal. Imagine Sung Joon delegated as a mere psych disciple of the missing Dr. Kang? How can it be? Been waiting all along making up silly story arches like he could be the REAL third wheel between Robin-SeoJin and Ha Na.
    Woo Hooo. Really.
    Hope it gets better…

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