Blood Off to a Bloody Awful Ratings Start and Critical Evisceration from Viewers

The top rated Mon-Tues drama Punch wrapped up this week with a drama ratings high note, but the entertainment news coverage was split between that drama ending and the premiere of new KBS drama Blood. The K-netizen reactions towards the drama story line and the acting of the two leads Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun nicely sum up what any drama viewer with objective critique lenses would conclude after watching the first two episodes – this drama sucks, and not in a vampire sparkly romance sort of way. Blood is as much of a hot mess train wreck as the casting and previews indicated, perhaps even worse than even I expected despite dialing down my expectations. Ahn Jae Hyun is indeed underwhelming, like a supporting role given more screen time but not commanding the screen with any presence.

Gu Hye Sun is indescribably bad, she’s regressed way back to the Boys Before Flowers days and is a level of shiteous overacting that actually makes Ahn Jae Hyun look slightly better. Only Ji Jin Hee is shining except he sticks out like a sore thumb, like a theater pro suddenly acting in a high school production. The story steals so many Twilight vampire elements the production should pay Stephanie Meyer a royalty, not to mention the medical setting narrative is as hinted lifted straight from the dramatic medical malpractice Dr. Stranger playbook. The whole thing is a level of terrible as to boggle the mind, and this time I’m not prejudging and am in fact judging after watching 120 minutes of crap. The ratings validate the overwhelming criticism of Blood, episode 1 started with 5.2% and episode 2 dropped to 4.7%.

Ahn Jae Hyun’s acting in the first two episodes confirms he’s not leading man ready. He acts like he’s about to strut a runaway. Doesn’t help that he’s styled like an overly effete European model.

Ji Jin Hee is fantastic, sexy and dangerous and the only thing worth watching in this stinker. Makes me want to root for his bad guy to win in the end and rule the world, or whatever big baddie plans he has in store.

Gu Hye Sun is so awful it defies description, or shall I say the accurate descriptors to use would send her fans into fits of despair and conniptions, accusing one and all of being antis who hate her perfect soul and multi-talented beauty, whatever that means. Just watch for yourself and have a good laugh. She’s effectively erased all my goodwill from Angel Eyes. Bummer for her, she should have stuck with the twelve or however many so-called other “skills” she supposedly has and delete acting from her repertoire to retire on a high with Angel Eyes. On a superficial note, she sometimes looks very unattractive in this drama, the scrubs makes her look like a squat ahjumma with a thick neck. Not sure what’s going on because she was quite luminous and lovely in Angel Eyes.

The vampire origin backstory bits in episode 1 were not bad, basically because there was no Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun to stink up the joint and there was smexy Ryu Soo Young and lovely Park Joo Mi to grace the screens as the poor doomed vampy parents.

The medical aspects of this drama is lifted completely from Dr. Stranger in terms of dramatic execution – there are tense medical case conferences where so-called doctors argue and snipe at one another like they are on a high school debate game show, the actual surgery involves copious amounts of blood splatter and ineptitude, Ahn Jae Hyun is already pulling a Surgery Jesus entrance by episode 2 to rescue a surgery gone awry, and all the so-called doctors at the hospital rotate between running, bickering, posturing rather than treating medical cases like professionals.

I honestly think Blood is the combination of two bottom-of-the-barrel elements of drama making smushed together, thereby dragging the entire endeavor much further down the black hole of suck than each individual element would merit. The bad acting from the leads could be bearable if the story was less stupid, and the supremely stupid story would be watchable in the hands of better actors (say Lee Jong Seok, Kang Sora, Park Hae Jin doing their darndest in Dr. Stranger). Here it’s just the worst of both worlds colliding into the explosion of the nebulae triggering spontaneous outburts of “bloody what the hell am I watching?” and “please drama gods give me those two hours of my life back!” Peace out, Blood fans, feel free to drink up this sucker to your heart’s content but it’s certainly left me with an acrid taste in my mouth.

Click here to watch Blood and have a good laugh.


Blood Off to a Bloody Awful Ratings Start and Critical Evisceration from Viewers — 229 Comments

    • This is such an unfair statement!!!! Please compare her with your favourite actress and let the rest judge if she is better or worst than Go Hye Sun.

    • Han Ji Min unfortunately is suffering through a poorly written role in HJM, which is exposing a lot of her weaknesses and overshadowing the good acclaim she has earned for her past work. She is one of those actresses that does better in Sageuks.

      • I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Now I need to check out the episodes just because they’re so bad.

    • haha…miss koala..your review of the 1sst 2 episodes of ‘Blood’ is bloody brilliant, just love the way you infused the vampire-esque into it

  1. I don’t know. I actually really liked the first episode. Maybe everything falls apart in ep 2, but I enjoyed the back story and set up. I also didn’t see too much to criticize AJH for. Maybe I’ve gotten used to mediocre acting in K and T dramas, but I feel like we could cut him some slack and give him a chance before proclaiming him a failure.

    But hey, I haven’t seen episode 2, so what do I know…

    • Episode 1 was okay, a bit posturing but passably entertaining. If I wrote a review of just episode 1 it would have been “silly but watchable”. Episode 2 took a nosedive into the crapper.

      I would give AHJ some slack for acting if he had better screen presence to make up for it. He’s got neither so it feels like this wispy spectre floating through the screen except he’s the main lead.

      • Ockoska –
        It’s okay to give bad reviews but when you make fun of GHS other takents or what you personally lack is not okay . It coming across as a teenage girl giving condescending review of a person they hate. Having said that – how old are you under 16? An educated and well bred person wouldn’t make comments like you
        . Stick to her acting and don’t bring up get personal attributes

      • How did I make fun of GHS’s other talents? I merely said she should go explore such other talents because acting is not working for her. And it’s so-called to me because I’ve never seen any examples of the talents other than what her fans claim she has so I can’t in good faith say she actually HAS other talents like I know it for a fact. Hence “so-called talents” is not an insult but an accurate description of what I know about such subject matter.

      • @Koala – Thank you for replying to my comment! I can see where you’re coming from on the “wispy” point, as what little we saw of him in the first episode did seem somewhat slight. And as I’ve yet to see the second episode, my previous point of not having the complete picture of his performance still stands. I’m not an AHJ fan by any means (heck, I’m way too old to “fan” over anyone), but as I love to see people defying expectations, I wanted AHJ to be able to do so with this. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I make my final judgement on his acting abilities. Of course, there is a chance that this drama would be a train wreck with a more seasoned actor in the lead anyway. I personally think a bad script/poor directing can sink any performance, no matter how strong…

      • Expectations were already set the moment the show released its synopsis and securing its cast. Truth be told, neither AJH nor GHS worried me, in fact, it was the last thing that concerned me, and coming off from Angel Eyes, I had pretty much a copious amount of good will built up for GHS. Although admittedly, I have a very magnanimous heart to any actors out there to begin with, so I’m willing to cut any slack if it were to come down to the acting alone. AJH on the other hand, I kind of had a vague idea already how the show is going to hide him behind stylish and flashy scenes, which necessitated very little acting on his part, and with the show being billed as part rom-com, would hinge more on one of his few strengths (and I mean that in the loosest meaning of the word), which is comedy.

        That said, my biggest concern was the script. Lo and behold, not only did the show shy away from what made Dr. Stranger so fantastically disastrous, it embraced it wholly. Early on we already have signs that the entire medical aspect of this show would merely be a preface for the otherworldy vampire showdown and hyper theatricals which only translates to silly surgery battles. The mere fact that the surgery team has already been divided into two, just speaks, no screams, Dr. Stranger all over again. Not good at all. And if there were to be romance on this joint, it will until we wade through the insufferable Yoo Ri Ta and the pretentious bickering formula that the show is trying to sell.

        Speaking of which, I’m baffled at why would GHS even pick this project and play this particular role; it would either be that she is too eager to follow-up her recent small screen outing, or that she’s got her hands forced into accepting it, or simply that she has no perception at all. This by far is the worst GHS portrayal–even extra grating than her Geum Jan Di days. It’s infuriating and at the same time pitiful because I know that she can do better than this. Regressing is an understatement, it’s as if she had to reinvent herself to ensure maximum irritability at the viewer’s blood pressure’s expense. If that is the intent and there is a concerted effort to come off as offensive, then yes, GHS, you’re damn good of an actress solely on that criterium–being offensive that is. You’ve ensured to stink it up pretty good that I’m confident even the GHS fans themselves would find a hard time liking Yoo Ri Ta at all. There is a zilch of redeeming characteristic for this character at all, other than that she’s supposed to be a love interest, it’s as if her purpose is to just be irritating. Multiply that with GHS innate weakness (of overacting) and we’ve got the best concoction for the inevitable shitfest that would come her way.

        In what universe does this production believe that GHS acting obnoxious is cute or in any way logical, adorable? Yes, I get the set-up and the intent. Bickering is the mother of all romantic k-drama formula, but there is a good deal of deterrent of attempting that knowing the limitations of your cast (GHS). It’s as if they are enamored with the idea that ever since Cheong Seong Yi can be loud, in your face, and pestering, and people loved her banter and zaniness, that it’s a winning formula. GHS is not JJH. GHS shouldn’t be doing anything remotely resembling loud, in your face, and obnoxious. Because GHS overdoes it and she doesn’t have the charm to pull it off and still be loveable. There is a lot of precedent (Boy’s Over Flowers) and it’s been well documented. So why on earth would they ask her to do that? And why would GHS ever accept such role (again)?

        That being the case, I understand fully well why Koala wrote the things that she said. I agree with the sentiment, though the rhetoric seems a bit excessive. As a regular reader, I’ve seen Koala be extra snarky before and to me this kind of commentary is far from new. Though I would concede that the tone in this particular post seems a bit provoking. It’s as if Koala just taunted the GHS fandom to come after her. Which some of them did. However, knowing how big the GHS fandom is, I think it’s applaudable that a lot seem to have taken the high road and remained civil or silent. The GHS fandom being the size it is, could have easily inundiated this post. But apart from some scant posts it’s been relatively silent. Good for you GHS fans. Stay classy, it’s not a fight worth having.

    • Hi Ockoala,
      I enjoy reading most of your review. I also understand this site, like every other site will always reflect your own personal taste. But can you be a little more objective. I get the negative review but the digs at the actors seem a little too personal or at least you choose to write in a manner that it comes across as personal even if you don’t intend to do that. Not trying to offend, just a fact that I felt I needed to state out here.

      • Koala, I hope you never stop stating your opinion, exactly as you see it. I love every snarky comment, especially where so well deserved. There is so much fanservice, so much breathless, uncritical press and fan adoration, and in general so much ridiculous hyperbole surrounding these actors/actresses, it is a breath of fresh air when someone is willing to brave the fangirl rage (or at least polite disapprobation) and call it as she sees it.

    • @ me_so
      You are right. I have not watched the episodes. Anyway if it’s entertaining with lots of actions, why not. I don’t think this drama is supposed to be loaded with powerful acting. So if AJH brings on the pretty, that’s good enough. Who’s the writer of this show – maybe it’s the lack of strong scripting.

  2. Whatever! I still think that people are way to hard on Go Hye Sun! Han Ji Min is terrible in Hyde and Jekyll too but she is not getting a lot of hate for it.

    • I’m sorry but GHS is no where near the level of HJM. HJM doesn’t have that wow factor a leading lady should have. However, she acts pretty well, especially in sageuks. GHS is just hopeless.

      • Han Ji Min’s acting is totally overrated. She’s very dull and boring actress. She’s only lucky because she’s always paired with popular actors and good actors.

      • Han Ji Min looks ordinary, but I wouldn’t call her acting bad. It’s just people that have watched her, for the first time, in Hyde Jekyll and Me are not giving her a chance. I do agree that her Ha Na is as dull as beans compared to Hyun Bin’s Seo Jin & Robin, so hopefully her character will get better.But I thought Han Ji Min was awesome in Capital City and Yi San.

        And for GHS, the only drama that I liked her in was Angel Eyes. Too bad she went back to her acting of her BOF’s days. And it doesn’t help that she is styled badly in this drama.

      • I really wonder who are the favourite actress(es) of HJM haters as it’ll be interesting to know and then compare them fairly. Or probably they are just the fans of the actors who acted along with HJM before:)

    • @Audry I have watched almost all of Han Ji Min’s drama because I had no choice,I like all her male partners, so I can say that she is a boring actress. All her roles have no uuumph and when she’s trying to be feisty it is not believable. She is pretty to look at because of her looks but as far as acting is concerned, she mostly benefits from her co-stars.

      • she’s still a far better actress than GHS. I’m sorry but can you really watch her dramas and think that she’s a good actress? she was decent in Angel Eyes but nothing else that she’s been in has impressed me.

      • @anon she was far better than Han Ji Min in The King and I and Pure 19 also Angel Eyes, at least she wasn’t dull like trophy wife looking Han Ji Min.

    • @Liemkompi favorite or not, Go Hye Sun is getting bashed more than any actresses out there while the likes of Han Ji Min who’s a bland actress get a lighter sentence for underperforming, that’s my biggest issue.

      • I don’t think there is any actress that get bashed more than Jin se yeon,shin se kyung and park shin hye(but she has redeemed herself after Pinocchio).but jin se yeon gets the most hate in kdramas.I’ve never seen anyone excited about her casting in a drama.Gu hye sun still have fans that defend her but not Jin se yeon or even shin se kyung.

      • @ dramakid
        I saw Jin Se Yeon in bridal mask. I thought she was ok in it. Lee Yeon Hee, Go Ara etc. managed to pull it together after years of acting so I think there’s always room for improvement.

      • These are K-actresses who always keep getting criticism for bad acting but still get leading role… ku hye sun, jin se yeon, shin se kyung, go sung hee, han ga in, jo yoon hee. K-netizens still think lee yeon Hee’s acting is crappy too.

    • dude, did you not see Go hye sun’s coughing fit scene in blood? cause that was really really bad… i don’t even like han ji min but she is a tad better than go hye sun because she doesn’t overact and make herself look ridiculous

    • That’s true. Sometimes viewers have too much expectations. Han Ji Min and Gu Hye Son probably lack a really strong female lead script. Or maybe they lack A++ charisma but how many have that? Jun ji hyun, ha ji won … But how many roles can they take each year. So the industry still needs to groom the actresses…

  3. Gosh this is so horrible,,,after hyde, jekyll, and me, then this crap!!!
    Ahn jae hyun and goo hye sun are soooo bad in acting and the story just double meh, the medical thing is just big NO, at least the actors, except JSY in doctor stranger bring the viewers till the end of the drama.
    lee jong suk please come back soon!!!

  4. Lmao, after reading knetz, inetz comments and of course your review, it makes me want to watch the drama for a good laugh as you said, lol
    from the first this mess idea is just ridiculous,,and we can see how bad the result is,,good job KBS, you totally succes making the entire world laugh with your shitty drama.

  5. Dear Koala
    It’s fine if you don’t like the drama but to comment on GHS other takents is below the belt. What takents do you have besides this unprofessional reviews ?Oh yeah- you can lick your own balls ( you are a unisex) if that’s the case – you win!
    Sorry GHS- Koaka can climb a tree and lick his or her own balls

    • Yeah, but at least GD had heartwarming children and Joo Won was not some “here I’m the best surgeon around, I’ll fix whatever mess you make”

  6. There’s a surgery jesus drama I love. It’s Doctor X. she’s hot, doesn’t date and like to eat. But Doctors from blood doesn’t have in store enough to pull it off. GHS character is arrogant and sucks at surgery so understandably without her talented acting skills

  7. Base on the stills alone and a few snipets I found on youtube, I’m staying faaar away from this sucker. Actually…to be honest… I already took 2 steps back when Ahn Jaehyun was casted. Please shove the boy back into magazines. Also please put this drama out of it’s misery. Second hand embarrassment to the maaaaaax.

    So glad my baby Yoo Yeon Suk didn’t accept this. But then again if he did I’d watch it lol. This drama would have be cracktastic if only we got better actors. >_____< I just don't understand why these people get lead roles. I just don't ;__;

    • OMG, I know right?! I am so glad Yoo Yeon-seok didn’t take this. I had bad feelings about this sucky vampire drama that takes itself way too seriously, even before pre-production. And I don’t really understand the hype around Gu Hye-sun. She is good in many artistic endeavors, but sadly, acting is NOT one of them.

      • Goo Hye Sun is only getting roles because of her looks.. I wish she tried harder to improve like Kim Tae Hee or Lee Yeon Hee…

      • Hahaha. Was a little sad that YYS turned this down Cause i really think it was high time for him to get lead drama material.
        but when they casted AJH for the role i went thinking that there is something seriously wrong with the script that Jung Il woo and Yoo Yeon seok turned it down only to have AJH who is still lacking in leading man material and is totally underwhelming in his performance in YAB get the part. Those are big red flags to stay away from thia drama.
        Just sad cause i super love the previous projects of both the writer and PD. And ji jin hee. Feel really bad for him. I wish they end this drama fast and get JJH to suffer from this drama less.
        Then they add GHS who i have never really connected with, even in angel eyes which is probably one of her best acting projects. it felt like she was stil a rookie of an actress.
        ĶBS is really in a slump in their primetime weekday dramas fo= years now.

      • I honestly cannot understand how GHS could have roles solely based on her looks. I mean, she is definitely not ugly or anything, but it’s not like she’s the pretties kdrama actress out there, either. There are soooo many much more beautiful actresses in kmovies and kdramas who do not get leading roles even if they can also act on top of being ridiculously gorgeous in look department. There must be something else here in play and I do not know what.

      • @Daisy, because of her look or because of YG? if people think LYH gets roles because of SM, how about GSH?

      • @J2hr who’s GSH? Of course having YG to back her up helps but it is cause of her looks! She may not look that pretty to you or whatever but she was known for being a pretty natural Ulzzang! So yeah it’s a bit of both good company & looks! But one thing is for sure its definitely not cause of her so called “acting” abilities.

        Examples would be like the ones I named Kim Tae Hee, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Hee Sun, Go Ara & the idol actress’s now Suzy, Yoona, Seolhyun! They all got roles with help of their agency & mainly looks. Yes some can act better than others but you get the point. I’m not trying to start drama just making a point.

  8. Maybe they can dump the leads and give the drama to JJH? I really wonder how he got suckered into this drama, but then I realized he was in the same agency as AJH. So that’s probably why…

    I don’t know WTF happened with GHS since she was serviceable in Angel Eyes, but here’s just just literally terrible. AJH is just as bad as I imagined he’d be. If he couldn’t do bit parts in his last drama what made them think he could carry a drama on his own.

    Two bad actors acting together with a bad script… the pain is too much.

  9. The female lead is not even trying. She can definitely act better than this and I don’t know why she bothered taking this role.

    Ji Jin Hee is sexy! Can someone please put together a video of all his scenes when the drama is over?

  10. No one complains when ms. koala praises a drama but all hell breaks loose when a celebrity is down voted. I don’t know how HJM got dragged into this, it’s not like anyone ever said she was excellent in acting (mediocre at best in rooftop prince). Let’s hope the drama improves next week?

  11. Happy now????? You finally got it off your chest hurray you should probably add the i told ya so. No offence but you sound like a deranged person, this is probs the most unprofessional review of yours that i have seen i actually thought a netizen stole the blog and wrote for you today because this is mostly how they think.

    Ms koala you dont have to like blood infact hate it all you want but please cut it with the personal digs esp on ppl appearance it is higly disstateful and reeks of immaturity. I do hope now that you finally won you can now stop on reviewing blood since it make you go maniacally insane take a chill pill

    • Super like your comment. I’m not even a GHS fan but the way you are writing the insulting and negative remarks… It’s so shallow and bad…it shows that you are not at all a sensible blogger. You are free to write, love or hate a show but the language you used is coming toally like all those negative childish and insensitive netizens.

      • Really???? How is this immature and vindictive? Koala readily admits that GHS has done better work, in Angel Eyes. She is reasonable in pinting out that the weakness in the series is shared by writing, acting, and pacing. She identifies the parts of the story – the parents tragic tale – and the acting – JJH’s efforts – that work. How is that unfair or vindictive? She calls GHS’s acting “indescribably bad” – but she does point out, as best she can, how it is bad and where that badness is most evident. What she says sounds more like disappointment that the promise held out by Angel Eyes did not again materialize.

        Sorry, this is a valid criticism and not a hit piece.

    • Agree, even if acting is bad, the bashing is abit too much that it grates me even if I’m no fan.

      Anyw. I’m always wondering why some people can judge whether acting is bad or good like they are the most knowledgeable person on earth.. =.=

      Not going to watch blood but I feel sad for the actress, she’s also human..

    • I agree, I’m really not a huge fan of AJH and GHS, never managed to finish any of GHS drama but this review left me with a bad impression on the writer. I should’t be surprised as this isnt the first time she has gone after people’s looks and she has always sounded borderline imbecilic when talking about things she dislikes.

    • Err this is her blog so basically she can write whatever her feel. We r just visitors so it doesnt feel right to tell the owner how to decorate their house. Just agree to disagree

  12. Such harsh words. You are just so happy spreading and nurturing negativity around. I can even see you clapping your hands with glee and jumping up and down with joy. You are the perfect example of a person having fun while putting other people down. SMH, some people just doesn’t realize that their words have the power to ruin somebody or maybe that’s your intention. have fun… im out of here for good.

    • I appreciate that koala takes time out of her busy schedule to review dramas,but I have always disagreed with her comments when she hated one because of where she puts them, right there on her reviews. doesn’t allow a bystander to give the show a chance and I have always wished she would stop recapping those shows. People say, yes it’s her blog and she can do what she wants, but the power of speech and the ability to spread hate is something one cannot always predict or control. Most of us here are adults and know right from wrong but believe it or not, a lot are kids willing to take words at face value.
      So please, take it easy; I want to read things you love and enjoy them with you,but stay away from things you hate if you cannot find a way to be objective! You are the one with the weapon; wield it wisely.

      • I do agree that hate is spread a lot here. People never stop to think what their words can do behind the reasoning that, “Hey, I’m allowed to say this because they are a public figure.”

        That’s why I come here to read for laughs. lol It’s interesting to read how much hate people have for others they seemingly don’t know besides from the big screen.

      • Hate is one of the most overused words in the lexicon. It is not “hate” to be critical of someone’s professional efforts, especially an entertainer. Art can only be judged subjectively – that’s part of what makes it art. Criticism has a rightful and honored place in any artistic endeavor – since you cannot measure an artistic performance in seconds shaved off the clock or discounts on the dollar, the only way to improve is by criticism. It is not so much a weapon but a tool – Koala does not wield a sword, she holds a dinner knife, so to speak.

        And your vision of some child being permanently scarred by this fun, slightly snarky but quite reasonable review makes me laugh.

    • This is not something these actors or writers do for fun or privately, it is their JOB ie something they are expected to do with some skill and competently and which they make money from.

      And if they are bad at it, why is koala or any viewer supposed to be nice about it? They get paid a lot more money than the average person for putting out such a shit piece of work. And are you also going to fight with every Korean netizen for calling this bad drama and bad acting?

  13. Lol all these angry Blood fans……go make your own fansite for the drama then, koala is not responsible for your drama being this bad. And shehas every right to say so.

    • You know what…I’m not watching Blood, and I’m not fan of either of the cast members (JJH included) but even I can see how harsh, immature, derogatory this post is. It is one thing to criticize something and koala has every right to do so…but the way the blogger claims that she is all sensible, knowledgable and sensitive, this post proves quite the opposite.

  14. Nooooo…I was so happy to get my Ji Jin Hee back onscreen! My adoration of him is not enough for me sit through 16 hours of a bad drama though.

  15. Time to remind of the ground rules again – no posting comments under different user names to make it seem like there are more people sharing the same sentiments that somehow I’m a puppy killer who is personally responsible for sending the cast and crew of Blood into a spiraling depression because of one bad review of the first two episodes of their drama.

    You know who you are so don’t let me have to out you, ‘kay?

    • Nobody would be reading this blog among the actors I agree..but comments like these only lead to their depression, etc. You must be knowing this more than me as you are watching and reviewing Asian entertainment from many more years than me.

      • Bad review = all hell breaks loose. This particular debacle reminds me of the hilarious yet grimacing flashbacks of DR. STRANGER and its craaazy shipping war.

  16. Gosh this is the worst ever review for any drama,i know it’s your blog u can write whatever u want.But u are so cheap koala I mean the language u used omo and also taunting us ghs fans and her talents,if u had just written only about the drama character I would be offended but wouldn’t have commented but this is way too much.I wont say you’re jealous or anti but ure a bully..I read some of your other articles too u leave atleast one good comment about the actress or actor even if u bash then but you are always the same towards hyesun.
    I am glad u won’t watch Blood anymore.Phew such a relief!

  17. First of all I haven’t watched this drama yet but people bringing jongsuk’s name up like he can act? lool! dude is boring.

    Now that being said everytime Koala critics drama funny enough that drama turns into success and these dramas she takes in and supports fails bigtime example like Pinocchio, my lovely girl and Joeson Gunman. ratings failures

    • 10 is the new 20 nowadays sweetie.. Recently, the target of all weekday dramas is to get a double digit rating even if it’s 10%..

      • Pinocchio was not a failure overall. its successful overall it did really good on the internet(youku, toudu etc etc) and commercially which backs up its ratings fail.

    • Koala did not talk only about LJS here..she referenced all the cast of Dr Stranger except JSY. No your point here is not valid. Also for Pinocchio reference please compare the emotional acting of LJS and AJH and you will know who is the better one. LJS may be boring but he can emote if needed but AJH i m not so sure.

    • Get ur facts straight dear!. Even though Pinocchio didnt reach rating same as Heirs and My Love From the Star, it is considered as success both domestically and internationally. Get a life and moved on from Pinocchio!

  18. I usually lurk this blog, but I had to comment on this one. How are GHS’s fans so delusional? I honesly want her acting to improve – she showed some potential in Angel Eyes, but if her fans keep telling her that what she is presenting in this drama is good then she’s never going to improve. Her tone, her expressions, I couldnt help but cringe… like come on, are you even trying?

  19. I always wonder how GHS have so many rabid fans? It surely can’t be for her acting. Is it because of her real life persona? or because she’s from YG? or BOF fandom is still active?

    • I woundnt say real rabid fans.I sont even think girl is that popular anymore.I’d say Park shin hye and Yoon eun hye are the ones with massive rabid fans..

      • She is worth our love but not your hatred .. at least we maybe be rabid fans but not rabid haters and bullies

      • Not popular? I’ve been her fan since Pure 19 even before she got paired with Lee Min Ho in BOF. Have either Park Shin Hye, Yoon Eun Hye and Ha Ji Min’s drama ever reached 43.2 in ratings where they were the MAIN lead? No, ause I checked the ratings of their dramas. Go Hye Sun was the main lead in Pure 19 and it had 43.2% ratings not even counting the success of BOF yet. She still has many fans left including me. She was wonderful in Angel Eyes and The King and I as well, so it’s not her fault if the drama is not written well.

    • She belongs in YG and there are some fans who are company loyalists, you can find these same type of fans on all KBS videos of the Return of Superman variety show, lamenting and lambasting KBS for the removal of Tablo and his daughter Haru from the show.

      There are also some BOF holdovers, who continue to support her from that one hallyu drama, years and years ago.

      • I actually thought it was wise to remove Haru from the show. She’s a child and deserves to grow up with privacy instead of having cameras showing her childhood to the whole nation now that she is old enough to be aware of cameras. I think Tablo and Hyejung made a good choice for their child.

  20. To All GHS fans..

    You guys shouldn’t take this blog very seriously because at the end of the day its a ship, or fangirlism motivated blog and nothing wrong with that to be honest.

    I have read countless articles against especially guys like KSH, PSH and LMH. it seemed like they were personal vendetta against them and thats why I call this blog robin hood cuz it steals from the best and tries to give it to the poor once -> unknown. example Jongsuk who nobody really cares about the guy at all gets small love and 100 other nobodies gets love in here.

    PSH was brutally bashed for heirs but yet again it was here best drama success wise and Koala tried like her best to talk LMH down and turn fans on him which backfired bigtime and he only gained more and the same goes to KSH.

    This Blog has some sort of robin hood fetish cuz when ever you reach the top and get popular expect to be bashed here. thats the rule of the game! and Ghs is no different case

    • Lmfao that is true maybe it will be the reverse and blood would come out on top lol,i am so glad she isn’t gonna be reviewing blood again i think, because it will be weird to constantly keep writing about something you hate . Thanks koala because of you the reverse is about to happen i hope..

      Remember to take a chill pill

      • I actully suddenly remembered Koalas campaign against Heirs and My love from the stars when they were airing.

        Koala was by no means impressed or fan of these 2 dramas, and ofcourse they got bashed more then Blood ever will cuz she went at them at all costs. But the aftermath was hilarious when these dramas turned into Megahits and its rare that there is megahits in the K-drama world. To find some megahits you have to go back to Winter Sonata and BOF which was long time ago then came Heirs and My Love from the stars two megahits right after each other.

        In K-drama world you have failed – success – hits and Megahits.

        For megahits they need: Ratings success, Internet success (DF,Youku, toudo and other websites plus overseas tv-rating success) and positive Reviews. Heirs and My love from the stars lived up to this standard which actully got the lead actor/actress around 60 endorsement deals combined And after that it became trending amongst youth in china and other places. It backfired on Koala bigtime then she started to go after the actors/actress individual except for Gienna. PSH, KSH and LMH was the target the entire last year.

        Blood is the next Megahit in the making..

      • No, blood will not be a mega hit. It dose not have a star quality that can pull such a thing, nor an original plot, with well known bad actress plus a rookie actor who can not act yet he is the main lead! it won’t. ADD that the rating is really bad!

    • At least I’m one of those 100 people who love JongSuk no matter how famous or unpopular he is, as long as he is passionate, good and gives his best in every project I will support him.

    • If Blood is going to be the next Megahit, then I really worry for the future of Korean drama quality. The trifecta of a mediocre quality drama – poor acting, poor story quality, poor originality. But hey, who knows I might be wrong, maybe the drama can pick up and get better?

      Heirs and My Love From Another Star rides on star power. I definitely enjoyed the dramas. Heirs had Lee Min Ho, one of the most popular male actors in Asia even though PSH wasn’t as great in there. But hey, she improved so much in Pinocchio. My Love had CF king Kim Soo Hyun and beloved Jun Ji-hyun who all of Korea loves and came back from her long drama break.

      The difference between those Megahits and Blood is the quality of acting and star power. Those had it, this doesn’t.

      • I agree with thing is good script and the other is acting and star power.Lee min ho,Kim soo hyun and Park shin hye dramas always end up being hit.why?becos of star power.even though Lee min ho and Park shin hye dramas don’t do well in rating domestically,they always hit it big internationally.

      • PSH wasn’t great bc CES was written badly, let’s be clear. She is good when she is given a decent role like in Pinocchio.
        People needs to differenciate between acting and roles And stop blaming on the actors!

    • This sh*t is awesome. Keep going, I’ll get my popcorn!

      (On the other note: maybe get a life? And read only opinions that are similar to yours? I mean, this is sure entertaining as hell so I am not against it but if you want to be taken seriously you might want to try a new approach. If not, keep on doing what you’re doing, it works marvelously!)

    • Lee jong suk not popular?
      He is more popular than LMH in korea, internationally, his fanbase is getting bigger and bigger and not to.mention he is the most anticipated actor in china right now.
      Get your fact straight, lmao
      Oh yeah but you’re lee jong suk hater, just say whatever you want then.

  21. What was the casting director smoking? I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes.

    I’ll never know how much blood this bloodsucker sucks ’cause Blood sucks so bad!

    • I kept laughing at almost every single comment…and then, u came, Nickie!!! I luv u…*_*!!! I admit that I haven’t watched a nanosecond of this drama, but ur commemt cracked me up!!! It’s merely 2 lines and yet…I’m in luv! Too bad, I’m already taken, otherwise I’d have definitelly proposed 2 u! Gender, regardless…brain is always sexy!

  22. The show is not amazing or even unique but it is no worse than a lot of other shows.The biggest issue is that the central premise is vampire lore and romance which has been done to death and somehow every single show that is vampire based ends up getting compared to twilight even if twilight was hardly original in terms of scenarios. Vampire in forest hunting, super human speed…literally every vampire movie and show has that.Visually the show is quite appealing in terms of cinematography in episode 1.

    How do you entice ajhummas away with a bloody tired premise in a timeslot when shows like Punch and Shine or go crazy are airing…you can’t…. not with a newbie on board. Going more edgier means more blood and gore which is bound to put off a lot viewers. It does not help that the styling for both the leads is weird…I hate to say this but GHS looks very unappealing.I would give actors another chance given that they are limited by script. HJM, Blade man, Doctor Stranger and Night watchman are all proofs that even charismatic proven actors can come out looking bad with a poor script.

    I do like the fact that they used vampire virus instead conventional vampire lore. If they can take the story to uncharted territory, that would work. From where I stand, the story has no hook…there is no mystery. Kind moral vampire struggling with his hunger… check, unfair parental death ….check, one global conspiracy with a meglo-maniac at its center …check, one romance with a stubborn loud girl, vampire met in childhood…check. It is pretty obvious how the story is going to play out and that is my biggest disappointment so far.

    • Yeah I really enjoyed ep1 and how they established the vampirism as a virus. There’sno way I am watching episode 2 though. The present day non back story looks terrible (the child jason was a lot better than the present. Although i appreciate that vampires are supposed to look young i would expect a certain aura and imposing presence from being kind of dead. Present jason does not deliver) and I’m not that intrigued to see what happens next as I can tell how it will prob play out.

  23. Every time GHS is in a drama and there’s any discussions of her, she has very dedicated fans who will put down others’ critiques. Honestly, GHS isn’t a good actress. She’s mediocre. I wish she would take acting classes before she takes on another role.

    And poor Ji Jin Hee. This guy is such a charismatic actor and he chose this sucky project. I hope his next project will be a success and something that is much more interested.

    • I agree GHS is not a good actor as far as I’ve seen. I have not problem with Koala writing negative things about it but the language she used is pretty harsh and childish.

  24. Was hesitating about watching this drama. Will probably have to wait for Episode 3 of 4 to either watch or not. If the reviews don’t get better I’ll most likely ditch this. Was really looking forward to it too.

    On a side note I don’t get all the trivial hate that these commenters are leaving. Not everyone has the same opinion as yourselves. (Mind you it might be just one person just changing their name). lol

  25. hmmm… what i can say based on ep 1(still not watch ep2 because of no sub yet), blood is not that bad. I find it intriguing enough to watch it. The cinematography is pretty good and i found that AJH is quiet improved than before its just he doesn’t has that leading male screen presence yet. From teaser alone, i can say GHS really need to stay away from this kind of role which are spunky,comedy role. She is overeact about everything. I thought after Angel Eyes she got better but it seem she need to stick to sad,lonely kind of role like in Angel Eyes.
    Btw koala, did you already watch the Love Weaves through Millenium Years(aka chinese remake queen inhyun’s man).I thought you will give your review about it. It already at ep4.

    • @ m92
      That’s a good observation. Not every actresses are chameleon – able to take on any roles. Jun Ji Hyun was very good in playing a haughty, insecure and vulnerable actress and she was equally emotive in melancholic roles. Recently, park min young proved to be quite chameleon as well taking on a quirky persona. Let’s hope GHS managed to settle into her role quickly… Anyway lots of dramas are not making good ratings yet there are ppl watching them. I guess there must be some elements in these shows that they can appreciate. So I am gonna watch this show coz I like “vampire” genre.

  26. People seriously need to chill out. This is a BLOG, not a professional review website. A blog is here for someone to write THEIR own opinions and not for you to judge and stop them from writing things you don’t like. Don’t read it if you don’t agree. Honestly, bloggers are not obliged to need to think about everyone’s feelings while they’re writing because this is essentially THEIR space to blog and write about whatever they want. So just chill.

  27. Every blogs actually show their bias when they write the articles or recaps. Ms. Koala even wrote her favorites in this blog and nothing wrong with that. And we know some of her favorites also not really that great actors or the dramas that she choose to recaps also some of them were awful. But again, it’s her choices.

    I didn’t watch the drama so I can’t give any comments. But I watched Goo Hye Sun’s dramas before and in my opinion, her actings aren’t that bad. She’s better than Han Ga In. Ji Jin He of course we know he’s one of experienced actor so no doubt about him.

  28. At first when GHS and AJH were confirmed to be the main leads, I just thought to skip this drama. I can’t finish watching BOF because of of Geum Jandi, not in a good way of course.
    But now reading how bad criticism given by both knetz and inetz, I think I will watch the first 2 episodes, just want give it a try. It’s gonna be fun I guess.. and make me laugh my ass off on their awkward acting!!!
    I never think Go Hye Sun is pretty, she just has a very flawless and beautiful skin.

  29. @joey100,I know u hate Pinocchio and the actors in it but to called the drama a failure is just bad.FYI,Pinocchio is a success.I’d say the second most success SBS drama last year after “STAR”.Pinocchio has appeared in many Asia newspapers,plus,it also gained good review.they already published the novel and I heard the drama in talks for remake.Pinocchio is the only successful media-based drama in Korea to be successful.from the child actors to the leads,to even supporting actors were praised for their acting in the drama.Shin hye even proved her haters wrong.even what that used in the drama got sold out.even shin hye got plenty endosernments after the drama.its not all about ratings but recognition and good reviews.see Kill me Heal me.the ratings are not so good but the has has been gaining good reviews since boy or girl,I’d say u stup up if u don’t know what to say.I wonder why u keep coming her if u are not a fan of the blogger

    • How come there are people who regard Pinocchio as a failure? In what aspect? It does not make sense at all. Maybe people that claim Pinocchio is a failure are just plain stupid or blind. Popularity wise, Pinocchio surpassed 30% online rating (TVing), had decent rating in south korea, given current tv rating appetite, average above 10% (AGB Nielsen and TNMS) and had accumulated view over 1 billion in china’s youku and tudou. Pinocchio is the most expensive series sold to china. Of course pinocchio also very popular internationally. Pinocchio is considered successful in term of popularity/viewers’ favourite and drama quality according to majority of people in the industry and media.

      • Seems like there are few people who still keep on tasting and eating their bitterness because of the success of Pinocchio. HAHAHA so pitiful seeing those narrow minded and blinded people who always stick to high ratings to determine the success of a drama. Man!! I pity you!

    • I have never said Pinocchio was a failure overall but said ratings failure which it was.

      But if you read by comments closely you will find out that I said it was successful do to internet backing up its ratings failure..

      I have nothing against Jongsuk just don’t like the fact that koala is his babysitter thats all..

      • Again, 10% is not even a ratings failure. Stop trying to say it is when everyone has been telling you it’s NOT.

  30. This drama sucks to high heaven!! WTH was that I just watched? & no matter how many times you defend her GHS is terrible in this….chick made me wanna punch my laptop Damn. Watched the second episode and laughed my ass off cause I can’t even pity this trainwreak. At least if yoo seung ho was in this I would overlook everything and just stare at him.

  31. I use to love Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS because of my love Healer. But now sigh…this show is totally reminding me why Healer was so so good with great actors and OTP chemistry right off the bat…

  32. Same here.I never thought she was pretty the way people praise her to be.its just that she has beautiful skin.I don’t even like her face.even if jin se yeon is bad,atleast her face is serviceable.unlike G hye sun who I don’t find attractive at all…

  33. thanks koala for the review. I decided not to watch this drama as i noticed have similar taste. Just ignore the haters above. Keep up a good work. 😀

  34. wow. everyone’s opinion seem intense. LOL. Seriously it’s a blog based on her opinion alone, also i dont think this will affect the ratings of any kdrama so if Blood’s ratings are plunging down the abyss then there’s something in that show that korean viewers dont like. Overseas fans act as if they have so much of a say in each korean show. LOL.

    I was really happy for GHS on Angel Eyes because she seemed to have redeemed herself after each project she got right after BOF which didnt do well. Angel Eyes was THE comeback if i may say. Then this happened. TSK TSK. Maybe she needs to go back to whoever mentored her on Angel Eyes and just do that kind of project.

  35. I wathed the 2 eps to see how bad it is. OMG can i say i have never seen worst actress than her????????
    Her scenes are frustrating because of her acting and her voice is nauseating. Her voice was never like that and her acting is still quite bearable sometimes.
    This time is a no no no… Not just because of the acting of the 2 leads even the writing and try hard to be like american series was horrendous.
    Goo hye sun should stop acting. I mean it

    Some actresses who can’t act will at least have a likable pesona or comfortable to llok at. She took everytimg to another level of nightmare
    Sorry but HJM feels like an awesome drama compared to blood.

  36. I never actually commented on Koala blog but I do follow her reviews and etc, but I kind of wanting to join this somewhat argument.

    I have to agree with her review on Blood. I think I should just go re-watch Vampire Prosecutor to heal my eyes. Overall, GHS acting is just horrible. I couldn’t finish BOF because of her. And I tried to re-watch it for a 2nd time, and the whole drama was just laughable. As for Angel Eyes, her acting was okay; at least she didn’t ruin the drama for me, and the main dude Lee Sang Yoon from the Liar Game acting was just spot on and kept me watching.

    I did watch Pinochio. In my opinion, the plot itself is just unique, fresh, and different. The character developments were just wow. LJS acting was good and enjoyable even though he didn’t have any wow factor for me. And PSH acting was aight and sometimes dull. (However, the two of them together were a no no for me, their kissing scenes might be sweet for others, but for me I had to skip them because I just couldn’t stand what I saw. It was like a woodpecker pecking a log or a tree. And I was still grossed out from when LJS kissed that baby in doctor stranger) What made me enjoy the drama was how the characters and the plot were written.

    I would say HJM acting is better than GHS. She was so good in Yi San and Rooftop Prince. Whereas, GHS acting is just one word “annoying” and makes you want to just go hit something.

    This is just my honest evaluation.

  37. I watched to have a laugh because of the review.. DEAR GOD!!!goo hye sun is awful.. Whats up with her vouce, tone, movements??? She is soooo annoying!From time to time ahn jae hyun was better than her, and thats not a compliment. What the hell the producers were thinking?

  38. dear people here.. no need to put down other actors or drama to praise your bias.. just chill and take popcorn while watching blood. it is not a new story that both goo hye sun n ahn jae hyun not so good actor.. just take this drama for comedy to release your stress after tired of working and i am sure the youtube view for this drama will be very high maybe can be new megahit drama because people want to know how bad it is…lol

  39. LOL I am so glad you watched this already. I have been waiting for the word if I should go watch or not. I’m one of those of cannot stand to watch the actress – even in Angel Eyes. if it falls apart completely, maybe…or it there are good moments.

  40. Thank you for the review. I was never interested in this one but reading this was entertaining. You are unbiased (and admit your bias if you have any) so I generally trust your judgement. GHS fans are surprising since they took offense in your mature critism. You actually mentioned that you liked her in Angel Eyes.

    When I like an actor and he/she is not very good. I admit it and keep liking her. Lee Yeon Hee for instance I like a lot. She was not good in East of Eden but I still liked her very much. Bad acting is not a valid reason for me not to like someone. And if that actor is called out for her/his failures in performance I check it out and if I agree then I still like him/her but at least do not lie to myself.

    And I hope that we are all realistic enough to differentiate between haters and viewers who logically wrote what they think right?

  41. It’s just so fitting that Gu Hye Sun is in a twilight rip off drama because I’ve always felt the same aversion to her as I feel towards Kristen Stewart. I swear those two are just awful actresses, they are black holes that suck energy from whomever they act with.

  42. lol I actually find koala’s post to be quite entertaining. While we share similar view on this drama, I think koala’s way of expressing her disappointment was just so much more hilarious. At the end of the day, this is her blog and isn’t that why we are all here? We all love reading what she has to say, so why be so mean when we don’t quite agree with each other? =]

  43. Ep 1 parents backstory enjoyable. Ep 2 interesting with cliffhanger, but lost points from GHS unbearable awkward acting. Not nice watching GHS stuck in BOF with an older whiter face! Indeed GHS made AJH look like a better actor. Nevertheless am looking forward to ep 3.

  44. i was expecting this show to look like The Originals,even if there is no werewolf or witches here.but i was expecting suspense,action,intesity,mistery and any other thing that show had.but d way i see it,i dont think koreans will be able to produce such a drama.i want to watch this but i think i will wait till they’ve aired 10eps

  45. I don’t understand why people are so up in arms about Koala critiquing GHS’s acting. The review is on point, and aside from it being accurate, it’s hilarious as hell. This isn’t Allkpop for heaven’s sake, where they only post positive things or stuff that they are fed by agencies. Have y’all read some professional reviews before? They are way snarkier and far less charitable than this one. This ain’t “everyone on the pee-wee team gets a trophy” hour; if you put in a bad performance while being a professional actor, you should be called out on it. GHS not only acts for a living, but we all know she is capable of better acting based on her Angel Eyes performance. Just because someone has legit criticisms doesn’t make them a “hater”. Nor is seniority in the industry a shield. If even Sandra Bullock can win a Oscar and a Razzie in the same weekend, then no one should get a pass for poor acting.
    In general, I like GHS and AJH, and there are times when I disagree with Koala’s reviews. But this isn’t their best performance, and you know it. So you keep being your fabulous self, Koala.

  46. Hmm…I maybe the only one here. But, I really liked how the first episode was done. The back story to me was interesting. I can’t comment on AJH’s acting because I haven’t watched him that much. I find him funny in You Who Came from Another Star, so I don’t mind watching him here. GHS isn’t as bad in my opinion. I don’t find her acting as very fake or anything, again, that is my opinion. I usually won’t quit a drama until after a few episodes has aired and I find that it is thoroughly reallllllly bad. The first episode starts off the series and then the next episode kind of introduces most of the people that will be in the series. Those two episodes cannot dictate what the rest of the series would be. The story just started out. If the story starts jumping into the important parts, then nothing will make sense. Yes, I agree that there are series’ out there that start off so well that everyone just watches it and stays with the series. But, not every series is like that. Some needs time to progress.

    I’m pretty sad about the ratings considering the actors do put in effort in their acting. I feel especially bad for AJH considering this is his first main acting role. If we don’t give an actor a chance, how can they progress? I like how the series started off and I like the actors. I will keep watching it until it totally turns me off.

  47. I’m only there for Ji Jin Hee…….the rest I could care less about….whether it’s terrible acting or horribly written characters they just can’t compare to the greatness of Ji Jin Hee…welcome to the darkside they have cookies and apparently the best written/acted character 😉

  48. Koala you really have gone to an all time low with your snarky remarks against GHS. Your blog was full of animosity and bitterness towards her that I couldn’t help but think that this was more of a personal vendetta on your part. You sounded like the infantile, petulant ugly stepsister who was not invited to the ball and just watched in the sidelines while the prince danced with Cinderella. Your snide remarks about her “being multi-talented whatever it means” reeks of, how should I put it…. jealousy….like you resent her because of her talents. The reality is, you can blog against GHS till you’re blue in the face and she’d still be popular, will continue gaining more fans, accept the choicest roles, laugh her way to the bank, get all the adulation and will still be Koala…the blogger. That must drive you up the wall. You remind me of the saying “those who can’t do teach.” In your case it would be “those who can’t do blog.”…LOL

      • Srk001 a smut review is just that…a smut review. I would not consider the guardian’s review or Koala’s review as professional. That would be an insult to Roger Ebert. Koala’s blog is not just merely criticism but a personal attack. For some reason, she has this huge chip on her shoulder where GHS is concern. Ironically, the woman koala chose to denigrate and dismiss as “multi-talented whatever that is” is not only an award winning actress but also an award winning director, composer, singer, painter and best selling author. GHS is way…way…way out of Koala’s league. If you enjoy these kinds of blogs, then you’re in good company with koala, your “great” idol with the snarky remarks….LOL

        Read Roger Ebert’s review of Twilight. Now that’s a professional review. Nowhere in the review did he use snarky language or vilify the actors.

      • @Zade Honestly that link is just one of the first reviews that popped up when I went looking for one; I don’t agree with the reviewer (at all), don’t care about Twilight for that matter, but thought might as well post it since it’s about vampires as well (going with the theme here;)). I used the term professional loosely (meaning to receive money for it).

        Never did I say Koala is a professional reviewer (I don’t think she’s getting paid to do this). I’m also not sure how you come to the conclusion she’s my ‘idol’. No offence to the blogger, but I rarely visit her blog nor do I know her personally. I’m not into being a fan of anybody or idolizing someone. I come here to read some posts, some catch my attention (like this one) and some don’t. I guess in the same way you stumbled onto this site.

        I can appreciate negative reviews, and IF there happens to be some snark in it, so be. Depending on the readers you target(like in the guardian’s review) that can be a good thing. There are times I agree with Koala, and times I don’t. I haven’t watched Blood, so I didn’t comment on her review. Instead I just pointed out that the way someone chooses to do their review is not up to you, but to the reviewer themselves.

        I definitely agree that there’s some personal attack going on in the review, but just because some don’t like it or do not agree, doesn’t mean it’s not a review. This is how she re’views’it. Sure, it may not make her a classy reviewer, but she’s a reviewer none the less.

        Do I agree with her review? I didn’t watch Blood, so hard to say. Out of the actors cast I’m only familiar with GHS. She’s the first Kdrama actress I knew (through BOF) and though I wasn’t too fond of Jandi, I certainly didn’t dislike her and I certainly do not dislike GHS, but on the other hand, I do not know her. I have know idea how old she is, what other dramas she starred in (other than the onces mentioned in some comments) and wouldn’t be able to tell what her other talents are. I’d like to check drama/movie (?) she directed though, but I digress

        Anyway, Koala certainly got a lot of traffic on her blog because of this post. I’d say her ‘job’is done. And of course GHS has some start power, don’t think some unknown actress would have generated this much comments on this blog;)

      • @Zade And just so you know (I think I didn’t address this in my post) the reviews in theguardian are considered professional reviews; you not considering them as such doesn’t make a difference to that fact. Koala is (if she not getting paid) considered to be an amateur reviewer; not because we readers think like that, but simply because the difference lies in either getting paid or not.

      • @Zade Okay this will be my last post (I hope, unless I forget to address something again, haha). Thanks for the link, I did enjoy reading that one much more that the one I posted.

        I guess I like reviews that are mildly sarcastic as opposed to snarky. English isn’t my first language, so I wasn’t aware it means amongst others ‘rudely sarcastic or disrespectful’. Actually I’m not too sure mildly sarcastic is the right term either, but Roger Eberts piece comes close to the styles I like.

        I especially like this part “Think what a sacrifice he is making on her behalf.” You can’t tell me he’s being serious here;)

      • Here another one of him I like

        Don’t know if the Spice Girls fans would like it, though;) You can’t tell me he’s not being personal here “The huge difference, of course, is that the Beatles were talented–while, let’s face it, the Spice Girls could be duplicated by any five women under the age of 30 standing in line at Dunkin’ Donuts.”

      • @Zade
        tsk tsk poor ku hye sun
        1. known as vry bad @ctress = kore@ netz + int’l viewers h@te her acting.
        2. tried singing’ & composin’ but None of her songs r big hit + did they sell well? Nope.
        3. tried bein’ director but movies flopped

  49. Alright so, I personally have always never liked GHS’s acting (since her first drama), but saying that she looks like a squat adjumma is kind of mean, not gonna lie.

  50. It is most shittiest review i ever read it is more kind of personal attack rather than a constructive its just a way to spread hatred rather than constructive criticism..its kind of bullying and provoke hate in peoples mind regarding particular person… so disappointed.. its cyber bullying and out of ethical… sorry to say really feel sorry for parents who raise her… PS i too not like GHS acting but what you wrote is beyond the limit..

    • Lol, ku hye sun is not that pretty. Her fans find her attractive, but Korean netizens do NOT think she’s pretty. She has never been and still not considered “one of the most beautiful korean celebs”..LOL

  51. My goodness GHS….
    This is the first time i feel like punching my screen because of bad actinf from an actress.
    I never know that such a pretty face can make you feel so frustrated and annoyed. Her actinf, voice, intonation are hella crazy beyond the limit of worst

    Her eyes are beauitful and i appreciated them in Angel eyes, but here… Her eyes are just there for the pretty but pretty dead and don’t match the situation at all. Geum jandi was much more bearable than whoever her character here.
    I tried to watch the 2 eps with neutral mind but ended up cursing

  52. With those talents she said to have. I hope she focuses on others bur please cross out acting from your lists.
    You’re not meant to be an actress

  53. This is my first time to post on blogs like this, but I just want to share my opinion on this…. Yes I am an avid fan of ghs and as much as I want to I want to defend her as a fan and as human with feelings. I wonder why some people are so bitter, maybe because they call themselves critics,yes a good for nothing critics but good at demoralizing someone as if they are perfect themselves w/out flaws. Not the intellectual ones I say, but a person who are so full of hate, insecurities and jealousy. Face yourself in the mirror and see for yourself if you are in her shoes, can you say your better off than her in every inch of your body, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. This is my first and last post, I pity these kind of people.BORN LOSERS themselves, what a crab mentality got there. If you don’t like the drama then why watch and put much attention? Are you envious? LOL!!! I don’t see anything wrong with her acting, she tried her best to deliver her lines. And “Blood” is worth watching. In a sort of way you people are making ghs supporters strong and bringing more fans, don’t you know that? ;-p

    • I’m not an actress so why should i? Lol
      As the audiences we deserves to judge the actors acting. Praise it or dislike it

  54. Watched 2 eps, and all i can say is..
    This ‘Blood’ drama makes Twilight lookslike a masterpiece of art, and dr.stranger suddenly felt enjoyable and i even miss it.

    Poor Ji Jin hee..

  55. Entertaining as hell these comments but so disturbing too. Fandom like the one on display here is one reason I keep postponing a return to kdramas (and blogging).

    But I’ll always return to your blog, Koala darling. Because no one writes like you. You’re da best, so don’t ever let anyone tell you how or what to write.


      • Hi ockoala, new fan of your blog here and just wanted to say Fighting! I’m sure you are used to the rabid fans of K-entertainment by now, so you probably don’t need the support, but still…

        It is refreshing to read a person’s true opinion in K-entertainment for once, and not the company press releases that some other sites try to pass on as a true review. It is because of this cuddling that many Korean entertainers remain stagnant and do not grow or improve in their craft and the whole industry seems stuck in a perpetual cycle of love triangle dramas. But that’s a story for another day.

        On a separate note, I wonder with the changing times, if you will re-consider the removing of the left-click option. It’s such an integral part of online browsing, that the restriction seems more severe than it actually is, lol.

  56. I’m an avid lurker on this site but I had to comment this time to say thank you to Koala for this review. It was both honest and funny. I know GHS has her fans, but shielding her and acting like her acting in this production is wonderful is only doing GHS a disservice. More reviews need to address the bad acting that has been common in Korean dramas lately. So thank you for being honest and sharing your thoughts.

  57. Gu Hye Sun is a good actress, watch her in Pure 19 or the “King and I” Boys over Flowers was a comic adaptation, and I felt like the whole production was going for the comic Manwha effect which would explain her over the top acting. It didn’t top the Japanese Hana Yori Dango on the overacting though, so not sure why people keep referring to Boys over Flowers as bad acting. Her other dramas were ok.

    I am not sure what happen with this drama, seems like she was trying to change the way she normally speak, and I think that came out as awkward? I would have to say, that perhaps Gu Hye Sun is better at acting serious meaty roles instead of the typical rom-coms, however, in this Blood Drama, the heroine is like any other Kdrama actress out there that acts like the typical Candy, or stubborn so not sure why so much hate on Gu Hye Sun when there are approximately 99% of the Kdrama actress acts like her. Over the top for Romantic Comedies.

  58. Woah!! I had just a chance to entertain myself by reading all these comments. First, Capt K – you keep writing as you’d like. Gosh darn, it’s your blog and there are people who like you! 🙂 Heck, our opinions/tastes hardly ever cross with a few exceptions, but I still read all the same. And sometimes it’s good to read a completely different opinion that isn’t all rainbows and roses for every single drama out there or for those really popular ones.

    Those who are outraged or GHS fandom, I watched Blood ep 1-2 (for JJH but watching all of it nonetheless) and good gosh, it needs some medical help and stat! Look at the bright side, there is always room for improvement. I don’t really see what’s wrong with the desire that GHS improve her acting. Why get all bothered by what Koala has to say? I don’t think Koala has some personal vendetta against GHS. I am also watching with much love another drama that is crappy and getting raked through the coals by practically everyone. We all know that drama has a lot of hate on it. But there’s no reason to let it disrupt my personal viewing of it. Acknowledge the faults, but I’m still rooting for improvement in that one.

    So, my point is you will move on too! And so will she. Don’t let this post deter you. I hope this drama can improve too. Acting and storywise. I’d hate to see JJH wasted in a drama. I sat through all of the live airing of PCAP. So my will is strong when it comes to JJH and GHS.

  59. Do fans really think GHS act is decent?
    Come on, judge it objectively and stop bursting with outrages at how much your bias is so pretty, good personality, decent.. Blah blah blah
    This drama is a mess in terms of acting, storyline, effects,etc which i’m hoping that it will improve.
    Articles are pointing out GHS poor acting but Actually AJH is no better than her.
    I was lol-ing so hard at the way he got shot… It’s another level of embarrastment.
    If like what the fans said that GHS is putting her upmost effort, then bye guurl… You better give up on acting because it’s just not your path.

    Fans are so pathetic by saying that other actresses act like her too. NO!
    There are some actresses that are bad but they are still comfortable to watch. For example is han ji min in Hyde, she is underwhelming but i don’t find her annoying and she is comfortable to watch on screen while GHS pretty face makes me super annoyed . Her intonation and voice are horrendeous as well.

  60. Review was great and i agree with Koala. Reading it was a little spicey, but very funny. I enjoyed reading this a lot more as watching blood. 😉

    I will skip this one. Most korean agreeing considering the ratings and reviews.

    I don´t see me as fan or hater from anyone. I really don´t care about persons, which i don´t no personally.

    GHS and AJH both perform really bad. AJH is too inexperienced for a leading part. I didn´t see much talent either. I liked him in YFAS, but his part was rather small. I watched GHS in BoF and take care captain(?) and her acting was terrible. Scripts were both awul, so i don´t think a better actress could done a better job.
    I saw also angel eyes and the first time decent acting from GHS. It helped a lot, the script was good and the remaining cast great.
    blood is her poorest acting so far. she should better choose her projects.

  61. LOL LOL WOW KOALA and the KOALIANS be thankful GHS made your blog so active..
    Whatever you all said that is all your opinions but you can’t take away from GHS her talents in acting writing drawing directing composing and to include her beauty inside and outside..FYI GHS had always been considered a natural beauty in KOREA she was discovered aS AN ULZZANG meaning beautiful..GHS is living a meaningful happy life not like the pathetic miserable snarks in this KCULT..

    • Yes yes yesbshe have all that talents and focus on those talents of her (which aupposedly did not flop either?) so stop acting cos it make the. Audiences feel uncomfortable with her terrible acting

    • Yes yes yes she has all that talents and focus on those talents of her (which aupposedly did not flop either?) so stop acting cos it make the. Audiences feel uncomfortable with her terrible acting

      • Oh no sorry she cn’t stop acting because that is one of her talent and as long as she is being picked by K ENT.industry to act then she has to do it..
        Don’t be so greedy GHS has a lot of fans that love her drama and make us happy.. you are not only her audience so if it make you uncomfortable watching her then don’t watch her for your own happiness..hehehe

  62. I think your post is hilarious, non sense and pathetically jealous of all the achievements of GOO HYE SUN. Goo Hye Sun is one of the best actresses in Korea, and well respected in the industry not to mention she is one of the few with brain. Unlike you, she has a busy life and mos of her dramas are well written, well acted and considered to be first class in Asia. piece of advice, STOP WRITING AND GET A LIFE.

    • don’t be too blind when u like something, duh.
      since when GHS is the best actress in korea?? the source??
      she’s one of most famous actress, yes i agree with that, and it’s all thanks to the popular remake of meteor garden and hanayori dango aka BOF. BUT the best actress? sorry but.. she’s nowhere near that T___T
      and not to said, most of her drama is a trainwreck.

    • Best actress? Among the bof co star she is not as successful.. Her dramas after that are all failures. I love her in angel eyes but she is just beyond horrible in blood

  63. YG stan here. I know GHS is from YG, but I’m not drama maniac, (not actress/actor fanatic fan), so far I only watched GHS’s drama once, with taiwanese actor as robot (sorry, I forgot the tittle). So far I watch many korea ddramas, till now I can not point out is the actress act is good or bad. When I enjoy the show, I’ll continue, if not, I’ll drop it. For the actor, I can pin point some (in my opinion) as good actor : Lee Dongwook (His drama Blade Man is not that good, but I can say his acting is good), Joo Sangwook is good in Birth of Beauty, the last, Ji Sung is so good in Protect The Boss and KillMeHealMe. So far, young actor like LMH or LJS does not catch my attention yet (uhmm, but Jang Geunsuk has…)

    And About GHS, I have read many bad comments for her during this Blood, so it make me curious. Then, maybe I’ll try to watch it.

  64. I forgot to mention in the other post. In fact i want to thank you for posting such negative and harsh comments on Blood. Otherwise, i would not be curious to check it out. I’m now hooked to the drama as it’s getting better by each episode. It isn’t that bad, so is GHS portraying an arrogant character. In terms of storyline, this is better than Hyde, Jekyll and me.

  65. Honestly i love this drama its getting better. Its different compared to all the other drams ive seen where theres always a rich guy and a poor girl.

  66. AJH and GHS well done.. keep it up!! don’t mind what the other people say,just do your best ad prove to them. fighting!! i will stay tune and watch until the end of your drama. I’m not a big fan of vampire genre, something like that but yoy know what after i started to watched the first episode of this drama up to the latest icame to realized that its not bad at all, in fact i really like this drama. It is one of the kdrama that caught my attention in the first place so don’t felt bad anyway.. aja aja 🙂

  67. This drama is good for me.It is so interesting and attractive drama. Ahn Jae Hyun is not perfect because this is his first lead role after his debut. Ku Hye Sun is quite strange because of her character.Fighting Blood…I’m always your fan…

  68. PLEASE do not evaluate the drama so harshly . All the characters did their bests. ITs concept was amazing and I have never seen any korean drama with such a concept . all of them just focuses on physical parts of love such as 1 episode 1 kiss till it reaches a fantasy love which is never true in real life and they all know when talking about a love they will say lets love like a drama . cuz they know non of them are real . but they don’t mention it and act as if it really exists. At least Blood concept was fection from the start . we all know vampires doesn’t exist . so do not search for logic for its ending . there’s no logic behind what IS NOT REAL AT ALL. have you seen harry potter? The originals? The vampire diaries? they are all full of illogical concepts . what matters is how best they can show up in their field . ( but if you think about it it had some similaities with the beast and the beuty ) Actress Gu hye sun played her role much better thab boys over flowers… though boys over flowers still is a hit , its concept was too spoil and unreal. Im not criticizing and I loved it but if you are going to criticize blood so negetively , there way too more dramas that need to be criticized much more as well. Actor Ahn jae Hyun , as a not much experienced actor did a GREAT job . He was perfect with his all little experiences and for sure he ll show up more better next time but it couldnt be better than this even if someone else was in his place. And when it comes to ji jin hee, he is a real star, he can easily affects you by his facial expression. And the most important concept was focusing on humanity. I have never seen a drama that pictures humanity as much beautifully as I seen in blood. It reminded us what it means to be a human, what we might have forgotten in this world with our greedy mind and… and its romance part : that was a picture of a true love . instead of focusing on kiss scenes and bed scenes to show their couple love , they made it real by what it shoild really exists, Sacrifice ! Respect ! Making each other the most happiest person in the world ! and still more and more concepts of a real love… not a fantasy… So let’s see it from this aspect , it had lots of good points that you can easily learn from… That was the best drama I have ever seen..

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