Ethan Ruan Makes Cameo Appearance in Lee Jun Ki’s Upcoming C-movie Begin Again

There was a total “WHUT?” moment when I saw the first SNS posted picture of Korean actor Lee Jun Ki and Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan. I rubbed my eyes and wondered if somehow my love for both men somehow produced a photoshopped picture just for me. Turns out the fan service wasn’t a figment of my imagination, nor was it a chance encounter between the two cuties. Ethan is doing a cameo appearance in Jun Ki’s new movie, people! Lee Jun Ki has been in China the last two months filming Begin Again with leading lady Zhou Dong Yu, a cross-border romance movie that looks adorable already from the first stills already released.

The director of Begin Again just happens to be Ethan’s mentor of sorts, having directed Ethan in his debut movie Exit No. 6 nearly a decade ago. It’s clear Director Lin is someone his former stars respect and want to work with again since Exit No. 6 also launched the film career of Eddie Peng, who went on to star in Director Lin’s acclaimed Jump Ashin!ย When Director Lin called up Ethan for a cameo in Begin Again, he readily agreed and the role was supposed to be kept a secret until the trailer was released. Except Jun Ki was so excited he surprised Ethan with flowers and a big thank you session when Ethan wrapped his filming which is how word of his involvement spread. Check out all the double cuteness below!


Ethan Ruan Makes Cameo Appearance in Lee Jun Ki’s Upcoming C-movie Begin Again — 13 Comments

  1. Jun Ki looks so happy…such a happy virus. Makes me smile. Okaaay so i love these 2 so much they are so adorable. Looking forward to see the movie

  2. O.M.G. koala sis big big virtual hug for posting this!

    i can’t get my eyes off your screen seeing Ethan there.

    this is such a pleasant surprise!

    love both guys!

    and i miss Ethan soooooo much!

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