Media Reports Jin Se Yeon is Leading Lady for Sensory Couple, SBS Claims She’s Not in Talks

Hhhhmmmm, what is going on with upcoming SBS drama Sensory Couple? It was formerly called The Girl Who Sees Smells and is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. The drama got a new title but hasn’t gotten a leading lady still. First there was Suzy in talks for the lead role, then Suzy declined claiming conflict with her idol group activities. Next Kim Ji Won‘s name was floated for her first prime time leading lady role, then the news was denied that she was even in the running. Now comes the third casting round as the hot off the press media reports just said Jin Se Yeon was in consideration for the role.

Just as I was writing up that post the next round of rebuttals came fast and hard as the production said that wasn’t true and Jin Se Yeon is not going to be the leading lady. Somewhere there are a lot of drama fans letting out a collective sigh of relief, heh. Regardless of what I think about any of the three female actress names floated so far, this casting roulette sounds sooooo much like the Kill Me Heal Me casting debacle, doesn’t it? Of course KMHM ended up beyond fine with the final confirmed leads so I’m not ready to write of Sensory Couple just yet. I am curious why this drama, which premieres after Hyde, Jekyll, Me, can’t seem to lock in a leading lady yet?

I wonder why the young twenty-something leading ladies aren’t falling over themselves to work with Yoochun, who remains in talks to be the leading man. He’s definitely on the up and up with positive critical feedback for his recent drama and movies. Rising model-turned-actor Hong Jong Hyun is also in casting talks for the second male lead role to rival Yoochun.


Media Reports Jin Se Yeon is Leading Lady for Sensory Couple, SBS Claims She’s Not in Talks — 29 Comments

  1. Isn’t Jin paired with Hong in a cop movie? I like Yoochun and would want a better leading lady for him before he enlists, just sayin’.

  2. So glad Jin Se Yeon isn’t in the running her acting is so bland… Wish Kim Ji Won was offered the role.. She & Lee Yubi are the only new “young” actresses that I look forward to seeing…

  3. They’re having trouble because no one bothered to offer opportunities to actresses who could actually act and hence there’s no one truly buzzworthy in this age group. This, my friends, is the ghost of Christmas future and needs to be addressed ASAP. Maybe hold legitimate auditions and pick someone based on performance rather than how famous/popular they are? How’s about that for a start?

    • Also,

      1. Stop giving acting opportunities to idols who just dabble in acting and either suck at it or sod off having essentially robbed someone else of a chance to gain experience.

      2. Start writing meaty roles for young women that don’t involve them being evil sluts, airheads, or “little sister of…”. As shocking as it sounds, girls in their 20s can sometimes be complicated and admirable individuals (*sarcasm*). This is part of the vicious cycle – no young actresses = no good roles written for young women = no young actresses =… you get my point. All it took was an out-of-the ordinary role for Lee Sung Kyung to be seen as a legit actress so it can definitely be done. But that would require some foresight, wouldn’t it?

      • I love your comments Rina…you should defintely blog…would love to read your thoughts 🙂

        It’s a shame that so many talented actresses get sidelined to do dull roles and not cast as the main leads.

      • Well said! I will add

        3. Start offering roles to young actresses who already showed their talent in your dramas even when they had small roles and their characters were written to be the annoying second lead/bitch.

        Kim Ji Won, Park Eun Bin, Im Joo Eun, Lee Yoo Bi, Kang Sora, Yoon So Hee and Han Groo have ALL worked with SBS in the last 18 months and all did a good job even when their roles were not so great. I wish talent was recognized…..

      • But idols are actually people who were trained to be actors but were made idols first so they could get popularity. Many idols are actually actors in waiting. Sooyoung from GG is an example. She wanted to be an actress but SM put her in a girl group. But her passion has always been acting.

      • @coolrepublica – but I still don’t understand this system by which someone who wants to be an actor, has to be a singer first. Not every idol is like Lee Joon, Siwan or Sooyoung. Most of the time the idol agencies push their most popular members or “visual” into acting even when they are horrible at it like Taecyeon or Suzy. Being an idol and lacking acting ability but acting anyway…..why don’t these people take music seriously? I have more respect for idols like Hyuna who don’t try to get into acting despite being popular. And also for idols who do smaller roles to develop their skills/win roles at auditions on their own abilities, like Eunji and Sooyoung.

    • If they plan to cast someone who acts like a rookie or someone who acts like it’s her first time acting then i think its better to do a legit audition for female lead and maybe they can discover a new talent..

  4. They should really try courting Kim Ji Won, Moon Geun Young, Han Groo or if they want an idol actress they can go to Eunji. I’m actually more than delighted to hear Jin Se Yeon is out of this project, good job SBS

  5. Jin Se Yeon has no business being in a leading role in anything. Glad SBS put a firm no to what is probably her agency mediaplaying. The only person of thethree rumoured leads who could act is Kim Ji Won but her agency itself denied it……..what is SBS waiting for, they should offer the role to any of the many talented young actresses who have been pushed to supporting roles in their dramas in the last year instead of what they do.

    • look like SBS still not realize after what happen to Hyde,Jekyll and Me. Doesn’t mean that you cast popular casts the rating gonna be hit. The writing plus the directing should be good too.I found that recently SBS love to cast someone popular so that there would be a lot of endorsement deals but at the of the product is actually not good like The Heirs,HJM, Rooftop Prince, Dr Stranger, etc. I realize that not so many writers in korea is good, most of their writing after the half drama always tend to be a disaster or slow pace.So, whatever happen, writing and directing will come first then is acting.
      I must say that most of good writers in korea is the one that write thriller, mystery drama because they know what they are doing for the beginning and the ending. But it doesn’t mean all of them are good. There are still that lost in their writing. Comedy,romance plus melodrama is half-half. All of these may happen resulting by live-shooting system in south korea.
      I hope SBS casts someone good enough for Yoochun and writing,directing must be good so that Yoochun can enlist at his peak time. We know that he is a talented actor.

    • With Hong JongHyun as well? That’s just asking for a ratings disaster because the reputations of the two got bombed by the WGM scandals. The hate they face right now isn’t a joke.

      It would make things worse, in ny opinion.

  6. working with YooChun is good, but it isnt good enough for one to overlook the plot. between working with popular stars with bad script and working with good but not so famous actors with good script, many young actresses/actors would pick the second one, esp after MLG and HJM

  7. Just keep on denying, please. What the frack do the casting agents see in her? Yuck. I never ever want her to be in anything I want to see ever again – please! I want to watch this if Yoochun is in it so can we please get a leading lady that won’t make me not watch?!

  8. i remember in this website,many people praise her bland acting in DS. I now remember. This website was a safety place for her fans and their shipper safety place, heartbitter. And now, the comment section is full with opinion of her bland acting. Finally, rest of you realized, she isnt a good actress. She should take a break and go to acting school. Her sponsor should send her to acting school.

    • i dont think anyone praise her acting here on koala’s, especially on DS
      instead, many people or almost commenters said she’s bad, really bad. lol

      • No, kickass is right, her rabid fans used to come here and dramabeans and attack people who criticised her acting. She is like a punchline for horrible acting now which is why her name often gets mentioned in casting posts saying “oh god please don’t cast her!!” lol.

      • @pigsnout

        I was expecting some sort of retort after that little stunt you and pogo pulled off at a totally unrelated article over at dramabeans with regards to JSY’s (double)casting woes. After a snippy list of actors–and lead actors at that (eg. Shin So Yul, Kim Ga Eun, Shin Song Rok, Jang Shin Young)–which all have exemplified overlapping dramas were plastered all over, it seems that finally, this notion has been rebuked?

    • There is a difference between criticizing her acting and attacking her character. There is also being redundant about your criticism, when there are shitton of things to talk about apart from her (terrible) acting and things that actually needs equal if not more critique, at which was the case for DrS.

      People laid on thick about JSY, and I as many of those brave enough to sit through DrS were getting tired of the same redundant mantra about JSY–some of which are more concerned with the shipping to begin with, and had no legitimate thing to say. JSY was an easy target to lay on at that point, and those who didn’t even bother to utilize their higher reasoning and rabid fanshipping were chewed upon, and rightfully so. No one is going to defend JSY as being a great actress, not even her fans.

      • i am not talking about the fans war that happened last year. if you look at her previous project before DS and she looked so greedy when filming DS but she still filming Inspiring Generation. She isnt a female lead material. She should prepair herself better. her fans are just like a bomb. Retorted every people who gives an opinion about JSY. I dont buy it!

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