First Look at Lee Yoo Ri Pairing Up with Lee Dong Gun as Super Daddy Yul

The first teasers are out for upcoming tvN drama Super Daddy Yul, which will take over the time slot from Heart to Heart in a few short weeks. It’s trending a bit under the radar since neither leads Lee Dong Gun or Lee Yoo Ri have mania fandoms, but promo buzz matters not as the viewers will come and go depending on how good the final product is. Super Daddy Yul is adapted from the popular same name webtoon, which does look promising though having a good source material no longer guarantees a good story since productions are known to adapt in ways that bear no resemblance to the original deal. In this case I’m hoping just for something sweet and warm to watch.

Lee Yoo Ri plays a single mom dying of a terminal illness (eeeps) who sets out to train a perfect super daddy to raise her daughter after she’s gone. Enter Lee Dong Gun as her schlubby loser ex-boyfriend who is the prime candidate to transform into super daddy. Playing second leads are Seo Joon Young and Seo Ye Ji while child actress Lee Re gains a new daddy while losing her mom. Of course the dreaded terminal illness element immediately puts a damper on all proceedings but I’m hoping tvN wants to go for laughs based on the first teaser as well as having the PD of Marriage Not Dating directing, in which case I’m in until things start getting too teary for me.

There’s some funny naming coincidences going on in this drama – Lee Dong Gun’s character is called Kim Yul, which immediately flashes me back to Prime Minister Kwon Yul from Prime Minister and I, while Lee Yoo Ri’s name is Cha Mi Rae which is an unholy coincidence to Lee Dong Gun’s last drama leading lady from Marry Him If You Dare (Mi Rae’s Choice), a woman who neither dared nor made a choice in the end. Here’s hoping for Super Daddy Yul washes the stink right of MHIYD for Lee Dong Gun.

First teaser for Super Daddy Yul:


First Look at Lee Yoo Ri Pairing Up with Lee Dong Gun as Super Daddy Yul — 9 Comments

  1. I think this drama will do well with ratings because the public seems to love Lee Yoori after her crazy but awesome performance in Jang Bori. From the interviews and variety stints, she seems pretty cool. I’m looking forward to this and for Lee Dong Gun to be a bit scruffed up. And to waste the bitter taste of the horrible Mirae’s Choice. I kind of like that it’s her name here because that’s how the pairing should have been.

  2. looking forward to this because (1) it’s in tvN, (2) Marriage Not Dating’s PD and (3) Lee Dong Gun.

    i’m rewatching Sweet 18 and crushing on him again like it’s 2004. ^^

  3. I love how you mention the two dramas which cause a certain manly unicorn I know and I the most pain. Let us hope the choices here will be clearer than ‘Drama Which Shall Not Be Named’ and that the soon-to-be-dead will *stay* dead, unlike in ‘Once Was a Rom-com’.

    • Yep. Since psychiatry is all the rage in K Dramas these days, I’m going to be generous and call this transference – Ms. K got a shipload of er, ship, in her Blood review, and is transferring that pain to some of her loyal readers. If taking that can somehow help LDG have a better Drama this time, I’ll bear it with pride.

  4. This already looks so much more promising than that shall not be named drama that totally went to the crapper. Hope LDG gets to be completely redeemed here. What is it with comeback dramas being such crap? I hope drama #2 after comeback will be solid and good. LDG fighting!!

  5. was introduced to lee yoori with come jang bori and appreciate how her acting of craziness kept me glued to marathon the whole series. but after seeing her in running man, other variety shows and other interviews, i fell in love with her and am now a fan.

    i then went and got/watching all the other daily dramas shes been in as lead. from i love you dont cry, to twinkle, to your woman and yellow boots.

    im glad that shes getting a chance to play a lead role in a prime time drama although its not on the big networks and is on cable.
    im happy that shes getting more recognition. hopefully this show gets high ratings and she gets even more popular to play leads in the main networks.

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