Aaron Yan Does His Best Brokenhearted Impression for Selina Jen’s Latest Solo MV

In a first ever for singer-actor Aaron Yan, he’s just did his first guest-starring stint in someone else’s MV and it’s none other than his same-label mate Selina Jen‘s latest solo album. I don’t foresee a Fahrenheit album anytime soon so Aaron is basically a solo artist now as far as I’m concerned. S.H.E.‘s last album was the 2012 Blossomy which was released after Selina’s recovery from the drama set explosion tragedy and since then the trio has been on their 2gether 4ver world tour for the last two years.

Since wrapping up the tour, Selina has been the first to do her own thing and just released her first full length solo album last month in January. Selina isn’t my favorite S.H.E. singer (that would be Hebe Tian) but her solo album is pretty darn good and has been getting solid reviews and sales. For the MV to her track “To the Brokenhearted” she got Aaron to guest star as the male lead who gets dumped while Selina plays his good friend trying to comfort him. All I know is “Aaron Yan, sooooo rawr hot!”, plus the song is lovely to boot.

Selina Jen “To the Brokenhearted” featuring Aaron Yan:

Official Behind-the-scenes MV:


Aaron Yan Does His Best Brokenhearted Impression for Selina Jen’s Latest Solo MV — 6 Comments

  1. Selina’s album is indeed good. It got a good mix of ballads, soothing songs and a little fast-paced songs. What I absolutely like about this album is how it is sending positive messages to us.
    Aaron Yan is also very nice to his senior Selina for supporting her despite his hectic schedule.

  2. the mv and song are great, liked them both…i watched the bts also and kinda can’t believe how similar selina and kirsten both sound so alike when they speak and laugh and they even look alike, yeah they’re siblings but not all siblings sound a like and look a like…so yeah i just thought it was cool

  3. I kinda still would prefer Aaron to star in one of Hebe’s music video. I think they both would create some interesting sparks 🙂

  4. Maybe it’s a building up promo of SHE australian tour with Aaron Yan too…1st & 3rd May – Sidney and Melbourne… JUST when I’m not in town they had to comeee and performed .. Why oh whyyyy *venting a little*

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