Shin Se Kyung Considering Leading Lady Role in Sensory Couple

The Sensory Couple (Girl Who Sees Smells) casting roulette continues onward as the drama starts getting much too close to needing to start filming yet there are no leads confirmed. There is still 10-episodes left of Hyde, Jekyll, Me (siiiiigh) so Sensory Couple has six weeks before it needs to be on deck, not to mention plenty of dramas ink leads up to the day the drama starts filming. There isn’t that much to worry about just yet other than having quite a lot of actress names publicly bandied about for the leading lady role, which could be an indicator of problems behind the scenes.

The fourth name has now floated to the surface: Shin Se Kyung is in talks to be the girl who sees smells. If she accepts then this will mark her first return to SBS in three years since the epic fail that was Fashion King. She’s the latest in the long list of reported leading ladies from Suzy to Kim Ji Won to Jin Se Yeon. Shin Se Kyung’s rep has confirmed she’s received the script but is still considering the offer. The male side of the equation is equally up in the air, with both Yoochun and Hong Jong Hyun unconfirmed still. I teasingly call Shin Se Kyung the chinless wonder for her gormless flat acting but funnily enough she wasn’t that bad in her last drama Blade Man. I still think there are tons more dynamic young actresses out there but she’s not an automatic miss for me anymore.

K-dramas are not only having a hard time bringing in domestic audiences with the ratings remaining low for most dramas in the last few years, now it feels like productions are having trouble casting as well. Sensory Couple is only the latest in the recent spate of K-dramas with casting in-and-outs from Kill Me Heal Me to Blood being the most high profile. As for Sensory Couple specifically, aside from wanting the drama to just lock down some leads dammit!, I can’t help but wonder – taking Kim Ji Won out of the picture, going from Suzy to Jin Se Yeon to Shin Se Kyung, would that be considered trading up or trading down? Or perhaps a game of Russian roulette where all three chambers are loaded, it doesn’t matter any which way.


Shin Se Kyung Considering Leading Lady Role in Sensory Couple — 42 Comments

  1. I’d be WAY happier with SSK over JSY or Suzy! When I saw those two names floating around I was so disappointed. Thank god they’re out of the picture. I never liked SSK in anything before Blade Man, but her performance really made me appreciate her more. If she can keep up and improve upon that kind of acting, I’d love to see her cast. And of course I’m crossing my fingers for Yoochun <3

  2. I haven’t watched the web toon, but seriously the drama title is just too weird. Probably one of the reasons it’s having a hard time casting the female lead. I also think the rooftop prince was waaaaay overrated, as the middle episodes were more like fillers, so having the same writer doesn’t exactly add confidence.

    I actually had no qualms with shin se kyung, even in tree with deep roots, and she actually did wonderfully in Tazza 2, so I hope she chooses something good for her next project. On the other hand, I have never understood the appeal of Yoochun’s acting…

    • Same here. I don’t get Yoochun’s appealing acting too. He’s ok but overrated. So, I guess it’s SSK still equal with his level. IMO.

      • I am with you guys. I find his popularity as an actor simply mind-boggling. He is not as bad as, let’s say Suzy, but he is not any good either. In every single one of his dramas I have watched he he has been completely overshawdowed by his castmates: Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Yoo Seung Ho and Yeo Jin Go in I Miss You, Son Hyun Joo in 3 Days, etc… What is there to praise him for? I just don’t get it.

    • People found he overrated it could be coz of his popularity. He at least never failed to carry all his roles so far especially if you watch his debut film; Haemoo. He seriously wowed me there! so in this case, I’m worried about the character and plot more honestly.

  3. I found the premise/story little underwhelming from the start but I put it aside because of Kim Ji Won rumor, but now I have no reason to. so pass. Like HJM, SSK acting falls very flat to me, they might be beautiful but there’s no emotion trigger to me.

    *forever waiting for KJW drama comeback ;_;*

  4. This one’s a big fat NOPE from me. Nope. I sincerely hope Yoochun turns this down. I find her a poor actress and her plastic surgery to be an onscreen distraction. She has nothing going for me. I would’ve honestly taken Suzy’s poor acting, because I at least find her likable.

  5. I can only laugh at the leading ladies being picked though.. when Suzy is most interesting of the three you know something is wrong. Maybe Yoochun should back out while he still can.

  6. Okay, this feels like one of those “which one does not belong” questions– to which the answer is clearly Kim Ji Won. Why did they scrape three out of four candidates from the bottom of the barrel? Aren’t they paying attention to Blood’s casting train wreck? The thought of SSK makes me shudder (but I didn’t watch Blade Man– it’s good to hear that she was better in that).

  7. Just makes me laugh how all the ladies in question are the ones that aren’t very likable……. Please Yoochun, pick something else.

  8. It amazes me that they can’t offer this role to a more experienced actress. Shin Se Kyung is soo blank even in photoshoots. Can’t she at least smile naturally without looking like a robot?

  9. Taking out Kim Ji Won, SSK is the best of the other three people whose names were connected with the role. And Suzy was the only one confirmed offered, didnt SBS immediately deny they offered it to Jin Se Yeon? I take even SSK over either of the other two.

  10. I also think that Shin Se Kyung’s even better than the other 3 girls , she is more experienced , ability to act(chid actor)and improved in Blade Man !

    • Yeah she improved, but shin se kyung is still getting criticized for bad acting after all these years. She’s still known as one of the worst K-actresses.

  11. Shin se kyung did improve(alittle bit)in Blade Man,but the problem I have with her is that her face is too plastic and oily to look at.

  12. how about go ara? she can be so hot but also turn out to be messy enough! haha..who cares… she is actually really gorgeous.. and she can act too…! 😀

  13. Eww..I’d rather have Suzy if Kim Ji won is out. Suzy isn’t that good an actress but she’s likeable. I found her quite endearing in gu family book (the first half before it went boring)

    As for yoochun , I don’t get him too.
    He didn’t click for me in Skks (and I love the show) and I miss you. Agree with the comment that he gets constantly upstaged by the surrounding co actors. But he does have a rabid fan base.

    Also koala: dn sigh at the remaining 10 episodes of HJM. Maybe recap with just hyun bin screenshots hahaha

  14. So now I can relate why not long ago some media brought up an issue about 20’s south korean actresses whom are talented and pretty are scarce. There’s none other than park shin hye, moon chae won, go ara, kang so ra, etc. I don’t really like shin se kyung, her acting stiff in when a man loves and really painful to watch, but she improved a bit in Tazza 2.

  15. I am so speechless at SBS.
    I can understand why they choose Suzy. She could be hit or miss. She could be still lacking especially in “melodrama” past however she could do comical well. She is beautiful and has a nice personality in real life. At least she got potential there. She just needs a real mentor to lead her to the right road. She has high popularity as the IT girl for the past few years so it must be one of the reason why they choose her.
    When there is rumour about Kim Ji Won talking the role, I was jump up in happiness.
    Like finally a talented rising actress got her lead role that she deserved.
    But then her agency confirmed that they never received an offer. ???
    I guess maybe Kim Ji Won doesn’t have a solid fan-base as other of her peers. Her Hallyu power is not so strong enough to get the lead role in a primetime drama.
    I was disappointed but I wish her luck leading another project in near future.
    And then I saw a headline about Jin Se Yeon is one of the possible candidate for the role.
    I found dumbfounded. How? Why? What the hell?
    She is not just bad but terrible. She is okay in minor roles but not ready for a lead role yet.
    Her agency push her to lead roles too soon. She ends up ruining all the dramas . I have given her so much chances, one after another and I can’t stand her at all. The writing of her character must be one of the fault but the thing is she isn’t improving at all.
    I don’t know what powerful sponsor she has to be able to land all the primetime drama roles from big stations. That girl needs to stay away from dramaland for few years and learn how to act properly . She is also doing musicals so maybe she should stick with musical and learn acting from it first. Musicals really do help.
    SBS denied that JSY will be taking the lead. I was thankful that SBS finally see the problem they are having for the past year. They need to choose someone could act and the script should be well-planned from the beginning . Also the live shooting needs to be reduced to increase the quality of the drama!!!! They should learn from cable dramas to shoot at least half of the dramas before airing to be able to reduce the stress and pressure for both the staffs and casts .Writers tend to go crazy with their writing in the second half mostly due to the stress from the lack of preparation, time-management, ratings …
    Viewers are now harder to please. The content and the acting are really important factors for them to watch the drama or not.
    Even with the high popularity but can’t act, it won’t work
    Even with high popularity, can act but wrong direction/ bad writing, it won’t work.
    Acting is good and well-directed writing + some lucks–> Successful drama.

    I was again speechless about the choice of Shin Se Kyung.
    She is less terrible than JSY but still worse …
    The only role she is doing alright is Deep Tree Roots where she is a supporting role.
    Most of her lead roles are failure. I can’t understand the broadcast station still want to cast her .
    Her role in Blade Man is a bit improving from the previous disaster dramas ( Fashion King, The Man loves a woman ). And I can’t forget that she ruined High Kick 2 too . Urgh.

    I can name at least 10 actresses in their 20s who could act
    Baek Jin Hee
    Go Ah Ra
    Kang So Ra
    Han Groo
    Jung So MIn
    Kim Ji Won
    Ham Eun Jung
    Kim Go Eun
    Kim Seul Gi
    Kyung Soo Jin
    Go Ah Sung
    Lee Yoo BI
    Shin Eun Kyung
    Nam Ji Hyun
    Nam Bo Ra
    Lim Ju Eun

    Some are already starring in a drama/movie so they can’t be picked. But there are many talented actresses in their 20s.
    They don’t have the great opportunities they deserve though. Sadly but true.

    If SSK confirm, I hope Yoo Chun will back out from this drama.
    He is on the high of his career after receiving 8 awards for his first movie role. So I don’t want it will be ruin by this drama. He deserve to have a talented partner to work with.
    The drama production deserve a talent casts.

    • Why aren’t kdramas casting stronger actresses? Lately, there seems to be both a lack of good casting and storylines in kdramas these days. I think Yoochun and Hong Jong Hyun are okay, but I don’t think their acting is strong enough that it will compensate for a weak lead actress in the cast.

      And I agree… I watched SSK in many dramas (too many if you ask me…) and every time I am so disappointed. I mean… even the kids in “High Kick…” had more charisma.

      It’s kinda ironic because there were a lot of actresses/actors from the early 2000’s that I really thought were weak. However, when I compare those people to some of the idols they are casting now… I really think those earlier actors/actresses aren’t so bad anymore.

  16. NO! JUST NO! JUST STOP RIGHT THERE AND BACK AWAY FROM CHINLESS. What is wrong with this drama that 3 of the 4 actresses whose names have been floated can’t out act ME?! If she’s the lead, I’m out.

  17. SSK wasn’t too bad in the movie, Hindsight with Song Kang Ho. She played an assassin which required her to be cold and calculating. The only other work I’ve seen her in was When a Man Loves and I wasn’t impressed.

  18. Yoochun gave an excellent performance in Haemoo. I wonder if those who said his acting is overrated has watched Haemoo? I think YC should just drop this drama & pick a movie instead… Too risky to his career if stay in this casting mess

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