Shine or Go Crazy Takes Over the Lead in New Mon-Tues Drama Line-up

Goodbye Punch, hello new Mon-Tues ratings leader! The line-up is now set for the next two months or so as new SBS drama Heard it Through the Grapevine premiered today coming in on the big shoes left by the critically acclaimed Punch. Joining sageuk Shine or Go Crazy, which at 24-episodes runs through early April, and last week’s new vampire medical arrival Blood, these three prime time dramas are going to have to duke it out against each other for the rest of their run. With Punch out of the picture, Shine or Go Crazy took a major leap in ratings to take over the lead by a wide margin.

AGB nationwide ratings for Monday are: Shine or Go Crazy 13.3% (+2.2), Heard it Through the Grapevine 7.2%, and Blood 6.0% (+1.3). I haven’t watched SoGC despite my Jang Hyuk love all due to my aversion to Oh Yeon Seo, I find her face and acting discomfiting to watch, but have heard plenty of love for the drama. Grapevine’s first episode was nicely engrossing, the atmospherics dominate above all else but the acting is excellent all around with a story that looks to take its time to develop without resorting to any flashy hooks. Blood also settled in nicely with episode 3, and by nicely I mean it is comfortable with what it is, if continued bad acting and slick narrative tricks floats your boat then by all accounts watch on.

I’m hoping Shine or Go Crazy can break 20% by the end of it’s run, it has another two months to build its ongoing momentum and gosh darn it I just want ONE prime time drama to cross that barrier, which these days is akin to a prime time drama breaking 40% a few years ago. If the Blood production team wasn’t the team that delivered a ratings win for KBS with Good Doctor, I wouldn’t be surprised if the screenwriter got switched out as the network has done in the past with terribly under performing dramas. In this case I doubt that will happen, which is too bad since the writing really is deadly bad with this one.

Oddly it’s actually veered into so bad it’s entertaining to watch territory after episode 3. Gu Hye Sun‘s continued intentionally affected line readings and gumby facial expressions really take the awkward cake, but I also have to concur with folks who have pointed out the PD’s fault in letting such scenes make it to air. The person in charge has the obligation to tell her not to act like she’s in a high school play. Ahn Jae Hyun actually delivered a few promising scenes in episode 3 (I know, who woulda thunk it), and overall this drama is one that looks worthwhile to check in twice a week without any expectations and for some chuckles.

The youngster parents-to-be romance in Heard it Through the Grapevine is pretty smoking hot, but in a realistically awkward way, and they are the most interesting aspect of Grapevine so far in just one episode. I don’t quite see the dark or humor yet in this drama but can see how the groundwork is being laid for the story to head that way. This one is as promising as the track record from PD Ahn Pan Seok would merit.


Shine or Go Crazy Takes Over the Lead in New Mon-Tues Drama Line-up — 32 Comments

  1. To be honest, I’m not watching SoGC because of my aversion to Jang Hyuk instead (and sagueks). I find him really attractive when he cleans himself up, but I’m not a fan of his acting. It’s really similar across his different works. And also, he pouts his lips too much. I did look at a couple of the stills for the drama, and I feel sorry for Im Joo-hwan – his styling…

  2. Well deserved!!! SOGC is awesome… Oh yeaon seo is delightful and the story is flowing nicely. The couple chemistry is one point that you shouldn’t miss

  3. SOGC is sooooo good. I’m in love with both the leads and the chemistry is such a killer. Jang Hyuk is really a great sageuk project picker. I’m yet to see him pick a bad one and he’s really acing it here – like he always does.

    Well deserved ratings! Hopefully it will reach greater heights.

  4. I can’t take Im Joo Hwan seriously becaus mof his hair but other than that the drama is wonderful. The two female leads are jaw dropping gorgeous and the couple chemistry is sizzling. Last night episode was indeed worth the watch with the bath tub kiss

  5. I went to dramafever to check it and some reviews stuck out something about the girl playing a boy and everyone knows except him. I read that and I was out. One “you’re beautiful ” was enough for me.

    I can’t take those plots with women dressed as men, looking obviously like a woman to anyone with an IQ over 25, taking 10 freaking episode for the man She keeps staring at to figure it at. I just can’t do it. That is also why Lois in superman annoys the crap out of me. A freaking glasses is it a disguise. I am sure SOGC is good, but I will never find out.

    • Yes but her dressing up for a boy is only for a small plot they don’t rely on that for the whole drama like You’re Beautiful!

  6. I have been quietly watching SOGC off to the side on Monday & Tuesday nights. I am enjoying the fact that I’m not particularly addicted to it nor feel that much for the OTP – I’m just watching along and enjoying it. 🙂 The reason I followed it was b/c of Hyukkie. I always check out his dramas. This one is no different. I was so curious once I found out that he was actually playing a noble (royalty) figure! And he is oh so good in sageuks.

  7. Oh…. I love this drama. The female leas never intend to hide her real identity and the guy found out the girl dressing up as a guy real quickly. Their chemistry is wonderful . I even find them really adorable with their adorable bromance.. But yeah it’s over now since their love story already began since ep 11.

  8. Blood is actually not that bad in plot wise. It has so e potentials if the two leads will try to improve their acting. Goo hye sun is really bad but her cheesy acting does entertaint me.

    shine or go crazy is a good drama. Janghyuk voice sometimes annoys me a bit but he has the charisma and Oh Yeon Seo suits her role really well. I was surprised how this drama erased my memory of the annoying Malsook. She is lovely and they do make a good couple. Their chemistry is as good or even better than Janghyuk with Jang nara.

  9. I watched and I’m already hooked on ‘Heard It Through the Grape Vine’. The story is an interesting on that we don’t see on primetime often and the whole thing is simply beautiful to look at. I watched it raw, and man that PD knows how to capture everything in a scene and turn it into something like a framed painting without it overbearing and ruining a scene (I expected no less with their wonderful work in A Wife’s Credentials and Secret Love Affair). The writing is fast moving (thank gods we didn’t spend hours getting to know the kids love stories and watching her find out she’s pregnant etc, etc) and I enjoy we jump right into thing at the same time, it is taking it’s time to set things up. The acting is really good on all fronts and I already like and want to learn more about all the characters. I agree that the teens right now are the most interesting aspect of the story (as they should be since the drama centers around them). I already like how it seems homegirl is going to make a man out of her boy yet (as in she seems one who can stand up for herself and won’t really allow for any bs from him) and the boy seems like an adorable dork who is a honest, good boy, who generally really likes the girl but also fears his family and the life and expectations set out for him (I would too). At the same time, I do want to learn more about the girl’s supportive family and not cold but highly restrictive, we have an image to up hold at all times, nature of the boy’s family. Basically I hope the audience checks it out.The ratings are pretty decent but I have a feeling it won’t beat SOGC the story and atmosphere feels more adult that what k audience seem to like these days. But you never know, Punch an excellent not the drama audience typically go for did really well in the time slot, and as long as it does better than ‘Blood’ (I know we need to jump off that drama’s back) it’s all good.

  10. I knew it. Janghyuk is totally the best doing historical dramas. I love the fantasy elements and how this is a fusion modern type so i enjoy it a lot more. Just hoping that it won’t have a tragic ending. I love the otp so much, as much as healer .

  11. The premise of Blood is quite interesting. I see the story they were trying to achieve, it’s just being fleshed out poorly on all fronts which is so sad to watch. I said I’d stick it out this week for Jin Hee oppa and Kim Gab-soo, but I don’t think I can make it beyond that.

  12. Lol, gumby facial expressions is the perfect way to describe Gu Hye Sun. She is a beautiful girl, but her acting makes her look like a buffoon sometimes.

    I like Yang Hyuk best in action sagueks. Although many raved about Fated to Love You, I dropped the show because I just couldn’t get into his character.

  13. SOGC is amazing though. Jang Hyuk is always a win for me in sageuk (I freakin’ adored him in Chuno and Tree with Deep Roots) so I am relieved that my expectations weren’t let down this time, haha.
    It’s super cute and romantic and all. Oh gosh’, hilarious too. Of course, you have the political conflicts and whatever but they aren’t dull nor boring so it’s pretty great 🙂

  14. SOGZ is such an entertaining show, totally deserves its rating lead. The biggest part of its charm is having two incredibly intelligent and resourceful female leads who can stand their own grounds in between the political machinations without being sidelined as some mere backdrops for male character’s development. Honey Lee’s character reminds me of Lady Mishil – smart, manipulative and unpredictable. This is the first time I watch an Oh Yeon Seo’s show and I heard that people have a lot of qualms about her acting. However, to my pleasant surprise, she’s really endearing and charming as Shin Yool, probably because her character is very well-written. Not to mention that her chemistry with Jang Hyuk is flying off the chart (even better than Jjang couple I’d say). The only weak point of the show is Im Joo Hwan’s Wang Wook. His entire existence is unnecessary, from his horrible antique broom of a hair cape that even Nicki Minaj’s wig maker would feel disgusted to look at to his perpetually constipated, angry face. They need to add more to his character to solidify his status as a legit threat to Wang So’s ascension to the throne other than just being the third wheel to SoYool ship.

    • Yes, yes and YES. Wang Wook needs to be written better, and more importantly acted better. I’ve never seen Im Joo Hwan in anything before and he seems like a really adorable guy in RL but his acting is bad! The declaration of war last night just highlighted his acting skills vs. that of Jang Hyuk.

      I did hear great things about him. Maybe sageuks are not his forte, but I do hope he improves. There’s lots of time left.

      • 1. You said “I’ve [never seen] Im Joo Hwan in anything before…, but [his acting] is [bad]!”
        I think you are being unfair about your statement because you know nothing about his previous project.

        2. You said “I did hear [great things] about him. Maybe sageuks are not his forte.”
        Most of great things you heard about Im Joo Hwan is his acting in Tamra The Island, which is sageuk drama. He’s being known because of Tamra.

        3. I am his fan.

      • 1. I think I’m being very fair about my assessment on what I’ve seen so far. Maybe you need many projects to judge an actor, I need one. And the one that I saw, I’m not impressed. Of course, you can go ahead and think I’m unfair. Doesn’t change the fact that he is pretty darn dreadful in SOGC. That’s an opinion I can make and just did.

        2. LMFAO. It’s totally amusing that you’re claiming to know what I heard about him when I never mentioned it. I did not give a whiff of hearing anything about Tamra so right now, you sound like you read my mind. Hate to break this to ya, but you failed because I haven’t heard a thing about Tamra other than its has a white guy in it. Right or wrong, I couldn’t care less since that’s hardly the matter at hand.

        3. Good on ya! Too bad (or not) that I’m not a fan.

  15. Oh yeon seo as Shinyool is totally adorable! She is such a wonderful actress and i adore her dimples.
    Janghyuk and her chemistry is crazy as well… Love love love sogc

  16. never really knew oh yeon seo till i watched her in come jang bori, where i liked her and so im watching sogc for jang hyuk and her. i didnt really know of her as an actress, then i went back and watched other shows shes been in and its because she wasnt famous and her drama roles and look wasnt good.
    so far been enjoying sogc a lot. its been a long time since im constantly anticipating each episode every week. although its not a great drama, it is very enjoyable with a cute otp.

  17. Ep 12 of SOGC sealed the deal for me. Ir was so beautifully acted. I can say Oh yeon seo is one of the most beautiful crier actress. Her eyes emote so many emotions and she is totally different here from Jang Bori.
    Both janghuk and her have solid acting and chemistry.
    Well deserved rating

  18. Shine or Go Crazy is really making me crazy. It’s one of the best saeguk.
    At first i was skeptical and it gets more
    more addictive from ep 5 for me. Last night ep just made me broke in tears.
    The chemistry is too good. I’m in love with Janghyuk and Oh Yeon Seo.
    Oh Yeon Seo is stunning and adorable
    While Honey lee is so cool.
    The only one that did not catch my attention at all is Im Joo Hwan

  19. I watch SOGC too and currently i love it! the first episodes were only nice but as every week passes it had become better and better and ep.11 was really good! what is good about it that it’s not too exaggerated and flashy saeguk. the chemistry as been said here is truly great. didn’t think that jang hyuk would have such sizzling chemistry other than with jang nara but i was glad i’ve been wrong. of course it isn’t bad that the two leads are acting great and also honey lee is doing well.
    i agree that im joo hwan is a problem but i don’t think it’s his fault but rather the writing of his character. somehow i have a feeling it will change. anyway good for them! hope it stays like that since i don’t plan to watch the 2 other dramas.

  20. seems Jang Hyuk hasn’t get over his “Lee Gun” from FTLY yet or maybe the writer wants to put it into his character. his character many times look like “Lee Gun”. Gunnie’s laughter and antics. it does Jang Hyuk – Oh Yeon Seo has chemistry but no way that’s better than the Jangs couple. the Jangs couple’s chemistry is a magic!

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