Shine or Go Crazy Takes Over the Lead in New Mon-Tues Drama Line-up

Goodbye Punch, hello new Mon-Tues ratings leader! The line-up is now set for the next two months or so as new SBS drama Heard it Through the Grapevine premiered today coming in on the big shoes left by the critically acclaimed Punch. Joining sageuk Shine or Go Crazy, which at 24-episodes runs through early April, and last week’s new vampire medical arrival Blood, these three prime time dramas are going to have to duke it out against each other for the rest of their run. With Punch out of the picture, Shine or Go Crazy took a major leap in ratings to take over the lead by a wide margin.

AGB nationwide ratings for Monday are: Shine or Go Crazy 13.3% (+2.2), Heard it Through the Grapevine 7.2%, and Blood 6.0% (+1.3). I haven’t watched SoGC despite my Jang Hyuk love all due to my aversion to Oh Yeon Seo, I find her face and acting discomfiting to watch, but have heard plenty of love for the drama. Grapevine’s first episode was nicely engrossing, the atmospherics dominate above all else but the acting is excellent all around with a story that looks to take its time to develop without resorting to any flashy hooks. Blood also settled in nicely with episode 3, and by nicely I mean it is comfortable with what it is, if continued bad acting and slick narrative tricks floats your boat then by all accounts watch on. Continue reading